The Ordinary World

As per our discussion, the ordinary world in the Hero’s Journey is the world of common, day-to-day stuff. It is routine, it is boredom. It’s where your character feels secure, even if not necessarily happy or satisfied. It is his or her comfort zone.

What is your hero’s ordinary world? Start thinking this over. How is he closed in, trapped inside? What forces (personal, external, etc.) keep him there? What kind of a force, motivation, crisis can get him out?

Choose your hero’s ordinary world carefully. They should fit each other like a lego piece. This is important because, remember, you will have to create a strong enough situation to get him to abandon it.


Publish at least three possible scenarios where your hero lives.

  1. bia said:

    Scenario 1 (Top Choice)
    Bob Taylor’s comfort zone was not a happy one; it was one he learned to live with after his 6 year old blond princess Lucy was killed in a hit and run incident. He lives with his wife and precious toddler twins, and has somehow found the internal strength of leading his company into the year’s top twenty successful new businesses. He is trapped inside this world because he feels insecure in terms of what are the steps to follow in order to change the world – to save both kids and parents from suffering slow and painful deaths. What makes him leave his comfort zone? When he accidentally kills a little girl on the road. Then, having to face all the consequences and enemies who were never present when he was on the other side of the story. The question at hand is if he is strong enough to endure the endeavors to come, or if he will succumb into oblivion.

    Scenario 2
    Bob Taylor never overcame the pain of losing his first child, his adorable six year old Lucy. He left his wife and family behind until finally succumbing into a sleazy evil world. His situation had taken over control of his mind and emotions; now making him understand that no other parents deserved to have their children safely tucked at home if he couldn’t have his. This struggle took years of his life, hundreds of kidnapped children sold to traffickers, deaths of many cooperators, and countless escapes from uniformed forces. His comfort zone was definitely living hell, yet he did not seem to realize it. What makes him leave this lifestyle? When he coincidentally identifies one of his other daughters as the victim presented to him by one of his many subordinates. Will he be able to change his world around or will it be easier to continue in detriment.

    Scenario 3
    Bob Taylor lived with the consequences of killing what was believed to be the author of a hit and run that resulted in the death of his six year old princess Lucy. He had spent endless months in prison trying to live with the actions that made him lose not only his child, but the life he had planned for his wife and twin toddlers. Almost ten years later, it was time for his release into the world that once felt inspiring, homey, and definitely safe. His task at hand is reintegrating himself successfully into society and finding a way to let his anger and regret turn into hope and hard-working effort to change the world he lives in back into one he desires to stay in.

  2. Javier piniella said:

    Scenario 1:
    Was already given when I created the hero. Yolo lives in brazil in rio de janeiro. His family is very wealthy and his father is very worried about safety and doesn’t let Yolo go out of the house except for school or medical purposes.

    Scenario 2:
    Yolo lives in italy and his father is also a very wealthy and powerfull man. Yolo can go out but the things he can do are very restricted and he feels trapped and unable to do what he wants. His father has a lot of problems with the Italian mob because he doesn’t want to pay them for safety. This causes Yolo to be very highly guarded at all times for mobsters not to kidnap him and ask tony (yolos father) for money to save his son.

    Scenario 3:
    Yolo lives in South Africa and his father tony has the biggest diamond company. Tony is constantly struggling with people trafficking blood diamonds. They have a lot of weapon power and tony is very nervous for the safety of his family and doesn’t let anyone go out of the house which is heavily guarded.

  3. Amid said:

    Jack lives in his house with his wife. That is his comfort zone, they have a middlle to low class life style. He is not good at anything, so he has to be there. Go to work, and come back by the end of the day. He spends most of his time at his home starring at the walls. Losing his wife is a good reason for him to try and change himself. The need to do something with his life.

  4. Scenario 1:
    Her ordinary world is a multiverse in which parallel universes travel intertwined and together but never colliding. There are 3 parallel universes: Physics and Science, Pure, and Evil. My character lives in the Physics and Science parallel universe but she is a “misborn” arts habitant. She is trapped there however first for personal reasons, she was born to a family and has some friends and second because the exiting of your universe can only be done with permission of the higher universe power, otherwise, you are dead. When the Evil Parallel Universe collides with hers and a number of 40 criminal souls enter her world, she is forced to go to the higher universe power in order to get the evil souls transferred out. The journey and task at hand are not easy ones. Emily is confronted with multiple obstacles trying to save a world she once hated but learned to love.

    Scenario 2:
    Emily lives in a multiverse of parallel universes called Physics and Science, Pure, and Evil. She lives in the Physics and Science universe where everything and everyone is related to either of those two subjects. Emily is the weakest link of the universe but has an extraordinary sixth sense that no one else possesses. When the Evil Parallel Universe collides with hers and a number of 40 criminal souls enter her world she is the only one that is able to communicate and see the evil souls and therefore it is her duty to help them get back to where they came from. Emily is forced to break the strict rules of her universe without telling anyone in order to help the evil souls against her will. They try to take her to Evil Universe in order to use her knowledge and sixth sense but Emily manages to escape and stay in her home universe where she has her entire life waiting for her. Everyone ends up hating her because they don’t understand what she is doing but in the end she saves the universe and things go back to normal.

