Wall-E and Eve

Wall-E and Eve change fundamentally as they move through Act II

Having seen Wall-E, we wil do an extensive analysis based on the Hero’s Journey. The movie poses a challenge, though, as it features two heroes, Wall-E and Eve. Both of these characters have a distinct character arc; that is, they change from the beginning of the movie towards the end. They are transformed by their circumstances as they go through Act II.

It could be argued that every featured character in Wall-E is transformed: the two humans, the captain of the Axiom, Mo, the crazy robots… They all change. Can you support that claim? You will do two things tonight:

  1. A complete analysis of the movie based on the Hero’s Journey. Use what you read on The Writer’s Journey. Identify all elements: Ordinary World, special world, plot points 1 and 2, allies, thresholds, threshold guardians, etc…
  2. Describe the character arc of all featured characters.
  1. Jose Abraham Baez Gil said:

    1. In the first act the story is set in planet Earth (“the ordinary world”) which is completely destroyed and turned into a dump where the main character Wall-E and his best friend the cockraoch work for ever piling trash. Wall-E while working finds the first and only form of life which is a green plant and stores it. After that Wall-E meets Eve another ally which takes the plant in and transforms into a capsule safeguarding the plant and returning to Axiom “plot point 1.”.

    The second act starts when Wall-E follows Eve (Call to adventrue “love”)and goes aboard the Axiom (“special world”) and Wall-E start to experience change with the help of Eve, Mo, and all the other robots. Mo at first is a threshold guardian but ends up being a shapeshifter and becomes Wall-Es ally. Wall-E meets the captain which at first was a threshold guardian but then changes when he manages to get the plant and the manual which educates himself and helps him breakthrough theshield of ignorance he has been summited to by Axioms media that has everyone hypnotized.

    The third act of the movie occurs after the “Reboot” where both Wall-E and Eve are expulsed from Axiom while Auto takes control of everything. In this act Mo turns a shape shifter and becomes Wall-Es ally. Wall-E gets restored by Eve and then they both go back to Axiom and face Auto (“the final threshold guardian”).

    2. Wall-E is the complete opposite of the catalytic heroe he starts off very weak and pathetic, with few skills, but then grows and gains confidence and upgrades his skillswhen forced out of his comfort zone into the special world.
    Eve is a catalytic heroe a superior being, super efficient, powerful, advanced, with an unlimited source of energy. At first Eve seems to be very arrogant, superior to Wall-E but then changes and becomes humble and a very loyal ally.
    The captain is a weak and pathetic leader, who gave most control of the Axiom to Auto, however he changes when he discovers his purpose in life which is to return back to Earth and plant and help his people.

    The two humans are hypnotized by the system and media of Axiom and are always doing what the system dictates “Blue the new red”. However once they are accidentally disconnected they realize what was going on and they change and help the babies when they were falling off the ship.

    Mo is a shapeshifter, at first it was one of the threshhold guardians which Wall-E had to pass through when boarding the Axiom , but then changed and helped Wall-E in his journey to restore balance.

    The cockroach was the only character who never changed, only supported Wall-E even when he got stepped on, this shows how loyal it was to Wall-E.

    Auto is the final Threshold Guardian which faced the captain and fought for the control of the ship. I would say that at first Auto used to do what the Captain said until he received orders from the man in the screen.

    • Viper you did a very nice job of fragmenting the story by character and plot points. Very impressive and real good job.

  2. Ordinary and Special World: This movie is about a robot called Wall-E that is in charge of cleaning up the mess human left on Earth after they vanished everything. There was a company called BnL that had been throwing garbage to the Earth, consequently this was the reason of why all humans had to move to a gigantic space shuttle in space called Axioma.
    In the planet Wall-E would protect and take care of a cockroach every day giving food and shelter to it while at the same time he would collect and analyze all certain things he felt attracted to in the large mountains of trash. He wasn’t the ordinary robot we’re all used to think of, Wall-E had develop certain feelings such as love and compassion; even though given to his nature these feelings were hard to express.

    Plot point 1: Wall-E starts following a red light in order to grab it but it is too late when he notices that it’s not just a simple red light but a laser from a space shuttle that brought to Earth another robot called Eve to which he rapidly falls in love of. Eve was definitely more technologically advanced than Wall-E, she could fly, throw fire and scan things. Her duty was to find any possible vegetation in Earth to evaluate if human could return. Eve’s temper was really strong, indeed she didn’t have feelings at all, not even for Wall-E, who tried to show his loyal friendship to her since the beginning.
    One day during a dust storm Wall-E takes Eve into his shelter to protect her and over there he starts showing her all the things he had been collecting through time and within those objects there was a plant. Right after Eve sees the plant she stores it in her and goes into a stand by state.
    When Wall-E realizes she does not respond he decides to take care of her at all time but days after a space shuttle comes to pick her up and Wall-E’s decides to attach himself to it because he didn’t know where they were taking her and most importantly he was in love and he couldn’t let her leave.

    2nd Act: They were both transported to Axioma were all the humans were living in, over there they were all obese because of limited exercise and lack of gravity. This new place is really odd for Wall-E, everything is high tech but still he doesn’t lose sight of Eve while other machines inspect her. Within those machines there was Mo, a tiny little robot obsessed with maintenance and cleanliness.
    Eve is then sent to the captain of the shuttle to get a final inspection and the captain discovers the plant she had stored inside of her. He was amaze by it because he had never seen something like that and that triggered a curiosity in him to start searching everything he could about Earth, where the plant was from.
    Axioma was being managed by the auto pilot, also called Auto and because of this the captain barely moved a button. He started investigating with Auto about the possibilities to return to Earth but they all turned to be negative, in fact Auto revealed a top secret information where the CEO of Axioma said that the Earth was in deplorable conditions. However, the captain understood that humans had to return to fix everything and recover their place. During this same plot is where Wall-E and Eve get to know John and Mary, two humans that lived in Axiom that discovered that there were more things in life apart of a video screen in front of them.
    Plot point 2: Meanwhile, Eve was sent by the captain to another inspection along with Wall-E who was also sent to get cleaned up. But Wall-E misunderstands what the other machines were doing to Eve and makes a major mess in that department causing Eve and himself to be targeted as “defective robots”, meaning that form there on Axioma had to be aware of them.
    Eve mad and furious takes him to a escape shuttle to send him back to Earth but over there they both find the plant again. Wall-E goes after the plant and mistakenly is sent by another machine out of the shuttle for self destruction. Eve rapidly goes after him, however Wall-E could escape harmless so they both returned back to Axioma to take the plant to the captain. Already there, Wall-E trying to protect the plant gets electrocuted by Auto although the captain could recover the control of Axioma after this.

    3rd Act: The captain sets Axioma to go back to Earth while Eve is desperate trying to fix Wall-E along the way(by this time she was already in love with him). When Axioma gets to Earth, Eve takes Wall-E to his old shelter to fix him with all the repair parts he had stored . After a few seconds of desperation and a nice kiss from Eve to Wall-E because he couldn’t recover his memory, he finally says “Eve” and recognizes her.
    They both join again with the humans that were happy to be in Earth to fix and replant everything.


    Mo, with all the annoying things it used to do to keep everything clean.

    John, Mary and Captain B. McCrea.

    Wall-E attaches himself to the space shuttle that takes Eve to Axiom, 2) when Eve makes the connection of the plant with Earth and decides to take it to the captain, 3) when Auto electrocutes Wall-E and Eve understands it is her duty to save him and help the captain get to Earth right away.

    threshold guardians: Auto and the crazy robots

    2)Shape shifters(character arc):
    Wall-E: When he falls in love of Eve and decides to leave Earth to protect her.
    John and Mary: When they are both forced to face REALITY since they were attached to a screen.
    Captain B. McCrea: When he discovers the plant which triggers the curiosity to investigate more about Earth.
    Eve: When she sees the video that was recorded while she was in stand by state and discovers that Wall-E was protecting and taking care of her during all that time. She immediately falls in love with him and feels the need to protect him as well.

    At the end, all the characters changed their life styles and ways of thinking. John and Mary for example were both isolated in their own space without even interacting with each other and they had forgotten to admire the things around them. But as the movie went on we saw their transformation.

