Short-Story no.1 (for Section 2)

Write a short-story that follows the elements below:

  1. Something in the hero’s Ordinary World is stolen, and with it the balance of the hero’s comfort zone.
  2. The ordinary world, due to lack of that important piece of a information, is now in disarray.
  3. The hero must go after the thieves and retrieve the item.
  4. Reluctantly, the hero starts off.
  5. He or she must pass one test and go through one threshold guardian.
  6. Final confrontation.
  7. Winning of the item.
  8. Return (he or she will not want to… why?)

This is to be turned in before 10PM… right now… TODAY.

  1. John’s laptop was stolen from his hotel room, in Chicago, alongside a medium size metallic briefcase with $1 million dollars and a code decipher. John used to be an independent computer hacker who usually worked for several underground associations. In the laptop were store his more impressive works from his hacker days and with precious information that could be wrongly use if it landed in the wrong hands. With no idea of who took his belongings, John has to take a break from his life and find where his laptop is. John contacts some old friends to help him including a retired MI6 agent and his brother, a contract killer. The MI6 agent was able to track down John’s laptop location to Moscow, Russia. The laptop was stolen by a former employer of John’s services and needed the information in John’s laptop. John decides to go after the thieves with the help of his brother. During the plane ride to Russia John is taught how to use a gun in case things get ugly when we arrive. John arrives to the location the MI6 agent gave to him only to find a fellow hacker tied to a chair and almost beating to death. The hacker tells John everything he knows and that the Russians are looking for a hacker who can decode the information in the laptop. He tell John that he overheard them talking about where they were going, but he was shot to the head by a sniper from the side building. John’s brother went after the killer looking to capture him alive, but was force to shoot him down. John tracked down the location of the last phone number dialed by the killer and found out that the number belongs to a former MI6 agent, the same agent who he thought was his friend. John and his brother took off to England to find the former agent. Finally John was able to track down his former friend at a local warehouse. John’s brother was looking out for him from the building in front of the warehouse. When John confronted the agent he told him that he couldn’t let him have the kind of information he had in his power, it was to valuable for it not to be used. The agent had in mind to sell the information about the United States government to the Russians and to delete the information implicating MI6 and his country. When the agent told John that it was over for him while pointing out a gun at his chest, John’s brother pull the trigger with the same sniper the other killer had used, to avoid any type of connection to him. John was able to retrieve his laptop before the agent had the chance to sell it to the Russians. Unfortunately the metallic briefcase with the $1 million dollars was never found. John and his brother decided to stay together and keep the laptop’s information safe and also to start working together as independent contractors within their working expertise. John and his brother changed their identities and are not to be found by any former known associates in any time soon.

  2. Maria Gabriella Liriano 09-0881 said:

    Thursday night, the guys are coming over to the usual beer and poker night. My wife is at a business trip so even better, the house for myself, I can get wasted! It’s nine o’clock and no one arrived yet. It is almost ten an no call anything. I called Fred, his phone is no longer in service, Mark the same, something is happening. I called my wife and same story, I went to the backyard and not even my dog was home. I ran into to my porch and when I opened the door everything was normal. I took the car and went to Fred’s house, her wife didn’t recognized me and claimed no to know any Fred. Same story at Mark, everyone technically disappeared. I started to think that I was in a dream, hit myself many many many times and nothing. Soon I realized that everyone I cared about disappeared, or is like they never existed. I had no one to talk to, no one else knew me in the town, literally no one, soon I realized that I actually do not know them and probably they were there all the time. I started to interview my neighbors know a little more about them, and see if they could recognize me. I never spoke to so many people in my life, it was fun actually! Then Fred appeared in a bicycle when I help a little girl catch her balloon (weird I know), then whenever I did something good someone would appeared but you know what is the sad thing about this. I did not wanted them to come back, I wanted to continue my adventure knowing people and now I have to think of something before my wife comes back.

  3. Dario Yunes said:

    Dario Yunes

    Every single day Linvala, the angel of wrath always goes with her mentor Olivia Voldaren to eat some soldiers of the rugged prairie but Olivia wasn’t feeling in the mood of going that day because she had a hunch and she preferred to stay at home so Linvala start insisting to go to the white plains where they can get a lot of human soldiers for the whole month because they were in war and there was a tremendous amount of fresh meat and the beast of the forest would have eaten and take them before they arrived.
    Olivia finally agreed to go to the white plain and during the journey, Linvala was appreciating the knowledge that Olivia has taught to her and then she gave her his most precious treasure which was the “Tezzeret”, a famous tool the dragons used to protect their colonies from natural disaster that the gods used to do many times during the year, and now the angels were using because Linvala tribe defeated the dragons in the Kamigawa war 300 years ago.
    Olivia was very impacted by the fact that Linvala hasn’t tell her before about the “Tezzeret” so Olivia with his ability of transforming creatures into vampires decided to transform Linvala into a vampire but Linvala didn’t want to so Olivia as a cruel vampire stole the “Tezzeret” and scape the Mirrodin city to join the ancient vampires which the only way to join the city is with a powerful artifact as the “Tezzeret”.
    Linvala decided to return to her colony and tell about the problem to the older angel and lord of the sky which is Exalted Angel, so she told Linvala that she cannot do anything about it because centuries ago the ancient vampires and exalted angel by that time made a peace agreement but Linvala didn’t surrender and keep on looking for more information so Exalted Angel told her that the only way to find them is by getting together with the Yamiyaya Elders of the forgotten forest and when she reunited with them, they told her that she would find her in the Mirrodin city but she must be very careful due to the evilness the city is into right now.
    As soon as she arrived to Mirrodin, she had to fight against the wolf and wizards who protect the Adarkar Castle which is the place where the ancient vampires live. Finally Linvala faces some vampires and Olivia left alive so they can fight each other. At the end Olivia gave the “Tezzeret” to Linvala and apologizes for what happened so they agreed to go to the Zenith Dessert so they can reflect of what happened and return to their world clean and peaceful.

  4. Panic had stuck Underwater city, their oxygen providing special equipment had been stolen under the cover of the night. Ever since the contamination of the ocean had gotten so unbearable, Underwater citizens had to close off themselves from the rest of the ocean and rely on that machine for oxygen in the water. They could breathe underwater but without the machine, the water would go out of oxygen for them to breathe leading to the death of the whole civilization, except for one specific individual, Marco Doppler. Marco had always been different unlike the rest of his fellow Underwater citizens he had to carry around with him a special apparatus in order to breath underwater. He was the one that came to these people with their salvation, the special equipment. Before coming to Underwater City, Marco was a marine biologist who had dedicated his entire life to the ocean and its wildlife. His life changed when on one of his daily explorations he found the hidden underwater people population, saw their problem of pollution and helped them solve it. Marco stayed in the city, after all, the ocean was his life and it had always been his dream to live in it. After the city’s team of detectives had investigated the crime scene, they had found a certain piece of black machine. The black machine was brought to Marco, who had outer experience and was most likely to identify the mysterious object. Right away, he announced the mysterious object came from his previous home, Outofwater. Marco knew immediately what had to be done. The pieces necessary to rebuild one could not be found in Underwater and regardless of that, those pieces would take a year to find, the kind of time that Underwater City right now did not have.
    There was no other alternative; he would have to return to the place he hated the most, Outofwater. He left the place for reasons that to him were obvious. He had no relatives or friends, and he hated most humans because they harmed his beloved underwater wildlife. Nevertheless, he had to do this in order to save them; and so he went to his ship and got it back in conditions for his journey. Time was of the essence and he had to leave immediately. Sadly he left with the promise to the Underwater Citizens of returning soon.
    Upon his arrival, Marco could barely recognize the place, it was full of contamination and the air was unbreathable, a fact he learned after trying to remove his breathing apparatus. This must have been the reason; the humans had stolen the special equipment. They surely had encapsulated their city just like the Underwater City people. Marco had to venture through the garbage, he was concerned of trees covering his view, but it was the pollution and debris that did. Good thing his vehicle had a set of wheels. After a moment’s travel he arrive to the outer city wall. It was a concrete 20 feet high wall after which the dome started. He had to find a way to enter without triggering any alarms so he surrounded it to find the entrance. When found it was guarded by two huge armed men with breathing apparatuses. With the gun that was found in Underwater, he disabled the men’s equipment and proceeded to enter. Once in, everything was clean, impeccable. On one side he found the special equipment and proceeded to dismount it but was stopped by guards who took him to the City King. He was to be condemned to death but explained his situation. The King would allow him to live only if he promised to build a machine for Outofwater as well and stay there for if he was needed in the future, after fencing off the city all useful or needed materials where minutes away. He was reluctant to come to back to Outofwater but the safety of his fellow Underwater citizens was more important than his wishes. Marco was escorted by Outofwater guards to bring the special equipment back to Underwater and save the people he had learned to love. When he was brought back to Outofwater, Marco felt that life back could be a good things, after all it was his opportunity to start over fresh with these new humans whom he had never met. It was a second chance at a normal life and he was more than willing to take it.