    Scenario 3
    There are 3 parallel universes: Physics and Science, Pure, and Evil. My character lives in the Physics and Science parallel universe, which is the one in charge of keeping the balance of the three parallel universes. Emily is the assistant of the universe high power and when something goes wrong and the universe high power dies, Emily is the only one with the knowledge enough to bring things back to order. With the death of the universe high power the Pure and Evil universes start colliding and Evil start killing all the Pure. There is no time and Emily has to travel to the Pure universe with a team to send the Evils back where they belong.

  5. Scenario 1: FBI operative James Houston travels to Japan to visit his friend who owns a private-sector security firm to protect business executives. He receive a call from the President of Japan, Tashumi Takegan, to make a request, take care of his wife and daughter while he’s going to United States to close an agreement. Tashumi offers US10, 000,000 dollars to do that job. James began to investigate the president, and realizes he has many enemies. Receive a call from an unknown person who gives him a threatening warning, not to go to Japan because he will die guarding the president’s family. Max Hill, who is a presidential candidate, contracted to Japan’s most famous murderer, Johnny Simmons, to kidnap the family of Tashumi in exchange of the presidency.

    Scenario 2: Simmons is an intelligent gangster that belongs to the organized crime in New York City, and the FBI has 10 years pursuing. The President of the United States went personally to James Houston and told him that if he catches Simmons in 5 days, he will receive a reward of US15, 000,000 dollars.

    Scenario 3: A notorious gang of criminals formed by a group of friends kept in a complete embarrassment to the police in Mexico to carry out numerous bank robberies flawlessly, without leaving the slightest trace or proof. So, James Houston is in charge of capture this gang. He is committed with this case because he will be promoted. His mission is thoroughly investigating each theft and connects the dots.

  6. josemontas said:

    Scenario 1: Neal still lives with his parents in san francisco, he goes out at night and enjoy life with many of his friends. He has a wealthy family, his mother is an hollywood very successful agent representing many talents of the city and he gets to hang out with many of them in different bars and clubs of the city, such as traveling to many different places around the world. However, he has accidentally found some weird documents where he can see what its supposed to be his family with different names and characteristics.

    Scenario 2: Neal lives kind of a routine in San francisco, he hasn’t graduated college, almost there. Very popular at UCLA where he hangs out and mingles with many of the popular kids in town. His best friends Miles is rarely aways from him, he spends a lot of time at Neal’s house and knows everybody in the house well enough. These two like to go out and hang out with the guys at the university. Nonetheless, weird things start to happen when Miles discovers some them, questions are being asked, but there’s no answer to any of them.

    Scenario 3: The 24 years old young handsome Neal lives in New York City, where he has managed to stand out in what he know its his family, so as in the city, by his excellent preparation he have had in harvard university years before, and by his performance with the families biochemicals multinational company worth millions of dollars. However, as he’s growing as a very young, smart, wealthy man something are starting to get his attention when he notices some different behavior in some of his family member and when he and his friend Miles find some weird document about his family and some past events.

  7. Laura Musa said:

    George is 52 years old. He has a wife, who was his high school sweetheart, one 12 year old boy and an 18 year old daughter. All his life he had dreamt of becoming a world class surgeon. He was always the geek of the class, first row on biology, chemistry and whatnot. George was first aiming for plastic surgery, but his father convinced him to go for cardiology, and as obedient as George was, he complied. George is comfortable with his family, and his daily routine. Work, home with the great family, and sometimes the golf course.
    George is 52 years old. He has a wife and two kids. He lives in Seattle in a huge house. He is a cardiologist. He did not know how he got there; he primarily wanted to be an industrial engineer. Growing up, George went from foster home to foster home. His parents died when he was 7, and no immediate family had been able to be contacted. He was really dependant on his wife, Blair. He did not go out much, unless it was with her.
    George is 52 years old. He has a wonderful wife, Naomi, and two kids. They live in Chicago. George loved his wife, but being a world class cardiologist, he had many women at his feet, and he couldn’t resist the temptation. George was out every other night with a different woman, but there was one that really caught his attention, Miranda. He liked how different she was, how independent she was, and the best thing was that his wife had no idea.

  8. Thiago da Cunha 10-0028 said:

    The Hero’s Ordinary World is him being a regular school teacher. He’s trapped inside this world because he has a steady income that provides just enough for him to life comfortably but not like he wants to. He is trapped in the monotonous day-to-day routines of his life of waking up in the morning, going to work, and going to sleep. He knows he wants to become a soccer player but he thinks he’s too old and his knee injury but come back and haunt him just when he would be able to make in into a team. The team he is coaching was one man short in a practice and he got in to complete the team for the practice session, he then discovers that his tremendous talent hadn’t been lost. He starts to play in a little league and before you know it he was training after work every day working wonders with the ball. His team he was coaching then wins the regional championship and he has to complete the promise of trying out for a soccer team and he gets into the 3rd division of the team and makes his way up.

