Short-story no. 1 (for Section 1)

Write a short-story that follows the elements below:

  1. Someone in the hero’s Ordinary World dies, taking with him (or her) a piece of important information.
  2. The ordinary world, due to lack of that important piece of a information, is now in disarray.
  3. The hero must travel to the land of the dead and retrieve the necessary knowledge.
  4. Reluctantly, the hero starts off.
  5. He or she must pass one test and go through one threshold guardian.
  6. Final confrontation.
  7. Winning of the knowledge.
  8. Return (he or she will not want to… why?)

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  1. Bill Waters was a billionaire who had a lover dying of Aids. They had spent half of their fortune in a scientist who was working of finding the cure to Aids. As times passed she was getting weaker and weaker and Bill was getting desperate and more desperate. Bill heard that his worst enemy Michael Green had found the cure to Aids. He was looking for ways that his scientist Phil could reach the information. This seamed impossible.

    One day at sitting in his office searching for puzzles in his maze a peculiar man came in his office. His name was John Fox he was an expert in dreams, Going into the unconscious of any being and retrieving the necessary information. Bill waters saw this as his solution. He then planned for days with John Fox and his scientist Phil how they where going to proceed.

    When they finally reached Michael’s dreams he was aware he was in a dream creating a self-mechanism that endangered their lives. Bill Waters has to convince his archenemy that he is in a dream. It is a hard task but he finally does it, he completes the task. Michael begins to work on his lab showing John Fox, Phil and Bill Waters. This all goes well until John blows it up by messing the design of his lab. Several minutes later Bill waters dies in the archenemy’s dream. He then goes into limbo where he actually finds the cure to Aids he somehow able to retrieve all the knowledge of Michael Green’s mind. In Limbo Bill Waters is also able to recreate his lover Julia. She is healthy as a fox and they are in a honeymoon stage. Although Bill knows its all-just Limbo, he is completely happy on contrary with the real world. He has the possibility to go back, but is this what he wants? Should he go back? He ponders on the decision but finally decides to go back.

    Once he is back on the real world he goes exited to John Fox to retrieve all the information to the cure of Aids. John and Phil celebrate. He then remembers “Oh Julia! I haven’t seen her yet!” He goes running to the hospital to find out Julia is dead. Should he had stayed in Limbo Land? Maybe, but at least millions of human beings will now be cured. Is this enough? Was it worth it? Bill Waters thinks not.

  2. vbodden said:

    It all started the day before the bonfire; Keesha and I were practicing our cheers as usual. We decided to take a break and smoke our usual joint. Normally, we would have been very careful, but this time we weren’t cautious enough. The school dean, Mr. Simon , was passing by and as you can imagine, there were consequences. We were sent to his office together with another group of three people. Unlike Keesha and I, they were caught cheating in the physics final. Elliot, my brother, Sebastian, and Benjamin were the first called in. The dean decided they would do some community service back in Asbun Forest. As soon as they went out, we were called in. Nervously thinking, if they got such a big punishment for just cheating, what would we get? The moment we went inside the big, gloomy office, Mr. Simon said, “you will not receive a larger punishment because we believe in redemption. I already spoke to your parents and they were notified you will complete a 7 hour community service program in Asbun Forest.” As he said those last words, Asbun Forest kept echoing in my head. Why did it sound so familiar, familiar in a frightening way?
    When I got home, I knew what was waiting for me, my mother sat me down and simply said “What were you thinking?!” Sorry was the only word I managed to say, but apparently it did not solve anything. On my way up, I checked up on Elliot. He was furious and took it all out on me. “Just because your pathetic, stupid friends needed to get a good grade, I got punished! Now I have to go to spine-chilling Asbun for SEVEN hours!” he screamed. I just said, “Well, it does sound like fun, since we’re going to have to go together!” He looked stunned and a bit pale, “Haven’t you ever heard of Asbun before?! It’s supposed to be one of the forests with the most ghost sightings in all US!” he said. I chuckled, “And you actually believe that? You out of all people should know those are superstitions.” I said as I left the room. The next few hours in bed were dreadful. I couldn’t sleep. There was just something not right with Asbun.
    The next morning, all five of us got on the bus with annoyed looks on our faces. Asbun was about 4 hours away, we planned to sleep until we got there when I woke up and overheard a conversation between the driver and Mrs. Jenkins “I will not get any closer to Asbun ma’m, you will have to walk there yourselves.” The driver said. “But why? Do you actually believe in those ghost stories? You can’t expect us all to walk all the way from here!” A few hours later, I was woken by the shrieking sound of the brakes. The bus driver anxiously said “Ok kids, we have arrived. This is as far as I go. Just keep for about a mile and you should see an old shed. That’s where you’re expected to be.” “You can’t leave us here!” Mrs. Jenkins said as Benjamin furiously said “You seriously expect us to walk all the way from here?! We can get lost, plus, I have a game tomorrow, my knees need to rest!! They can not be forced dude!!” We all got out of the bus and began walking without further discussion. If I recall correctly, during our walk nothing overwhelming occurred. Just some weird noises coming from the forest, which according to Elliot, was just the hooting of a white owl, or something like that.
    Sooner than we thought, we arrived to the gate of an old hut. We made out way in to find this dark, moldy, decayed, sinister house. Something about the air was different, it was just, dense. We tried to look beyond the hut, to see if we could find anything else, but the fog wouldn’t allow it. Honestly, I was kind off scared. We did not really want to go inside the hut, but something was luring us towards it. Within the hut, the scent was just ominous. It smelled like something had died there years ago, and was left to rot. Sebastian began to look for something around the deserted house. Keesha said “Sebastian, have you gone out of you mind! What are you doing? You will disturb the spirits of the house, can’t sense them! The air is dense because of that. This place is full of evil.” We all laughed at her, except Elliot who was nervously looking around the shed while Sebastian clutched his cross. We started to do our community service. It felt like hours. I could say planting isn’t my thing. Ben was tired of digging so he sat down, someone said to him “Stand up before Mrs. Jenkins sees you!”, then I thought Where exactly is she, we haven’t seen or heard from her since we were inside the shed. We all stopped working and went inside the shed to look for her. We yelled her name, but there was no answer. Someone went inside the bathroom, I just heard a scream. Keesha had found something written on the wall. Leave Now or else. I felt a chill up my spine; apparently I was the only one. Since Ben and Sebastian said lets split and look for her, and whoever wrote this, pretty clever you guys. We all got assigned different parts of the shed. We were to meet outside in 10 minutes, even if we did not find her. Eventually she would appear.
    Apparently I was the only one to complete the search in 10 minutes, for I was waiting alone outside. I heard a petrifying scream. I looked around terrified but couldn’t see anything behind the fog so I ran inside the house. I came to find Keesha’s body surrounded by a puddle of blood. To her right laid Benny’s head with a dead yet terrifying look in his eyes. That’s when I heard it, heavy footsteps that seamed to be getting louder every second. I did not know where to go. I remember the closet I had seen before and that’s where I’m currently hiding. For a few minutes it was just, too silent. I’m writing this to tell my story of what really happened here. Before, I believed my life was dull, nothing interesting to tell. Now, I can clearly say it is not that way. This is my dairy and I plead to you, show this letter to my family and find my brother dear stranger. The footsteps have begun again, they’re louder than ever. I can hear something breathing agitatedly right in front of me. From the door, I can see its shadow, whatever it is, it is not human. The door is beginning to shake, the knob is spinning. Oh no the door opened…

  3. Javier piniella said:

    1.) Someone in the hero’s Ordinary World dies, taking with him (or her) a piece of important information.
    William and Santiago have been looking for answers regarding what happens after life. Amazingly they begin to uncover the secrets of life and from where we humans come and where we go after death. Strange things happen around them the more they uncover the secrets of life. One day Santiago mysteriously disappears taking with him one of their investigations most important books which was their main source of information and ridles to uncover.

    2.) The ordinary world, due to lack of that important piece of a information, is now in disarray.
    William is desperate and doesn’t know what to do without his dear friend santiago and the book which was their main source for their investigation. He begins searching for clues which will hopefully lead him to his missing friend Santiago.

    3.) The hero must travel to the land of the dead and retrieve the necessary knowledge.
    He uncovers the fact that he is fighting even a bigger force than what he thought he was. He finds out he is facing a very rich, powerfull and secret sect known as the illuminati. They don’t want for the common people to know the truth because this would cause all sorts of panics and disasters in the world breaking balances and causing huge problems in economic sectors which would be unfavorable to all the members of this secret sect which are the worlds most powerfull men.

    4.) He or she must pass one test and go through one threshold guardian.
    He gets closer and closer to this group. Finally the illuminati become aware that they are being followed very closely by William who is after Santiago. They begin finding out about William and Santiago’s intentions with the book and about revealing their well kept secret for over more than 1500 years. Very wisely they find out that Santiago and William are very similar to them. Two very wise and intellectual guys who are just in search of answers and who are willing to do anything in the name of science.

    5.) Final confrontation.
    William and Santiago get involved in the world of the illuminati. They are invited to form part of this very secretive and intellectual sect with the condition that they have to take all the worlds hidden secrets to their tombs. They must also confront anyone who knows too much or finding out too much in order to leave the world ignorant and unaware of the truths which would bring it out of balance.

    6.) Return (he or she will not want to… why?)
    Santiago and William came to a much bigger deed than what they expected. They were luckly not killed because of their hunger for knowledge or truths but rather included in this big secretive sect. They remain there uncovering even more secrets the world is unaware of. They become of importance to the illuminati and earn their respect among the sect.