  5. For Armand today was a perfect day, he had been waiting for this day his whole life, and everyone around him had been closely watching grow from a little kid to a grown man. He was the heir to the throne of Whales and finally after a long wait and an exhausting amount of preparation the day had arrived his father was stepping down and it was his time to shine. Everything was ready for the great ceremony, the seats had been set, the church had been organized and the fest was well on its way. The day was going exactly as planned and everyone in the whole kingdom was happy, there was only one person that did not seem at all happy, Armand’s older sister Emilia. She had dreams of being Queen and she believed it was her well-deserved right to be Queen. She had looked for loopholes where she would be allowed to be Queen, but the rules where clear only the first born son had the right to be king. Having a woman Queen would be unthinkable, much less a woman that did not have a husband yet.

    Emilia spend days in her room she refused to be part of the ceremony and she refused to congratulate her brother. She had endless conversations with her dad trying to persuade him to change the rules and to make her Queen instead. At first her father had treated her with love and respect and patiently explained to her the importance of tradition. But as her nagging and complaints persisted he grew impatient and they had a big discussion. Emilia was alone no one in the family agreed with her, after all her brother had always been the favorite, ever since he was born. She was expected to get married and learn how to be a wife instead of being burdened by the troubles of the kingdom.

    It was almost time as Armand got ready for his coronation he practice one last time his speech on the mirror he was satisfied nothing could burden him now. The only thing that disturbed him was his sister, he loved her with all his heart and he had always tried to be friendly with her but he could sense her jealousy. There was nothing he could do now, if she only knew that he planned to include her in the decision making once he was King maybe she would be agree more with his coronation. Nevertheless she had refused to see him and he could never let her know his plans.

    As Emilia lay in her bed she couldn’t help but day dream about having that beautiful crown in her head and hated the kingdom and its stupid rules. The crown, that beautiful crown, how could such a small thing symbolize so much power and respect. If she could just lay hands on it and feel that power just for a second she would be happy. She suddenly pictured what the kingdom would be like with her as Queen. After days of searching for a way to end this ridiculous ceremony she had finally figured it out. She stumbled rapidly out of her room determined to have her way. She knew the passages of the Castle like the back of her mind and she knew exactly how to get what she wanted without anyone noticing. She walked with determination, glancing and smiling at anyone that passed her way convincing them that she was over her initial discomfort with his brother being king and that she would finally be part of the ceremony. It took her almost no time to get to the secret passage she was looking for, she looked around and made sure that no one had seen her and quickly entered the tunnel. As she entered the sacred room she stood there with awe, it was more beautiful than she imagined. There it was with all its greatness, the Kingdom Crown, her crown. She rapidly grabbed it and ran, closing all doors behind her and leaving no trace behind. She had no idea where she was going but she was sure no one will notice her leaving because the ceremony had already started, she had approximately ten minutes before anyone would notice the disappearance of the crown so she hopped on her horse and went away.

    The ceremony had started and Armand grew nervous this was it. But something was not right his father had no yet arrived, something was wrong. A soldier walked in and called him, the crown was gone someone had taken it. They had searched the premises and it was nowhere to be found. Worse his sister could not be found either. It was clear she had taken the crown as her final act of rebellion. He rushed to find her and so did the whole army.

    As she made her way through the forest, Emilia realized she had nowhere to go and no one to go to. Her whole family and everyone she knew were back in the castle. What was she doing? This was stupid, and she decided to go back. As she turned around and started her way back but she was lost, she couldn’t tell what way would lead her back to the castle.

    Armand’s anger increased by the second, how could his sister be so stupid, this was no way to act. He had to find her and bring her in to custody, he felt terrible about this but his sister would have to be punished. They approached the woods and heard screaming, it was Emilia, and he no longer worried about the crown but only about her safety. He hurried and found her on the floor, she had fell down her horse and her leg was broken. He ran to her and helped her up, she begged for forgiveness and he told her not to worry about that anymore. She carried her to his horse and they returned to the Castle. They were greeted her parents and quickly took Emilia to her room as they called her the doctor to fix her leg. The ceremony was cancelled; it was to be done some other day. Armand decided not to tell his parents what had happened to the crown and how it was Emilia the one who stole it, the balance was restored, Emilia was finally supporting of her brother and the family was closer than ever.

  6. yurilyn said:

    Gann and Cary were a very happy couple that lived on a special island near Mozambique, Africa. Having almost 4 years together, they were never married, but felt deeply in love with each other. Even though they were wealthy enough to live forever without working, they lived as ordinary people in a small town called Forzam. Forzam was a small town, where people felt as family and where never troubled by anything. Gann and Cary’s daily job was more or less exploring the area in requisition of natural supplies and animal food. One ordinary day, Cary insisted to go beyond the limit they used to reach. She heard someone at the market talking about exclusive items on that specific area and how abundant they were. After much convincing, Cary’s curiosity won over Gann’s protective attitude and thus they took on their journey.

    Effectively, the land was plenty of fresh fruits never seen and covered with a vast array of animals. But even though so wonderful, the land was kind of strange and had weird signs all over the trees. Curious enough they immediately started with their requisition plan. Minutes Later, after crossing a river, a weird noise came from above. In a matter of seconds, trees moved, the grass trembled, and not even Cary’s shadow was seen. Frustrated, Gann starts running and yelling her name as loud as he could. As went running for her, he tried to avoid the signs they had seen earlier to avoid falling in another trap. After walking about 10 miles, he sees on the top of the mountain a smoke coming from a bonfire. After approaching the site, he realizes a rare tribe resides there. From where he was, what he could see was a bunch of bungalows where women and children spent the day and a bunch of strong men cooking the food, preparing supplies and guarding the village. Desperate to find Cary, he followed a guard that happened to be going out to look for supplies in the jungle. Afraid of being killed by this very strong and strange man, he hesitated for a while and didn’t want to confront him. But something in him was telling him: “this isn’t right, I must act and fast”. Finally he held himself together and took the courage to strike the guard and make him fall into their own trap. After attacking him, he knocked him out and put on his uniform. Desperately running, he went back to the village where he acted as one of them in order to find his girl. After much looking, he finally saw her, talking to other women in the principal bungalow. As he went in, Cary recognizes him and goes running to him and explains how she got along pretty well with those people and had planned a rescue to find him. At first they were indifferent to him, since he was wearing their own uniform and thus they were wondering what he had done. They weren’t friendly to him and captured him in order to keep him away from Cary. The Anbus Tribe was a very close to each other and had a very strong family bond. When Cary appeared in their lives, so caring and helpful, they thought of her as an angel sent from their god. But then Gann, explained what happened and fortunately the guard was able to escape and go report on the village. And after an arduous discussion where Cary explained she had to leave to where she belongs, they finally decided to let them go.

    Going through all that trouble or obstacle, Gann and Cary did some serious thinking. The truth is, they used to live at The Big City, with Cary’s family. One day, after strongly arguing with her mother, Gann and Cary left off to a place so far, their family was never to reach them. But as Cary shared with the Anbus, she realized how important family is and how wrong she was back then, when she decided to have no contact with them. After a very friendly goodbye, they left the tribe and went back to Forzam. In a matter of minutes they were able to farewell their friends and neighbors and go back to their home, where their real family was.

  7. Reyna Lopez 10-0885 said:

    Mart Rice is high middle class father and husband. He is very smart and good at his job as a Finance Manger at a multinational company. Due to the long time that he has at the company it is easy for Mart to take an adequate time off job in order to dedicate time to his family. He only has one daughter (9 years old) with his wife of 12 years of marriage. He never misses his daughter birthdays, school events, etc.

    On February 1 of 2012, Mart received an awful call at his house, his daughter has been kidnapped. The kidnapper was asking for a significant amount of money in return. It was 88% of all the money that Mart had at his savings account, it was everything he had. But, his daughter is more important. He didn’t think it twice before he started to do the errands to transfer that money to the kidnapper. His wife, on the other hand, was hysterical; she was scared that the kidnapper will kill their daughter after the kidnapper received the money. Mart ignored her; he didn’t want to think of the chance of his daughter being dead. The wife cried, argued, yelled, for hours and Mart didn’t do anything to comfort her.

    Since it’s a lot of money the errands for the transfer takes a while, during of all of these days the couple argued more than ever.

    The time came to face the kidnapper and turn in the money. Once he arrived, he sees his mistress with his daughter. He couldn’t believe it. She approached to him with a happy psycho smile.

    -“Isn’t it brilliant honey”, she said.
    He stared with a furious and confused face and said nothing.
    -“Now we can be a family! We have money and a daughter. With her you have nothing, you can’t go back to her now”, she said.
    -“Did you not hear what I said?! Now we can be a family, and the best part is that we will have money”
    -“This is absurd, why would you think that I will allow my daughter to live with a psycho”
    -“If you don’t leave your wife, I will kill your daughter”.

    Mart could not believe what was happening. He didn’t want to be with this psycho, he just used her to have sexual relation whenever his wife didn’t want to (which is most of the time), but he didn’t have feelings with her. He didn’t know she had feelings for him, maybe because he never listens to her, he just call, performs, and leaves. He loves his wife, even though they fight sometimes, but what couple doesn’t fight? The only problem he found with her is that she was being conservative and didn’t want to have sex. But he found the solution for that, or he thought he did. Turns out the solution has a serious psychological problem.