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  3. Ordinary world: Our first hero, Wall-E, is introduced on an abandoned planet Earth in which apparently he is the only surviving robot. Wall-E goes about his ordinary world collecting and compressing garbage, charging himself, picking collectible scraps for himself, and feeding his little cockroach friend. On of his collection trips he finds a plant and storages it in his trailer. The end of the day he retreats to his trailer where he “sleeps”. The next day Wall-E starts his everyday routine when interrupted by the landing of the ship that drops off Eva. Wall-E falls in love with Eva who’s only mission is to find living organisms on Earth. Eva somehow becomes part of Wall-E’s ordinary world. Wall-E shows her his trailer and collectibles. When Wall-E shows Eva the plant her system identifies the living organism, collects it, and Eva shuts down. Wall-E then proceeds to try and wake her, but resign to just waiting for her to wake up and taking care of her.
    Call to adventure (Plot point 1): For me it is when the ship comes back to pick-up Eva. This is what calls Wall-E to adventure, leaving his ordinary world behind to go and save the love of his life.
    First threshold: Wall-E crosse it when he holds on to the ship that has taken Eve and goes into the outer space which will ultimately lead him to the special world, the Axiom (the ship where all human beings have been moved to).

    Act 2: Wall-E gets to enter the Axiom and follows the machines that take Eve up to the headquarters of the Axiom and to the captain. As the captains finds out that Earth is now life-sustaining and that they can now go back, Auto, the ships auto-pilot robot orders this little helper robot to steal the plant. Since Eve carries no plant she is marked as defective and sent to be fixed, Wall-E is sen to be washed by the captain.

    Tests: Wall-E is put in a cell while Eve is being fixed. Wall-E thinks she is being tortured so he escapes his cell and goes help Eve who actually does not need any help. Wall-E accidentally sets free all of the damaged/crazy robots and hell breaks loose in the organization of the ship. Wall-E and Eve become branded as fugitives and dangerous. Eve is mad at Wall-E for all the chaos he has caused and puts him on a shuttle to send him back to Earth. In this scene they discover the minion robot that had stolen the plant and is putting it in the shuttle to send it back. Wall-E enters the shuttle to retrieve the plant but this closes before he can go back and leaves with him inside. Desperate Wall-E starts pushing buttons to escape and accidentally hits the auto-destruct button. Meanwhile Eve is right behind trying to save him and the plant when the shuttle explodes but Wall-E survives. They now have the plant and go back to the Axiom.

    Approach to Inmost cave: Eve and Wall-E have now to pass security and take the plant up to directive.

    Ordeal (Plot-point 2): When they do this, Auto reveals the no return order and tries to get rid of the plant. Wall-E gets the plant but is tasered by Auto. Wall-E is discharging and in the case of robots, is dying and has a damaged part that seems important. Wall-E is very weak but has the plant and so Eve helps him take the plant to the Holo detector. The loose the plant and Auto begins to close it but Wall-E places himself between so that it doesn’t close, while being crushed in the process.

    Reward: Finally the captain disables Auto and regains control of the ship and Eve places the plant in the detector and it stops crushing Wall-E.

    Road back: When they arrive to Earth, EVE takes Wall-E to his trailer where he keeps spare parts and she fixes him. However, having changed his motherboard, Wall-E has no memory and doesn’t remember Eve or what happened.

    Resurrection: Wall-E recovers his memory and personality only when Eve gives him a “kiss”.

    Return with the Elixir: Happy everyone, the humans, Wall-E, and Eve begin the process of recovering earth.

    Allies: The Damaged Robots, Mo, Captain, Humans
    Enemies: Auto the auto-pilot robot of the Axiom, Auto’s minion robot, and the Axiom’s security robots.

    Character Arcs
    Wall-e: Wall-e at first was a robot full of personality and very lovable and cute, focused only on collecting and compacting waste. He was yearning for someone to share his life with and hold hands with. By the end he goes back to being a complete robot with no emotions or personality but when Eve kissed him his life changes by having Eve and the humans in it. He is no longer alone or has to follow a boring routine.
    Eva: At first Eva is just and emotionless robot whose sole mission and command was to search for living organisms on earth with no regards towards Wall-E or the feelings he has for her. In the end Eva is full of emotions, has a more human rather than robotic personality and cares for Wall-E as much as he cares for her.
    The two humans: At first the two of them have no concern for meeting other people, other activities they can do, and are blinded by the mind washed society of the Axiom. In the end they have escaped the mind wash and discover that there are other better things to life like splashing in the pool, having a conversation face to face, and even talk about kids (indirectly).
    Mo: At first Mo was like Eve, a robot with no personality or emotions just focused on his assigned task of cleaning. Mo becomes essential when he saves Wall-E from being disposed of the ship and turns out to be a huge ally with a personality and less obsession for cleaning.
    The crazy robots: At first they were damaged and crazy robots with no real meaning. They just destroyed things and created chaos. By the end they had a mission to help Wall-e and had developed a more human personality. They could control themselves and do good instead of chaos.
    The captain: Was blindfolded by the brainwashed society and had no idea or knowledge of all the wonderful thing life could offer and how beautiful life on earth could be. By the end he wants to go back to Earth and live the life he saw on the Axiom’s screens.

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  4. Wall-e is first shown at the ordinary world, Earth, where he is the only robot left with the task of compressing all the garbage he sees. One day he founds a little plant which he stores inside a boot and in his home. Then at the next day a more advanced robot was dropped off at Earth from unknown space ship. Wall-e falls in love with Eve and starts following her every move until they both met and started talking. Wall-e takes Eve to his place and shows her the plant and Eve identifies the plant as a living organism and took it from Wall-e and then Eve kind of shut down. Wall-e with no idea to what really happened to Eve did everything he thought possible to wake her up, but was unable to do it. Wall-e decides to take care of Eve even if she isn’t functioning. Wall-e call to adventure is when the space ship comes back to pick up Eve and Wall-e decided to go on board too. That ship took Wall-e to the Axiom, which is the ship where all the humans where staying while they wait Earth to be cleaned up.

    In the Axiom, Wall-e followed the machines that took Eve to the captain’s cabin. In the captain’s cabin Eve shows the plant to the captain, Wall-e was hiding under a desk while watching what was going on, and the mission of the humans was to get back to Earth if they found out there was life at Earth, but the electronic commander (don’t know name) tells the captain that the new orders were to not go back to Earth, and then the captain is shown a video where a message is sent from Earth saying that the mission was aborted and that they should stay in the Axiom no matter what.

    After all that Eve and Wall-e are taken into what seem like a robot fix shop where they put Wall-e on little cell and took Eve to check up on her systems. Wall-e thought that they were harming Eve so he jump the cell and went on to save Eve but also to free up all the other robots that were kind of locked up in there.

    At the end with all the help from their allies, the liberated robots, the captain, and the humans, Eve and Wall-e took the plant to where it was supposed to be to start the process of going back to Earth. Their enemies, the Axiom electronic commander and their robots were not able to stop them.

    At Earth already, Eve took Wall-e to the trailer where she fix Wall-e up with the spare parts he had stored but it did not brought him back, memory wise, as his hard drive was all damaged. It wasn’t until Eve kisses Wall-e that he recovers his memory back.

    Wall-e: Wall-e was at first a cute little robot living alone at Earth and doing his business everyday. After he met Eve he changed into a more caring robot with feelings and shit. He followed Eve to space and help her and the humans come back to Earth.

    Eve: Eve started as careless robot programmed to find any living organism that she could find in Earth. Eve then met Wall-e in which at first she didn’t show much appreciation to him but was coming around as the story continued. Then Eve started to have feelings for Wall-e even if it meant not to fulfill her mission to bring the plant to the ship station.

    Captain: The captain was oblivious of what was happening in his ship and at first when Eve showed him the plant he seem resilient to go back to Earth but he then came to his senses and fought back his own ship commander and was able to guide the humans back to their planet.

    Other robots: The robots that Wall-e free up seem to have no meaning in the film but it turned out that they really helped out Wall-e and Eve on their mission of getting back the plant.

