Comparative mythological analysis of three movies

As you all remember, movies are the tale of hero who leaves his or her confort zone, faces perils, completes a mission and returns home with lessons learned and possibly a treasure.

  1. Who is the hero in Inglorious Basterds and why do you find it so difficult to pick one?
  2. In Jerry Maguire it is obvious who the hero is. But, what is his mission? How does he get himself in that mission?
  3. What is Jerry’s confort zone, and how does he get out of it? Why?
  4. What is the inmost cave in Inglorious Basterds?
  5. Describe plot point 1 of Inglorious Basterds.
  6. Describe plot point 2 of Inglorious Basterds.
  7. What is plot point 2 in Jerry Maguire.
  1. Rene said:

    The hero in Inglorious Basterds is very hard to determine since they are many characters that represent a hero. First of all Perrier LaPadite can be consider for myself a hero since his acts were very symbolic. Having the courage to hide Jews in the era was something heroic. Because of him one of the main heroes could survive, so this means Perrier LaPedite was very important in the movie. Coming up next is Lt. Aldo Raine. He was the leader of a very important team that exterminated many Nazis. He can also be considered a hero of the movie. Then comes Shosanna. Definitely she was a hero, firstly because she was a woman and at the era women were not consider strong enough to fight with men. Aside from that she committed an act extremely dangerous, but she was successful with it. Unfortunately she died while the act was held.
    The mission of Jerry Maguire is getting a football player in the NFL. He was the agent and he had to choose the best player for the team. He gets himself in that mission because when he gets Rod Tidwell as one if clients.
    Jerry Maguire’s comfort zone is being a regular sports agent with good clients. He gets out of it when he gets a contract for Rod Tidwell.
    The inmost cave in the Inglorious Basterds was the disappearance of the Nazis. Definitely all the heroes had this same goal to accomplish.
    Plot point 1 in Inglorious Basterds is the act where Perrier LaPadite is faced with the “ Jew Hunter”. Perrier LaPadite was a very humble man which was hiding a Jew family in the era of the Nazis. This was very dangerous since he could die and definitely the Jews. The Jew Hunter entered his house and start asking questions about the Jews he was not supposing hiding. Unfortunately the Jew Hunter was very intelligent. He asked his soldiers to enter the house and shoot the floor of the house where the Jews were hiding. There was only one survivor, Shosanna.
    Plot point 2 in Inglorious Basterds is when the “Basterds” take place in the movie. There is a brief introduction of every member of this team. All of them have only one purpose, get rid of ALL Nazis. They don’t care the way they are killed, they just want to kill them. Basically plot 2 involves the killing of many Nazis done by the Basterds.
    The plot point 2 in the Jerry Maguire is when Jerry and Dorothy get married after he broke up with is fiancée.

  2. Luis Guerrero said:

    1. Picking a hero for the movie Inglorious Basterds is difficult. There are two or three characters that play a major part in the solution of the problem or the climax. Lt. Aldo Raine, plays a major part in being a hero because he is the person who takes charge od the so called “basterds” and creates a big operation to kill Nazis. Shossana Dreyfus plays another big role. She decides to burn up her cinema with the most important Nazi soldiers and commanders. Personally, i think that the most important hero is Lt. Aldo Raine.

    2. His mission is to get football player Rod Tidwell a good contract. He gets into this mission when he starts to use Rod Tidwell as a distraction from his biggest client, Cushman, for the media. He loses his biggest client and gets stuck with Rod Tidwell. Rod trusts Jerry and gives him the opportunity to get him a good contract. Dorothy Boyd, Jerry’ assistant comes into play when Jerry starts feeling deeper feelings for her.

    3. Jerry’s comfort zone is being around athletes and dealing with them. HE gets out of it when he goes under and goes into a bad economic status. He loses his biggest client and has a hard time getting a deal. He starts showing feelings for his assistant Dorothy, and vice versa.

    4. The inmost cave for Inglorious Basterds is the burning down of the cinema. This is the inmost cave because this is the final goal for the Hero. This is the final goal because this is where everything is placed into order and the war stops.

    5. Plot 1 for Inglorious Basterds is when Lt. Aldo Raine creates the “Basterds”. They do not take prisoners so that these can go and talk to the others and create fear among the Nazis. Later on, Shossana was revealed with a new identity calle Emmanuel. She started working at a Cinema. She meets Frederick and he convinces famous moviemaker to star a movie in her cinema.

    6. Plot 2 for Inglorious Basterds is when a group of soldiers meet at a bar to discuss “Operation Kino”. A firefight is produced and everyone is killed except for Bridget von Hammersmark. The basterds find out about Bridget and use her to get in the Cinema where all the Nazi commanders will be. After this, Shossana burns down the cinema, and gets killed in a fight with Frederick. Lt. Aldo Raine gets captured and is negotiated for a trade.

    7. Plot 2 in Jerry MaGuire is when Dorothy Boyd and Jerry get married and start living their life’s differently. Sugar attempts to steal Jerry’s only client but it is not able to do it. Later, Rod and Jerry have an emotional moment, which shows their type of relationship and everything they have been through together. Jerry gets Rod an 11.2 million dollar contract with the cardinals.

  3. Tomas said:

    1) In Inglorious Bastards is a little complicated to choose one hero and the main reason why, is because there are different heroes enrolled in a mission and common goal. I think that the main heroe in the movie is the young French lady, which makes the plan of burning down the Nazi theater making sure Hitler die during the presentation of it. Not only because of that but also because she was the one that could closely relate to the Germans, probably without her it would be hard for the other heroes to successfully accomplish the massacre.

    2) Like the questions says it’s obvious who the Hero of the movie is, is Jerry McGuire, I think his main mission in the movie was to change the dream of an American Football player by promoting and endorsing him as an athlete. Jerry get out of his comfort zone when he started to realize that money wasn’t what moves his live. What moves his life was to make people dreams come true and that’s when McGuire meets Rod and offers him the opportunity of promoting him.

    3) The comfort zone in the movie is about Jerry who used to have a normal live working as a promoter of athletes in a prestigious company. He gets out of the Comfort zone when he started to meet Rod, that he started to make sure he gets better and also by promoting him. The reason why this happens was because McGuire used to love helping others accomplish their dreams and Rod as the head of a family truly needs it to support his family, and thats what end up insipiring and taking the hero out of the comfort zone.

    4) I think that the inmost cave occurs when the American troop’s armies were able to take information out of a German hostage, In order to know the movements of the enemies. Also when the French and the Nazis meet at the lunch that they were able to know at what time and in what places things were going to occur later on. Also during the premiere that most of the heroes where able to disguise their nationality and act combined to accomplish the mission.

    5) The plot 1 in Inglorious Bastards is how Nazis start to invade French territory making sure to clean the area by taking down French families. That’s the first part of the movie.
    6) The plot 2 in Inglorious bastards is how the young French lady combined with the army troops take revenge of the high commanders of Hitler by meeting them and by following them, in a strategic and disguise way.

    7) The first plot McGuire as a promoter meets Rod and as the plot point 2 Jerry McGuire started to promotes Rod in the Arizona cardinals. In the second part of the movie we are able to see how Jerry was constantly complaining in regards to Rods potential as an sport man, and that’s how they both together are able to get later on get a bigger contract to him, which end up taking Rod out of poverty and making Rod proud of himself in what he loves.

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