  9. Mr and Mrs Smith.

    Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie ( Mr and Mrs smith) are a married couple; they both have live their “normal lives” and have little or none communication what so ever about anything about work or particular to them. The call to adventure is when they find out they are both assassins working for different agencies assigned to do same task; Thus they are ordered to kill each other. The threshold begins with a quick small fight after dinner between them. As they disappear from each other, they start planning and putting into action certain confrontations to see who is capable of murdering who. Mr. Smith Mentor, his best friend, helps him with this operation against Jolie. Mrs Smith on the other hand, has a whole division of skilled women contributing with her search for her husband. As challenges and temptations against each other follow, they managed to come to an agreement and confront the problem. They finally got to a conclusion they loved each other to much to complete their missions thus they decide to reveal against their agencies. The revelation started with small attacks against them that weren’t successful. With the help of one of Mrs Smith friends working at the agency, they were able to get a classified information about a the man assigned to kill them both. A big fight took place at a department store where they fought for their lives and successful finished every man sent to killed them. After accomplishing their missions, they go back to their lives more unified than ever, keeping no secrets from each other.

    Moulin Rouge

    A prostitute that works at a dance burdell at Mount-Matre, France is happy with her life as a courtesan since she feels complete with the money and luxury life she gets from it. The call to adventure happens when she meets and young writer and falls in love with him. Thus her special world begins as they try to keep their love a secret to seduce a billionaire to invest on the theater. As time goes by the love keeps increasing and jealousy takes place. Cristian ( the writer) feeling jealous about her work, tries to avoid Satine to serve her owner (the billionaire), until one night their feelings couldn’t be controlled and their love was revealed. The manager of the theater warned her about the intentions of the billionaire to kill Christian if she tried to run away, as well as her health condition that was rapidly taking her life away; so she dumped him. The other call to adventure is when Christian decides to confront her one more time; he wanted to see for himself she really wanted to make that decision. Nothing had changed; The start of the revelation began while he was leaving when Toulouse yelled: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”. As they sang their song, they fought against the madly jealous billionaire and his servant and pursued their right to represent their ideals of “Truth, Freedom and Love”. The return to the ordinary zone was represented by their success against the evil investor but sadly represented the final unique and final performance of the show with the death of its star: Satine.

    Yours Mine and Ours

    This is the story of a marine whose wife died and together had 8 children. He and his children were used to travel and move to different places, as he was assigned to different positions. His last move brought him back to his home town where he met at a cruiser a widow who was back then his high-school girlfriend. Without consulting their children, they decided to get married and unite both families; she had 10 children. The problem starts right away as the children disagreed and created an internal war against their step-brothers and developed a plan to break up the family. That constant disagreement starts to bring apart their parents, until a tipping point were they wanted to get separated. When the Children realized how selfish they were and how happy they could all be together, they said the truth about their plan and did everything possible to re-unite the couple. The marine and his wife got married again, but know with the presence of the children. Everything went back to normal, except it was a bigger family more united than ever.

  10. Joaquin Castillo said:

    Scenario 1
    Michael Smith comfort zone was his daily normal life which he had to take care of his son and had to work in AIG. He lived on J street in a condo next to his brother, they usually got together to watch tv, they watch everything from Two and a Half men, to American Idol to Espn. Michael son Tommy is only two years old and he requires lots of attention, Michael tries to be the best father he can and being around his son makes him happy. At work Michael is a very applied and smart worker, he is one of the leaders in his department. Michael is very sociable and funny he sometimes jokes around with his cow-workers to cheer then up when they are stressed. He is esteem and loved by almost everyone in the office. But rumors of AIG financial debacle and of their possible bankrupt have Michael scared.

    Although on the outside Michael seems to be strong and fit in his inside he’s a little fucked up. Losing his wife a year ago in the hurricane Katrina has been very hard for him. He loved her more than anything in the world and he feels the pressure of having to be the best parent he can for his son not to feel the absence of his mother. Michael also fights with his addiction problems, although he has been clean for 13 years, lately thoughts of inhaling or smoking has passed through his mind.

    Scenario 2
    Michael cannot cope with the pressure and started consuming again, his addiction has made him lost his job and he is not being a good parent. The government is on the edge of taking his son away from him and putting him into a foster home.

    Scenario 3
    Michael brother moves out of New Orleans leaving Michael’s son Tommy his only family member in the state. He becomes depressed.

  11. Eduardo Garcia-Godoy said:

    1st Scenario:
    Nathan is 35 year old doctor in Pearl Harbor, he works in the biggest hospital and its one of the most respected doctors in the area, he lives happily with his wife and child. Every day he goes to work, he lives in a big house, he was given the key to the city, he is the ideal citizen until he’s wife and kid are killed in the attack from Japan in December 1942.

    2nd Scenario:
    Nathan is the younger brother of three, he is born into a family of soldiers. His father is a very respected veteran and his two brothers have been in war for the past 2 years. He just turn 18, and its drafted to war. but he doesn’t have the military blood as the other man in the family, he is more the computer guy.