  4. christopher de los santos said:

    Jimmy Hasselbaink lives downtown Los Angeles, a man that goes to work every day and has a beautiful family. One day he receives a letter that contains a password of a security vault in an important bank in the island of Saint Thomas, which was sent by his father that died 3 weeks ago; this vault contains millions of dollars and a secret map that guides to a treasure in the same island. In the letter there is a missing code that must be figured out but therefore Jimmy has to travel to the island and maybe facing with an opposition part that is filtrated with the Russian mafia. The next day Jimmy bought a fly ticket and arrived safely, the mafia had the knowledge that he would arrive today and were expecting him immediately, so they can take him away and have the letter. When jimmy arrived he immediately contacted his friend Michael that is a native of the island, Michael picked him up and went to the bank that has all the money Jimmy’s father left him. As soon as he opened the vault he discovered that inside there is a tiny piece of paper that contains the other code and also the secret map which only few people on the island know about that “treasure”.
    The next day Michael went to the hotel Jimmy was, and picked him up therefore they would start their adventure and hopefully find the treasure in the lost Island of Kakute Matip. The Russian mafia was expecting their arrival and surprised them with an ambush, Michael knew all this was going to happen since the first time Jimmy gave him a call and therefore he went prepared with all types of guns, when the ambush occurred Michael immediately called his friends of the hood and they came to the rescue, although it wasn’t easy they managed to defeat the mafia and continue their path to the treasure. Then they arrived to the top of the mountain and entered to a secret alley no one knew it was there and discovered the treasure, which had to be opened with the missing code he found inside the vault. Inside the treasure he found a huge amount of gold which was form the 1940’s and today has a multimillionaire value amount. Jimmy gave the half of the gold to Michael and his hood friends and also collaborated with the poor people of Saint Thomas. Two days after he went back home and told everything that happened to his family and also to the local authorities, Jimmy became a multimillionaire business mas in Los Angeles and today contributes to the people who live in chantey towns all over the US.

  5. Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Behind the scenes of a low budget independent film, Johnny Ivy is prepping for the last scene of what he believes might be his big break. Five minutes before rolling cameras, the director of the film and Johnny’s best friend Tony, comes in to the makeup station to break the news. The producers have run out of money, and the filming was to be canceled immediately.

    Devastating as it seems, Johnny Ivy and Tony Spark were used to these kinds of things in Hollywood. Their hopes and dreams were kept in the 2 bedroom shack looking apartment they shared in the west side. The duo have been hired for so many unsuccessful films that their reputation has led them to become almost jobless. Johnny is a waiter at a fancy restaurant where many famous directors and actors go to lunch, but he has never had any higher education, basically surviving on his looks. Tony on the other hand is a Columbia graduate, with great knowledge and talent for film making. Booze and narcotics abuse have led his parents to cut him off from their money, and let him work for money.
    Tony and Ivy have always played the California State Lottery together, the same numbers all the time. It was Johnny’s turn to run to the store and buy their ticket the night before the draw. Tony tired of going to pilot meetings and meeting with potential screen writers, sat home and waited for his best friend to show up and watch the lottery draw together. Stopping and looking down while crossing a street is never a good idea, but when it comes to your lucky ticket, you must.

    The next morning, Tony wakes up to go to work while glancing through the newspaper, and stands in awe. Motionless, losing his breath while reading over and over. WE GOT IT! He shouted, we won, we won! 50 million dollars, Tony sprinted to Johnny room but stopped to pick up the phone. The nurse on the other end of the phone broke the news to him, John Ivy III was killed by a car while he was crossing the road. Agony and desperation took over Tony’s body, after one week he decided to visit his grave, that is where he saw the light, a bright light that attracted him towards a place. It was a tall man with a long beard at the door. You must tell me what you seek, he said. My friend, Tony replied. They walked into heaven, before meeting Johnny, Tony was given a mission, to make a successful movie or being completely honest with what seeks.

    One million dollars his first movie sold, it wasn’t enough for the long bearded man. Then Tony came clean, “all I want is the winning ticket and collect the money”. Johnny received Tony with open arms and told him how much he missed him, and how happy he that the movie was successful. Tony didn’t have the heart to tell him they won the money, or to ask for the ticket. He went back to his normal life, where he directed an academy award winning film, selling over 300 million dollars at the box office.

    Ryan Lopez 10-0708

  6. Miguel Iglesias said:

    Another perfect day in the land of the gods, no preocupations at all. Mykonos was the of the empire created in heaven with just the souls of the good ones that have done something that made them immortals. Zeus was the king of the empire and he had the mission to wisely choose the ones that were going to join them in Mykonos. His queen, Athenea has been his soulmate from 1600 years ago, and has all the power in Zeus, due to the confidence he has with her. She is basically everything for him, because she is the person that he can trust the most in the empire, in order to keep all the secrets and souls coming to the empire. They used to hold an annual meeting with all the immortals to celebrate immortaly and the welcome to others. That event was the most important event of the year in Mykonos. Athenea was the responsible of the getting the new immortals to the empire, because she was the one to choose who enters or not.

    Socrates has been trying to conquer Athenea and get her to his eviled empire in order to get her love and attention to make this empire better and to immortals to go there. He wanted a world full of evilness. Months before the major event in Mykonos, Socrates found a way to get to the empire and fill it with evil and bad immortals, so they can kill Zeus and he could steal Athenea from him.

    The day before event, Socrates and his eviled crew enter Mykonos to spy all the activities before the event. They has the perfect plan to kill Zeus during the event. Then, it comes the most important date of the year. Mykonos was just a celebration for the welcome of the new immortals that would made Mykonos an even better place.

    Two hours before the celebration started, Socrates crew kidnapped Athenea in order to get Zeus, in that trap and kill him and take him to his empire. Zeus was with his workers at the time, and Socrate’s crew kidnapped Athenea and took her to their empire. Thirty minutes later Zeus noticed that his soulmate was missing, and the event couldn’t get started without her because she is the one in charge of telling Zeus whos getting in and whos not.

    Zeus didn’t told anyone and immediately did something to rescue her. He knew that Socrates was involved in that trap because years before he tried the same but without any success. Zeus, as a brave man he is, didn’t involve any of his mans and went alone to Socrates empire to get Athenea back.

    He got to Zeus empire and deliver a fight with Socrates and his two main men, because he wisely made the way to the throne skipping all the others in the empire. He beated up the two main men by throwing a huge rock in their heads while he was hiding in the throne, finally he had to fight Socrates, but Socrates wisely threw Athenea to the “Sea of The Dead”, which was full of hungry and evil souls. Zeus had to made it and also threw himself, but what Socrates didnt knew was that by he being immortal he couldn’t die there. And Zeus made it and save Athenea from the “Sea of The Dead” and took her back to Mykonos. At the time they were back to Mykonos almost everybody had noticed that they were missing, and when they arrived Zeus was treated as the real hero he is. Athenea celebrated her safe return with all the new and good immortals and Mykonos would be a perfect empire forever.

  7. Thais Maceo said:

    Neil Vander is a 30 year old man who lived with her mother. Neil was an entrepreneur, he had always figured out life by himself, and his motivation was to get him and his mother a comfortable and wealthy life. His father, Tom, was never in the picture, he was an archeologist who always preferred his job over family and friends. Neil knew him by pictures and postcards he used to send, where he promised to go get him so that they could go through life and adventures together, but when Neil was 15 years old the letters stop, Tom never gave signs of life again, and Neil’s mother claimed she knew nothing about him.

    Almost 3 months after Neil’s 30th birthday his mom sat down with him and tried to explain that his father had enemies, who wanted him dead because of an extraordinary discovery that would change the world. The ambition and thirst for power of different governments made him run away, and stay hidden around the world doing what he loved the most, exploring and discovering new things. Neil asked repeatedly what was it that his father discovered that was so desirable and powerful, but her mother burst in tears and anxiety couldn’t take the pressure and suffered a hard attack, which was expectable due to her old age, 80, and her weakness.

    After only two weeks since his mothers’ death, Neil decided to look for answers, he wanted to find out what was that amazing discovery that his father had made, and that belonged to him know. But he was certain that his mom didn’t have the answer, she would’ve been in danger too if she did, the only solution was to look for it himself, but where? The only place where he was certain to find the right location was in the underworld, the land of the dead, where he would find his father and retrieve the necessary knowledge to find it.

    Unwillingly to face those dangers and the threat that he might not be able to come back scared him. He only had 30 minutes to look for his father, gather the information and return to the land of the living. But he had a disadvantage; he might not be able to recognize his father after all those years. But the big test was to convince Dukabi, a Haitian guy who claimed to have the ability to take him there and return him back, he had to go through training and convince him of his capability and importance of the issue. Neil trains with Dukabi for 1 complete month, learns about the challenges he might be able to face in the land of the deaths, and of certain spells to keep the demons away. Also he devoted himself to Hades, and sacrificed different animals as reward for letting him into his world. Finally, he was ready, Dukabi approved.

    Neil’s journey starts exactly at 3:00 am, Dukabi’s choice, and after only half a second, he gets to the underworld, everything is dark and foggy, Hades receives him at the door, and asks him some questions to prove his devotion and worthiness. After he passed all tests goes in the search of his dead father, and amazed by everything he is seeing loses too much time and time is running out. He finds him in a dark corner, and greets him timidly, and quickly explains the quest he is after and what he needs to know. His father surprised tells him he doesn’t deserve to suffer his destiny; he should forget about it and live a normal life. But Neil tries harder to convince him, and tells him about the necessities he and his mother went through and how he deserves to know, but his father won’t reason with him, he clearly states not even him deserves to have so much power, so many enemies, and so many problems. His father walks away and wishes him good luck in life.

    He returns to the land of the living, and continuous his life reluctant and bitter.

    Thais Maceo

  8. Joaquin R Bonnelly said:

    CIA agent babak pishdadian, was an underground drug dealer who was also one of the best agents and his brother michael pishdadian who was killed by a group of incertains after trying to sell 40 kilos, he was the only person who had information on where the most wanted criminal Obama Bush is located, he is wanted for taking down the white house 6 months ago. Babak now has no clue on what to do , because

    The CIA don’t know that his brother works with him inn everything and they think babak holds that information when is really michael the one that knows and has just past away. When michael was about to die he told babak ask dora about everything she has all the answers, when Dora found out michael had been killed she left a note to babak saying i left to china for my safety.

