This low budget flick really kicks it. And it certainly follows the hero cycle very closely. Answer please the following guiding questions.

  1. How does the film choose to create an illusion of “reality”?
  2. Describe the hero’s arc. That is, how would you describe the main character at the beginning of the movie, at the middle and at the end?
  3. What would you say is the Plot Point I of the movie?
  4. We have talked about the Shadow, an evil character that works against the hero? Who is this character in the movie and how does he or she represents an obstacle to hero’s progress?
  5. Who are the hero’s allies and how do them contribute to the hero’s progress?
  6. What is the hero’s mission?
  7. Would you say there is more than one hero in this movie? What are their arcs?
  8. What is Plot Point 2 in this movie?
  9. Are any of the possible missions accomplished by any of the heroes?
  10. Describe all allies/heroes.


  1. Rene said:

    The film creates an illusion of reality in the sense that even though the characters had supernatural power, all they this was things that people would love to do if they had these powers. This means that the reality of this is that people think as the characters. The main character in the movie is Andrew Detmer. At the beginning of the movie Andrew is a non popular kid which everyone made fun of him in school. He ran around with a camera filming all the events he participated in. In the middle of the movie after Andrew got his powers, his life totally change. He was a more outgoing kid with a lot of confidence in himself. He was not afraid of anything and he was enjoying his life. One thing that stayed the same was that he was always with his camera. At the end of the movie, Andrew was a disaster of person. He killed people, he did whatever he wanted which was against the agreement he made with his cousin and friend. At the end he was out of control which made his cousin stab him with a statue sword.
    I would say the plot point I is when we see that Andrew is kid that is always sad that doesn’t have any friends which only is carrying a camera to all places. The shadow of this movie would be Andrew’s father. He definitely made Andrew’s life miserable. He spank Andrew anytime he wanted with no specific reason, which made Andrew use his supernatural power against his father. From there on, he started to commit acts that he was not supposed to do. The hero’s allies are his cousin Matt and his friend Steve. They at the beginning help Andrew take control of his power and they all agree to make an agreement that they will not abuse of their power. I would have to say that there are more than a hero in the movie, which are Andrew and his cousin. First Andrew because he was able to overpass his miserable life, even though he took his life away. The second hero would be his cousin since he was the one who was able to stop Andrew and his horrendous acts.
    I would say the plot point II is when they acquire the supernatural power. I believe Andrew accomplish his mission of being popular even though it was not in a good way.

  2. Tomas said:

    1) The movie is a science fiction movie nevertheless in some parts of the movies it reflects the human behavior in a different way. Most of the people in real life if would have those same powers would do that as well, so the movie is really funny because it reflects the imagination of people in real life, so I believe that there is the connection between the illusion and reality in the movie.

    2) The Main actor of the movie is Andrew Detmer; at the beginning of the movie this character seems simple, happy and friendly. As movie went by the characters behavior changes drastically, Andrew gets paranoid and insane. This character didn’t follow the promise he made with his two friends, so he ends up using the super powers against the world by destroying everything that was upon him.

    3) I believe that the Plot Point 1 of the movie is about three normal students of Seattle which are Andrew, Matt and Steve who eventually found a telekinetic formula that make them super heroes.

    4) I think that the Dark shadow in the movie is the mother of Andrew, because after she dies it awakens the devil side of Andrew. Not only because of that but also he uses the power to steal from other in order to buy the medicines that her mother needs for survival.

    5) The hero allies are Steve and Matt, the ones that coordinate the activities and show that where held at school and one Andrews’s house, they were the ones responsible for making sure the heroes accomplish his missions of popularity overtime.

    6) I think the hero’s journey starts right after the three students found the telekinetic formula. That’s when they get out of the ordinary world. I think the missions is only related to Andrew since from the three students he was the one unpopular at High School, he was being constantly disrespected by other students , so he decided to gain popularity at school by showing other that he was more capable of impressing others than everyone else at school.

    7) I believe there is more than one hero in this movie; there are two heroes in it. At the beginning the Hero was Andrew due to the popularity he obtained at school by accomplishing his mission with his impressive abilities. I think the other Heroes in the movie emerged right after Andrew gets out of control which was Steve the one that could stop all the damage he was provoking by killing him.

    8) I think that the Plot point two starts right after them all get the powers that they start becoming more popular at school and also included in the plot point two the dilemma of the mother of Andrew dying at the hospital.

    9) I don’t think so because the mother of Andrew die and everything becomes a mess after that, they all started as friends but they end up in a dilemma of fight. I think at the beginning they were all heroes but they don’t end up really accomplishing something in the long run, all they did was to focus in a short term mission.

    10) The two allies of Andrew where Steve and Matt which also are high school students from Seattle. The two of them also have the same super powers of Andrew. From the two of them. Steve was the camera man, the one recording most of the things that they did. Matt was the one who discovers the telekinetic formula that was found underground.

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