    3rd Scenario:
    Nathan a young hippie from the area of pearl harbor, is with his friends, he drop out of school and left his house. He just smoke drugs all day and surfs. His ideal life is “peace, sex and love” with his new girlfriend. At the time pearl harbor joins World War II and his life started changing, he becomes a revolutionary.

  12. Gabriel Federico Perez said:

    Scenario 1: John Green is 35 years old and works in an accountant firm (which is a big multinational thus John doesn’t really shine in this BIG of a company, he didn’t really graduate top class or from an ivy league but he is very intelligent but hasn’t caught a break) where he is a small time account like a paper pusher just having no real job. He works to be able to afford his mdoest lifestyle and support his wife and kids. He makes a modes about of money anyways not minimal wage. Also his home life is pretty boring and nothing really happens. His life has become a routine so there is nothing he can do about that. The only thing that can change him is something that will shake off the routine in his life and make him see things differently.

    Scenario 2: John Green is 35 years old and works in a Lawyers Firm. He makes a good amount of money but still lives modestly due to the fact that he supports his family and is trying to put 2 children through college. His house life isn’t that exciting and he lives in a closed routine which he doesn’t mind living in. The law firm he works in isnt that big or one of the most well known but John has been frustrated because he’s been working for 10 years and hasn’t made partner. He is very unknown at work and doesnt really stand out or shine in any way. He is a good lawyer but isn’t the best in the firm and sometimes his calm manner doesn’t help him win cases. Something happens that might shake him up.

    Scenario 3: John Green is 35 years old and works for the US Government in the IRS as a tax auditor. Due to the fact that he always dreamt of working for the government, just like his brother who works as a policeman, John didn’t go to work for a private company where he might of made a lot of money due to the fact that he graduated top of his class from Yale. John is actually a frustrated genius who doesn’t speak a lot and is very quiet and this has been the main reason why he still in an obsucure position at work and has not been promoted even being far more inteligent than almost everyone at work including his superiors. John does most of the work of everyone due to the fact of being so smart, something he does not mind at all since he has been used to this but his wife does not agree with. His children love him but hide some resentment because of his choice to work for the government and not make a lot of money and sometimes let it be known through snide remarks but his wife respects his decision and doesn’t mind that they live modestly. He has a boring house life and everything is a routine. He likes filling in crosswords and completing puzzle with his wife. Only something very strong can change Johns life and his lifestyle.

  13. Miguel Iglesias said:


    Brett Johnson, 67 year old, is a retired war veteran, who lives in Los Angeles by himself and the workers of the house. He doesn’t have any kind of activity or obligations rather than drink with his friends and watch TV. He quitted the army due to his lack of skills because of the age and some type of disease he has passed during his life.


    Brett Johnson, 67 year old, is a retired war veteran, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife, that he married 42 years ago and is the what he loves the most. He dedicates all his time to her and their grandson who constantly lives with them because his father is at war and his mother died. He quitted the army due to his lack of skills because of the age and some type of disease he has passed during his life.


    Brett Johnson, 67 year old, is a retired war veteran, who lives in Los Angeles in a rented house with his wife. He have to work everyday in order to pay the rent, food and necessary expenses of he and his wife. He quitted the army due to his lack of skills because of the age and some type of disease he has passed during his life.

  14. David Santamaria said:

    The first and original scenario of Tito was in the streets of Samana, the place where he was born. Tito has that name because of a fisherman that calls him like that and feeds him occasionally. He is a stray dog that faces many threats and that would love to have a family that loves him and take care of him. Tito tries to get away from the kids that throw him rocks and kick him. He sees with sadness how breed dogs have a place to sleep and a family that feeds them and love them. The fisherman feeds him with raw fish and bones. He has to survive every day and every day more obstacles emerge.

    Tito lives in a house in Santo Domingo with a man that hits him and kicks him. This horrible man used to travel a lot and Tito used to spend 3 and 4 days without food and water. That’s what Tito knows, that is his comfort zone. Tito used to look thru the window and sees happy dogs going out with their owners. He desires to be in that position, but he thinks that is impossible for him.

    Tito is a very happy dog; he has a family that loves him and takes care of him. It is a family of four; a couple in the late 30s, a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. Tito became part of the family when he was only 2 months old. Tito now has 4 years with them. Everybody loves Tito; he is an obedient and cute dog. The family is going to the beach on a family trip they have being planning for weeks. They are very happy and Tito is going with them. When they arrive to the place Tito is the first one in going out of the car, apparently he saw something that called his attention and started running to the street, Tito disappeared. Tito was alone in the streets and vulnerable to all the treats out there. The family is now very worried.

    David Santamaria

  15. Scenario 1:
    Giulia wants to be a journalist, but she’s stuck in a small Milan pizza joint. Her experience has taught her that journalism may be hard, especially being raised by journalist parents who had a tough time working on the field. She feels threatened by the enemies her parents made, and feared her last name would link her to them in a dangerous way. She feared being pursued, but her passion is getting details and writing down amazing pieces that portray perfectly whatever is on her sight. She dreamed of denouncing corrupt behaviors and becoming a change agent in society.