    Nevertheless, he didn’t want his daughter in danger. He changed his face and put a sexy smile on it. Baby, a child can become a problem to our relationship. Don’t you rather it is just the two of us? It’s better, it’s steamer, it’s sexier. We should return the child to their mother and escape.

    -But I thought you loved you’re daughter, she said
    -But, I love you more.
    She jumped in joy and hugged him.

    She put the kid on a cab to her mom’s and they left to Spain together.

  8. Bianca said:

    I had always wondered why my grandma always signed off her letters to me with what I refer to as a bad attempt to write in English. Now, three days after her brutal assasination, I feel tempted to re-read the giant pile of letters she had sent me throughout the last 23 years. My curiosity sparked when I noticed that the stationary she had used throughout the years always had a variation of a very classic sunflower, a flower very present in her house’s decorations. I shed tear after tear while travelling through memories of harsh years, including those rough times after I lost my parents. It was only them when I realized that the one person I could always count on had been taken away from me, and the only thing left of her was her house – a place I felt the sudden urge to go to.

    I did go, and only after I had watered her plants, made pies in her kitchen, had a glass of wine in her studio, and snuck under her king size bed’s covers was that I began to feel better. It was the noise of banging of furniture and the crashing of glass that woke me up. I hid behind the curtains and caught a glimpse of three tall, dark-haired men searching relentlessly downstairs. Somehow I knew I had to run immediately. I grabbed my grandma’s car keys and accessed the garage through the side entrance. the sound of the engine had never been so loud before, it made me heart race like it never had before. I waited for ehat seemed like forever until the garage door was open and sped like a NASCAR driver into the dark driveway. I could hear voices behind me and the sound of a beastly engine. I fled into the night.

    Now it all made sense, the assasination, my grandma’s suspiciousness all these years, something was going on – and I had to find out. The only thing crossing through my mind was her constant insistence of how important it was for me to learn the tricky road to her friend Leger’s house. The path to his house had always freaked me out, it seemed right out of Pan’s labyrinth. As soon as I arrived, after years of not being there, I knew I was in the right place. When I rang the intercom, I heard a husky, rough voice that said “one into two” and slammed the intercom. Thats when I flashed back to when my parents died, and grammie had insisted that signing letters the way she did was unique, because she turned one into two – sinceramente into without wax.

    He said so many things, the confusion was overwhelming. Grammie holding a big secret? What happened to simple loving grams that read stories to their grandkids every night? Why was my grandma keeping a secret? And had those men deciphered it? I now had no peace, I ran back to grammie’s house and started searching for clues. Submerged into my quest, the only thing that rattled my focus was the rough touch of a strong man. When I realized what was happening it was already too late. I was being tied to a chair. They were showing me a wide range of objects, all engraved with sunflowers, and asking me if I had ever seen them, or if I knew how to decipher them. At the moment, all that was in her mind was Ludacris’ song, “act a fool”.  My strategy was a success, I was up and running 32 hours later; determined to bury the secret with grammie, I was not built to lead this kind of life.

    At home, snuggled in bed, exhausted and scared of the events of the past few days was when I noticed the sunflower wall engravement by my door. It had been there in every apartment I ever owned, grammie had said it was some sort of dream catcher, that would always keep me safe. That instant was when I reconnected the events of the past days, it was me that had to protect it. I melted the engraving’s wax and it unveiled a scroll. Right away I recognized the foreign language, italian. It seemed this would be a secret hard to run away from, but perhaps an adventure is exactly what I needed.

    Bianca Beckermann 10-0165

  9. John Crowley is a man living in New York, a man of his family and to which he provides. He lives with his little sister Rhonda and his younger brother Kevin, it has been this way since their parents died on a diving accident. Now they’re all grown up and trying to make a living. A perfectly normal and boring day in john’s life until his sister is kidnapped by the Latin Kings. The Latin Kings left a note in the apartment that they called home. The letter said “Pay us back and we will not harm her”. John never did any deal with the Latin Kings, but he knew that Kevin did have some encounters with gangs in the past. John tracked down the whereabouts of his brother, but he knew that Kevin had seen the letter first because all of his savings were gone. John did not know the meeting place but he knew how to find it, Kevin never turned off the Google maps on his phone so he was easy to track down. John is not really that brave to go against the Latin Kings, and not really that skilled but his sister was really sick and needed medicine for a heart condition she had since birth. John tracked down his brother Kevin and quickly found an abandoned bodega in Downtown. He finds his brother laying down on the floor, he was bleeding intensively from the chest; Kevin had been shot several times.
    Kevin did not have much time left until he passed to the afterlife, John asked what happened but Kevin told him it was not important. Kevin pointed to the ground; a knife was on the floor on a small pool of blood. John recognized that the blood was leaving a small trail to the 2nd floor of the bodega. John takes the knife and goes up the stairs reluctantly, but not after calling 911. Kevin told him that there is no time, that there were more of them on the way. John goes up to the 2nd floor with knife in hand, he opens a door quietly in order to avoid been heard.

    Inside that small room with one window there are 2 men, one on the ground holding his wound too far gone to notice john, and another talking on the phone with his back towards the door. John runs up to the man with the phone and slits off his throat. The man was taken by surprise, he managed to take out his gun but his eyes were all white in few seconds. The bleeding man did notice and was taking out his gun. John hid used the corpse as cover and took the gun from the dead man’s hand.

    The stabbed man took a few shots at john but he shot back, eventually two of john’s bullets hit the man in the chest and arm respectively. The man kept bleeding some more and stopped moving short after. John found a key a small keyhole and a small note attached to it. The note had the address of an apartment and a floor. John heard the police coming and jolted out of the window, not after checking on Kevin who sadly had passed away. No time for grief, he ran as fast as he could, took a few cabs to his new destination. There he found an ugly apartment, completely isolated on all side and on the verge of collapse. He went up the stairs, quietly in order to not be detected but found no opposition on the way. He opened the small green door with the key he had acquired. There was his sister; beaten, bruised, and tied up. John freed her and brought her to a hospital. Rhonda had superficial injuries and healed in no time, soon after John booked a flight to California for him and Rhonda to avoid any further confrontation with any member with the Latin Kings.

  10. Reyna Lopez 10-0885 said:

    Mart Rice is high middle class father and husband. He is very smart and good at his job as a Finance Manger at a multinational company. Due to the long time that he has at the company it is easy for Mart to take an adequate time off job in order to dedicate time to his family. He only has one daughter (9 years old) with his wife of 12 years of marriage. He never misses his daughter birthdays, school events, etc.

    On February 1 of 2012, Mart received an awful call at his house, his daughter has been kidnapped. The kidnapper was asking for a significant amount of money in return. It was 88% of all the money that Mart had at his savings account, it was everything he had. But, his daughter is more important. He didn’t think it twice before he started to do the errands to transfer that money to the kidnapper. His wife, on the other hand, was hysterical; she was scared that the kidnapper will kill their daughter after the kidnapper received the money. Mart ignored her; he didn’t want to think of the chance of his daughter being dead. The wife cried, argued, yelled, for hours and Mart didn’t do anything to comfort her.

    Since it’s a lot of money the errands for the transfer takes a while, during of all of these days the couple argued more than ever.

    The time came to face the kidnapper and turn in the money. Once he arrived, he sees his mistress with his daughter. He couldn’t believe it. She approached to him with a happy psycho smile.

    -“Isn’t it brilliant honey”, she said.
    He stared with a furious and confused face and said nothing.
    -“Now we can be a family! We have money and a daughter. With her you have nothing, you can’t go back to her now”, she said.
    -“Did you not hear what I said?! Now we can be a family, and the best part is that we will have money”
    -“This is absurd, why would you think that I will allow my daughter to live with a psycho”
    -“If you don’t leave your wife, I will kill your daughter”.

    Mart could not believe what was happening. He didn’t want to be with this psycho, he just used her to have sexual relation whenever his wife didn’t want to (which is most of the time), but he didn’t have feelings with her. He didn’t know she had feelings for him, maybe because he never listens to her, he just call, performs, and leaves. He loves his wife, even though they fight sometimes, but what couple doesn’t fight? The only problem he found with her is that she was being conservative and didn’t want to have sex. But he found the solution for that, or he thought he did. Turns out the solution has a serious psychological problem.

    Nevertheless, he didn’t want his daughter in danger. He changed his face and put a sexy smile on it. Baby, a child can become a problem to our relationship. Don’t you rather it is just the two of us? It’s better, it’s steamer, it’s sexier. We should return the child to their mother and escape.

    -But I thought you loved you’re daughter, she said
    -But, I love you more.
    She jumped in joy and hugged him.
    She put the kid on a cab to her mom’s and they left to Spain together.

  11. Jose is a short man with black hair and blue eyes. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister. His father and mother died 10 yeas ago. It was Friday night, his walking down the aisle on MIA airport with his luggage on his left hand. Suddenly a strange person grabbed his luggage and ran away. He tried to catch him but he ran away. That luggage had a really special watch. This watch was programmed to stop time every midnight by Jose so that he can do some governmental errands, if by that time he could not get back his watch, time will be stopped forever. He stopped and thought to himself that he didn’t want his stressful life he had. He decided to buy an airplane ticket and went to Punta Cana to have a peaceful, risk free life in paradise.

