In-class Work

Wall-E and Eve

Wall-E and Eve change fundamentally as they move through Act II

Having seen Wall-E, we wil do an extensive analysis based on the Hero’s Journey. The movie poses a challenge, though, as it features two heroes, Wall-E and Eve. Both of these characters have a distinct character arc; that is, they change from the beginning of the movie towards the end. They are transformed by their circumstances as they go through Act II.

It could be argued that every featured character in Wall-E is transformed: the two humans, the captain of the Axiom, Mo, the crazy robots… They all change. Can you support that claim? You will do two things tonight:

  1. A complete analysis of the movie based on the Hero’s Journey. Use what you read on The Writer’s Journey. Identify all elements: Ordinary World, special world, plot points 1 and 2, allies, thresholds, threshold guardians, etc…
  2. Describe the character arc of all featured characters.
The Kingdom

The Kingdom, by Peter Berg

Having seen The Kingdom, we are faced with the complexities of multiple heroes. Fleury is obviously the main character, but we also have Leavitt, Mayes, Sykes, Faris and Haytham to deal with. Each of these characters experiences change. How a character changes fundamentally from beginning of the movie to the end is called a character arc.

This is the last opportunity you have for an in-class analysis of the Hero’s Journey. With that in mind, for this assignment you will:

  1. Do a complete analysis of The Kingdom based on the Hero’s Journey. All elements should be present: Ordinary world, special world, plot point 1 and 2, heroes, allies, thresholds, threshold guardians, inmost cave, Shadow (or Nemesis), final confrontation and return of the hero.
  2. Do complete character arcs for each of the heroes, with supporting evidence from the movie.

Write a short-story that follows the elements below:

  1. Someone in the hero’s Ordinary World dies, taking with him (or her) a piece of important information.
  2. The ordinary world, due to lack of that important piece of a information, is now in disarray.
  3. The hero must travel to the land of the dead and retrieve the necessary knowledge.
  4. Reluctantly, the hero starts off.
  5. He or she must pass one test and go through one threshold guardian.
  6. Final confrontation.
  7. Winning of the knowledge.
  8. Return (he or she will not want to… why?)

This is to be turned in before 5:30PM… right now… TODAY.