    Scenario 2:
    She lives in Milan, works at a coffee shop with internet access. In her free time, usually late afternoons, she would use the computers and read the news wishing she could be part of that world. Everybody had told her how hard it is to enter that world and be respected.

    Scenario 3:
    Giulia is 14 years old. Her favorite activity is keeping a journal of everything she saw at home and out. She would provide long descriptions of people and their characteristics as human beings. Her dream is to be one of those people who write for the newspapers, which she devoured every morning first thing. Her parents recognized her talent in writing, but discouraged her of pursuing a career in the area, because they had never been financially sound, and they wanted their daughter to have a different future.

  16. Lazaro Medina said:


    For this story there is only one plausible and consistent scenario that involves a violent and ambivalent turn. The lead character is a trivial and monotonous being that has no true fulfillment or blissfulness since the impact that was the violent passing of his father. After such event, my character saw the downward self-destructive spiral that became his family. Ever since he married his high-school sweet hard his life became a useless trap that involved having to deal with a pair of unforgiving and obnoxious children, which paternity tests reveal, are his. His wife consistently verbally attacks him and repeats how she believes he is not a real man, because in her eyes a real man would be making crazy money whether it legal or illegal. Most of the times he gathers the strength to defend him-self and disclose how he’s doing the best he can to maintain his family together. In her eyes is nothing close to enough. He takes the corrective attitude to help his kids be better humans and experience a more gratifying life, even, if it seems to be too little too late. The lead character always seems to be on the verge of doing something out of the ordinary but falls back to his ‘bitch like’ ways. He needs a powerful individual that will lead him and secure his blown self-esteem, in the right direction. In his mind he doesn’t really know if there are methods to help his past family (mom, sister and brother) halt with their vicious cycle, while at the same time assisting him in the removal of profound anger and resentment. Another main goal of his is to insure that his wife and kids follow a good path that won’t make them end up like his more direct family. In order to find motivation to alter his life he needs some unexpected change to occur that, in a way, obliges him to attempt or search for it. A TV show and mainly an alteration in his route to get home from work, where he meets a man that reminds him of his late father, is what propels his journey to a different chapter in his life. Inevitably, he dies at the end.

  17. 1st scenario:
    Phil, loves his fame and power and feels like he is nothing without his success. In this scenario he is just working to maintain the lifestyle he has achieved.

    2nd Scenario:
    Phil, gets bored and looks for something more challenging at every turn eventually he ends up leaving the business scene looking for a way to entertain himself doing things no one can do even those things that border the line of morality.

    3rd Scenario:
    Phil, is never satisfied with what he has achieve and continue to strive for more even though he already has it “all”. In this scenario he is looking for ways to continue achieving more and more, this will probably make him crazy or desperate. in this scenario his motive is money and power and all of his decision are taken with those two things in mind.

  18. (Following my first story)
    Andrew meets a woman who works in the same business, they both think alike and go out a couple of times, shared their dislike on love and getting married and the cliché on having kids. They end up falling madly in love and doing exactly the same things they swear never doing.

    (Following my first story)
    He does become rich and successful. Later on he is diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma liver cancer giving him less than 2 years of life. This works as a wake up call and he tries to make up for the lost time. Andrew writes a book on his experiences, dies happily and in peace.
    The book is later published by his brother. This book served as an example for a whole generation.

    A dark nigh on his way home Andrew a 15 year old kid, in queens, New York, returns home only to witness how a thief rapes and kills his mother and sets fire to his house. Destroying everything he and his mother ever owned. That night was his first encounter with alcohol after this it became a habit. He builds a new life for himself with the help of his dad and becomes the owner of a small bar in the depth of the city. One night while he served drinks in the counter something strange happened, as he passed a glass of scotch to a young about 6ft Latino guy suddenly his scotch vibrates. The next day he sees in the news a 10 year old girl was strangled and raped by his own father who happened to be the man he saw the night before. After this every time this happened Andrew would follow the guy and kill them with an overdose of alcohol, making his life more intricate and problematic. He is now 27 and never had a relationship with a woman. Every time he had a sexual encounter with a woman he would freak out and turn violent. Any sexual touch would trigger flashbacks on the night his mother was murdered. One night he meets this blond beautiful women called Summer who appears to be perfect .They have sex and something strange happens, Instead of having flashbacks on his mom he had flashbacks of her witnessing her brother’s murder. He is amazed on how she turned out to be so normal after such a horrifying event. On this fascination Andrew falls in love, Summer then helps him get over that situation with love and communication, She becomes everything to him, he quit drinking and killing, becomes an event planner and lived a happily normal life.

  19. Scenario 1:
    Chad Michaels is trapped on his ordinary routine of waking up, having breakfast and start training until 3pm. He will be racing a very important race on Sunday, but his father and two other competitors are driving him crazy. His father is putting a lot of pressure on him, but is for his own benefit.
    He knows that if gets a 1st place on Sunday’s race, an important sponsor will be contacting him and this will change definitely change his future for what his fighting for. If he does not get a good position on the race, he will have to wait one more year to have this opportunity or he will need to win all races to see if he will get a chance to speak with the main sponsor. If years continue to pass, sponsors will stop looking at him because Chad is becoming older and older. Chad needs to have great results if he wants to become a professional.