  12. Pedro Pimentel 10-0049 said:

    Mark worked for Pandora, an organization dedicated to prevent and analyze anomalies that occurred between dimensions. The job for Mark was simple. He had a teleportation gun he used to travel to other dimensions and gather data of particles and molecules on a quantum level to analyze their behavior and check if everything was in order, and if not, another division of Pandora, called the fixers, intervened to counter put everything back in order. One night while performing routine checks of dimension DK34, Mark spotted a person being robbed in the middle of the street. Helping others living in those dimensions was forbidden but Mark couldn’t resist and went to help the person in distress. Mark was able to punch one but the other one put a gun on Mark’s face. He tried to make a move on the guy with the gun, the other one bludgeoned Mark on the back of the head leaving him unconscious for some time. Opening his eyes with dizziness, he realized that there was no one around him, but even worse, his teleportation gun was missing. After realizing it, he felt that something really bad was about to happen. Mark wanted to request backup but he knew that for that negligence he could lose his job. Mental images started to rush through his head but nothing seemed to be useful, and suddenly, while looking down, he spotted the wallet from one of the thieves. Using the address on the guy’s ID, Mark ended up at a small, wrecked building in a dark neighborhood. He entered every apartment looking for this guy and suddenly he found him bleeding from 3 gun shots. Mark tried to make him regain consciousness and when he succeeded, he desperately tried to get information from him. Mark with every tiny bit of effort tried to stop the bleeding while the guy was telling him that the gun was something out of this world and he sold it to a mafia hit man, but was shot in order to keep him quite about the teleportation gun. Mark then set out rushing to where the hit man was, knowing the true abilities of the gun. The teleportation gun, besides from teleporting through dimensions, had the ability to move through time and space; the hit man could use it to move from country to country in an instant. After getting to the dinner where the hit man was supposed to be, he rushed there asking for the high tech gun. The professional hit man immediately realized that Mark was the original owner of the gun and decided to kill him but quietly. The hit man called Mark to talk about the gun in a private room, but when he entered there were two other guys with knives to kill him. Surrounded by three killers, Mark kept his calm and the room was filled with tension, and just as the killers tried to stab Mark, the light went off for about five seconds. By the time the lights went back on, the two of the killers were dead and one was unconscious, and Mark was on the same spot he was at the beginning. He woke up the hit man that had the gun but to find out that he gave it to his boss, a contract killer that was considered by Pandora the best one on dimension DK34, named Lazarus. Since Pandora kept track of this kind of dangerous people, Mark easily found his location; it was an old dock where a group of criminals use to gather. Mark walked in there relentlessly with no fear at all. Entering the place he spotted several guards, who were instantly assassinated by Mark. Gun shots and screams were heard all over the place making Lazarus curious and wanting to handle things himself. Just as he got out of his office he noticed that all his guards were dead and bullets were on the floor smashed. Lazarus was preparing his gun as Mark entered the place to face the final confrontation. Lazarus took a gun and shot Mark but bullet were bouncing on the air, as soon as Lazarus realized that the bullet were bouncing out of a force field created by Mark. He wasn’t only an analyzer of dimensional data; Mark was also part of Pandora’s division, the fixers. In order to maintain order in all dimensions, the fixers were granted with paranormal powers, individuals known as espers. Mark was forbidden to use his esper powers, unless the situation required it, and he felt that the situation was that one. Mark used his power to torture Lazarus forcing him to tell him where the teleportation gun was. After knowing the exact location, Mark killed Lazarus and took the gun. Mark then returned to Pandora in order to report his finding and the things that happened on dimension DK34.

  13. Jose Lama said:

    While walking down the streets of Okinawa, Greater Japan’s new capital, Kai and John pass by the new Swordplay academy, Shujutsu Academies, and happen upon a ruckus, two guy were about to go at it, and they just stood by and watched. Kai happend to notice that the guys who were about to fight were the two bullies who’ve bullied him since his parents death. They used to call him orphan kid and that hurt Kai deeply. Any way, the two guys, Riku and Michael, Riku leader of Okinawa’s most notorious gang Sheathleass and his second in command Michael were about to start fighting. As Michael prepared his new sword, the sword masters use which costs a bundle, Riku exclaimed, “Who do you think made you who you are Michael, without me your nobody, you’d just be some sick fuck trying to be me”, “Fuck you Riku, without you, I’d still have the cash, the girls, and the best trainer of Swordplay, and I’d probably turn out to be more suited for the position as the Sheathless’s leader” said Michael. “Grow a pair Michael, and why don’t you try and challenge me, I can’t stand being around ignorant fucks”. As Riku turned around Michael stabbed him in the lower back causing Riku to fall, and as he fell Michael grinned evilly and said, “The Sheathless are mine now” and left. Stunned by the act of cowardliness and betrayal, Kai ran over to his longtime bully to try and help, Riku was lucky Michael did not know how to use a sword and so missed any vital organs. Kai carried the fainted Riku to a nearby hospital where he was treated and cured in under 2 days.

    Riku woke up to thank Kai, and a friendship blossomed out of years of pain and loneliness. Riku’s first words were “Sorry for ever mentioning your parents death”, and from there on Riku and Kai became inseparable, and so John grew jealousy towards Riku which in a turn of awkward events lead to John’s joining of the Sheathless know lead by Michael. Kai’s whole world turned upside down in the blink of an eye. He was now enemies with his best friend, and could not believe what was going on. Riku decided it was time to let go of the past and focus on the future by forgetting about the Sheathless and ignoring John’s betrayal towards Kai.

    A couple of months passed by and word was wandering around about John moving up the ranks, and ultimately gaining a position under Michael. Kai perceived this as a threat to what John used to stand for and so he begged Riku for help. Riku denied Kai’s pleads for help until Kai snapped and told Riku that he would go on alone and would not care for his own life. “Kai, I’ll help you, but the only thing I’ll do is train you, but be warned, I will not let you go and help John until you can beat me at a Swordplay fight.” said Riku, and so Kai accepted. They trained for months and Kai was no were near beating Riku, so he decided he would build his own robotic sword and beat Riku with new innovative tricks. The sword was complete and Kai used it to beat Riku. Riku told Kai it was time to go and that he would accompany him just for old times sake.

    Kai and Riku arrived at Sheathless’s turf and confronted Michael and John. Kai faced Michael because of his manipulation of John and Riku faced John because of John’s hatred of him. Riku and John’s match did not last even 2 minutes, Riku spoke two words and John’s was back to being his old nerdy self, Riku only said “I’m sorry” and John accepted his apologies and learnt what Riku and Kai where up to. On the other had, Kai was bleeding badly from his right lower outer thigh and limping because of the gaping gash Michael caused him before Kai could even unsheathe his sword. When Kai ultimately took up his stance and attacked Michael, his cheap tricks sword paid off, blinding Michael with baby powder hiding in a hidden compartment the sword held. Unable to see, Michael started swinging his sword violently and Kai had no idea on how to deal with him, and so Riku jump in and knocked Michael out with a single blow to the neck.

    As everything went back to normal and Riku finally obtained his lost position, everyhting was different in a way. Riku, John, and Kai were now friends, and Riku disbanded the gang. Kai’s life went back to how it was but with the addition of his new second best friend Riku.

  14. Crossing the street from his house to school John finds his world shifted, he was thinking about school, his girlfriend, and a couple of bullies when suddenly he is not. He now has the idea of being observed, to him nothing else mattered, it was nothing he had ever felt before, this was strong, different, absorbing in some sort of twisted way. Suddenly he is in his classroom, nothing has changed but at the same time everything is different, he starts looking around like if he had spies behind him, nonetheless he finds nothing, the day is over and now is time to go back home. He notices a couple of guys following him, one approaches him really fast and says if you want to know more find me in two days at the end of the Norton bridge.

    That day went by really slowly, he couldn’t find anything wrong, until the next day. His parents were not there, he went crazy he didn’t know what to do, he became another person by dinner time, and of course he had none. He was not the person he was a day before, the hate, the fury had overtaken him, and he was decided to kill. Two days had gone off in a matter of hours, he had gotten enough gun power to kill an army, he had hijacked his parents account to buy guns, he had used his savings account to bribe the guy who would sell them to him, and now he was on his way to the Norton Bridge. There were two masked guys there, and one of them decided to come close and speak, John did not think twice before putting a pair of bullets on his head. The other guy was shocked, when he tried to run away John called on him and said he wouldn’t think twice before killing him too, the guy turned around and said, you need me.

    John didn’t expect that, nonetheless he knew the strange guy was right thus he asked, where are my parents and why do you want them? While pointing a gun to the guy’s head. The guy surprised told John about his plan, it was a lame one but he insisted how do I get them back? The guy went on to speak about the real kidnappers and said, I can help you get them back I am just a messenger but I have the info you need.

    John hesitated, but went ahead and followed the guy. He understood that he was going to have to fight the kidnappers but was for the first time in three days really scared, but the wish of taking his parents back home was too great. When they arrived to the place he went blank, he couldn’t stop killing, he was a murdering machine, dead corpses of people who hesitated to shoot were lying around, he couldn’t believe it how easy, fast, and entertaining could be to take someone else’s life, he was definitely not the same guy who was speaking about morals and what is right and wrong three days before in school.