  5. Act 1 starts describing the Ordinary World of one Hero named Wall-e. Wall-e was the only one or thing left on the planet after a cleanup operation was scheduled. He spent his days picking up garbage and piling it in square like figures. As he organizes the garbage, he also picks of certain items of a collection of things of his interest. All alone, with one cockroach as his friend, he fells complete by doing his everyday chores. Even though his a robot, he believes and desires love, as repeatedly saw demonstrated in a video of a human musical. One ordinary day, a ship lands and a robot is left on the city to check for living things. Her name is Eve, and she’s the other Hero of the story. As Wall-e approaches her, he falls in love with her and takes her to his trailer where he keeps his collection. But when Eve enters the trailer, she finds a plant that Wall-e had found earlier and promptly takes it. After being unconscious for a while, a ship lands to take back Eve.

    Wall-e, desperate to get back the love of his life, decides to hop on the ship;This is when the call to adventure takes place. He’s driven by his love for her to get her back. The act two starts when he passes the threshold and goes in direction towards the special world: The big ship (Axiom) where all humans were kept after the massive pollution on earth. After going through all the inspection, Eve is taken into the Captain’s cabin where the plant must be examined. After seeing the signal and information shown by the computer, they realize life can be sustained on earth and thus decided they should go back. Nonetheless, the captain’s assistant, the robot and another peon stole the plant and made it seem as if it was never there. Hence, Eve was sent to the inspection department where she was checked for defects.

    After seeing Eve being treated and checked by the robots, Wall-e decides he must take her out of there and while he pulls her out, he accidentally releases other damaged robots that where in line. Because of this, after running through the hallway, Eve and Wall-e are seen as dangerous and become fugitives. Perturbed by all the trouble, eve tries to send Wall-e back home on a small ship. But when they get there, they see a small robot that was putting the plant on the ship to be taken back to earth. As Wall-e tries to save the plant, we runs out of time to get out and thus goes into space. After hitting the auto-destruction command, he was able to escape and go back into the Axiom.

    The third act where things start to change starts here. People are even beginning to get involved with others like they used to talk on earth. As they approach to the inmost cave, they must fight with all the guards on their way in order to take the plant to where it belongs. After Eve takes the plant back to the Captain, they struggle to fight the Robot Assistant, who had been planning to never go back to earth and thus wanted to destroy the plant. After he threw the plant trough the garbage, Wall-E suddenly appears while saving it. Even though kind off weak, Wall-e and Eve where able to escape to take the plant to the detector machine of plants located at the center. As the captain fought the assistance robot, Wall-e tries to interfere with the detector that was closing up due to Auto’s Command. Auto, the assistant robot is the shapeshifter of the story, since at first he was trusted and then became a problem. As Wall-e keeps being crushed by the detector, Eve was able to enter the plant in the whole, after the caption won the last battle against Auto and shut him down. The reward for the operation was actually being able to really do what they wanted after they took control of the ship and taking the plant to the detector where it was recognized as a living being that sustained life at earth. But while happy for going back to earth, Eve must take care of Wall-e who was badly illd after being crushed. After a through search, Eve finds the part that was essential for his recovery. But even though he was recovered, it was not until Eve kissed him and showed him the video that he recovered his memory. That resurrection in effect finally gave place to the return of the elixir where happiness ruled and living on earth started to happen.

    Wall-E: A hero obsessed with love that felt complete by doing his daily chores. But even though he lived perfectly fine all alone, at the end he’s surrounded by many people and finally got what he wanted: love.

    Eve: Another hero that once felt no emotions but after meeting Wall-e discover a whole new world of feelings and emotions.

    Mo: He is a shapeshifter, at first he didn’t seem to care or have any emotions towards Wall-e and appeared to be more as a threshold guardian. But at the end, he demonstrated some emotions when he helped to save Wall-e.

    The Damaged Robots: Even though they were trouble, for Wall-e they represented allies. Even though at first they rat him, at the end they changed their robot thinking and helped Wall-e get the job done.

    Auto: That robot assistant was also a Shapeshifter. At first he seemed to be helpful to the captain but then resulted to be a bad assistant who pursued his own interests. He thus became an enemy along with this small robot assistant.

    Guards: The robot guards are considered as enemies for Wall-e and Eve.

    John and Mary: Where distracted by the procedures of the ship, but deep down still had in them the friendship and desire for love humans have. They are allies of Wall-e.

    The Captain: Was always an Allie, because even though he was naive at first, he always wanted what’s best for the people.

  6. Wall-e
    1st act:
    Wall-e the robot is the main character, his ordinary world is a barren planet earth in which he endlessly compresses and organizes trash making large pyramids out of trash cubes. His only company is a friendly cockroach which lives with him in his trailer in which he finds entertainment by collecting “precious” items like spoons, tapes, cds, glass, etc. On one of his trash collecting endeavors he finds a plant and stores it in his trailer. The next day, Wall-e is intrigued by a red dot on the ground, this red dot is actually a space ship that is landing; A new robot arrives into wall-e’s ordinary world, her name is Eve. Wall-e falls for Eve the first moment he sees her and is intrigued by her but scared too because she’s trigger happy. Eve was looking for something but she was not able to find it and became annoyed, breaking havoc all over the deserted city and almost killing Wall-e. They meet and hit it off, Wall-e shows her his collection of items and a tape which he likes very much but what really has an impact on her is the plant. Eve collects the plant and enters into a kind of coma. Wall-e tries to revive Eve to no avail and just takes care of her hoping that she will return on her own. One day he realizes that the spaceship is back and that it is collecting eve, he goes after it for Eve (call to action) and rides it to the axiom struggling to hold on (1st threshold).
    2nd act:
    Wall-e arrives at the axiom and follows Eve around while she’s in stasis, there he experiences contact with his first human that is a man called John and then another girl called Mary when he catches up to Eve. Wall-e and Eve arrive at the captain’s quarters in which they meet the current captain of the Axiom and the autopilot system of the ship known simply as Auto. When the captain revives Eve and check inside for the plant it seems to be missing. The captain sends Eve to be repaired and Wall-e to be cleaned, the dirt triggers a curiosity about planet earth on him. Eve and Wall-e are sent to the ward of defective robots; Wall-e freaks out because he believes that Eve is being hurt and goes to save her which ends in the being branded as dangerous rebel robots. Eve is angry at Wall-e and decides to put him on an escape pod headed for earth but that’s when they find that an evil little robot is trying to dispose of the plant in the same exact way. Wall-e gets sent to space in the shuttle which then explodes but he manages to save the plant and get back into the axiom with eve (2nd threshold). Auto turns out to be evil and locks down the captain in his room. Wall-e and Eve travel inside the Axiom to take the plant up to the captain Eve gets the plant to the captain but auto tries to dispose of it but Wall-e catches it. Auto electrocutes Wall-e, turns eve off, and send them to be disposed. Wall-e revives Eve while he is badly damaged but manages to escape with the help of Mo. The captain contacts Eve and Wall-e and tells them to go to the lidodeck and with the help of the crazy robots they get there. A fight breaks out with the captain and Auto when the directive is activated and all the humans begin rolling around. Wall-e gets crushed preventing the Lidodeck from closing (3rd threshold). The captain deactivates Auto, and activates the lidodeck once again in which eve puts the plant inside. The Axiom warps to planet earth and Eve takes Wall-e to his trailer, she repairs him but he does not remember her but after a kiss he comes back. The humans and robots work together to fix their planet.
    Wall-e: He was a lonely robot with a personality, he had a monotonous job to do and he did it well but he always wanted more. He found Eve and fell for her immediately, he began to change his ways, and he became more outgoing and did anything for her. He has a personality that everyone likes and this is what Eve likes about him the most, she fears for him when he resets near the end but Wall-e comes back because of the kiss.
    Eve: She’s a lot like wall-e in that she had a monotonous job and a personality as well, but she was a little more grown up than Wall-e and also more emotional like when she blew up the stranded ships in earth. She does open up to Wall-e more and more as time goes by until eventually she falls in love with him.
    Mo: Mo is a little cleaning robot that is VERY focused on his job, he even left his designated labor area in order to clean up Wall-e. As the movie goes on he becomes less and less focused on his job and opens up to the world in which he lives in.
    John and Mary: Like all humans on the Axiom, they are glued to their chairs and screens until they meet Wall-e. Meeting Wall-e for them was a life changing experience; it opened their eyes to their world and to other people.
    Captain: the captain is bored of his position as captain due to him doing the same thing everyday, he even sleeps in late because he does not care. After he meets Wall-e he gets interested in the past earth and does research. The main message of the movie is delivered by him, that we have to take care of planet earth because it’s not going to take care of its own. He beats down Auto and the security of space in order to chase the possibility of a better future. He tells Auto that he does not want to survive, he wants to live; another important message that the movie has.