  20. Scenario 1: The hero lives a life of luxury and has everything he has ever desired
    Scenario 2: The hero has become a wash=out and the wonderful life he once lived is now a fight to get by day to day working and struggling.
    Scenario 3: The hero is wealthy, famous but he wants more. He wants an adventure, an experience and a twist in the comfort which is his life.

    • Gabriel Federico Perez said:

      very short, could you please expand these ordinary worlds a litte more indepth.

    • Huascar Ventura said:

      You got good ideas there, but you should expand more and explain more details about him.

    • I agree too, I can see the potential of this different scenarios but it would be great if you could explain them in more depht

  21. xb11 said:

    Drake’s 3 Secenarios:
    1. Inside the club, focusing on the females, he pops bottles and dresses in great fashion.
    2. At his work where he has banged every hot woman in there, he has a high position and its easy for him.
    3. He feels loneliness, he feels that something is missing, he feels that this life, is not the one he wants to live. This thought comes every now and then.

    • Gabriel Federico Perez said:

      These aren’t even ordinary worlds. Could you please be more creative?

      • xb11 said:

        Nothing better to at midnight huh?:P

      • xb11 said:

        to do*

    • Miguel Iglesias said:

      I agree with Federico, you should be more explicit with your scenarios.

  22. Scenario 1

    He’s known as the ultimate scientist of the city. A rich and young scientist who’s interest don’t go beyond his life and his monkey. After dropping college, he started his most prevalent investigation concerning the Theory of Evolution along with human behavior. Though living in an irrational world, he expresses no care what so ever about other people besides him, not even for his grandmother, the nation’s dictator. At the age of five, he lost both parents at a terrible car accident. His father, who had a very important position in the government, left him a great deal of money when he passed away. Every since, the scientist grew with the lack of love and care a mother and a father could only give. Encountering with a love as strong as he needed is what actually can break down that wall of hate he built 21 years ago.

    Scenario 2

    Hero was a scientist who had won the lottery and decided to life his a comfortable life enjoying all his money. Although the country was ruled by a dictator, the higher class was always graced by the government. He was a free spirited young men who liked to travel a lot and visit new places. His curiosity brought him to the most random places, even places he shouldn’t be wandering. He feels complete with the care of his nanny, whom eventually became like his mother, and with the presence of his best friend, his monkey Jixo. His nanny was in time becoming more ill; the more it happened, the more he felt he needed to do something about it, something that could make a change.

    Scenario 3

    After making a great discovery, the young scientist retired to enjoy all the fortune he had made. Even though he was very happy and comfortable with his new life, he never desist from his urge to discover and invent new things. His recent study about the endangered and almost extinct animals always kept him thinking on new theories to bring back these creatures. As he gets to know his neighbor, he discovers and sees a great potential in her to become his partner and find a solution to the problem.

  23. Dario Yunes said:

    1st scenario: Delver of secrets is a human sorcerer which his comfort zone is his laboratory where he invent and try new experiments everyday in order to produce a great invention so he can save the population that lives in his hometown of Nephalia which is plagued by Phyrexian Zombie that every day there are more joining the destruction of the valley.

    2nd scenario: Delver friends (other human wizards) are joining in order to beat the zombies but Delver’s work is increasingly stressful and he has to teach other wizards so they increase their knowledge and defeat the zombies in Nephalia like his powerful transformation into bugspells which is one of its most lethal invention because the insect can kill any zombie with less than 6 months of age.

    3rd scenario: Delver before he gets together with the other wizards nights, he dreamed that the Nephalia has been invaded again by the titans of the kessig and that dream gave him a brilliant idea that he had never imagined before which is to create a spell of transformation from human to titan so the Zombies would feel threatened by creatures who conquered centuries ago.

  24. Scenarios for the hero
    Scenario 1
    Lautrec Phoenix is a man living on the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Neo Houston; He inhabits the settlement known as Marriott. There he is a guardian of the inhabitants protecting them from the dangers of the wasteland. Marriott has been his home for a long time, there he met his wife but lost her to the waste land. He finds a clue about his wife on a short expedition to the wasteland and sets out to find her.
    Scenario 2
    Lautrec Phoenix is a man living on the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Neo Houston; he inhabits a desolate supermarket and belongs to ruthless band of bandits and scavengers that raid settlements and do whatever is necessary to survive. Lautrec falls in love with one of the girls of the settlements they attacked and is determined to make her his.
    Scenario 3
    Lautrec Phoenix is a man living on the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Neo Houston; he is one of the last remnants of the U.S. Army. He lives on the remnants of an old army outpost with other soldiers. They act as the law enforcers of the wasteland but do not have enough man power to do even half of what they want. He is kicked out of the outpost because of disagreement with the chain of command and has to make a place for himself in the wasteland.

    • Scenario 3 is great! I’d even Scenario 1…Bits and pieces of love in post-apocalyptic is great.