    He saw his parents, they were within reaching distance, suddenly everything went black, and he couldn’t feel pain until the next day, when he woke up he was in his house, strange enough his parents were not there he had no injury but a lot of pain, he checked his pocket and found out the letter, he took the weapon he had bought from the gangster and proceeded to reach the bridge, after killing the first guy with a blast he ordered the second one to stop running, the guy said you need me. John was shocked he went on to the place where they had his parents when he saw them he snapped, he went on running when he saw from a far a guy pointing at him, he turned, killed the guy only to face another one that would later on kill him.

    When John woke up he was back at home. Only this time he knew he had what he needed to get his parents back, after shooting the first guy he took the second one to the place where his parents were, he had repeated the story about a million times before he could reach his parents that day, but when he did they were crying, they could not speak, suddenly he didn’t remember any sound in the whole day, he couldn’t believe what he had witnessed but then his mother touched his head and he felt her love, he couldn’t understand why but he felt like she wanted him to go back. He recreated their death and remembered why he took the pills that would later on re-unite him with them, just that he didn’t understand why he had to go through so much trouble to do so, by the time he woke up he saw himself in the hospital, he could barely breath, he saw this novel on his night stand named wanted, he laughed and then started to cry, because he knew that until he died again he wouldn’t be able to see his parents back.

  15. Huascar Ventura said:

    Jhon Melo lives in Miami, Florida, he goes the Florida International University and studies business. Jhon was a really bad student, and most of their friends say that he is really dumb, which is actually true. One day he was driving his motocross through the woods when he saw something really shinny on the grass, he stopped and grabbed it, it was a silver ring, it was really dirty and had stains on it but Jhon decided to grab it and wash it when he gets home. When Jhon got home he washed the ring and he saw that it had something scribed on it, but he couldn’t read it because it was a really weird language never seen before. As soon as Jhon puts on the ring he felt something weird in his body, and his head started hurting really bad, he drank a Tylenol and went to bed.

    The alarm goes on and Jhon wakes up, its time to go to college, he had a midterm that day and he didn’t studied at all, he was pretty fucked. He got to class really late because he didn’t had a ride to college, so he had to walk, when he got there the exam was 30 minutes away from ending, it was a Financial Mathematics class, the hardest one in the career. Amazingly Jhon knew all the answers for that midterm, things that he never seen before, but he knew the answers; he was surprised and then noticed that the ring he picked up wasn’t a normal ring. He finished the midterm in 20 minutes, and everyone laughed at him because they thought he failed hard, Jhon knew that he had to do something great with this ring and knowledge.

    Jhon Melo started writing down all this crazy good ideas for businesses, services, and even for technology, he wrote like 10 great ideas and sold them to different investors, he got over 100 million dollars for creating this ideas and selling them to big companies. He was living the good life, he bought a house, he went to college and told the professors and his supposed friends “fuck yourselves” and dropped out. He had a lot of money and this awesome knowledge ring, but he noticed that when he takes the ring off his finger he loses his knowledge, so he said he will never take it off.

    When he woke up the next day he saw a weird car with tainted windows in front of his house, he went down the stairs and there were 2 big ass guys waiting for him, they grabbed him and removed the ring off his finger after this they knocked him out. When Jhon woke up he was desesperate, he didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t live without his ring!. With all his money he decided to pay off the best secret agents to localize the people that stole his ring, meanwhile he was taking shooting classes with the most expert shooter in Florida. Jhon bought a sniper, some granades, 2 desert eagles, night vision, and everything he needed to go get his ring back. The agents came back to him with pictures, addresses, and places this guys were going to be. The bad guys lived in Amsterdam, so Jhon rented a private jet and flew to Amsterdam.

    When Jhon got to Amsterdam he read in the paper that the agents gave to him that the thieves were going to be in a Dominican restaurant near the Okura hotel, he got ready and told a taxi to get him there. Jhon arrived to the Dominican restaurant and he recognized one of the guys that stole the ring, he pulls out a flash grenade and threw it in the restaurant, everyone was flashed and couldn’t see shit, he went in there and knocked out the thieve. When the thieve wakes up he is in a dark room with Jhon, he tries to stand up from the chair but he was really tied up. Jhon started to asking him questions about where is the ring and about who stole it, the thieve did not wanted to say anything, so Jhon shoot him with an arrow in the knee which had poison from a snake, if the thieve refuses to talk he will die in a couple of minutes, he didn’t wanted to die so he told Jhon everything. The name of his boss was Lucas, and he was looking for that ring for 10 years, he paid the thieves a million dollars if they came back with the ring, and Lucas was 2 buildings away from the restaurant.

    Jhon went where Lucas was located, and the moment he knocked the door Lucas opens the door and starts beating up Jhon, and noticed that he had the ring on his finger. Lucas pulled off a knife and stabbed Jhon in the arm, but Jhon had a lot of adrenaline and didn’t feel it at the moment, Jhon quickly stood up and pulled off the desert eagle and shot Lucas in the head. Jhon removed the ring of his finger and quickly left the apartment. Jhon have never been in Amsterdam before, he saw super hot women, the clubs were awesome and they sell weed in every corner in a coffee shop. He decided to stay in Amsterdam and waste all his money there.

  16. A war veteran by the name of Stringer Michaels returned home to the United States after committing murder, sanctioned by a war declaration, for America’s blood money. After a stretch of time in the sandbox, anyone would suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, Stringer was no exception. In fact his case was particularly severe; after a violent outburst in a local mall, he was forced into the protective care of the hospital. As of now St. Helen’s Psychiatric Hospital has been home to Stringer Michaels for 4 months. Due to his hyperactive nature and common fits of paranoia, Mr. Michaels receives a plethora of multicolored sedatives, antipsychotics, neuroleptics and anxiolytics and who knows what else six times a day. Stringer was on edge as always, this was on account of the fact that he had secret military intelligence about a deep infiltration into military ranks by Al-Qaeda. He told the Chief of Medicine how important this secret information is to no avail. The doctor would simply tell him that his health is the most important thing right now. He knew he needed to take this information straight to the president. No one else could be trusted to read it, but everywhere he turned, his dire message fell on deaf ears. “Nobody will fucking help me in this hospital-shaped prison!” On January 15th, Stringer woke up just like any other morning, prepared to once again stand guard of his precious cargo. Only this time upon looking underneath his bed, for his shoebox of secrets, he found nothing. His heart sank to his floor and his body hair stood on end. Someone had stolen classified intelligence that was property of the United States of America. Stringer Michaels is an American through and through and he will be damned if some terrorist will conspire against his land of liberty. So despite his fear of leaving the safety of his room, Stringer set off. Walking up and down the halls furiously, Stringer Michaels thinks about his predicament. The reserved and passive nature of the Chief of Medicine throughout Stringer’s demands to see the president has led him to be suspect number one; however to get to him, Stringer must first pass through the security meant to keep him inside the psych ward. He went through the rest of his day as normal, except every pill handed to him he placed gently in his mouth with the nurse watching, only to spit it out seconds later. He wiped off the saliva from each pill and kept collecting. By 4pm he had 16 pills of varying sizes, shapes, and colors. With this assortment of pharmaceuticals in his pocket, he set out for Fat Jesus, a nickname given to the 280 pound janitor that works nights. His shift was just starting and Stringer had just what he needed to zone out for the rest of the night. So he made his proposition to Fat Jesus, asking for a janitor’s uniform in order to slip past security undetected. The risk was steep for Jesus, as he could get fired, but so was the reward. Eventually Fat Jesus accepted Stringer’s offer and within minutes, Stringer was on the other side of security. He followed the signs to the Chief of Medicine’s office, hoping all the way that the devious old man hadn’t left yet to cash in on the stolen intelligence. He breaks down the old man’s door with one swift quick and in a booming voice demands, “Where is the information you cocksucker, I know you stole it! That is vitally important to the safeguarding of this nation!” In a nonchalant manner the Chief presses a button on his phone and beckons Stringer to have a seat. “I won’t sit and I won’t rest until you return what is mine!” bellowed Stringer Bell. The Chief of Medicine began to tell a story of a man who had seen too many war crimes to count, a man who had come home to a family who could no longer take care of him in his diminishing state. Stringer never sat, but listened to the old man tell his story calmly and in a soothing tone, all the while wondering what it has to do with his quest of utter importance. Then it dawned on him, could the man he is talking about be me? Stringer was finding it difficult to stand still since his body was devoid of the tranquilizers that were usually present 24/7. He was starting to freak out as all this new information hit him like a ton of bricks. He feels as though the room is spinning and he grabs onto a bookshelf to steady him, knocking off various books. Before the Chief lets his office be destroyed he pulls out a shoebox from under his desk and calls Stringer’s attention to it. Immediately Stringer grabs the box and opens the lid, an enormous wave of clarity washes over him and he falls back into the chair, zapped of all energy. The box is empty. “Had I imagined all of this?” Stringer asks to himself. And as if the Chief had heard his inner thoughts he answered, “Yes, you imagined the confidential information, it never existed. You simply created it in your mind as a way to redeem yourself for the loss of your platoon. You were solely responsible for the deaths of 11 men. A weight that was too much for you, so you made up a fantasy as a coping mechanism.” This was unbelievable, but at the same time Stringer hung on to every word. “You see,” the Chief said, “you never lost any hard information, you just lost your mind.” Silently Stringer took the box and walked out the hole that was previously a resting place for a door. He walked aimlessly down the hall and with tears in his eyes he held the shoe box over a trashcan. He waited there for a few moments, staring into space, before coming to. He jerked back immediately and thrust the shoebox to his chest. “Damn that was a close one,” he said, “I can’t believe I almost threw this information away! What was I thinking? I must get this to the president at once.”