    • crazy robots: They start out as simply demented but gain some sort of loyalty towards Wall-e and Eve for setting them free. The robots themselves work but in their own special way and they prove themselves to be usefol in the quest for delivering the plant. Even the umbrella robot is has an impact at the end.

  7. 1. Ordinary world: Wall-E lives in planet earth with a cockroach, a planet that is abandoned and full of garbage. Everyday wall-e picks up some garbage and converts it into a small cube and organizes it doing towers of it. One day doing that work he founds a weird plant.

    Plot 1. Call to Adventure: A spaceship landed in planet earth, living there Eve, Wall-E’s love. After doing many things for Eve to notice him, she does, especially when he gives her the plant (the “thing” she was looking for), when she takes it she turns off.
    Plot 2. Special World. This part starts when the spaceship look for Eve at planet earth and Wall-E goes after them. He gets inside the ship to rescue his love, inside there’s a lot of obese human. He goes through lot of thresholds to rescue her, such as: Mo, some robots, at the beginning the captain and the computer (auto).
    Plot 3. Auto orders everyone to capture Eve and Wall-E, but the captain sees the plant and start helping them both, this would help everyone to return home, to planet earth. Eve and Wall-E get the plant and return to planet, with the whole ship. Wall-E at some point lost his mind but Eve helped him and she remember everything.

    Allies: Cockroach, Eve, Captain, Mo, And Two Humans

    2. Wall-e at the beginning was a curious, sentimental, nice and a shy robot, which at the end is a strong robot, which changes when he has to rescue Eve and when she hugs him and kissed him
    Eve: She’s a strong robot, which has no feelings at all, and the only thing she wanted was the plant. At the end she was the most sentimental robot in the movie, when she notice all the things Wall-E did when she was off, she loved Wall-e a lot and she didn’t want to loose him, she helped him remember everything. She will only live for him.
    Captain: He was the captain of the spaceship, but he didn’t do anything, the computer does it all for him, it controlled everyone inside there, but when the captain discovered the plant he put his pants on and asked for help and became the real captain.
    Mo: at the beginning he was just a stupid robot in the middle of Wall-E’s mission, just interrupting him, he was just cleaning everything dirty in his way, at the end as most of all helped Eve and Wall-E to finish their mission.
    Two Humans: at the beginning they were two normal passengers of the spaceship but then they became aware of what was happening and start helping Eve and Wall-E to get the plant and make them return home.

  8. Pedro Pimentel 10-0049 said:

    Ordinary World: The hero, Wall-E, live his ordinary life on the deserted earth where he dedicated his whole time of picking garbage and piling them together to keep the planet cleaning. Wall-E also liked to collect things that he thought were rare and precious, which includes the plant he found on a boot. He had a pet cockroach which he fed and took care of. After a long day of working and picking up garbage, Wall-E went to the back of a truck where he kept his collection of precious items and also watched old videos of people dancing and then he slept until morning when he needed to recharge his batteries with sunlight.
    Call to Action: The call to adventure begins when Wall-E is taken out of his daily routine of picking garbage. In this part is where Plot Point 1 begins. Wall-E goes out of his normal routine when a ship comes down to earth and drops a white robot, Eve, in order to inspect earth looking for living things or anything unusual.
    After following her everywhere, Wall-E meets Eve and they become friends. He shows Eve all his collections he has on the truck and expects to have a romantic moment with her. When Wall-E shows her the plant, Eve’s programming identifies a living organism and captures it going into a stand-by mode. Wall-E desperately tries to wake her up but fails when a ship comes and picks Eve up. He tries hard to hold to the ship until they get to the Axiom (the main ship where humans are now living).
    Second Act: In the second part, Wall-E stays together with Eve and follows all the robots that are taking Eve to the main cabin to show the plant to the captain and the Autopilot. This becomes the first threshold for the hero. After sneaking around, Wall-E gets to the main cabin where the captain and Auto are waiting to see the plant. When they see that Eve doesn’t have the plant, they send her to the repair room along with Wall-E. The second threshold the hero faces is when he thinks that Eve is being tortured at the repair room, and after blowing everything up, he escapes with all other crazy robots, and they are marked as fugitives. After sneaking around, Eve tries to put Wall-E on a shuttle back to Earth but he refuses when immediately they spot a small robot putting the plant on the shuttle and setting it to autodestruct. Wall-E immediately goes into the shuttle to take the plant (another threshold) but is unable to escape and Eve goes to rescue him. As soon as the shuttle explodes, Wall-E survives and they both go back into the Axiom.
    Plot Point 2: The second Plot Point begins when Eve and Wall-E struggle to go into the main cabin again in order to deliver the plant. Once there, the hero is stopped by Auto who damages Wall-E and he goes into the trash disposer along with the plan. Auto also reveals to the captain the order he was given of never returning to earth due to the poor living conditions.
    The final confrontation and final threshold guardian begins when Eve rescues Wall-E from the trash compartment and they go deliver the plant in the Holo detector that the captain has opened to help Wall-E and Eve. But Auto damages the Holo detector button and it starts to close, just as Wall-E is putting his best effort to stop it from closing despite the damage it is causing to him. Finally the captain struggles with Auto for command and puts him into manual pilot, and Eve and the other damage robots help Wall-E and put the plant on the Holo detector making the ship make an immediate trip back to earth.
    Third Act: On the final part, the Axiom gets to earth and humans decide to begin their new lives there. On the other side, Eve is trying to make Wall-E regain consciousness by repairing him with all the parts he has on the truck, but she only brings Wall-E back to life but with no memory whatsoever. At the end Eve kisses Wall-E and immediately regains his consciousness and his memory.
    Friends: Mo (the cleaning robot), humans (the captain, John and Mary) and the crazy robots.
    Enemies: Auto, who had control over all the other robots.
    Character Change:
    Wall-E: He begins the story by being a smart, curious robot that is shy and doesn’t do much other than picking up garbage. He is friendly and caring because he takes care of his friend the cockroach. During the movie Wall-E becomes a brave robot that is not afraid anymore and is willing to step up and save everyone.
    Eve: At the beginning, Eve is a cold robot that only cares about completing her mission and we can also notice that she has a hard temper. Then when she meets Wall-E and becomes a sweet, loving robot which likes to learn and becomes friendly. At the end, she cares about others and loves Wall-E.
    Mo: Mo is a normal robot that follows orders and stays on the line all the time. Then Mo breaks the rules and makes his own decisions. Also he becomes friendly and helps Wall-E.
    John and Mary: At first, they live like all the other humans hooked up on their chairs and using the computers. Then they change when Wall-E breaks their computers and they realize what it’s around them. When they meet with each other they start doing things differently and don’t use the computers anymore.
    Captain: The captain is a laid back guy who only sleeps and doesn’t really focus on his job. Then he becomes curious about the things on earth and is eager to go to earth. Then he takes charge and becomes brave when he needs to shut Auto down.
    Crazy Robots: The crazy robots are messed up and cannot do their normal operations right. Then by the end, they are able to control themselves and help Wall-E and Eve accomplish the mission.

  9. Jose Lama said:

    Act 1:
    The Ordinary World is described, this is where Wall-E lives, with his friend the cockroach, the movies hero. Wall-E has a job and his job is to clean up Earth, he is a small scraps compressor and compresses the trash into cubes. He collects what he considers to be interesting. During his cleanup’s, he finds a plant and hides it. One of his collectables is a video cassette with a movie which inspires love in him, and he always wants to find love. A ship comes from outer space and a new character is introduced, EVE, and Wall-E falls in love. He befriends her and takes her to his “house”, the RV, she investigates his collection and Wall-E shows her the plant. EVE recognizes it as life and inserts it into a compartment in her, then going into a sleep mode. Some time later the same ship comes back for EVE.

    Call to Adventure:
    When EVE is taken from him, he decides to jump onto the ship and go after her.