    Babak knows she retains all the info so he went to china too look for her, but also the italian mob know she’s in china so they are both going to look for dora, after 1 month they find babak in china and the drink spills, bombs go off a shooting in a mall plaza went on for more than 45mins, but been one of the best agents Babak takes them out and dips. He goes on for about 35 days and finds Dora. He then gives her money so she can dissapear and be safe. Babak goes back to the US to finally give the location of the world most wanted Obama Bush.

  9. Eduardo Garcia-Godoy said:

    “Making it in the Big City”

    It was late at night in Hollywood, Los Angeles, while down below the ground started moving. The earthquake lasted just two minutes, but those seconds turned into years of disaster and reparation. During May 12 of 1998 a whole city collapse just for two minutes that seemed as days of agony.

    Earlier that day Matt a young guy from the country, which had just come to Hollywood with a promising actor career was in his normal day to day working as waiter in a restaurant. He had left home with his best friend, and now they were looking for the American Dream, that was becoming rich and famous.

    Matt of course was the one with the pretty face, Kidd in the other hand was planning on becoming an agent in the big city but he had the gift of selling, starting with his first “start client” his best friend. They were inseparable and had known each other since pre-school. That night all changed when the earthquake strike the city.

    They started running down the fire scape of the apartment, but it all happened too fast. Kidd got caught up and by the time Matt turned around to look back for his friend, in that same instant a piece of sealing hit Kidd in the head. It was an instant death. Matt just kept blaming himself.

    Now everything was ruined. His dreams fell apart, he just couldn’t live with guilt and now his dreams seemed vanish no body would take him as a client. But reading the newspaper a month after the earthquake he saw an advertisement from New York: “CASTINGS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO PARTCIPATE IN A PLAY ON THE MET” Matt fills up with the courage and decides to travel all the way to Manhattan. After waiting in line for hundred of people to get cast, he finally makes his way in to try out. But he didn’t know it was for a musical he just had never tried singing. But he was already there so he just gave it shot. Surprisingly it was incredible, he got picked immediately, and he had just never known that side of him.

    On his first performance he started off very nervous, but he got to fill it in his heart. He kept singing and acting incredibly well, he was suddenly being called from many agents in Hollywood to become a client. But he just felt right in New York and he stayed and became a huge actor in the big city.

  10. Chad and James were best friends and aside from this they had a partnership on their business. Unfortunately their business was not a common business as the one we see everyday. Their business was drug traffic and they were the number 1 in the caribbean.

    One day James was homealone with Chad’s wife and they were flirting. That nothing happened, but the following week, James had Chad’s wife in his bed. Chad was suspecting something strange between James and his wife on a dinner they were all together, but he could imagine that his wife would be cheating with James. The nex day, Chad took his wife’s cellphone and began to check it out. He didn’t find any conversations, except for a call made by James. That afternoon Chad and James had a meeting about some new business that would take them out of drugs and put them in a legal business so they can be clean. Chad started speaking of his wife and James started to laugh, this made Chad very angry, but he couldn’t accused him since he didn’t have any proven information.

    Months passed and James and Chad’s wife were having their very closed relationships while Chad was in business trips. Chad was arriving the afternoon and James and Chad’s wife were going to pick him up at airport. Finally James was heading to the airport with Chad’s wife. While driving James and Chad’s wife started to kiss. Unfortunatley they did’t see a 18 wheeler and they crash into it. They both died, but nobody knew which was the reason.

    Chad was very curious and he needed to know which was the reason of the accident since James nevered had crashed. He started to investigate if the victims had a real romance or he was only inventing this.

    The first person he interrogated was his maid. She told him that his wife was leaving her leave early from the house a couple of days and more often when he was on a trip. This was big clue for the investigation. This meant that his wife was leaving the maid leave the house early so she couldn’t see James, but still he couldn’t confirm this because nobody had seen James.

    The second person he interrogated was the security guard. He asked the security guard if had seen James sometimes around the apartment. The guard told Chad that he had seen James, and that he even gave some money that Chad had sent him. This clue was the final point of the story. By Chad knowing this, he went to James’ house to speak to James wife since she was very sad. Chad went to take out that sadness she had and make her happy. Chad told the complete story to James’ wife and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Chad left the house, but thinking of James beautiful wife.

    On that same week on Friday, Chad invited James’ wife to have dinner on a very fancy restaurant. They went and had dinner and Chad told her to look for some things that James had in the office with a lot of value. When they both got to the office, James’ wife told Chad, ” Forget about that, just look at me and make forget about James”.

  11. xb11 said:

    Father is not feeling well, it has been over two months of medical visit, of rituals inviting the spirits, magic and spells, but nothing seems to work. There’s no cure, for the unidentified spell he has. The kingdom will be without its leader, and the responsibility will be handed to me. It is fear I have, for if I have received the necessary training to lead this army in war, more than that to have the wisdom of learning the secrets of the Sword of Icarus.

    We are lost if we are unable to learn and sue the power of Icarus, but father is the only one who knows, the only one who has defeated an army of 1000 orcs, ogers, giants and dark creatures with it. Even though the persistent vegetative state he endures these days would not permit him to share them. The other two who knew about the magic of Icarus where the General and Colonel, both killed the day my father became a living corpse. They could not get him in battle, but the Black Wizard was able to place his darkness from far distance over him.

    It is him who I must capture, who I must get to, who I must torture to cure my father. My people are in grave danger, and an invasion feels close, their army is getting bigger and stronger. For this reason my journey must start with the best men we have, wen must conquer and bombard the land of Terios, and reach the Tower of Zion.

    I will place our fate in the hands of the Gods, may our horses, dragons and beasts be enough to trespass and reach success. For I am Tryan, son of Hazard and Prince of Terran and I will accomplish this mission.

    Three days to reach the rivers of Brase, a day more to pass through the mountains of Mordor, and then we will face death.

    At the skirts of the mountains of Mordor we acknowledge that word has crossed the maps, they were coming. Archers ambush us, from above, but they wont match our shields, and the creatures from above. We manage to confront the elves that are prolific archers, and the orcs who come by surprise, but we do loose some men. We make it through and stand having the land of Terios in the horizon, the Tower of Zion stands out and war is close. The smell of fear, and blood reaches my sense.

    The clash is never-ending, this view is the worst, but it is necessary, without the power of Icarus were in grave danger. Were falling outnumbered, my beasts are not able to handle the giants, ogers are destroying the catapults and crushing the men. Our dragons fall from the skies, with the dark sky of arrows, Valor grows in me, and I get on my dragon and go towards the tower. Due to the chaos, from the air I reach the tower, where the old man is there alone. He had too much confidence on believe that his army, would stop me.

    He is not surprised as he was waiting for me, he lifts in wand and casts spells, but my shield defends me. The wizard does not fight, but he does not let me attack him with my sword, but a spell reaches me. I start to tremble, and the effects of it get to me, he casted the same spell as my father. I fall into paralysis, and as prisoner of the wizard, he chuckles in a victoria fashion. Terran is doomed, this is the thought in my mind, my men continue to die, our women and children will suffer. Is this the fate the Gods had planned for us? Suddenly a strike of lighting falls, in the space between the Black Wizard and me, it cures me from the spell and paralyzes the wizard’s body. The Gods chose to save the fate of my legion.

    We take the wizard as prisoner, enough torture, led him to cure my father. We have power again; the power of the Sword of Icarus is mine! And I have been appointed as King of Terran, for saving my people. My people who will soon become my slaves, as soon as they get the news that my father das died accidentally. It is me, who will not only be King of Terran, but also conquer Zion, the land of Eritrea, Stairos and the world.

  12. Luis Guerrero said:

    Jeffrey had just turned 21 when his grandfather died. He has been living with him since his father past away when he was 8. He had been receiving anonymous phone calls asking about the “gardens of heaven”. Jeffrey did not know what these phone calls were about, so he just hanged up every time. His grandfather was the only connection Jeffrey had to his dad.

    One day, while Jeffrey was asleep, 2 ninjas came to his house to try and kill him. Luckily, he woke up just in time to prevent it. Jeffrey had been keeping his grandfather’s gun in a small table besides his bed. He killed the ninjas. He did not know what the ninjas were after, but a small paper inside the ninjas pocket revealed some information on the “gardens of heaven”. This paper had his grandfather’s name on it, and his name too. He decided he needed to find out exactly what was the “gardens of heaven”. He needed to go to the land of the dead to retrieve the information from his grandfather that just passed away.

    Jeffrey decides to start looking in the newspapers and antique shops for a special person to take him to the land of the dead. While searching with no luck, he touched up on an old school friend. For his luck, that old school friend was now studying in Hogwarts. James decided to help Jeffrey to go to the land of the dead. It was James first time practicing this magic, so, he advised Jeffrey that he was risking it. James proceeded with the dark magic. While he was performing this magic, he forgot to add one ingredient.

    When Jeffrey woke up, he was at the gate of the land of the dead. There was a big threshold guardian guarding the place. When he quietly approached the gates, the threshold guarding did not let him pass. He proceeded to fight the giant in order to have access to the place. He failed. The threshold giant said that he needed to find out what has been Jeffrey’s biggest mistake and redeems him. He did not know what he was talking about so he started to think. He spent hours and hours thinking but he could not find anything too big. After countless and countless of hours thinking about this he still could not find anything. His time was coming to and end. He then remembered that he had killed to ninjas without knowing what were they looking for, or what they wanted. He shared this information with the guardian and finally he was allowed access to the land of the dead. He meditated and realized that he had killed to innocent lives without knowing what was there purpose. He felt so bad that we wanted to commit suicide and be left there at the land of the dead.