  25. Scenario 1:
    Fausto Uribe seemed an ordinary person at a first glance but he would transform himself at night. To get in his camaro z28 68′ was the best drug in the world, he would forget about his problems and responsibilities. Just by a soft twist of the keys to turn the car on would revitalize him with the beautiful sound of his engine that would drive the crowd crazy.

    Fausto was an adrenaline junkie that would not fear these illegal races. He was the master of the streets of Barranquilla, he knew all the shortcuts to escape from the police and never get caught. Girlfriend? For what? He could sleep with any girl he wanted, wake up and leave her in bed then pretend as if nothing ever happened.

    Scenario 2:

    Fausto never had a childhood experience, he had to be an adult without even being asked. When both of his parents died he had to take full responsibility of his sister Amelia that was only 1 year old back then.

    He challenged himself to be the best brother, friend and even father Amelia could ever have. That was the only person he would look up to, protect and take care of. The true thing was that Fausto didn’t want her to experience all the things he had to go through in life, to not even mention the illegal car races that turned from a simple hobby to a daily obligation to get enough money to sustain himself and his sister.

    Scenario 3:

    Fausto wasn’t too expressive with his friends, he would always play the rough guy that didn’t need anyone in his life, except for his sister. But, in reality those feelings were created by mainly two life experiences that turned into frustrations: the death of his parents and his first love, Lucia Alvarez.

    His parents…

    He never accepted the death of his parents, furthermore it is said that he still keeps their room as same as they left it the night they had the accident and that not even Amelia is allowed to enter. In nights where the desperation and loneliness strikes in, he enters that room and sleeps on the floor, hoping to be able to catch the smell of his mother that he believes still surrounds the room.

    Lucia Alvarez…

    Everyone has one first real crush, that person to whom we blindly fall in love of. Well, in Fausto’s life this person was Lucia Alvarez, a girl he basically grew up with.

    She rejected Fausto for another guy because he offered her a better life in the city and since she wanted to study and have her own business she had to pick for a better life style. Whenever she got back from the city to visit her parents she would pretend as if she was really enjoying her new life, while Fausto would see her a few houses away and notice in her eyes that it was all fake. He always knew that he was the only man that she ever loved . They both knew their story was strong. It was hard for Lucia to forget the man that made her a women when she was only 15 years old, the man that gave her the chance to experience and uncover her body as she would never know how to just by herself.
    Lucia had also been a huge support for Fausto after his parents’s death, she made him understand that he had to be strong enough to take care of his sister, she was there when he couldn’t face his reality. Likewise, she made him discover the true meaning of love.

    When Lucia left Fausto, he promised himself to never get attached to any other particular person because according to him, they were all destined to leave at the end.

  26. Jose Abraham Baez Gil said:

    Scenario 1:
    Joseff Gilheim and his mentor Ernst are trapped in a zeitgeist where a corrupt system that governs the world, has the whole population enslaved in the daily routine of going to work and taking classes at school, the external forces that limit and stop him are the Austrian proletariat working class family members which adopted him. The miracle herb discovered by Ernst has enhanced Gilheims mental ability giving him inhuman psychic powers and a desirable need to help his people break through from this system which enslaves them.

    Scenario 2:
    Joseff Gilheim and his mentor Ernst are trapped in a zeitgeist where a corrupt group of men that govern the country, has the whole population enslaved in the daily routine of going to work at this industrial factory which creates the goods the population consumes for a living, the external forces that limit and stop him are the low wages he receives, the lack of confidence he has in himself, and the lack of friends and family members that support his ideals. Ernst discovers a miracle herb that enhances Gilheims mental ability giving him inhuman psychic powers and a desirable need to help his people break through from this system which enslaves them giving them freedom and happiness.

    Scenario 3
    Joseff Gilheim and his mentor Ernst are trapped in a zeitgeist where a educational corrupt system that governs the university, has the whole population of students enslaved in the daily routine of going to classes, with the objective to be trained to work for the school owners, the external forces that limit and stop him are the lack of support from his ignorant friends, the lack of confidence he has in himself, and the lack of family members that support his ideals. Dr. Ernst PhD chemistry and prof. of Gilheim discovers a miracle herb that enhances Gilheims mental ability giving him inhuman psychic powers and a desirable need to risk his scholarship with the objective to help his fellow classmates break through from this obsolete and corrupt system which enslaves them, gets more expensive each year, and keeps them ignorant.

    Jose Abraham Baez Gil

  27. Tomas P. Martinez

    1. Kam Uguand lives in New York, in an apartment with his mother and grandmother. He goes to school every day but he looks forward to getting home to escape from his real world, which only brings him discomfort and shame. He feels like a king when he goes online, where he has his community and friends.

    2.Kam Uguand lives in Baghdad and is a notorious anonymous hacker, that goes under the alias “Kamalinda”, as a hobby he hacks into government websites, and as source of enrichment he gets into clients banks account. He has the latest technology and runs under super stealth mode, the FBI and CIA are after him due to his blatant mockery to the security systems in the US and all around the world. But one day he leaks some personal information that could condemned him for a lifetime…

    3. Kam, lives in Ecuador, his parents immigrated from Thailand. Kam loves computers and he will like to become someone important. He lacks something, charisma, he is a very introvert kid that is ashamed of his looks.