  17. It’s 2053 and Mr. Clifford still works in his lab located in a planet called Linux trying to create some gadget to go back to the past and get an important piece of an astronaut shuttle that no one makes now in order to transport himself to another planet to get his wife back. Luckily he had the help of Dr. Radkift who had been working on the algorithms. Over the past 15 years they have been communicating through a computer since in Linux everything is done virtually and no one goes to work, people barely see each other.

    It was late at night when they were giving the final touch of the FG-Z34 as Mr. Clifford named the gadget. Dr. Radkift was just doing a final formula and suddenly Mr. Clifford saw a shadow through the rhjyt (in today’s world this is called a webcam) while he was talking to Dr. Radkift. Trying to adjust his rhjyt he noticed a man standing right behind Dr. Radkift; he couldn’t believe it, it was his worst enemy, Richard Stallman holding a knife in his hands and sticking it in Dr. Radkift back. Dr. Radkift was dead and to put it even worst he didn’t finish the algorithm.

    In Linux no heaven exists, if that’s the name people call the state where your soul leaves the Earth. When people die in that planet their soul goes straight to a virtual state, or limbo where they can only escape if someone from Linux stays in; more like a sacrifice of someone for others. Mr. Clifford wanted his wife back so badly and to do that he had to communicate with Dr. Radkift to get the final part of the algorithm. His choice was tough because if he got into the virtual state it was forever.

    But there were so many things going on his mind right now, how could he enter the virtual state? was his wife still alive ? and why did Richard Stallman decided to kill Dr. Richard Stallman(did he had something to do with the disappearance of his wife?). Right now these were all the things going through his head while watching in the rhjyt the dead body of his old friend.

    Mr. Clifford shouted through the rhjyt : Why did you do that? What wrong with you?. Richard Stallman then responded that there was no way he could get his wife back, she was gone and forever. Did you kill her? Answer me! , Mr. Clifford screamed.

    hahahahah! find out yourself, said Richard Stallman.
    Mr. Clifford knew right there what to do. He had to enter the virtual state and communicate with Dr. Radkift to get the final algorithm to construct the shuttle and get his wife back. Suddenly, he transported himself through a cable to where Richard Stallman was standing and they both got into a deadly fight.
    -Where are we? What is this? said Richard Stallman.
    -Welcome to the virtual state stupid. Now get up and let’s find Dr. Radkift to get the algorithm. But, suddenly he saw his wife.

    He didn’t know what to believe, or what to do. She was dead although there was an opportunity to let her free by leaving someone in the virtual state.
    He grabbed his wife and went rapidly through the portal, leaving behind Richard Stallman with no escape.
    They both returned back to Linux and continued living their life.

  18. estefania said:

    It has been 5 days, since he heard of her, they were suppose to meet in ”Le Rouge today at 8:00 PM, this wasn’t supposed to happen, he prepare her for this mission step to step. 1.Bump into the sheikh 2. Seduce the sheikh 3.Get the codes 4. Meet in “Le Rouge”. What was taking her so fucking long?

    At 8:00pm his phone rang, he knew instantaneously she messed up, he got a voice note and all he heard was moans and grunts, and then screams, horrible screams, he knew it was her. They both swear that from the moment you fail, you were by yourself, the problem was that she was all he has, and he couldn’t leave her behind.

    He didn’t knew her current situation but he knew where the sheikh usually look for woman, at “Las Poupees”. He wait for 3 days for the sheikh’s men to appear, he already knew who where his favorite whores and all his fetishes, now he understood why he was called “The Pig”. At the end of the night, they took Natalie and Theresa, the poor girls were crying, since they knew their future, rapped and cut into pieces, by a fucking pig.

    He follows the car, thanks to the chip he inserted in Natalie’s hip. They stop at a renovated department with luxurious style, so the security system wasn’t at his best. He parked the car, at the back alley, and went straight to the lobby entrance, he love the face that the lobbyist express, this was going to be easy. He gave her his best smile and a sweet talk, she fell so fast, it only took him a look to take her to the back, and as soon as the doors closed, he make her faint, took her keys, and took the service elevator, there was a guard, he grab him from the back, and crook his neck

    As the elevator went up he embrace himself, he calculated the three men plus the usual 2 bodyguards, and pull out his .40 Magnum who only had 6 rounds, he knew he cant miss any shot.

    As the doors open he instantaneously shot the back door guardian, and open the door, two men run towards him, he ran to the corner and shot one at the head, turn his back and shot the other one at the heart, but he received a shot by another one at the leg, he fell and shoot but missed, as the guy approach he saw a knife, turn around, picked and throw it to the throat.
    He got up bleeding and walks to the master room, he can hear “The Pig” breathing and the last guard shouting instructions, he smile, he knew he only have one bullet left, so he ran as fast as he could to the door, knowing that the guard was clichéd to it, his arm dislocated, as the door slam to the floor, he enter and shoot “The pig” at the head, then grabbed the door and slit the last guy throat.

    He look for her, and finally found her in pieces next to Natalie and Theresa, he didn’t cry, he didn’t move for minutes maybe hours, staring at her pieces. Finally he grab her left hand, and took of their wedding ring. And walk to the exit planning how he can kill his pain.

  19. Nayle Pimentel said:

    After graduating from the San Diego Police Department training, John Smith was assigned to work in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) area. He lived a regular patrolling life as a uniformed CBP agent focusing on drug law enforcement and regulation. John’s best men-in-action was his dog, Bud, who was involved in every capture and arrest John encountered. Bud was not only the best-trained dog that the police had acquired, he was also the key to the most recent and important pot busts made by the CBP department. John, Bud, and two other coworkers had uncovered the latest and largest shipments of the Sinaloa cartel, which operates in Baja California.

    John’s excelling performance at work had been making it very hard for the cartel to go through with their shipments. However, the cartel knew that John wouldn’t be able to perform without his skilled dog. The next day after uncovering their largest shipment, John arrived to work only to find that his loyal companion was gone. His co-workers were not allowed to explain what had happened to Bud and they directed him to his supervisor. He soon discovered that Bud had been captured by the Sinaloa cartel and replaced with a threatening note to the CBP department, specifically regarding John Smith.

    John knew that the information acquired by the CBP from the previous drug busts to the cartel was not going to be granted to him. This is how John partnered with his co-worker Steve to get the information he needed. Steve was one of John’s closest and dearest friends, as well as probably the only one who understood the loyalty between Bud and his master. John knew that once he crossed the border to Baja California, it was a one-man quest with little guidance and help provided.

    Steve accessed secret files to locate a small town where one of the shipments had departed from. As soon as John arrived to this location, he knew exactly what he had to do and the trouble he would go through. Once it was past midnight, John quickly began gathering information about the town. He would creep in windows and listen through doors looking for the next step to follow in his quest. One of the town houses appeared to be empty, until John discovered an underground bunker where his dog was captured. John patiently peeked through the door’s creeks as he observed what the cartel members were up to. He discovered Bud was trying to be used to evaluate shipments of drugs and assess their authenticity. Through this entire process, John was maintaining communication with Steve who had already advised the Mexican army of the illegal drug contraband taking place. Surprised by the abuse and maltreatment Bud was being submitted to, because he neglected to help the members, John knocked over a glass that was left around the house.

    Immediately, the leader of the Sinaloa members commanded two of their men to go outside and check the area. John acted quickly and knocked unconscious the first member, stole his silenced gun, and smoothly shot the other one several times in the stomach. Things were back to being silent as John calculated his next move. Suddenly, he heard the leader trying to follow up with the dead members. He was left unanswered. The two remaining ran out and caught John by surprise. They quickly tackled and punched him. As they fought, John reached for a knife and stabbed one of the members. He had a clear shot for the other one and was ready to fire until he heard a voice from behind.

    The leader had sneaked out and was positioned behind him with the gun pointed straight to his head. He had no escape. The leader directed him to put his gun down. John bent down to follow orders, and realized Bud’s presence behind the leader. It took him a moment to realize Bud’s intentions of protecting him, and with a blink of an eye it was set. As John placed the gun on the floor he shot the only member left in his calves and feet, leaving him unable to move. Simultaneously, Bud tackled the leader and knocked him down while removing his gun. John proceeded to capture the leader when the Mexican army and police arrived. They had been monitoring the area for several months but had discontinued the search due to lack of evidence. The police thanked John for his discoveries and invited him to join their Cartel oriented police group. He decides to stay because he realizes that he has much more opportunities for growth in this entity and because he will specialize in the area he enjoys the most. Most of all, his main reason to stay is because he will be able to keep Bud out of danger and safe at a new home.

