This is another example of a movie with multiple heroes and story arcs.

  1. Compare all hero-arcs in the story: Minnie, Skeeter and Abiline. Describe in full their confort zones, their expulsion from it, their missions, obstacles, inmost caves, Shadows (principal enemy) and their boon (the good they bring back from their spiritual journey).
  2. Describe Hilly’s story arc. She is the antihero: is she transformed in the end? How?
  3. What about Celia Foote? What’s her journey like?

This low budget flick really kicks it. And it certainly follows the hero cycle very closely. Answer please the following guiding questions.

  1. How does the film choose to create an illusion of “reality”?
  2. Describe the hero’s arc. That is, how would you describe the main character at the beginning of the movie, at the middle and at the end?
  3. What would you say is the Plot Point I of the movie?
  4. We have talked about the Shadow, an evil character that works against the hero? Who is this character in the movie and how does he or she represents an obstacle to hero’s progress?
  5. Who are the hero’s allies and how do them contribute to the hero’s progress?
  6. What is the hero’s mission?
  7. Would you say there is more than one hero in this movie? What are their arcs?
  8. What is Plot Point 2 in this movie?
  9. Are any of the possible missions accomplished by any of the heroes?
  10. Describe all allies/heroes.


As you all remember, movies are the tale of hero who leaves his or her confort zone, faces perils, completes a mission and returns home with lessons learned and possibly a treasure.

  1. Who is the hero in Inglorious Basterds and why do you find it so difficult to pick one?
  2. In Jerry Maguire it is obvious who the hero is. But, what is his mission? How does he get himself in that mission?
  3. What is Jerry’s confort zone, and how does he get out of it? Why?
  4. What is the inmost cave in Inglorious Basterds?
  5. Describe plot point 1 of Inglorious Basterds.
  6. Describe plot point 2 of Inglorious Basterds.
  7. What is plot point 2 in Jerry Maguire.

Write a short-story that follows the elements below:

  1. Something in the hero’s Ordinary World is stolen, and with it the balance of the hero’s comfort zone.
  2. The ordinary world, due to lack of that important piece of a information, is now in disarray.
  3. The hero must go after the thieves and retrieve the item.
  4. Reluctantly, the hero starts off.
  5. He or she must pass one test and go through one threshold guardian.
  6. Final confrontation.
  7. Winning of the item.
  8. Return (he or she will not want to… why?)

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