Midterm exam

Welcome to Hellweek. It’s not an easy week for anyone, so let’s get organized, shall we? Section 1 will have their Midterm exam on Wednesday. Section 2 will take it on Friday. This is the agreement both sections reached with me. Or not. It is what it is. Now for a some words about the exam.

The exam is simple enough. I will project a movie (a different one for each section). Participants will answer the questions posed in the test in real time, as the movie plays. To successfully answer all the questions, you should be familiar with the concepts discussed in class and read in the chapters assigned (see earlier entries). These include:

  1. The Ordinary world
  2. The Special world
  3. The three act structure
  4. Plot points 1 and 2
  5. The hero
  6. The thresholds and threshold guardians
  7. Allies, shapeshifters and shadows.
  8. The Mentor
  9. The Inmost Cave
  10. The hero’s return.

Please review and come prepared.

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