  20. A rich and sophisticated man named Dr. Kingsley is an artifact collector. Obtaining his PhD in archeology, has worked years trying to uncover the existence of an ancient race. This remnant artifact is said to hold the key to unlocking the mystery. After twenty years of search throughout the forbidden temples, uncharted tombs, and mystical forests working alongside a colleague named Dr. Bellefonte. Luckily their travels place them around Eastern Asia, in a small village named Mawlynnong, where in a small drift shop the owner tells a story about a cube which has been passed down through generations of protectors in their village. While everyone was packing up to return home, Dr. Bellefonte secretly goes up to the temple of the village and swipes the cube and smuggles it out of the village. The following day while cruising thousands of feet in the air, Dr. Kingsley decides to search for his notes in the luggage. While rummaging through the pile, he notices the cubic figure coming out of one of the pockets. Dr. Kingsley confronts Dr. Bellefonte about the artifact and Dr. Bellefonte responded that he simply paid the caretakers of the artifact. Dead set on returning the artifact as soon as they land, however temptation of being able to study the artifact was too great.

    A few weeks later Dr. Kingsley secretly was working on the artifact. While keeping up the façade with Dr. Bellefonte; staying up all night on most nights to work out the mysteries. Kingsley was attacked one night and was not able to recall anything from that night. When he came to, Kingsley found the place ransacked and not being able to remember much after they returned from Asia. Bellefonte who was heading to the laboratory noticed that it had been broken into and headed to help Kingsley. After a few hours, searching video fees, picking up the place, and searching for missing information; Bellefonte realized that Kingsley had trouble recalling recent events and had very little recollection of the artifact. Bellefonte tries to convince Kingsley to obtain his memories by going through his hidden notes. Slowly he remembered little things that happened to him while going through the notes, and after a few days realized that the attackers had used a device to steal his memories.

    The same ancient race that he had been so reluctant to uncover had come to his doorsteps. Bellefonte researching throughout the laboratory found clues to where the artifact was hidden by Kingsley. However he deliberately withheld the information from Kingsley to mislead him. However Kingsley went back to Asia and learned information on how find the artifact. Using a special item given to him by the old man to find the artifact he heads over to Africa where Kingsley spots Bellefonte heading into a pyramid. Where the artifact had led Bellefonte to where seemed to be the secret entrance to the ancient race territory. Kingsley confronted Bellefonte before putting the artifact onto the alter and exchanged words, Bellefonte basically wanted to take credit for finding what Kingsley had found. Then members of the ancient race confronted them both and by touching Kingsley had given back his memories. Turns out that Kingsley had willingly given up his memories when he found out the intentions of Bellefonte and lunged reluctantly at Bellefonte. After an exchange of blows, Bellefonte was shoved towards a deep pit and died on impact. The ancient race thanked Kingsley for protecting such a powerful artifact from the human race, and bid farewell. Kingsley was allowed to keep his memories and swore to never open Pandora’s box.

  21. Jose Abraham Baez Gil said:

    It was 3am, my friends and I just got out of this party, we were all wasted and wanted to get home. I was tired of walking and we still had around 4 miles to walk to get to home, I tell my friends am tired of walking and I decide to choose another path, to get to home quicker, they didn’t want to let me go but I chose to go by myself. They turned right, I took the left and I was walking by myself in the darkest and ominous street in the neighborhood, I don’t know why I had to choose a short cut instead of going through the same path I always took, but I was too desperate and wasted and I just wanted to get home. As I walked I could hear the voices of people talking the footsteps approaching, I turn around looked back but I barely saw the light coming from the light post entrance of the intersection, I hear dog barks, crow’s cacawing and more footsteps increasing the pace at which they approach me; they keep getting closer and closer. I turn around, look forward and as soon as I think about starting to run my phone rings, I pick up… I say hello three times but no one answers. A cold breeze blows, and I start to get goose bumps. Hello! I say one more time and I put the phone on speaker phone and max the volume to try to listen carefully to the whispering and mumbling, I finally decide to hang up but just before I do so, a wicked hyena laugh comes from the speakers of my Samsung Galaxy, causing me to piss in my pants, I scream and run like a lunatic and bump into someone, he lights a cig blows smoke in my face, and I could barely see his face, he chuckles, my phone rings again, before I even answer I hear the hyena laugh even louder, he snatches my phone and slaps me with his gigantic sweaty paws slams me on the pavement and dashes out of the bloom!

    I open my eyes, and I feel as if I got beaten up by the deadliest gang of thugs, I feel lost in the middle of nowhere unable to recognize where the hell am I. I try to remember but all I remember was the mad party from last night and the girl who almost raped me in the bathroom, I try harder and all I can remember is that it was dark and hearing this wicked hyena laugh that made me excrete urine on me. What time is it? Where the hell am I? I reach for my phone to find out the answers to these questions, and I hear the hyena laugh again! I start to remember, I get flashbacks and I remember getting slapped, I look at my reflection from the puddles on the pavement and I see a nail stabbed in my cheekbone. I raced to my friend’s hospital Dr. Heinzberg where he made an analysis of the nail that was stabbed in my cheekbone. He determined the DNA and blood type of the suspect and got a name: Dona Cytheria.

    I go to the police station to file a report of the robbery, and I meet a big fat miserable cop, I look at the name plate ‘Officer Dick’ he eats a Donut and listens to the radio while he complains of his miserable life. I tell him about my situation and he refuses to help me, I offer him a dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme, he salivates and as soon as I got back with the donuts the report was already filed. I read the report and I go to the address to where Cytheria is, I get flashbacks and I remember it was the same street I was walking when I left my friends. As I approach the building to where Dona is I hear the whispering, the dog barks, crows cacawing, and I clench my fist and I decide to go inside the house. Footsteps approach, I hear the hyena laugh gradually getting louder I see her shade, she is coming towards me. I turn around and I’m shocked by the silhouette of this sexy gorgeous model. She attacks and I feel her nails digging in stabbing my body, I slap her, she reacts and bites my neck as I try to get her off me. We roll over the floor eating each other and suddenly I feel no pain, there’s a very fine line between pain and pleasure, and pleasure increases exponentially as time passes. Harder than jackhammer I slam her on the floor, she comes… laughs and we both pass out. The next day the alarm clock of my phone wakes me up, I look for her, but she’s gone… I called my friends to pick me up, and we leave home. “How was your night? “Did you have fun?”My friends ask, I nodded..

    Jose Abraham Baez Gil

  22. This is the story of Allan Londgren who’s living in L.A. with his family, as a banking consultant. Allan managed very important information that even his family couldn’t know. One morning he discovers that his house was a mess, everybody was fine, but there was something missing, the information he handles.
    Allan Desperately tries to find it but he notices that its long gone, taking him into action in the search for it.

    Allan finds out that without this important information his life would be over for him and his family, making him the most vulnerable man, with that information in wrong hands the entity that he works for could be in danger also, making him a guilty man.
    Allan decides to take action and search for the thieves himself. with the aid of his closest friends and his sisters husband (who works for the CIA).

    He started thinking who wanted that kind of information and for what, but he didn’t have a clue. He started searching for items or things at the house that could help him get to that person. He was tired of looking for nothing in his house, and a few minutes later his brother in law gets to the house and tell him tat before going anywhere to search for him/her he must go to the office because maybe someone could have a clue or something, taking into consideration that the only ones that know about the existence of that document where the coworkers.
    He goes to the Office and sees that everyone is acting normal, in that moment Allan starts to worry more and more, because he doesn’t have ANY clue. In that moment he talked to sally, he’s secretary, which stayed in the office until midnight.

    Sally told him that someone calls but he didn’t say who was. Allan and his brother in law run to the phone and search for the number or name of that person; they found out that it was an office extension. Searching for information about that, they found out that the cubicle was empty about 2 months ago. They found out that it was Ben’s cubicle “a man that died in an accident”. Furthermore, in an incident at Ben’s house recently that week, they found out that every personal item was missing, and his wife didn’t even notice. Strangely seeking for the truth and the thief, they found out that anyone saw his body, because there was no funeral. Moreover they go back to Ben’s house, searching for evidence, when they bumped into a basement door near the kitchen, and guess what? Ben was hiding in his own house, Allan saw his chance and he took it, fighting Ben till both of them fall to the ground, Allan’s brother in law takes a shot from Ben, Allan begs for mercy and tries to persuade Ben to avoid his Brother in law from being killed, leaving Ben vulnerable to Allan’s fist, punched him from the chin up and hits him with a lamp, leaving him unconscious.

    Allan does not know where the info is; he tortures Ben until he reveals that he’s always been jealous of Allan and his life, looking to aid his brother in law Ben cuts loose and tries to attack Allan, but his brother in law managed to shoot him in the chest, leaving him in agony for the wound was lethal, Ben fights for his life trying to reach for the information and destroy it, but he was too weak, leaving Allan to finish him off and getting back the information that started the whole mess.

    Allan decides for himself and realizes that this episode of his life had a positive effect in him that he didn’t want to do that kind of stuff anymore and enroll for the CIA as a private investigator and that it would be best for him and his family.