    When he finally entered, he met his grandfather. His grandfather was very disappointed because of what he had done. After Jeffrey receiving a very long speech from his grandfather, he proceeded to ask his grandfather about the “Gardens of heaven”. His grandfather proceeded to inform him that Jeffrey’s father, his own son, had been the guardian of the “Gardens of heaven”. When he died, it was passed on to him. And when he died, it was passed on to Jeffrey. The ninjas were entering his house to inform him and give him the information needed in order to be the guardian. Jeffrey was so sad and disappointed about himself that he did not want to go back. Jeffrey realized that he had not spent enough time with his grandfather when he was alive. He was disappointed at his own self. After coming back from the land of the dead, Jeffrey started to look at everything with a different mentality. He was a new person because of the lesson he had been taught.

  13. David Santamaria said:

    Crictus and Plactus landed in earth 3 years ago with the only purpose of understanding Human behavior and culture. They came from a planet called Marutius in another galaxy very far from earth. They were starting to comprehend every aspect of Humanity; their feelings, organization, and much more.
    Plactus had with him the substance that gave them human form and characteristics. He was the only one that could control it. Without it, they wouldn’t survive more than 24 hours and could not get out to the streets. Plactus was being investigated by a government organization that is in charge of these special cases. He was caught and sent back to his galaxy.

    Crictus is now alone in earth. He received a message from his planet saying that Plactus was caught and had to leave earth. Plactus needed the substance in order to continue his expedition on earth. He started to make the arrangements to go to Marutius. When he arrived to his planet he discovered that Plactus was killed because he couldn’t accomplish his mission. Crictus was now aware that he could be killed as well. He went to a friend that would help him. He needed the substance in order to go back to earth. They went to a place where they knew they would find it, but they had to cross thru a guardian army in order to get it.

    They passed thru the first group of the guardian army, but now Crictus have to go by himself and face an enormous monster with three heads.
    He cut each of the three heads with his sword. Now he has the substance in his power, an amount that would allow him to survive more than 50 years on earth. He does not want to leave his planet, but he knows that if he stays he will be murdered.
    He is now on his way back to earth, where he will have to manage to survive and escape to the many threats he will face…

    David Santamaria

  14. joaquin castillo said:

    Once upon a time in ancient Japan, around the year 2,000 B.C., Sasuke and Daisuke the sons of the ruler of Japan were given the throne of the empire when their dad, Zakamura, the Japanese ruler died. Zakamura was poison by their enemy the Chinese, the Japanese Empire and the Chinese Empire were on a war that had already lasted 72 years. The Chinese killed Zakamura, to despair the Japanese forces and try to win the war and conquer their empire. Sasuke and Daisuke were twins; they both were the generals of the Japanese Samurais’ army.

    The death of Zakamura had devastated the Japanese Empire and the Chinese were moving quickly into Japan territory killing every Samurai they fought with. Sasuke and Daisuke were desperate, as their army was been outnumbered by the Chinese. So they decided that one of them should go to Mount Saswki and talk to the sensei Hiroki and ask for advice for the war. Sensei Hiroki had been a war advisor for Zakamura for nearly 50 years and it was thanks to Hiroki that the Japanese had never lost to the Chinese during Zakamura reign. Sasuke offered himself to go leaving Daisuke leading the army by himself for the first time. As Sasuke was on his trip, the Chinese were moving and moving into the Japanese territory, victory now seem close to the Chinese. 8 days passed and Sasuke had finally spoken with Hiroki had told him what was the only way the Japanese could win the war. Surprisingly they both were ambush by Chinese spies Hiroki was taken bacjk to the Chinese General and Sasuke was tortured, the Chinese tried to take out information about the Japanese Samurai but he didn’t talk so he was killed.

    Sasuke deaths reach the ears of the Japanese army and of Daisuke. The Japanese were now afraid they fear that without Sasuke and Hiroki they were thinking in surrender, but Daisuke reminded them that they are Samurai and a Samurai never surrenders. The Japanese army was doubled by the Chinese. Daisuke desperately talk to a wizard to see if he could revive his brother. The wizard told him that maybe there was a way; Daisuke had to go to the temple of life and confront the guard to save his brother. He went there and he spoke to the guard and the guard said, that the price of reviving his brother was giving the guard anything he ask for, the guard wanted Daisuke sight and strength and Daisuke agreed. Therefore Sasuke came to life again and told Daisuke the only way of saving the Japanese was by using the Stone Sword a sword Hiroki had given Zakamura many years ago, but it could only be used once. A weak and blind Daisuke and Sasuke went to look for the sword. By the time they had the sword and had return to the Japanese only 100,000 samurai were still alive and 340,000 Chinese. They had to use the sword in the middle of the battlefield for it to have complete effect on the Chinese so Daisuke and Sasuke hop on a horse and went ot the center. On their way there an arrow had reach Sasuke heart, they both fell from the Horse and Sasuke told Daisuke you are the one that needs to save our empire and gives him the Stone Sword. Sasuke then grab a sword and pull it into his stomach, which was the honorific way of a samurai dying. Tears came out of Daisuke eyes as he walks toward the Chinese side, a blind Daisuke was confused in the middle of the battle, he hear some steps in his back so he took out his knife and luckily kill a Chinese that was going to kill him. After that he decided to use the Stone Sword so he use the little strength that he still had and raise the sword the highest he could and then he push it into the ground converting every Chinese soldier into stone. Daisuke didn’t know that the one who use his sword will also turned into stone. The war ended and the Japanese had won the war the bodies of the two brothers were place in a temple as honor and Daisuke and Sasuke became legends in the Japanese and Chinese cultures.

  15. Lazaro Medina said:

    Matthew, the hero’s brother is a nuclear physicist that has been kidnapped and forced into working for a small group of mobsters who have a twisted, abhorrent and, generally naïve, mindset. Matthews’s latest project has involved the creation of 10 nuclear warheads, each with enough power to expunge a full city and level it back to prehistoric times. The group of Russians for which Matthew works, has been contemplating whether or not to murder him and his co-workers after they finalize the project. It’s the only form of assurance they have that will eliminate any divulging of information to the outside world. Matthew has been suspicious of management intents and as a last effort; Matthew has left a set of bread crumbs for his brother, T.J. But in order to deliver the electronic message to T.J. he must sacrifice his life. And that he does. Matthew breaks out of the holding blocks by stabbing a guard that was distracted, while chatting with one of his ‘sexual encounters,’ over the phone. Matthew sprints to the mainframe computer and sends a set of encrypted data that only his brother will be able to decipher. At which point Matthew is shot in the head by the top-dog, Ivan, in the head with his golden colt .45.

    T.J. is Matthew’s smaller brother, whom like his sibling followed in his steps of becoming a nuclear physicist. Yet T.J. has become a less of a superstar compared to his brothers’ prior employment. T.J. is a high school math teacher. He has become a simple guy that enjoys the details in life and has grown used to the idea of not practicing his nuclear profession, albeit; deep down inside he misses the exciting nature of discovering and developing new technology and socially relevant hardware. T.J. comes home from work one afternoon begins with his normal routines of placing his key on the table and placing some food down for his obese fur ball he calls a cat. At one point he glances at his desktop and sees that he has new mail in his inbox. He takes a seat and is startled by the fact that it is an email from his brother from whom he hasn’t heard of in nearly half a decade. T.J. had already accepted the thought that his brother was already dead, due to the inability to come into contact with after his abrupt disappearance on a European trip. As soon as T.J. begins to read the email, his apartments’ doorbell rings. A group six, combat suited soldiers from Homeland security come rushing in at which point T.J. try’s to flee the scene but is not successful and taken into custody with a black bag over his head while he screams, “ I didn’t do it!!” We cut to a dark room that has a table in front of T.J., a single light bulb that is capable of dehydrating a turkey and a laptop at short reach. A black tie agent walks into the room and asks, “Do you know why you’re here?” T.J. is scared shitless out of his mind and responds with a timid “No.” T.J. is informed about the nature of the email he received from his brother. He is told he was kidnapped and forced to work for a group of Russians that have held the world captive with W.M.D. The groups of Russians have successfully dodged satellite tracking and any form of secret service infiltration. T.J. now has to decrypt the message that only him and his late brother understand. He learns that Matthew has left a trail that, if followed and executed, will dismantle the software need to launch the wars heads. In order to do this T.J. must access the Russians mainframe that has now been detected due to the latest encrypted message. Unfortunately, the government must send T.J. for this job since Matthew explained that the only person that can break the eloquent system he constructed is T.J. They shared a strong bond and brotherly friendship that kept each other involved with the creation of entertaining technology that amused and solidified their somewhat childish candor. T.J. and Homeland Security learn that the only way to track the Russians and dismantle their plans of global chaos, is by sending T.J. into the Russian H.Q. T.J. expresses that as much as he wants to help and assist his brother, he is not capable of executing life and death situations. The agents explain to him and convince him that without his help, millions of people throughout the world will die. As expected after the potent speech, T.J. agrees and is shipped to Russian with a group of soldiers. While on the massive airplane, T.J. receives some rudimentary combat and gun management skills by a female agent, who later becomes a love interest. Once arriving at the location, T.J., being the brains of the operations has to break open high-tech doors that require savvy intelligence to hack. He and the agent’s break through various barriers of security, while periodically being welcomed with open gun fire; the team losses of 8 of the 10 members that were on the mission after the unfriendly confrontation. At one point he is forced to use an AK-47 that he grabs from a dead body and assist the female agent. They have now made it to the main frame. To their surprise, the launch sequence for the missiles has begun. In 3 minutes 10 major cities throughout the world will be written off the face of the earth. He gets into the main computer and starts to work his magic he is almost done disabling the warheads when Ivan comes in, knocks out the female agent and is about to shoot T.J. Ivan, acknowledges the physical similarity between T.J. and Matthew and says “You must be Matthew’s brother. Looks like you both are going to die by my hand.” In a sad, yet furious manor T.J. says, “I’ll kill you;” Ivan replies, “I doubt it.” Ivan gets distracted and T.J. takes advantage and enters into a struggle where he succeeds and kills Ivan. He then goes to stop the weapons from firing, with only 40 seconds left, and triumphs. At the end of the story, T.J. remembers his brother and learns about what happened to him. We fast forward to 5 years down the round and we see T.J. with the female agent who is now his girlfriend and co-worker on secret government missions.