    Act 2:
    He is hanging onto the ship and enters space, crossing the threshold into the special world. The special world is the ship Axiom where the humans live. EVE is inspected on arrival to Axiom, and sent into the Captains quarters. With the newly available information, the Captain learns that life is sustainable on Earth. The auto pilot had orders to never go back to Earth and so it steals the plant. EVE is considered to be dysfunctional and is sent to the maintenance department. Wall-E confuses EVE’s checkup as if the robot are “killing” EVE, so he goes in to save her. During the ruckus Wall-E free’s the other dysfunctional robots by mistake. EVE and Wall-E are now wanted. EVE wants to send Wall-E home but during the process they find that a little robot took the plant and put it in the space shuttle to send it to Earth,Wall-E follows the plant into the shuttle and is sent into space, and before the ships auto destruction, Wall-E escapes.

    Act 3:
    The people in the Axiom start changing, the battle begins against all robots. Wall-E finally reaches the place where he needs to put the plant in, and so while trying to pace the plant into position he gets badly injured. When they are on their travel back to Earth everybody is sad because of what happened to Wall-E, and as soon as they get to Earth EVE carries Wall-E to his house and repairs him. After a moment of tension in which Wall-E does not act as he used to, he regains his memories with a “kiss’ from EVE and life starts anew in Earth.

    Wall-E: Hero, Eve: Ally and Hero, Captain: Ally, John and Mary: Human Allies, Dysfunctional Robots: Allies, Mo: Good Shapeshifter, Auto: Bad Shapeshifter, Guard Robots: Enemies

  10. Wall-E is a movie where characters need not to express themselves to fully convey a message to the audience, although not much speaking is done you can actually see what parts of the movie mean something and enhance or change the plot of the movie, they include:

    The ordinary world: in its ordinary world Wall-E is an abandoned robot left in earth by humans who left earth 7 centuries ago. Thus wall-E even being a lonely machine manages to recreate emotions while he has free time (while the sun is down) he manages to make a friend, which is a cockroach. He lives day by day cleaning the mess we left and wishing for something else.
    Call to adventure: One of those usual days a red light appears in Wall-E’s live, he follows it and finds a shuttle, the shuttle leaves another more advanced robot who seems not to notice Wall-E and who is actually not expecting to find live in earth. When Wall-E finds Eve (this other robot) he is bound to change his live if he approaches her that is his call to adventure.
    Refusal of the call: is basically when he is not sure of approaching her, the first time he sees her. Basically he was finding out more but he was too scared to approach the unknown.
    Threshold: the first one comes in when Wall-E decides to follow Eve and go to the space, actually reaching out and holding to the shuttle and going into space is a threshold that Wall-E has, overcoming the fear of the unknown.

    Second Act: Comes in once Wall-E reaches Axiom at minute 35 or so, there he meets his first sees his first threshold guardian which is the inspector, once he sees the inspector he tricks the cleaner and follows Eve which is going to the Capitan’s room, there you find out that everyone is fat, also people are not aware of their surroundings and everything is very technological, thus Wall-E’s first world is completely shifted.
    Plot 2 is the situation where you find out that Auto doesn’t want to return back to earth, thus he makes sure to hide the plant from the Captain so that he thinks it was a false alarm and then prohibits him from reaching earth when Wall-E and Eve manage to return. Furthermore it is important to outline that during this process Eve understands Wall-E’s true motive, in this plot 2 Wall-E and Eve undergo the most change at the same time with the Captain and Auto.

    Act 3 starts when Wall-E and Eve go back to the shuttle, where they plan to approach their inmost cave which is facing Auto, when they do so they have to face the robots who are looking for them, Auto has to be faced by the Captain and they have return the plant to the middle of Axiom. When they do so Axiom is set to go back to earth and they reach the resolution of the whole movie which is reaching earth.
    Return to the ordinary world: When they come back now Wall-E has Eve, the humans have returned to earth and he is not lonely anymore. His friend (the cockroach) is waiting for him and he is back to normal.

    There are many characters that undergo change in the movie:
    There is the Auto who is the shape shifter
    The Allies who are the Captain and Eve
    The Shadows who are Auto at the end and the inspector

    In this movie the character who goes through less changes is Wall-E since everyone else has to change towars love (Eve), shadows (Auto) and towards changing (The Captain)

  11. Ordinary World: Wall-E is a trashbot that lives on the abandoned Earth. His daily routine is collecting and compressing trash into small cubes, while scavenging for interesting items. The only companion that Wall-E seems to have is a cockroach (which we know can survive everything including nuclear wars). His home is an old storage compartment which is filled with gadgets and “treasures” he scavenges. Wall-E’s entertainment is an old musical called “Hello Dolly” and is fascinated by the way they hold hands in the video, longing for that form of interaction (he’s definitely a helpless romantic).

    Call to Adventure: Wall-E finds the plant inside an old refrigerator growing, which shows the earth isn’t completely dead. Few moments later the spaceship arrives.

    Refusal of the Call: Wall-E hides from first the space pod which landed (he hides underneath) and then when EVE, a exploring robot from the Axiom, is activated; also Wall-E hides from the seemingly hostile robot. Watching the robot scan the earth for life.

    Meeting the Mentor: Wall-E finally approaches EVE with the help of his cockroach companion, and aids her by bringing her to his home to escape a sand storm. While inside, EVE finds the plant places it inside her shell and shuts down to await for the pod.

    Crossing the First Threshold: Wall-E goes into the special world of the story by means of the space pod, which comes back for EVE (or EVE was waiting for on shutdown mode). Wall-E hitchhikes on the pod, and is amazed by his travels.

    Test, Allies, and Enemies: Wall-E is on his own, and has to learn his way around while chasing after EVE’s deactivated body. While in his journey he meets with the obese humans which all become ally’s. Also comes across the evil autopilot, which even though they had the plant to go back home, they were trying to send the plant back to earth. EVE tries to send Wall-E back home which is where they find out about what they were trying to do with the plant. Wall-E seems to have exploded and EVE was devastated but when they get reunited they share a “kiss” and a magical moment in space.

    Approach the Inmost Cave: EVE recuperates the plant and brings it to the captain. The captain disappointed with what the memories are showing of EVE’s trip to the earth and what the data showed him but the video of Hello Dolly restores the captain’s hope. In which he feeds the plant water and realized they have to go back and heal the planet. While Wall-E has followed EVE up the garbage shoot and up to the bridge.

    Ordeal: Auto tries to stop the captain from putting the plant into the holo-detector which will send the ship back to earth. Wall-E is able to rescue the plant from Auto minions, but gets stabbed and falls down the chute. Auto also deactivated EVE and confined the captain to his quarters. EVE reactivates in the garbage area and saves Wall-E but he is badly damaged.

    Reward: EVE tries with all her might to restore Wall-E, but he keeps telling her to follow her directive; however she tells him that Wall-E is the new directive. However Wall-E persuades her anyways that returning to Earth is more important.

    The Road Back: EVE takes both the plant and Wall-E to the holo-detector. Wall-E’s both human friends and robot friends help them fight their way through the ships security. The captain was able to get back on the bridge and finds out that Auto has been following orders for hundreds of years ago to not go back to earth, however the captain believes that the Earth has changed but Auto won’t listen.

    Resurrection: Wall-E makes it to the holo-detector and fights to hold it open and gets crushed when Auto jams it shut. The captain lifts himself up to stand and to put Auto on Manual Pilot. The humans find the plant and toss it towards EVE which puts it into the holo-detector and the ship goes back to earth. Back on Earth EVE repairs Wall-E and he has forgotten who he was. Even playing Hello Dolly was not working so she reaches for his hand and after a few moments he remembers.

    Return with the Elixir: The captain brings the plant and replants it into the Earth’s soil. Everyone was together in working restore the earth, both misfit robot and humans alike.
    Hero: Wall-E and EVE, although I have a theory that Wall-E is less of a hero than EVE just because it seems that Wall-E is like a catalyst that changes the whole world around him, instead of him changing much.

    Shape shifter: Auto (Autopilot) seems good but is somewhat evil.
    Mo seems to be bad but turns out to be good in the end.
    Ally: The humans on the ship, and the dysfunctional robots.
    Mentor: EVE in the beginning serves as Wall-E’s mentor.
    Herald: It’s the president of the United States in the videos.
    Threshold Guardian: The robot police offer which took EVE up to the bridge.

    Elvis Pena

  12. Dario said:

    Wall-E is a film that reflects quite stressed by the disaster that human behavior has led to life through time; it all starts with Wall-E, a robot from another era that has remained no more than doing the work for which he was prepared which is turning trash into small cubes.