  23. Esteban Santana said:

    Mike lived in Carefree, Arizona with his sister, Lisa, and his best friend Peter. Mike was the oldest of the three and had become the self-proclaimed protector of the group. The three of them lived calm and tranquil lives in a house their parents found for them. Mike and Lisa’s parents along with Peter’s father had sacrificed their lives for the well-being of their children. They lived in a post-zombie apocalyptic world. The three had learned to value the sacrifice made by their parents and also learned to live happily within their means. They were grateful to be given the chance of living, and this was something that very few people in the world still had. Luckily there were not so many human zombies from whom the trio had to protect themselves however, there were still many many animals that carried infection and had managed to stay alive by eating other different animals. Up to this point, the zombie-animals were not of great worry for the trio because they had learned many tactics throughout the years to use against them. The biggest worries for Mike were the rare events of other human survivors passing through the town and this was true because it was never easy for Mike to notice their intentions. The passer-byers could be infected, they could be looking for a place to stay, or they could be thieves. In fortunate cases they would cross through the town without noticing the presence of Mike, Lisa and Peter in their home. One day, as night began to fall, Mike was headed to the house’s basement as usual to turn on the power generator they had for the house’s electrical grid. It was on this day that Mike realized the generator had been stolen. Immediately, Mike knew who had done it. Very likely it had been a man that Mike was suspiciously observing as he crossed through the front of the house. The man had seen Mike as well but showed no intentions for making contact. This man was from a town nearby and apparently lived alone, in a dark apartment. Mike knew because he had seen this man on more than one occasion and had followed him to see where he was coming from. As Mike, Lisa, and Peter went through a cold and dark night due to having their power generator stolen, Mike had been thinking of whether it was worth the risk to go and get the generator back. Mike and Peter could’ve built another generator (they knew how to) but it would’ve taken them over a month and, after the first week of no power, Mike had been filled with rage and decided to get back what was theirs the next day. Mike set out the next day to the next town, toward the thief’s home. He had ordered Peter and Lisa to stay home where they were safe until he had gotten back. Mike’s challenge through his course was crossing the river dividing both towns. This was the fastest way to go to the other town and apparently there was only one small boat on the side of where the man lived. Mike decided to camp out around the riverside and wait for the man to cross. He would then confront him and force him to take him back to where the generator was being kept which was, presumably, the man’s home. As they arrived to the man’s house, the man began unlocking his front door. As soon as they passed the door Mike was stabbed in the back by a small boy, the man’s son, with an infected syringe. Mike quickly reacted and knocked the boy unconscious, as he turned around the man was now attacking him. Mike managed to seriously injure the man with his gun but still left him alive. Mike found the power generator and quickly set off to the river. He knew that in around four to six hours, the second stage of infection would kick in and Mike will fall into a coma. He rushed to the river, placed the power generator on the boat and road it to the other side. He then left the power generator and turned around, hoping the Peter would come out to find Mike and hopefully find the generator instead. Mike laid there on the ground, thinking whether it was all worth it. His anger had costed him his life with his sister and friend because, now that he was infected, he knew he couldn’t go back.

  24. Nora’s plan was going just fine, her daughter was with her friend, gina, having a great time in Disney Land, and she was back home preparing herself with the help of her trainer to confront her husband, Tom, and put an end to the miserable and trilling situation she was living. Nevertheless, Tom was decided to find her wife and daughter, so he hired a professional and corrupted detective specialist in this kind of situation. Nora changed identity so it was harder for him to find her, but the girl was kidnapped almost immediately.

    Nora didn’t know that her husband had her daughter after one week, when Gina could contact her. She start looking for her daughter desperately but she didn’t have enough money to hire a recognized and good detective. nevertheless, the trainer invent an activity to recollect money to pay the detective.

    After 3 months, Nora finally find the location of her daughter and started to developed a plan to recuperate the girl. Fifteen days after the detective felt prepare to execute the plan. The girl was left under the care and surveillance of a nanny. when Nora knew that her daughter was just under the surveillance of a nanny, she thought that the plan would easily succeed. she saw her girl in a room and went after her.

    When they were leaving the house, and Nora though nobody could take her daughter away from her anymore, Tom came in and she confronted her as she learned but she couldn’t win because she stopped her classes when she found out that Tom kidnapped her daughter. Tom beat him up Nora, and left her almost dead in the middle of no where.

    Tom changed of house and got lost again. Nora had to start over and try to located her daughter, but this time she left the detective do his job and she focused on training more and precede all the movements of Tom. Again she found Tom’s location, but this time he left the daughter under the surveillance of a nanny and a guardian.

    she decided to confront the guardian who was a big and stupid plump, who was easily beaten, then she gave the nanny a blow that left her unconscious. after she gave the girl to the detective and he left with her in another car, Tom arrive home and took Nora. Nora started to run and hided from him, knowing where he will go to find her so she surprised him from behind every time until he fell off the second floor and died.

    When she return back to get her girl she didn’t want to go home and make her daughter constantly remember her dad, so they decided to move to Florida and rebuild their lives.

  25. As she lied facedown on the sidewalk, her body ached. She had been mugged, or so she thought. Her sight was coming back, as she struggled to get up. A group of ten people or so stared as if they thought she was dead and had suddenly come back to life, but none offered help. Her bag was still with her, so was her watch, earrings, and necklace. Her money was intact, her sunglasses were still there, even her car keys. Her face hurt, as did her arms and legs from the fall. Dazed and puzzled, she walked with difficulty holding her bag tight to her chest as if she thought the man would come back.

    Dana looked down as a drop of blood sled to her hand. She then touched her face and felt an instant, painful itch in her nose. And then she knew: her septum was gone. Blood fled all over her clothes, as a tear came out of one of her eyes. Turning back to see if anyone was still watching, she hurried to her car and just sat there for a while. She cried long and hard, knowing she hadn’t been mugged. She had been robbed, and she knew by who. Her septum was all she had left of her identical twin sister, who had died seven months from that day. Not died, she reminded herself, killed. Elena had been everything to her, since both had lost their parents when they were toddlers. Elena had been her mother figure, since she was the mature one. Undoubtedly, she had done a couple of bad businesses, and ended up working at a tattoo and piercing shop. She didn’t know exactly what had happened, but her sister was always telling her to be careful, not to talk to strangers and to run if she saw she was being followed: they would confuse Dana with her. Elena was very secretive, and never mortified Dana with her personal struggles. The septum was the only gift she had received from her sister, and according to her, it was a lucky charm that would keep her from all evil. She had worn it for years, and when her sister died, she wouldn’t even take if off.

    Dana was convinced this was the guy who had stabbed her sister, because she happened to be pregnant. The guy had a pregnant girlfriend already, and Elena was threatening she would tell her if he didn’t give her the money to keep the baby, because she believed she should have the same rights as the other one. Bottom point, her sister was killed and she let the men know she would get revenge eventually. She began to make phone calls claiming for the money, or she would tell the police. Ever since, she knew they had been following her everywhere.

    That day, she was scared to death. They had almost ripped her nose off, taking the last she had left from her late twin sister. Nevertheless, the day after was different. She was enraged, believing deep inside that he still had the septum as a souvenir, and that she would get it back. She was aware that she could get killed in the meantime, because this guy didn’t play games.

    Two weeks went by as she traced her plan. She would call Mariana, the girlfriend, and tell her she was a friend of her boyfriend’s, and that she needed to talk to her personally about something terrible that had happened. She would also make sure Gianni, the guy, wasn’t there when she came by the house by telling Mariana she needed to be by herself because she didn’t trust anyone there, and she was sure she was the only one who could help. She would make her believe this was a matter of life and death for both her and Gianni.

    That Wednesday arrived, as she took a cab to Arlington St., where they lived. Dana was greeted at the door by a nervous Mariana, who didn’t know what to say. Dana touched Mariana’s nine month-pregnant belly and complimented the decor of the house, which was horrendous. Mariana offered her some lemonade, which she declined; no time for frivolities. So the conversation began.

    Dana started by confessing she had not been entirely honest in her phone call, for which she apologized, saying that there was nothing urgent about her visit. She only wanted to see with her own eyes the reason her sister had been murdered. As Mariana’s startled face began to emerge, Dana told her to stay quiet and pointed a .25 revolver to her belly. The pregnant woman screamed in terror, throwing the living room lamp at her, breaking it to a million pieces. Dana was hit in the ribs, falling on the couch. Next, she stood up and pushed Mariana to the floor, pulled a rope out of her bag, with which she tied both her hands. Then she told her to calm down, and to listen to her carefully. She wanted to know if she had seen her nose septum, if Gianni had brought it as one of his souvenirs from his street wanderings.

    She nodded, with a week voice. With her face, she pointed the fridge. Still aiming at her with the gun, she walked slowly toward the fridge, opened it, and saw her septum floating in a viscous substance inside a jar. Her blood was still visible on the septum, which he was keeping probably for the disgusting thrill of it. She took the jar, put it on a coffee table, and carefully untied Mariana. Without a word, she picked up the jar and walked away leaving the door open.

    Dana felt a deep contentment inside of her, knowing she had in a way recovered a part of her she thought she would lose forever, or end up dead while trying to retrieve it. She ran away, with adrenaline starting to build up. She went home, packed one bag with all her important belongings and went to the train station. Not sure of where she was going, she didn’t mind; never coming back here was her drive. A new life arose, as she was prepared to leave this one behind.

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