The Help

This is another example of a movie with multiple heroes and story arcs.

  1. Compare all hero-arcs in the story: Minnie, Skeeter and Abiline. Describe in full their confort zones, their expulsion from it, their missions, obstacles, inmost caves, Shadows (principal enemy) and their boon (the good they bring back from their spiritual journey).
  2. Describe Hilly’s story arc. She is the antihero: is she transformed in the end? How?
  3. What about Celia Foote? What’s her journey like?
  1. Tomas said:

    1) Skeeter is a young woman which graduated from college. In her journey she is in the dilemma that she is against her mother in relation to the abuse of black people, in which she fears to disappoint her own mother because she is friend of Abilene, her maid. In the movie she is the one that help the maid called Abilene to publish and write her book called The Help.

    Abilene is an African American woman who lives in Mississippi, she has a strong character and her passion along the journey is to change the way people think about racism in Mississippi right after she was hire by Skeeter in which she was abuse by the mother of Skeeter. After Abilene was employed each single night she wrote some ideas and thoughts of the things that occur to her in the journey, she wrote a book in which she tries to embarrass Celia Foote.

    Minny is an African American maid which is friend of Abilene which during her journey was constantly looking for a job in order to sustain her five children’s. Minny at first get employed but then she gets fire and then afterwards she gets another opportunity with Hilly which help her get a job again and this time with Miss Celia Foote.

    2) Hilly is white American women that resides in Mississippi. She has a strong personality, in which she confronts anything that is opposed in her way. In Hilly journey ,she is married to a man which is running for the Senate in which she tries to pass a movement, in which white homeowners separate the bathroom from black people by placing them outside of the house. Hilly is friend of Elizabeth and Skeeter since long time ago. At the end she is being challenge by her own maid which opposed her in regards to the sanitation initiative she maid, in which she ends up firing her from her job.

    3) Celia Foote is a white American lady that lives in Mississippi with her husband called Johnny Foote. In the journey, Celia Foote is an empathic person which mistreats the people of color. Celia is a woman that doesn’t know how to cook and clean and for this she ends up hiring Minnie a black African American lady to do the housekeeping. During her journey Celia tries to hide from her Husband Johnny, her maid name Minnie due to her color. Celia also separates her white daughter from her.

  2. Minny:
    Her ordinary world was being a maid for the rich white. She was tired of being the maid for people who mistreated her. Unfortunately she could not leaver job because she had four children and she definitely had to worked.
    She was put out of her ordinary world when a new law was going to be passed. She got very angry because the law consisted that the maids current used the same bathroom that their bosses used. Definitely this was an act of discrimination and during that time segregation was on its peak. Her mission was to end the discrimination of the blacks. She also wanted to pay back to her boss who mistreated her.
    Her ordinary world was a young woman, with no boyfriends or compromises with anybody. She was a writer which wanted to publish a book about the mistreatment of the maids that was occurring during that time. She wanted to write about them since she had a maid who basically was her second mother. She stated that all women of her age we raised by maids and that everyone should be thankful to the maids.
    She was put out of comfort zone when she was notifying that her lifetime maid has fired from her house. She was extremely disappointed with her mother, because firstly she wanted to know why the reason the expulsion, but her mother didn’t was told her, until one day she learned the story. She was very angry with her mother because once she was fired of the house then her maid died.

    Like Minny, she was a regular maid which was also mistreated by the people who owned the house she worked for. Unlike Minny she was afraid for rebelling against her boss, so she decided to help Skeeter write the book she wanted to publish. She also could not leave her job since she had to live with what she earned.
    She went out of her comfort zone because Minny was instigating her to rebel against her boss. Minny was very shy and she didn’t want to lose her job.
    She was definitely the anti-hero in the movie. She was the one who wanted the proclamation of the law who wanted to make bathrooms outside the house for the maids. She mistreated a lot Minny her maid. She was the major character to make Minny get out of her mind and do what she did with the cake she sent to Hilly.
    At the end when the police was going to be called she then stopped being the kind of person she was. She did not want to be put in an uncomfortable situation of being put in the news as the kind of person she was.
    Celia Foote:
    Basically she was an airhead who did not pay attention a lot to things, and she did what her friends did until the day she was excluded. She at the beginning did not had any maids because she was a woman who was a housewife and this everything for her husband. Another reason was that she had any kids so basically she didn’t any maids.
    Then Minny went to her house to seek for a job. Celia hired Minny and she was extremely happy. Celia in contrast of her friends, she treated her maid as a normal person that even Minny was impressed with her acts. Minny didn’t want her boss to be eating with her since Minny was not used to that.