    Wall-e is living in an ordinary world with his only friend a cockroach, every day in planet Earth vacated where the only thing that exists is useless garbage until one day Wall-E finds a plant that caused him a lot of attention due to the beauty that it was so he kept it in his warehouse.

    As time passed by, a ship left a robot named EVE which his mission is to look for a living organism and as soon as Wall-e saw her moves and beautiful levitation so the call to adventure emerged so he fell in love with her, he was left shocked to see such a figure so beautiful and sophisticated so he pursued all paths until she found him behind a garbage cube.
    Wall-e showed her all his most appreciated garbage including the Mary Poppin’s musical but EVE didn’t get impressed so Wall-E displayed her his most valuable “stuff” which is the plant that but at the time EVE retract the plant, EVE shuts down automatically and remains in hibernation mode.

    Wall-e does not give up and decide to take care of EVE until everything is fixed. One day the ship arrives and takes EVE but Wall-e in loves with her, decides to chase her and gets into the ship so the Plot Point 1 begun.
    The first threshold is when he is in outer space and he has to deal with the satellite in order to get into the AXIOM getting into the special world.

    The Act 2 starts Wall-e getting into the cleaning station in the ship. When Wall-e looks for EVE again, EVE is showing the plant and the captain is evaluating the problem so they are supposed to be sent to earth but the Auto robot or the chief of the robots is systematically against the return of Earth so when they realized that, the Plot point 2 started.

    Another threshold is the security guards that want to get rid of the plant, Wall-e and his allies. Finally the captain of the ship disables the Auto and gets back the control of the AXIOM but Wall-e was damage by the headmaster robot and when they returned back to earth, she fixed him and put another memory which cost a completely wipe of the memory so Wall-e forgot everything so EVE kissed him and he got back the memory.

    Character Arcs
    Wall-e is a robot which his role is to collect trash and transform it into cubes until he met EVE and his purpose of life was just focusing on her.

    EVE is a robot looking for living organism until at the end she starts caring so much about Wall-e giving to his life a different meaning.

    Mo: is a robot with the purpose of cleaning everything but he realized that there was something more important and it was the salvation of planet earth, so he decides to join the team and help to accomplish that.

    The captain: at the beginning he was just following orders and doing what his work until he begun to see that there was something else which was a beautiful planet that he belongs to, so he made a decision of returning back to his planet and recover it.

    2 humans: they were brainwashed by the AXIOM’s system but they were disconnected by some mistake, and they realized the importance of life.

    Decontrolled robots: they were doing a whole mess in the ship until they start to help Wall-e and the captain to deal with the threshold guardians that were in the middle of the path.

    Dario Yunes

    • Dario said:

      nicee 😛

  13. Wall-E

    In the first part we see Wall-E in a completely destroyed plant, which is Earth, everything in this planet is garbage, where robots lived and collected all the garbage and pilled it. Further on he finds a plant, the only thing with “life” that existed among all that garbage. After several scenes Wall E meets Eve, another robot but more modern/ sophisticated advanced, that lived with humans in space.

    In the second part starts when Wall-E follows Eve and goes aboard the Axiom and Wall-E became infatuated with Eve and started emulating with ever she did and all the other robots. Mo at first is a threshold guardian but became up being a shape shifter and Wall-Es ally. Wall-E meets the captain, he was a threshold guardian but then he changes when he manages to get the plant and the manual which educates himself.

    Wall E show the humanas that lives in axiom another way of life, the pools, etc.. that are available to do in the space ship. Ones he star the vogue of putting the plant in the center of the ship, all the humans help him and star fighting against the robots and helping him and eve. The captain of the ship helps them and show the crew(humans) that there is a place to life, a planet where the can remake the human raise. Wall E puts him self in danger to prevent the auto pilot from not letting them hed back to earth. Eve finally after helping the humans and making sure that they are all right and not hurt puts the plant where it belongs.
    Wall E chip gets damage and the only way of saving him is getting back to home and re-put the parts that got trash.

    When the axiom finally gets to earth eve and all the other robots head to wall e home and star fixing him. When wall e restarts his system is program to do recollect trash, eve tries to make him remember and be the same as before. She grabs his hand shows him the movie. But nothing works. After all hope was lost she gave him a small kiss and that made a spark grown inside wall e that made him come back and remember everything.

    Eve: Ally and Hero Wall-E: Her, Captain: Ally, Human Allies, Guard Robots: Enemies Dysfunctional Robots: Allies, Mo: Good, Auto: Bad.

  14. Esteban Santana said:

    Ordinary World: Wall-E, the main character of the movie, lives in a city in an abandoned planet Earth where he continues to focus on the task for which he was created which is to collect and pile garbage. Wall-E’s ordinary day consists of charging his battery in the morning, compressing and piling garbage in small cubes throughout the day and collecting anything that he finds interesting. A cockroach makes company for Wall-E and lives with him as his pet.

    In the movie, as Wall-E goes through his daily life, he finds a plant which he finds interesting enough to add to his collection. The very next day Wall-E’s ordinary world faces change. A space ship makes a drop-off of a more advanced robot known as Eva. Eva’s purpose on the planet is to find evidence which would show that the planet Earth is suitable for humans to live in once again. Wall-E falls in love with Eva and this is his call to adventure. After many attempts of approaching Eva, Wall-E finally has some sort of relationship with Eva and takes her to his home where he has his collections. This is where Eva is shown the plant which Wall-E had found and she instinctively (as she was programmed to do so) grabs the plant and holds it safely in a compartment within her. Eva also goes into a sort of frozen state where she can no longer interact regularly with Wall-E. Wall-E is confused as to why Eva shuts down and stays by her hoping that one day she’ll ‘wake up.’ Eventually Eva is picked up by the shipped that dropped her off and Wall-E, being in love, tries to go with her. The first threshold Wall-E faces is grasping onto the ship that was taking Eva away and then making his way into the larger ship called Axiom to find Eva. Eva’s “kidnapping” is also the first plot. Axiom is a ship where humans have been living for many years in hopes of some day going back to living in Earth. Axiom is also the story’s special world.

    Once within Axiom Wall-E continues his efforts to make it to wherever Eva is taken. Wall-E follows the other robots holding Eva into the captain’s cabin. As Wall-E remains hidden and the captain finds out that the earth was now suitable for human life, Auto, Axiom’s auto-pilot robot, secretly orders for the elimination of the plant. As Eva was notifying she had a plant with her and later on the plant was not found, she was classified as being a defective robot and sent in for repairs. Wall-E is separated from Eva when the captains see’s how dirty and filthy he is and orders for Wall-E’s cleaning.

    Wall-E manages to free Eva from the robot hospital but also releases all other defective robots as well. This creates disorder within the Axiom. Eva gets angry at Wall-E for creating such unnecessary chaos in the ship and decides to take him to a shuttle which would take send him back to earth. As they are headed to the shuttle, Wall-E and Eva find out about the robot that was ordered to steal and destroy the plant. They see this little robot placing the plant in a shuttle to send it away from the Axiom. Wall-E quickly enters the shuttle without being noticed by the robot in an attempt to retrieve the plant but is late to exit the shuttle which closes and blasts off with both Wall-E and the plant in it. Wall-E accidentally presses the shuttles self-destruct button but luckily manages to stay in tact along with the plant. Wall-E and Eva head back to the Axiom with the plan. Plot 2 begins when Wall-E and Eva find out about the robot’s intentions of destroying the plant.

    Wall-E and Eva head back to the captain’s cabin to show the plant to the captain. When they make it to the cabin, Auto makes it clear that it believes going back to Earth was a bad idea and it would definitely not allow it. Wall-E is attacked by Auto in an attempt to protect the plant and goes into a “dying state” for robots. Finally, Eva helps Wall-E recover himself and then take the plant to the Axiom’s holo-detector. The captain of the Axiom shuts Auto down and regains control of the ship. Wall-E is still very damaged and is taken to his home back in Earth by Eva. Also, the Axiom has returned to Earth so there are humans there as well. Eva replaces Wall-E’s damaged parts and makes him functional again. However, Wall-E had been resurrected and reset, making him a mindless, garbage picking robot. Eva gives Wall-E the equivalent of a kiss for robots and Wall-E regains his memory and is back to normal again.