  16. Laura Musa said:

    Bart White lived in Seattle; he was lonely all the time. His loving wife had died three years ago, and since then he had not been the same. Bart had graduated from MIT, where he met Claire, his then girlfriend and then wife. He had been working on the Secret Service when he was with her, telling her he worked and Bank of America, but when she died, everything fell apart, and he resigned. He began making software for Blackberry, he really didn’t like it, but it was something he could do from his home. One day, he was approached by a couple of men in black suits, asking him to accompany them to the Huggies office. He wondered, why would he be needed in a pampers office? He has nothing to do with them, he doesn’t even have babies anymore, but the men in black were persistent. They said he was needed, and they said he wouldn’t regret it. Next day, Bart Archibald arrived at the Huggies office, in Independence Avenue. Being cautious after a weird event with the black suits, he didn’t tell anything to his wife or kids. He entered the office. All he could see were pampers everywhere, people in desks with telephones, a couple of photo copiers and printers, not much as it would seem from a six story building. The men welcomed him to the elevator. When Bart entered and doors closed, they entered a code, and the elevator went down. It was a surprise, since the numbers in the elevator were one to six. The doors opened, and there was Barrack Obama. After the meet and greet, Barrack told him to sit down, and continued on telling him his friend Walter had died. Tears rolled through Bart’s face. He couldn’t understand. “This isn’t all,” he continued, “Walter had the papers with the codes of the nuclear bomb, and we need to get them back, and as you know, when one of my secret agents dies, we transport them to the Dead Secret Island. With our newest technology, we will transport you, and you have to come back within three hours. You are the only one he trusts, and the only one he will give this information to.” Bart was hesitant, but then again, he was the one who created, with Walter, the latest nuclear bomb, he was responsible for it. Bart accepted. Right away Barrack announced that he was going to be transported right now. The men in black have a code in a sealed envelope to Bart, and told him to get in the elevator and press it. Bart did exactly that. Nothing was happening. He suddenly fell asleep. When he woke up, there he was, in Secret Dead Island. It was nothing like he imagined it to be. It was seriously an island; palm trees, piña coladas, bikinis, it was the good life. Bart was on a boat, watching this all from a distance. Guards were all over shore, he wasn’t really sure why. As he pedaled his way to the shore, a guard stopped him. The guard told him that in order to enter the island, he must answer two questions. Bart accepted. “How many secret agents are there just for the protection of the president?” Bart had no idea. Even though he had been a secret agent years before, it was not for the protection of the president. He just thought in the United States, Barrack, everything, he had no idea. “50,” Bart replied thinking of the states as a wild guess. “Correct. Second question: Who is the Chief in the Service?” Bart started getting anxious. A name? He had seriously no idea. He remembered everyone in the service called themselves ‘Peter’ but that couldn’t be it. The guard was asking for a real name, the chief’s name. If he couldn’t get this name, the mission would not be able to be accomplished because of him; he would have let down Barrack. Well, might as well tell him so he could be transported to the real world again, “John.” The guard took a long look at him. “Correct.” He stepped aside so that Bart could enter. Right away, he started looking for Walter. He saw him far away, and started running to him. After a tight hug, and Bart explaining him about everything, Walter gave him the codes. Bart clarified he had to go because he only had three hours there, and if he didn’t get back to the boat on time, he would be stuck in the island. As he was running to the boat, there she was. Claire. His wife that had died from cancer three years ago. He was shocked. How could Claire be there? It was a Secret Service Dead Island. He walked to her as she walked to him. “Yes, I was an agent, too” He couldn’t believe it. She was working in the same scene that she was. Of course, being secret service meant to tell no one you worked there. After a long talk, and five hours later, it was definite. Bart stayed in the island.

  17. In 400bc Promethius is the sole heir of the Greek empire, his father Orion III is the King but he had an affair with one of his slaves a Young women named Aries she then gave birth to a baby boy and named him Tristan, but the king kept this a secret from his guardians and the members of the council. After several years the king’s brother organized a coup d’état and the king’s uncle killed the “sole” heir and the king that way he could ruled the kingdom himself.

    After several years the kingdom was in chaos the new ruler was ambitious and cruel and ruled with tyranny, the young boy ignorant of his true identity is still a slave in the castle along with his mother, but his mother is dying of a terrible fever and the young man is scared of being left alone this world, the mother on her death bed tell her dear son the following words “you are the one that must change this kingdom and returned it to its past glory, you are the true heir of the throne” young Tristan took this words and went to the elders a group of witches and sorcerers that have guided the empire for countless years, they knew about the young boy’s existence and where waiting for the time he came to claim the throne, but for Tristan to claim the throne he needed to prove himself worthy as a King that could keep his people safe from the enemies created by this tyrant king.

    The elders told the young Tristan that there was only one way that he could prove himself to the people as the true heir if the throne, that was meeting his father and conquer the underworld. The elders opened a door to the underworld and after having warn Tristan of the dangers gave him a choice he could either go or not, Tristan fear for his life but after giving it more thought, having lost his mother refuse to let the people of the kingdom suffer at the hands of the king and decided that he must take on this adventure and become the next king in order to ensure the life of the people. Tristan arrived at the underworld, he was lost for 66 days wandering strangely in the underworld he didn’t need food or water as long as he was suffering unknown forces kept him from dying.

    After a while he manage to find the gates of hell, where he believe that the king was, he first had to defeat the gate keeper one of the best warriors that had lived, he engage in battle with the fierce warrior and the battle was clearly one-sided the warrior was playing with him, the young Tristan was on the verge of death, but in one close call Tristan made the warrior tripped and fell into the pits of hell. Tristan continued his journey down to the hell where he met his father; the two of them were in shock but the king new that there was only 1 way that this could be his son, a final face-off where the son confronts his dad. The fight was fierce the young Tristan was learning to fight as the fight went on it was as if the king was teaching him and leaving everything in his hands. After a while the young Tristan proved himself and returned to the kingdom to face his uncle the tyrant king. Tristan face the king in a public hearing where the entire kingdom was present, the battle started, Tristan was fighting with everything his father taught him in the underworld, but the king was a formidable opponent they were both fighting to the best of their ability but the king was not playing fair he was being overpower and used every cheap trick to win the upper hand, Tristan manage to beat the king, but the king suddenly had the edge after tricking Tristan into letting him live, and stabbed him in the back as Tristan claim his throne at that moment the earth open and the previous king Orion came from the dead and dragged his brother to the underworld with him. The young Tristan was injured but not fatally the elders manage to save him, everyone witness the heroism of the young man he proved himself and was now worthy of being called KING..

  18. (Ordinary world). Mark Jefferson is a detective who works for the DEA, but his boss always has discriminated against because he says it’s not as good as John Nicholson, another important detective, who has a reputation of being the best in research. So, the boss always sends John to the biggest and important missions.

    The boss entrusts a mission to John, which is to rescue a portfolio that is in the office of Mexico’s largest drug dealer. The portfolio has information of the most wanted drug dealers in Mexico, with this portfolio in the hands of the DEA, they can find them all. When John travels to Mexico, unfortunately dies (Someone dies).

    When the DEA finds out that killed one of his best agents, trying to organize a new plan, but they do not have time because they need the portfolio in 48 hours, to run the mission. So, they don’t have more options that send Mark Jefferson to rescue the portfolio, because he was the only detective available, so the boss had to swallow his pride and send it, Jefferson said he was going to show what he is able to do, with this mission he was going to demonstrate his talent (The hero must travel).

    (The hero starts off). The drug dealer realized that John Nicholson was looking for the portfolio, so he keeps it in a vault (The test), located in the basement of his house. The true mission of Mark Jefferson will find the key to open the vault and rescue the portfolio. The officers, led by Mark, must enter the house that is full of cameras, laser movement and armed men (Final confrontation).

    Mark and the other agents, achieve the mission, because they found the painting that had the numbers dialed behind. In two days they came back alive and with the portfolio (Win). The boss was so proud and now Mark is the new Director of Research Department (Return).

  19. Marcos Troncoso 10-0884 said:

    Since the dawn of time humans have been searching for the ultimate secret, the secret of eternal life. What nobody new was that there was a man holding this mystical secret. His name was Peter Given and he was a physics professor at MIT. Peter lived a simple life without many luxuries he liked to enjoy the finer things in life ,yes this sounds ironic but when you hold the secret to eternal life money is just a measly component in the grand schema of things. He was always searching for the truth thats why he chose to be a physicist. Now why would a man who holds the secret to eternal life have such a dull profession why not be an extreme sports athlete or an explorer. This is because having the secret to eternal life has its disadvantages. Peter was a frail man with a high tendency for getting sick he suffered form chronic pneumonia and a battery of other diseases. In a way better was a walking oxymoron a very strong willed man with a heart of steal but with a weak body.

    Peters nephew Brian was the complete opposite strong,opulent and unmotivated but destiny had other plans for him. Brian was a junior in college he attended LSU with full ride as a football player in other words he was a meathead. Scouts have been watching him since the first time he could ever hold a football. It was obvious where he was going.

    Suddenly an epidemic breaks out something never seen by humanity millions of people dying all over the globe in just a matter of hours. It was obvious that this was the end of humanity. Peter thought he was the one to solve this problem so he started working in his lab and created the fountain of life. Peter had done it had saved the world and suddenly he drops dead. Taking with him the only chance of salvation.

