Welcome to Hellweek. It’s not an easy week for anyone, so let’s get organized, shall we? Section 1 will have their Midterm exam on Wednesday. Section 2 will take it on Friday. This is the agreement both sections reached with me. Or not. It is what it is. Now for a some words about the exam.

The exam is simple enough. I will project a movie (a different one for each section). Participants will answer the questions posed in the test in real time, as the movie plays. To successfully answer all the questions, you should be familiar with the concepts discussed in class and read in the chapters assigned (see earlier entries). These include:

  1. The Ordinary world
  2. The Special world
  3. The three act structure
  4. Plot points 1 and 2
  5. The hero
  6. The thresholds and threshold guardians
  7. Allies, shapeshifters and shadows.
  8. The Mentor
  9. The Inmost Cave
  10. The hero’s return.

Please review and come prepared.


For next class you need to have read the chapter called “A Practical Guide”, from The Writer’s Journey, Book One. And from Book Two “Ordinary World” and “Call to Adventure”. Come prepared to take a quiz about it.

It’d be great if you could glance over the chapter called “The Hero”, a concept we have already talked about. Plus the different archetypes that we will start discussing as we encounter them in the movies we watch and stories we read.

Participants from both sections have until this Sunday, 22 January,  to turn in ALL assignments. After that date, the comments sections will be closed and you will lose those points, which, let me remind you, carry a significant wight of the final grade.

From now on, make sure you post your assignments before our next meeting. In other words, assignments posted during one of our meetings have to be completed before we meet again.

Prof. Cabiya

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Having seen Groundhog Day, analyze the movie using the hero’s journey structure. Determine the following:

  1. Hero
  2. Ordinary World
  3. What is the crisis that unbalances his world?
  4. What is the special world?
  5. Who are his allies and antagonists?
  6. Who or what delivers his call to adventure?
  7. Define the three acts according to the two main plot points.
  8. When does the hero know what to do to win?
  9. Does he?
  10. Describe the hero’s transformation (called the character arc).

Hello, my dear eighth semester recluses! This will be our blog for Creative Writing 101, which you have elected to take. Regardless of you are ultimately studying, regardless of your ultimate goals or ulterior motives, I will treat you all like writers. And not only that, I’ll regard you all as writers who want to be good writers. So brace yourselves or drop out now. I hear ping pong has openings.

In this blog we will publish our pieces, both in progress and final. We will post visuals, video clips and written materials to aid us in our quest, as per my instructions in class. Class participation in this blog will be strictly enforced. So, if you’re not here, you might as well not exist. Save the trees.

And so, let’s begin…