    Auto is the shape-shifter of the story. Wall-E’s allies are the robots he released from the “hospital,” the captain, and the humans in general. Wall-E’s enemies are Auto and the security robots of the ship.

    Character Arcs
    Wall-E: begins the story being settled down on his ordinary life and also being very lonely. Wall-E had long wished for someone to share his life with and someone hand to fill the spaces between his fingers. At the end of the story, Wall-E is much happier with his life and finally has someone to live by. Wall-E is a lot less concerned about collecting and stacking garbage.

    Eva: begins the story being emotionless and completely focused on her mission. She had no interest in anything but finding living organisms in Earth. After Eva’s interaction with Wall-E and transformation throughout the plots she becomes a robot who is more in tact to her feelings and who cares about Wall-E.

    Captain: begins the story living happily and blindly in the Axiom’s daily routines with little knowledge about previous human generations and the likes of humans living on Earth. At the end of the story the captain becomes the person most knowledgeable about the Earth and how humans used to live in it in the past. He becomes the leader of humanity on the planet.

  15. Reyna Lopez 10-0885 said:

    Ordinary world: Wall-E is alone on the planet. The planet is full with trash and his job is to compress it. Humans have left the planet and moved to a space shuttle called Axiom until the Earth is a “safe” place to go back to.
    Each day Wall-E wakes up, compresses trash, and takes home all the interesting objects he finds. He has a cockroach as his pet. One day, the interesting object that he found during his daily working routine was a plant, he didn’t even know what it was, but he found it odd and took it home.

    Plot point 1: in an ordinary day when Wall-E finished his work routine and is headed back home, he finds a red light and starts following it trying to grab it. Suddenly, he notices that a ship is landing. This ships drop off a robot named Eva. Eva is a robot sent from Axiom in order to find living organisms on Earth that could allow humans live there again.
    Wall-E falls in love with Eva and takes her home and starts showing her all the interesting objects that he’s found. When he shows her the plant , she stores the plant and shuts down. Even though Eva doesn’t react to anything (because she’s shut down) Wall-E takes care of her, demonstrating his true love.
    One day, the ship returns to Earth in order to pick up Eva. Wall-E’s love was so loyal that his immediate reaction was to follow Eva. This is where Wall-E leaves his ordinary world and the adventure begins.

    2nd Act: the ship transports Wall-E and Eva to Axiom, the space shuttle where all the humans are living. Eva, who is still shut down, is taken to the captain and Wall-E is following her. On the way to the captain’s Wall-E was encountered with Mo, a robot who was obsessed with maintaining everything clean and free of foreign contamination.
    When Eva arrives to the captain, he realizes the plant that she has stored. At first, he had no idea what it was, but after investigation he was amazed by it and he knew it was time to go back to Earth. Axiom was managed by a robot named Auto Pilot aka Auto. Once Auto Pilot learned that it was time to go back to Earth he ordered a helper robot to get rid of the plant.
    Once the plant is taken off of Eva she automatically turns on again and the captain orders to take her to inspection. During all this time Wall-E was hiding in the same room and when the captain saw him he sent him to get washed.

    Plot Point 2: while Eva was in the inspection room, Wall-E was in the washing room worried that Eva was in danger. He escapes and makes a mess and accidently unplug all the robots. As a result, they are both published in the “wanted” list and are being broadcast as dangerous robots. Eva gets mad at Wall-E because of all the trouble he has caused and she tries to send him back to Earth. During this time, they discover the helper robot that is placing the plant in a shuttle in order to send it back to Earth. Wall-E gets in the shuttle to pick up the plant and the shuttle closes and leaves. Wall-E is desperate and starts pushing buttons and sets the shuttle to self destruction. Eva goes after him but the shuttle explodes, but Wall-E manages to escape harmless with the plant.
    They take the plant to the captain. This is when Auto reveals a top secret, the person in charge of taking humans to the Axiom stated that humans can never return back to Earth, and for that reason he has to get rid of the plant. Wall-E tries to protect the plant but Auto electrocutes him, with the plant in hand. Wall-E gets very weak and Eva tries to help him. Wall-E, Eva and the captain are trying to protect the plant while Auto is trying to get rid of it (Wall-E gets more injured during this process)
    Eventually, the pilot manages to disconnect Auto and has control of the ship.

    3rd Act: the captain drives Axiom back to Earth and immediately Eva tries to repair Wall-E. but because she had to change his hard drive, he couldn’t recognize her, he didn’t have no memory.
    Eva kisses him and he restores his memory.

    Threshold: (1) Wall-E jumps into the ship that pick s up Eva and this leads them to Axiom, which is the special world of the movie. (2) When Wall-E is electrocuted and Eva tries to help him, demonstrating her love to him.

    Threshold guardians: Auto, his helper and the security robots.

    Allies: Mo, Captain, The 2 humans

    Character Arcs
    Wall-e: At the beginning he had a routine life. He did the same every day. He was lonely but caring and lovable. At the end, he is a brave robot that can demonstrate his love to Eva, will not be lonely again and doesn’t have to live in a routine life.

    Eva: At first Eva was cold, aggressive robot whose only interest was to accomplish her mission. At the end, she becomes this lovable, caring, sweet robot.

    Mo: at the beginning Mo was a robot with a mission, keep everything clean in an organized way (staying in the line). During the movie he stops staying in the line and at the end he ignores his mission and helps Wall-E

    The2 humans: these two humans, like all the humans in the movie, were sitting all day using all the technological devices and no human contact at all, they didn’t even look at other humans. During the movie they disconnect from the computer screen and have a small physical contact and discover more interesting things to do, like actually getting inside a pool, having a conversation by looking at each other instead of a computer screen.

    The crazy robots: the crazy robots didn’t due their tasks, they just destroy objects and created trouble. At the end, they control themselves and helped Wall-E and Eve.

    The captain: he barely moved his fingers, he isn’t really a captain, he doesn’t do anything or has any knowledge of anything. At the end, he takes charge of Axiom and acts like a real captain, makes the decision to go back to Earth.

  16. minerva madera said:

    Intro and ordinary world: Wall-E begins with the introduction of a persistent cute robot trying to clean the world from all the trash humans left on it, to a point that it was not longer sustainable for them to live on Earth. Wall-E, the robot, main activity was to clean, organize and destroy the trash that a company continue to deposit on Earth, to take care of a cockroach and to give himself maintenance. Then Eve comes in, as the character sent from space to see if there was life in any form left on Earth.

    Plot point 1: Wall-E sees for the first time another robot much more modern and beautiful than him coming from space, Eve a girl robot that make him fall in love for the first and only time. Wall-E and Eve started to be friends right away and he showed Earth to her and everything he uses to do in a daily basis.
    One day when they were playing as any other day, Eve found a little and so alive plant so she grabbed it and putted herself in standby mode. Wall-E did not know what was going on with her but he took care of her. Unexpectedly the red light that brought Eve came again and took her back to space. Wall-E was not going to permit that Eve was taken away from him so he grabbed himself very hard to the space shuttle and looked for a way to get in and find Eve.

    2nd act: Eve and Wall-E are now in Axiom were all the humans were living. That place was very rare for Wall-E and people were controlled by the robots, Wall-E had to hide from the robots while trying to reach Eve. The place was filled with robots, the security guys were robots, the cleaning ones were robots, and the brain of the space shuttle was also a robot. Mo was the first robot Wall-E had contact with, this robot was in charge of maintenance and was very picky about things been clean and neat, but Wall-E was all dirty so he was followed all over the place by Mo. In the meantime, Eve was sent to many places to be evaluated, when she was sent to the captain of the shuttle to have her final evaluation she knew that Wall-E was there. After the captain analyzed the plant he knew that there was still life on Earth and that humans could go back home. when he announce that they could go back home and were going to start celebrating,….

    plot point 2: they knew that the robots did not want them to go back to Earth and the robots tried to destroy the plant, auto the brain of the shuttle told the captain that the world was not like they imagine it, healthy and beautiful but dirty and ugly. then they recognized that they had to go back and help Wall-E accomplish his mission, keep Earth safe and clean.
    In these act Wall-E also met John and Mary. the first two humans that could scape from been controlled by the robots and tried to help Wall-E and Eve. In the process of trying to get to Earth, Wall-E did some mistakes and Eve, angry, tried to send Wall-E back to Earth, in that moment they found the plant that the robots tried to destroy so Wall-E went after it. Eve and Wall-E got back to the shuttle. Auto, the brain of the shuttle, tried to destroy Wall-E and the plant, but the captain could take control over the shuttle and took the plant and started the process to direct the shuttle back home.