    Brian devastated by his favorites uncles death he rushes to boston to attend his funeral in the middle of total chaos. Speeding on his bike state through state brian finally reaches the funeral. He was shocked to see that no one was there except a frail old man that look like a homeless man.Brian stared at the man for while and he really couldn’t recognize him so went up to him and asked him but the man didn’t give him the chance to speak he touched Brian in the forehead , sending him to the land of the dead.

    Brian woke up disoriented and nauseous suddenly the man that was in the funeral appeared before him but this time with a white robe on. he gave brian a piece of paper explaining what power and knowledge his uncle possessed and that he was chosen by his uncle to retrieve it in the after life. Then suddenly a giant gate appeared , Brian immediately went up to it and read the inscription on the padlock “This is the point of no return”. Brain being the typical meathead didn’t pay a lot of attention to this warning little did he know that he was going to change in ways that he never thought of. 100 meters from the door was his uncle with the instructions for using this device. Easy enough he thought i just saved the world. On his way back he saw the gate but suddenly appeared a tiny man a bit irish looking wearing a black robe and golden chains. He told Brian that he could not go through,Brian just thought i could just kick the little guy and walked right through. So he did and thats when he felt it the most excruciating pain a human could ever endure. Brian immediately went into the fetus position and this is when it happened.

    He was suddenly in this small dark compartment with a tube on his belly button of course he didn’t know this but he was inside a woum but not his mothers woum . This time brain was destined for a life of poverty and misery here he would learn what he needed to do to save the world. Brian brought to a world of misery and despair was striving to be the best he could fighting to have his way in the world. He had been given the chance to really appreciate life because after all the pain he suffers he ends up being in the same place he was 21 years ago. A scholar at LSU with a full ride scholarship but this time he was a doctor. And again an epidemic breaks through but this time brian knows what to do he puts the formula to practice and saves the world.

  20. Dieter Raful said:

    Miguel Church, known by his friends as “the kid” grew up in Los Praditos, a known ghetto from the Dominican Republic. The kid was raised by a single mother who loved him and cared for him until he grew up a mind of his own, but after he grew up a mind of his own he starts noticing how everything on his life became to be what he wanted and failure was never an options even when he didn’t want success so bad. So when The kid was about 15 years old he started a gang called Los Menores (the minors) and he began commercializing illegal substances from cocaine and pills to even steroids around his block, such life was introduce to him by the same people he grew up with so he actually realized that such business was going to offer more than anything if he didn’t get caught, which he knew couldn’t happen. After a couple of years he moved out of the ghetto and his illegal organization became one of the most known crime group of Dominican Republic. After 15 years out of the ghetto, his mother Ms. Yudelka, never left her home and her relationship with the kid had got to the point that money was the only topic of conversation, but after Ms. Yudelka suddenly death from supposedly be engaging some religious rituals, the kid now had to face some more problems than just running from the cops and keep on with his work, he now needed to understand what actually was going on with her mom, and with him.

    The kid returned where it all began to Los Praditos and begun asking questions and giving away money to the needed at the same time, trying to find a hint of what happened. His old friends tell him that Daviti Fullini, one old Jamaican guy from the block that didn’t used to talk much and an old friend of his mother was the last one who saw her alive so he goes talk to him.
    Daviti told The kid that her mother and him had started a friendship long years ago to even before he was born, and that his mother had reached to him in order to learn the world of rituals and the praise of gods. He then confessed that Ms. Yudelka had told him she had began an ancient Egyptian ritual like 25 years ago that was going to change her life forever and will save the ones she loved the most.

    Daviti didn’t know anything else, but that was enough for The kid, the story had left him speechless, without reasoning, confused, and mostly scare of what his mother was really like, and if he even knew her at all, but between all the news something was still clear for him, she loved him, and no one could question him that feeling.
    Daviti in between the confusion of The kid, offer him some help. He told The kid that something could be done to finally know what really happened but that sacrifices had to be done. He presented the kid the possibility of looking for his mother beyond death in an effort to ask her what was really going on but for this the ritual will cost The kid his fortune and all the power he had managed to possess, and he accept it. The kid realized that without her mother he could had never become what he was today and that his feelings for her would had hunt him for the rest of his life.
    After 2 hours of preparation and one more hour of dancing around a skull and smoking some really nasty stuff, The kid got naked inside a pool full of chopped frog heads and cat tails and he needed to think of his mother until all the tears he got in his eyes drained for what whom he really wanted to see. After hours of thinking about her and screaming of agony in a blink of an eye he transported his mind and soul into this place where nothing existed, there was no gravity, nor time, day or night , not even a sound of a fly, and in the middle of his sight there she was, his mother, in both knees and with her head down. He went close to her, without rushing it, kind of acting like if didn’t want it to end, and he asked her, why? Ms. Yudelky looked up and starred into his eyes and just whispered, “because you’re his son and there’s nothing I can do to change it”, The kid asked; “of who”, and she only answered a word, for some a name, “Lucifer”.

    The kid woke up in his bed, surrounded by luxury and everything a man could desire, took a good look to what he had accomplished and sat down, after a single bullet passed through his mouth all the way to the middle of his head.

  21. Mike, from Alivesville, is one of the most charismatic and knowledgeable persons to ever hold this spot for this town. He is known by everyone in the community. He has everything a person could ever ask for, a great family, stable relationship with his wife, and wealth. He seemed like he had the answer to everything, he had pretty much his life figured out. The reason for his fortune and success is not merely luck, when he was a child her grandfather, a very successful man, gave him an amulet. This amulet guided his grandfather through life without a hassle. This amulet basically told Mike what to do in every situation. Since that day he has never failed in life.
    Mike has an adopted brother called John. John has never had anything good in life, he works full time and does not have anyone behind him. He has learned to go through life the tough way. One day Mike sat down and realized the misfortune of John. Mike realized that he have done great in life, and thought that he could give John a chance to do better in life. So Mike gave John the amulet and told him about how powerful this tool was.
    John did not believe that this was going to work, but one day he decided to give it a try. He got everything he wanted in a short time span. Mike was very happy seeing the progress of his brother but saw how everything not quite working for himself, but he is not as concerned. Sometime later, Mike went to visit John at his new apartment, just to find that he was not there. He wasn’t found anywhere, but he was certain that this power could easily lead him to death, so he assumed this. Mike’s life was now a disaster he didn’t have the mystical guidance he had before.
    Mike needed to know what happened to the amulet and to his brother, he rushed into his grandparents old abandoned house, a 3 hour drive from where he lives. When he got there he started searching everywhere for some sort of clue that could lead him to his brother. Surprisingly, he found the same exact amulet his grandpa gave to him when he was young. He later remembered that he was told that there were only two of these. Now with the magical amulet guided him to Nirvanaville, a forsaken town, that he had only heard in infamous tales.
    Once he reached this town the entrance of the town had some sort of threshold labyrinth that took him some time to figure it out himself because somehow the amulet did not work. Once he got to this place he was in a place that seemed like a lobby with the size of Grand Central Station in NYC, he couldn’t believe how impressive this was. Immediately Mike saw John, and questioned him about his disappearance, John did not know what to say and was being obnoxious. Mike decided that too much power led John to his greediness and attitude and without thinking it much he confronted him.
    Mike wanted the best for his brother, but all this amulet did was harm him. Finally after Mike knocked out John, he could take the amulet from his power, and decided to go further pass the lobby. When he entered this place, all he saw was happiness, joy, just like if he was high. Then he understood why this place was called Nirvana, this word is a concept that means “blowing out of the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion” . It was such a perfect world within that place that he decided that he could give up everything he had in Alivesville and start over again.
    The main purpose of this amulet was to guide them to this new place, which they have wanted to much and struggled to transform their ordinary world into this. And there’s no coming back for them.

  22. Tomas Enrique said:

    This is the story of Carlos an FBI agent who tries on a daily basis to solve crimes in California. One day he was in his police car when he saw, three guys on a car that were not placing their seat belts right and that where drinking alcohol while driving. That caught the attention of the police man, he decide to give this three guys a chance so he didn’t chase them. Later on Carlos heard on the radio that there was a murder of a guy called Smith Johnson in a house in Malibu California. So he tried to go over there in order to solve the problem that was taking place. When he gets over the place he saw the same car that he saw that same day with the three guys, left on the street.
    He was outside the house trying to negotiated with them their freedom, but they insist that they didn’t want that , they have already kill someone inside the house. One of them lose already its freedom, two of them where still remain with their liberty, inside of the house there was the wife of Smith and his daughter Taisha who both remain as hostages inside of the house.
    Carlos was outside the house and things started to get more complicated , two guys where outside the house , trying to get something inside that same house , so they took the advantage that Carlos , the police man was outside trying to solve the problem at smith house.
    During that Day Carlos decided to call another police in order to guard the house, the three criminals inside the house where putting pressure, that if the police get closer to them they would kill the daughter and the wife. That same night they couldn’t solve anything,. Carlos the police man when back to his house in order t rest, the guys that where outside the house saw Carlos and try to follow him all the way to his house.
    The next day Carlos went over to take turn at Smith house to see how he could solve the problem that day he tried again to negotiated with the three criminals their freedom, but they still denied the offer.
    Carlos that day receive a call from three guys , saying that he should get inside smith house and get a special CD that was inside the house , otherwise his wife and daughter will be kill.
    Now Carlos was facing the same problem that smith family was facing inside the house.
    The exchange was that Carlos needed to get that CD that was inside of Smith house in order for them to leave alive his daughter and wife.
    Things started to get more complex when he received that call from these random guys.
    That same day Carlos went over the smith house and talk to the guys and try to put pressure , these three guys where paying attention to Carlos the police man , and he was trying to explain to them the situation that was taking place.
    Carlos told the assassin that was inside the house that if they get a CD that was in the office of MR. Smith he will offer them freedom; Carlos did this in order to save his family. The guys were looking at the DVD and they lucky find it , but they didn’t give it on time to Carlos due that one of the three guys , the one who kill Mr. Smith , shot the other two guys and after that he committed suicide . After that Carlos get into the house in a hurry because he tough the little daughter or the wife was injured, none of both were injured, he took both of them together with the CD and run out of Smith house alive.
    Carlos in a hurry call the guys that call him and told them that he had the CD that they ask for, so he went over them and gave them the CD but first he needed to see that his wife and daughter were ok, after that he gave the random guys the CD that they ask for and they finally liberate Carlos wife and daughter and he return to his ordinary life saving smith family members and his own family.