  3. Luis Guerrero said:

    1. Minnie:
    Minnie is one of the primary characters of the movie “The Help”. Her comfort zone is working for the white family. She gets expulsed from her comfort zone when another white family hires her. This time is different because she is not badly treated, instead, she is treated very good and with respect. Her mission is share her story around. Her shadows is basically racist society. Her boon is to respect everyone no matter how they treat her.

    Skeeter is a young, white, college degreed, girl. Her comfort zone is to write and to live life. She is expelled from her comfort zone when she decided to write about the stories of the black maids. Her mission is to publish her story.

    Abilline is a middle-aged maid for a white woman named Elizabeth. Her comfort zone is to babysit. She is often ofended by her boss and she does nothing about it. She goes out of her comfort zone when she decides to tell her story to Skeeter. Her mission is to spread her story and to stop racism. She has many obstacles including her own boss who treats her bad. Her shadow or principal enemy is her boss and the racist society.

    2. Hilly is a white women who is running for senate. She is pushing to have a law passed for families to have a separate bathroom for the maids. She is the anti hero because is always in the way. She is the person that treats the maids the worst. At the end she is transmformed when she sees that Abilline does only good to her family, and her kids really like her.

    3. She is a totally different story. She is a good person, she is not like the others. She hires Minnie and treats her very good. She hires Minnie because she does not know how to cook. At the end, Minnie really likes her. Celia tries to help Minnie with everything she can, and offers her the job for the rest of her life. Celia and her husband really like Minnie because of her king hearted personality.

  4. Tomas , Rene , Luisito said:

    Plot point 1
    • The guy wakes up each day at 8 am and goes to bed at 8 pm
    • The guy goes to work to work from 8:30 Am to 6:00 Pm
    This is going to be repeated twice in the two first scenes.
    • The guys one day wake up feeling sick.
    • The guy visits the doctor and the doctor diagnoses to him cancer.

    Plot point 2
    • Now that he is diagnose with cancer the guy decides to live his life to the fullest.
    • The guy the next day that gets to his house after visiting the doctor, he decides to skip the work.
    • The guy destroys the clock alarm and stay sleep.
    • He begins going out meeting women, drinking, doing drugs, gambling among other vicious things.
    Plot Point 3
    • The guy has another appointment in the doctor, the doctor told him that he didn’t have cancer but he wants the guy to do another blood test.
    • When the doctor receives the Blood test he tells him that he doesn’t have cancer but instead he has HIV/AIDS.
    • The guy bought a 911 Turbo in order to use it as his hobby.
    • At the beginning he is just going around the streets so people can see him, but later on he joins a car racing club.
    • In this club they did drag races in the streets
    • In one of the races the guy is winning the race, but something went wrong in the car that made it explode

  5. Luis , Rene , Tomas said:

     Twenty pages long at the fifth page the Heroes gets out of his comfort zone and in page 15 either the character knows how to face the challenge or lose everything.

    Plot Point 1
    • The Hero wakes up at eight and goes to bed at eight.
    • The Hero during that time wakes up at eight and goes to work till 6:30 PM after that eat some dinner and go to bed at eight.
    • This Scene will be repeated twice at the beginning.

    Plot Point 2
    • The Hero felt sick so he decided to visit the doctor.
    • The doctor diagnose to the guy cancer.
    • The lifestyle of the Hero changed he start to spend a lot of money playing in Casinos, The Guy start to frequently visit places he has never visit before such as Bars , Nightclubs , also the guy went insane start to drink and do drugs in a uncontrollable way.
    • The guy visit the doctor again and the doctor told him that he was lying that he didn’t have cancer but instead he has now HIVS or Aids.

    Plot Point 3

     The hero went insane so he decided to continue spending and living in a uncontrollable way before he died.
     The Hero bought a sports car and during a drag race, something went wrong in the car and it explodes and he died.

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