    3rd act: humans could get back home and Eve took Wall-E to his house to fix him after been damaged by auto. Eve changed the damaged parts of Wall-E and made him wake up. But Wall-E didn’t remember Eve until a moment when he does remember of her and both went to help humans to reconstruct Earth.

    characters arc

    when Eve found and grabbed the pant
    when the space shuttle came to take Eve
    when Auto tried to destroy Wall-E

    threshold guardians:
    mean robots

    Eve, because she was the one who brought with her the situation in which Wall-E had to leave his ordinary world.
    Auto, when he tried to destroyed the plant and Wall-E

    john and Mary (the humans)

    shapeshiftler (characters arc)
    John and mary: they apparently were as not going to escape from been controlled by the monitors, but they did and served as allies to help wall-E and Eve accomplish their mission.

    Auto: the captain thought that he controlled Auto and that he would never confront the captain and moreover the captain would never think that auto will damage any of them and that in reality he did not want them to get back home.

    Eve: in the beginning she was only trying to accomplish the mission for what she was sent to Earth and completely ignored Wall-E but unexpectedly she started to be friend of Wall-E and fell in love with him

    Wall-E: he was also a shapeshiftler because he left his mission of cleaning Earth and went after Eve.

  17. Ordinary World: Wall-E’s ordinary world takes place in planet Earth but the world is filled with trash and waste and we quickly learn that Wall- E is a robot that was left to clean up the mess while the human population was away in a space cruise. In this first act we are introduced to the daily routine of Wall-E he picks up the waste and puts them in blocks, at the same time we see that he collects objects he finds interesting for himself.

    Call to Adventure: his call to adventure takes place with the arrival of Eve, who he falls in love with. He follows Eve around trying to figure out why she is on the planet Earth.

    Plot Point 1: The first plot point is when Eve gets picked up Wall-e follows her ship to outer space and we are introduced to the Special World.

    Second Act: it starts in the ordinary world where Eve is taken, here we discover why the plant is so important. If living things are found on planet earth then it is safe to go back. Here we see many thresholds, the first is Wall-E trying to get Eve back from the robots that move her around the space ship. Then we see that he escapes where he is being held hostage with other malfunctioning robots. After this Eve takes Wall-E and tries to send him to Earth.

    Plot point 2 : when we discover that the plant was in fact in the space cruise and we see how Mo and Auto Pilot are trying to get rid of it.

    Act 3: is based on Wall- E and eve trying to get the plant to the directive. They avoid security and fight with whoever gets in their way. Here we also discover that Auto was programed to sabotage any return to earth and we also see a fight between the captain and Auto.

    Inmost Cave: The inmost cave is the directive and in the final battle we see how wall-e sacrifices his life trying to keep the directive open long enough to get the plant inside.

    In the final act we see Wall-e not functioning appropriately and Eve trying to fix him. We also see the humans on their journey back to planet earth, when they arrive they are surprised and start exploring and Eve get wall-e fixes wall-e but his memory was erased, but when she kisses him it all comes back to him.

    The allies of wall-e : mal-functioning robots, Mo, the captain, the humans that have been disconnected from their floating chairs, and Eve.

    Enemies: Auto, security robots.

    Character Arcs:

    Wall-E: in the beginning we see wall-e as a very focused robot, who by the looks of it has learned what love is and wants to have that same experience, he seems afraid and first as he passes through the different thresholds but starts gaining courage when he sees that Eve might be in danger. In the end we see how he loses his motherboard and with it his emotions and feelings and Eve is the one that fixes him with her kiss.

    Eve: At first we see Eve as a very determined robot, she is aggressive and reacts to everything aggressively, she has no feelings and tends to destroy everything that gets in her way. Towards the end we see how this changes and she becomes a more sentimental robot and falls for Wall-e.

    Captain: At first we see a captain that has no clue of what is going on beyond the limits of the space cruise, he is unaware of what Earth is and what goes on in planet earth. In the end the Captain takes down Auto and is the one that takes action to return back to earth and make it all better.

    Crazy robots: we see these malfunctioning robots as useless scrap metal that have forgotten what their tasks are supposed to be, the only thing they know how to do is how to create a mess and disrupt everything around them. In the end we see how the robots become the major allies of Wall-e in the quest of returning back to Earth.

    Humans: When we are first introduced to the humans we see how they are attached to their chairs and all their interactions involve no contact whatsoever. They do no movement at all and are so concentrated that they can barely see what surrounds them. Towards the end as the humans get detached from their chairs we see how they become concerned with their return to earth by helping Wall-e and Eve get the plant to the directive.

  18. Act 1: Our story starts off in Wall-E’s ordinary world. It is a future earth, desolate and barren. Wall-E’s only companion is a cockroach, indicating the post apocalyptic nature of the planet. His normal day involves exploring the ordinary world, compressing garbage into cubes as he goes. He lives in a trailer full of items he has collected, the most precious of which, is his plant in a boot. One day he comes across a new robot, Eve, who comes to earth in a spaceship and begins looking for signs of life. Wall-E clearly is awestruck by Eve and tries to entertain her through showing her his collections. Upon seeing the plant she quickly scoops it up and shuts down. She doesn’t react further with Wall-E based on her programming. Soon after Wall-E receives his call to adventure, which is when Eve’s ship comes to take her to the Axiom. At this point Wall-E must decide whether or not to stay in his comfort zone or ordinary world, or to try and go after Eve who he is smitten by. His attraction to her is great enough to pull him out of his ordinary world. But first he has to pass the first threshold guardian, the spaceship. He races to enter the ship as it’s taking off and barely makes it. He is then transported to the special world, a spaceship called the Axiom where the surviving human population currently resides.
    Act 2: Once in the special world Wall-E begins to search for Eve. He finds her in a sick bay for malfunctioning robots. She was thought to have had a problem in her system because there was no plant inside her when the captain checked. Unbeknownst to the captain, Auto, the ships navigation computer, ordered a robot to steal the plant. Wall-E attempts to set Eve free and in doing so releases all the insane robots. The order of the ship is jeopardized with the malfunctioning robots wreaking havoc, and Wall-E and Eva are blamed for the breakout. Eve is furious at Wall-E and attempts to send him back to Earth, this is when they discover the little robot that stole the plant, attempting to jettison it into outer space. The jettisoned pod becomes a threshold guardian for Wall-E as he must get back to the Axiom with the plant. He is able to do so with the use of the self-destruct button. Over this ordeal Eve and Wall-E advance their relationship.
    Act 3: At this time Eve and Wall-E work as a team to bring the plant to the Captain so it can be secured. They pass through security and reach the inmost cave, the navigation room. Plot point 2 and the last threshold guardian take place in this room. Auto is able to shock Wall-E badly and almost destroy the plant. But Wall-E sacrifices himself to stop the door from shutting and saving the plant in the process. The captain is then able to shut off Auto and Eve takes the chance to place the plant in the receptacle. In order to save Wall-E’s life, Eve uses parts from Wall-E’s collection to fix him. However after Wall-E is fixed he has no recollection of Eve or the adventure that they had just taken. It is only after Eve bestows a kiss upon Wall-E that his memory is restored.
    Wall-E: Wall-E lived a lonely, trash compacting life before Eve arrived on earth. He was content collecting items he found each day until Eve’s perfection created the urge for something more, causing him to leave his comfort zone and explore the special world. Through these adventures Wall-E grows a stronger and stronger feeling for Eve and even when his memory is wiped out at the end, his connection with her is so strong that a kiss is all he needed to have his memory restored.
    Eve: Eve, like many other robots from the Axiom, is entirely governed by the rules set forth in her programming. This is almost impossible for her to break until she goes through different thresholds and adventures with Wall-E. Wall-E’s innocent but loving nature causes her to embrace emotion and become anthropomorphized to a point where she can return his love.
    Hero: Wall-E
    Allies: Captain McCrea, and the cockroach, Eve
    Shapeshifters: Auto, and Mo

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