  23. Thiago da Cunha 10-0028 said:

    Mr. Dave Fuicherson got in the back of his Bentley as he exited the he Estate in Trump Towers. He did not have to tell his chofer where he was going, because he schedule was predesigned and pre scheduled just like every other day of the week. As the CEO at Coca-Cola, he received a great amount of work and pressure throughout the year making him a very busy man. He always had his suit case ready with all his working tools: pen, paper, documents, and a laptop. With him, he carried his I-Pad and cell phone at all times so he can attend calls and review notes for meetings he will be attending. However, as he made his way around the block he realized that the speech he was going to give at 150th anniversary of Coca Cola wasn’t in his I-pad. He started to panic as he tried to practice the speech but couldn’t remember anything. He then told the chofer to make his way back so he can upload it properly. This, with Miami traffic at its best, took them around 15 minutes to reach the estate again. He then rushed in, uploaded it to his I-Pad and rushed out. He then started practicing his speech the whole way to the Fountain Bleu where he would give out the speech.
    As he was reaching the destination, making his way down Collins Ave. he heard a thundering BOOM and a flash of light that blinded and surprised him and his chofer, who started swerving from the unexpected chain of events. He then came to a halt and saw cars turning around and people running the other way, that’s when he got out of the car and saw a big fire coming out of the Fountain Bleu, he couldn’t believe it. He started running towards the hotel and saw everything up in flames, cars burned, glash shattered, and men, women, and children crying and running in circles frantically. It had to be some sort of explosion he thought. He then started helping out the firefighters with the wounded.
    The next day, as he lied in bed and watched the news, it was confirmed, a terrorist attack had been made on the building. He was then sent a crucial bit of information, the two holders of the secret Coca-Cola formula were in there and they are both missing. This was a great problem, for safety issues they both had different halves of the formula memorized. So now with them gone who would input the formula for the next trimester? Dave then grew pale. He had to find some way of retrieving this formula before this got out, or he would be history. The Coca-Cola company will go down in flames with out the formula and it would be his name taking the blame for it.
    He then called all the Vice-Presidents and top executives to his mansion for an emergency meeting. He started off by explaining the situation and telling them the dilemma. They then had to find some way of getting the secret formula. But they didn’t know how, that’s when they realized they had to reach the family of the original owners. They had to find the Candler family. It would be a long shot because the only remaining one was 85 years old and lived in Georgia.
    When Dave arrived at the house of Candler, it was a little farm house just on the outskirts of the Georgia. He told him the problem and asked him how he could solve it, that’s when the aged Candler told him there is no way, they’re dead! Dave couldn’t believe it, he would have to be responsible for the loss of the formula so he kept on talking to Candler asking him how they invented it, there had to be a way. That’s when Candler told him the legend of the Cola. It is believed that the first cola was actually created through a Cocaine overdose by a inventive and very crazy Candler. I have no choice I should give my self this overdose either find the way of creating it again or disdaining my name. He then demanded a pound of Cocaine and dived in it head first snorting and breathing in all he can. He then got really dizzy and went out cold.
    He then woke up in a Valley. He then asked where am I? In the valley of death answered a skeleton. Why did you kill yourself? Because I have to find the secret formula for Coca-Cola to save the company and my family name. The skeleton then answered, that is very noble of you, action giving up your life for your family name and honor, you have passed the test just as the original Candler did, here is the formula!
    Then there was just a white light. Dave thought wow this is the white light everyone talks about when they die, then he hears someone next to him, it was his wife. He was in intensive care in a hospital. That’s when she asked him why he gave himself that overdose? That’s when he asked for a paper and pen and jotted the secret formula down and went back to sleep. She did not know what this was but she knew that it was something important and when he would get better shell give it back to him.

    • vbodden said:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuicherson!!!! Deja que Davi lo vea te va a matar

  24. After the burial, Jacob Lucas went home. Mixed feelings of fear, anger, and uncertainty absorbed him as he smashed the remote to the wall, remembering it wasn’t working when it failed to turn on the TV. Laying on the couch, he turned around, closed his eyes, knowing he wouldn’t sleep. The boss dying meant big trouble; he knew he was getting killed. Weeks before he had been harassed by Fat Lou’s hit men-he had been followed and threatened over the phone several times. He knew the next call would be coming soon, if he didn’t get shot first.

    The Boss was killed walking out of his apartment in the Bronx, and he was sure it had been Lou. The boss owed him big money from drugs, and hadn’t been paying for weeks. Jacob knew the boss hid the money somewhere, but for some reason he didn’t want to touch the money for a while. He had been extra-careful his last days, because he knew he was going to be chased until he paid. He was right.

    Jake thought of Shirley and Sean, his children, and his parents. If he didn’t find quickly the hiding place for the cash and pay the gang, they would be going too. Mr. J, the boss, always bragged about no one knowing where the cash was, only him. Jacob didn’t have a clue where to start, and he was sure it was only matter of time until the guys were at his door.

    Two days went by, and Jacob didn’t get out of his flat. He had eaten two pieces of bread the last 48 hours, and what was left of a beer. He threw on a pair of black jeans and a leather jacket, took off his diamond earring, and put on sunglasses to cover his face. The market was just three blocks away from his street and he would be back in no time. After getting enough groceries for two more days, a sign caught his attention: “Hand and card reading”. He felt curious because of his situation, so he didn’t think too long and walked in. A woman in her fifties welcomed him; she was wearing a turban an a stone between her eyes. He muttered that he wanted his hand read. He was hesitant, as if he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through with it.

    The lady looked deep into his eyes and began to slur words as if she was in a trance state. Her words astonished him, as she told him the story of his entire life, and described with details the desperation he was undergoing. He was speechless. When Maya, the woman, saw his face and that she was right about everything, she offered help. She proposed a solution for his problem, which he decided to try. Even after what he’d just heard, he didn’t believe what she was telling him.

    He was ordered to lie down, and the woman put a hot, thin towel on his face. It smelled like oriental species. He was then ordered to close his eyes, and think of the boss, and what he wanted to ask him. Suddenly, he felt as if he had fainted, but his mind didn’t stop working. He was now in a boat, passing through a red lake, where Death rowed. They finally got to a big door, where Death stopped. He attempted to climb out, but Death stopped him with a nod. He was requested to name five people who were in Hell. If he was wrong with just one, he would be thrown in the boiling lava. He thought it through for twenty minutes. Sweating, he muttered the five names. He waited and waited but Death stood there and said nothing. After a while, the doors opened. The boss was at the end of a hallway, being whipped by four tailed men. When The Boss saw him, he screamed at the men to stop for twenty seconds, until they let go. Jacob had twenty seconds to ask him and get an answer, otherwise he would not be able to. Nerves betrayed his voice, and he had to scream very loud to be heard. The Boss only said: Linda’s garage, you idiot. He had the desperate need to wake up and start running.

    Jacob opened his eyes and there he was. Back to the little place, with the woman sitting by his side. He threw fifty dollars at her, and ran out. Outside of the store, three guys grabbed him and dragged him to a van. He screamed Linda’s address, the Boss’s daughter. They drove over there, and broke into the garage. Huge piles of paper were all over the place, and behind them, were piles and piles of cash. There, the men took everything, and left him on the floor. He felt the blood flow in his veins, as he stood up. He had just reborn.

  25. Gabriel Federico Perez said:

    It was just another routine day thought Will while he was idly dozing off in the car in a warm summer afternoon. He had been working for the Italian Mafia for some time now as a body guard to Don Salvatore a boss of the area of Brooklyn in the Salvatore Mafia Family. Don Salvatore’s older brother was the head of the family or better known as the families “Godfather”. They were conducting usual business in the Trattoria Di Stefano which was their usual meeting place. I am the son of an Italian father and mother who immigrated to New York City after finding few opportunities of life in Italy. His father was an honest working man who liked making his way in life by doing carpentry. Will since a young age got involved with bad people. He didn’t know why just that the excitement of it all called him into this underground world of violence and money. I still remember those days and that event that totally chucked me into this world. The death of my father and mother, killed by an assassin called Mario from the Zambrotta family for not paying protection fees. That day Don Salvatore took me in and I became totally submerged in the mafia world.
    I was sitting in the corner playing cards with Don Salvatore’s son Antonini. Antonini was 15 years old at the time and the heir to the Salvatore Mafia Family which was the biggest most influential family in New York. Right there I got the urge to take a piss and went to the bathroom. Right then as I was washing my hands and about to go out I heard a loud discussion going on in the restaurant. As I walk down the aisle I see them about 20 mobsters from the Zambrotta Family surrounding my boss and the few men we had. At this point my mind is racing what the hell is going on the Zambrotta Family would never dare come into our territory and do this what the hell is going on here. While I was naively thinking about this I heard it the gun shots. Bam Bam Bam Bam! Shots going of shooting at my boss and my friends. After the shots settled down these guy took Antonini and ran off before my first shot went off. I got on in the back just as he was about to leave. The others leave him behind and go.
    I run to my boss to see if everything is ok but he is already dead as are my other friends and all I can hear is the crying of someone moaning real loud about the pain. That’s when I remember the guy I shot lying on the floor. I go towards him to see what information I get can out of him. The poor man was shot right between smacks in the middle of the back but the bullet apparently got lodged in his spine. I feel bad for him that pain must be unbearable. I slap him a bit to get him to pay more attention to me and I ask him what is going on. Why did they do this? Why did they take the boy and where to? At first the guy laughs and spits at my face with a show of defiance but I don’t take this shit. I tell him he better tell me or I’ll blow his knee caps off. I start counting. 5 4 3 2 1. 0 Bang the right knee cap goes off. Whao the way that guy screamed must of hurt like hell. Now I put on my gun on the left one, again 5 4 3 2 and right before I blow the shit out of his other knee he spills the goods.
    The kid was taken because he is the sole heir to the Salvatore family because the Godfather has never had any children. They know that if they take the child it will cause the Salvatore family to be on their knees and if he dies the family with be thrown into chaos. So they plan to extort 20 million dollars from the “Don” and then kill the heir of the family before giving him over. I also get a location of where they were supposed to take the boy. He also lets me know that Mario is going to be there. The famous Mario from the Zambrotta family. The gangsters of gangsters this guy is willing to kill or do anything and he has never failed at it. Now it became personal. Not only did they kill Don Salvatore, take Antonini who is almost like a brother to me but the one there is also Mario. Against my better judgment I make the choice to go and save him.
    I arrive at the place and it is almost night time. These guys picked a house in Long Island in an obscure place close to the sea. There aren’t many people or houses around which make it all the much better. As I get close I see there aren’t many people inside maybe 3 including Mario and Antonini who is tied up in a chair. I can’t believe my luck Mario apparently is going on a run. I take out my gun and quietly go in. Fuck I made a noise but they apparently think its Mario coming in because they yell, “Back so early Mario did you forget your running feet somewhere.” As I walk into the room they are all watching tv and as they turn as see for the first time with incredulous looks in their face I shoot them all in the head. Bang Bang Bang! I untie Antonini and make for the door right as I’m about to open it BANG a shot go off and blows up the spot where my hand was about to be. Damn Mario is back. So I shoot at him through the window hoping to catch him. But someone keeps shooting so he must still be alive. I grab Antonini and go through the back door to the garage. Fortunately there is a car here and just when I’m about to go in. BANG a shot goes through my back and right out the front. Damn Mario is damn fast. Just as he is reaching to kill me Antonini rushes at him and they both fall over his gun sliding close to my face. I muster all the strength I have left and lunge at it. I get the gun turn around and but Mario is using Antonini as a human shield. Good thing he doesn’t know I’m an excellent shot. Bang right through his forehead. I got my revenge are my last thought before I cough up blood and pass out into the cold hands of death.

  26. Amid said:

    Dex wakes up a bed. he has no idea who he is, where he is, and why he is there. he only has a photo, and a grave number. he wants to know what has happened to him. so he decides he has to go and find the grave and the owner of the picture. he is living in 1830 in Texas, he lives in a dog eats dog world. he has a special gift that he can talk to dead. he also knows how to aim and how to fight. he finds that grave, and starts digging, he finds a woman in that cuffin. somehow he knows her, but he is not sure. he has a feeling to talk to the woman, he is afraid. this is the first time that he is feeling this way. he goes ahead and takes her hand, the woman comes to life. but she is not speaking, she takes Dex to her land. the land of the dead. there, Dex finds other people who look familiar, suddenly he starts having flashbacks, he knows all of them. they are his family. but they are hiding there because they dont want to wake up the monster soul who lives in the land of the dead. Dex wants to make his dead family free, he goes to fight the monster, it had 3 heads. he manages to kill it. now the world of dead is bright, it has life, people are talking. Dex’s wife tells him everything, she tells him that 3 headed monster, was the soul of the killer who killed Dex’s family and the other 2 heads were his sons soul. Dex killed them all in real life after they killed his family, but he had to kill them again in the land of the dead. Dex doesnt wanna go back now. he wants to stay with his family in the land of the dead.

  27. An Awakening
    People always thought we were the same person my brother and I. The same person with same personality, same opinion, same face, same everything; two peas in a pod my mother used to call us. People were wrong; he was a better person than me or anyone I’ve ever met. I loved my brother and I will miss him as if he were a missing piece of my physical body. I recalled this passage I made a couple days ago as I read my brothers eulogy. As I entered his room on the second floor of my mother’s house thirty minutes outside the city I couldn’t help think of anything else. I sat on his bed and recalled the days we used to spend in that very room when we were children and the room consisted of two small beds and toys, posters and a smell of teenage aroma. Now the room feels like it belonged to a depressed and lonely man and the room gave out a cold feeling of death.
    My mother walked in as I reminisced on the memories of my childhood. She went on saying that I never should have left and forgotten about them and how she hated that I didn’t speak to my brother after the fight. I mostly ignored her given the fact that she was old and babbled on constantly about incoherent things. I interrupted her with a question;
    “were did they find him?”
    “Here on his bed”. She said as she stood up and walk away saying. “It was the strangest thing, they found him with his cloths on and no blood on the body, it didn’t seem like a suicide, but what would I know, I’m not a doctor like you am I”.
    “I’m a scientist mother”, I squealed as if it were the 100th time I’ve said it.”
    “Potato potato” she said with a face of ignorance. “I just hope god can forsake his soul, even if god is a joke to you doctors who don’t believe in god and fall for under the wrath of Satan”. I said nothing, avoiding another confrontation like the ones I’ve had with her many times before. Just as she got near the door she said with a calm voice, “I only wish we could go back when your father was alive and you boys spent all day playing in that closet you loved so much”.
    As soon as she said that I immediately turned my look to the closet. See when my brother and I were young we found a room in the house that was sealed off apparently and the only access point for it was through our closet. We always kept that room a secret from our mother and father because it was our own private play room. I soon as this came back to me I rushed to the closet and turned back some old dirty clothes to discover the piece of ply wood that was still there years after I placed it in the same place. I found a piece of metal near the bed and proceeded to tare the wood from the wall. Once I did this I rushed inside and stumbled on a flashlight which I lit almost immediately. What I saw was something that can only be described as sick perverted and disgusting. All around the room I was surrounded by seemed to be satanic markings on the wall, torturing weapons and candles all covered in massive amounts of blood. As my eyes gazed at this all that I could think of was to get out of there, but as soon as I turned around to leave a slipped on some blood which covered my feet and fell on a blood soaked piece of rock that wounded my head and left a hole that oozed my blood out of my body and infused it with the blood on the floor. Just before I passed out on the floor I read a carving that said “THE LOST PEA”.
    When I awoke I felt I had been out of it for hours and felt a curious and uncomforting coldness inside of my body. I awoke in what seemed to be a dream or more like a nightmare. There was fire burning uncontrollably all around me and what seemed to be wrecked buildings cars and houses destroyed at every angle. I saw a man struggling in the floor and as I approached what seemed to be the face of a man turned into the face of an animal screaming uncontrollably. I screamed the question where I am at the top of my lungs and a voice screamed backing “HELLS IS WHERE YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU WILL REMAIN!!”
    As I ran into the unknown I saw a faint image of my brother which whispered to me “find yourself, and then you will find me”. With this in mind I realized my salvage stood in the one thing I has been reluctant to accept in my life. This power, faith or superior being that my mother pushed onto me and my brother since we were small was that something that was going to save me. But how was I, a scientist, atheist and non-believer supposed to all of a sudden have faith in God, heaven of spirits. I then realized that the answer to my question was around me. The answer to my question of if god was real and it there was a higher power was hell. Hell made me a believer. I realized that if something so evil and bad could exist than there must be something just as good and pure and real.
    As I called out to god for his help I was suddenly faced with a angel; a pure heavenly angel with the face of my brother. He whispered to me, “Faith is more than believing and knowing, it’s connecting to that which you believe to be true. You and I are as connected today as we were in the womb of our mother and your faith is connected to mine”.
    At this point I awoke in the same godforsaken place that I fell, only this time the walls and ceiling had beautiful hieroglyphics of angels and passages from the bible. Only one thing remained and that was the writing I had seen on the ceiling. The only difference was that this time it read “the pea who found his way”.
    When I got up I felt something in my hand. I had a paper with my brothers handwriting and it said “to mom” on the top. I quickly exited the dark room I was in and headed to my mother room. I left the note on her night table and whispered to her as she sat in her rocking chair “god is now with me and you are not to worry”. She smiled as if she knew what had happened. I headed back to my brothers room and looked in his closet for something, I didn’t know what it was at that time, but something led me to his regular everyday clothing, the clothing of a priest which I was to wear for the rest of my life.

  28. harismacordero said:

    After my mom left us, my father and I moved to Ohio. I was 12 back then, my father didn’t have a job or any money. In those years security in banks where really bad, so we decided to rob one. We robbed 21 million dollars and we got away with it.
    One day, 10 years later, I received a call, it was from the hospital. My father had been in a car accident and he passed away. A few days later, after the funeral and everything else regarding his death I realized we only kept a small part of the stolen money in a safe in our house, I didn’t know where the rest was. At the begining my father didn’t tell me for my own safety, after all I was just a kid. Later on, I never asked because all I need was always there for me, so I didn’t really need to know.
    That night I went to sleep at the usual time and I had the weirdest dream. I was told that I could visit my father. A very familiar voice told me I just had to go back to my origins and call my dad’s name as loud as I could. That same morning I took a bus back to Wyoming. When I got there I went to the little house were I lived my childhood and there I was screaming my dad’s name as loud as I could, but nothing happened. I screamed so loud I almost lost my voice and when I got tired of screaming I just threw myself on the floor and slept. I swear I slept for like 3 days and when I woke up everything was exactly the same, but my father was there and he was not alone. From where I was standing I could see a woman’s sillhouette, after a few steps I could clearly see her face, it was my mom, the women who had left us when I was 12 years old. My father was standing there with her like nothing had happened. She looked exactly like what she looked like 10 years ago, so she didn’t run away, she died and we never new about it because we left so fast. Eventhough the 3 of us were in the dead land, I never felt this alive before, I didn’t even want to know where the money was anymore, all I wanted was to stay here.

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