  28. Huascar Ventura said:

    Scenario 1: Tommy Macfluren lives in Dominican Republic, and he loves Motocross, but his parents does not let him drive a motocross. Tommy has a friend named Eduardo, which has a motocross and he is currently teaching Tommy how to drive motocross. Tommy does not want their parents to find out, so he is doing this secretly

    Scenario 2: Tommy Macfluren lives in Dominican Republic, he is a pro doing Motocross and there is a competition in 3 months from now. Tommy drives motocross with his friend Eduardo, they race each other in order train for the competition. Tommy’s fathers are worried for him because Motocross is a dangerous sport.

    Scenario 3: Tommy Macfluren lives in Dominican Republic, he is obsessed with Motocross but he does not have the money to buy one, he goes to every single Motocross race and watch the professionals race. One day he met a Professional Motocross driver named Eduardo, he really liked him and asked him if he could try to drive a motocross and that this is his dream, Eduardo told him that he was going to help him out.

  29. Estefania said:

    Jason Winters was a “loner”, because he doesn’t trust people and the only thing he has is tons of money, but what happens when he loose it all, ending in his only-friend house and with a mysterious woman called Lily Springs.

    Jason Winter wasn’t an alcoholic, he never get drunk, but times are hard and his company is on a thread, after too much booze he end up in a filthy hospital room, looking straight to a blind girl called Lily Spring, who claims to be his last hope.

    Jason Winter thought that he had it all, money, fame, alcohol and tons of sex, but now that his father decide that he doesn’t deserve nothing at all, what would happen to this ex-rich boy? And why Lily Springs returns to town after so long?

  30. Pedro Pimentel 10-0049 said:

    Scenario 1: Donnie lives with both his parents and a couple of dogs. He goes to school everyday and listen to everything his mother has to say. His mother makes him take his vitamins everyday, he has no girlfriend and he’s not a very talkative person. The only day he disobey his parents, is on Saturday when they leave him home alone and he invites his friends to play video games. Donnie receives a call to adventure when his only friends Alan and Steve tell him that they met a girl that will take them to parties and adventures in the city. Donnie says yes to the invitation because he wants to get out of his comfort zone and try new things. That the decision will make him discover something he didn’t know about himself.

    Scenario 2: Donnie lives with both his parents and a couple of dogs. He goes to school everyday and listen to everything his mother has to say. His mother makes him take his vitamins everyday, he has no girlfriend and he’s not a very talkative person. The only day he disobey his parents, is on Saturday when they leave him home alone and he invites his friends to play video games. While playing video games with his friends, Donnie snaps and decides to leave his house, steal some money from his dad, and go to the city to party and have a good time. This decision will take him to make a horrifying discovery about himself.

    Scenario 3: Donnie is a geeky guy that lives with his parents and a couple of dogs. His parents were very strict and didn’t let him go out at all. He had a life he couldn’t complain about but he always felt that he had to do something and that he was meant for greater things. One night his friends came to his house while his parents were there so he decided to make a trip to live an adventure. Donnie at first felt that he was doing something wrong, and when he was about to chicken out, his friend Alan (the “casanova” of the group) convinced him to go for it. So Donnie, Alan and Steve went to an adventure that will change Donnie’s life.

  31. Tomás Enrique Martínez said:

    Jason is a Dominican boy of 13 years old ,he lives in Jarabacoa he enjoy a lot playing baseball , he lives with his family which is a low class , during morning he go to a public school and in the afternoon he dedicates three hours to play baseball which he enjoy alot.

    Jason is Dominican a boy of 13 years old who lives in aroyondo, he belongs to a high class family, he study in a private bilingual school in the morning and during the afternoon he does nothing his family constantly tell him to play baseball during the afternoon, that that pays a lot of money, he does go but he doesn’t enjoy and see the need of doing it.

    Jason is Dominican a boy of 13 years old who lives in Los Guandules, during the entire day he dedicates his time to play vitilla and baseball, he is a kid with high potential, with no education, he has a lot of passion to become a baseball player he sees himself as a successful professional baseball player in the future in order to help sustain his family and to improve his educational level.

  32. Scenario 1
    Light Yusuke is a patient in a psychiatric hospital, court ordered to be there. He suffers from severe amnesia and presents psychotic symptoms. He is deemed a danger to himself and others and is prescribed multiple kinds of meds that he takes throughout the day, leaving him lethargic and apathetic. Only the appearance of a man that brings back pieces of memories to Light’s mind can get him to exit his dope riddled comfort zone.
    Scenario 2
    The hero is a divorced and beaten man, living on a remote island of the Bahamas, thousands of miles away from his family in New York City. His days consists of reminiscing of his life with his family, before he fucked up his marriage, over a bottle of cheap rum. That is until a magnetic anomaly in the earth’s core begins pulling a meteor of apocalyptic proportions into a crash course with earth in just 10 days. With the world’s economy crashing overnight, riots in every city in the world, and society breaking down to its most depraved state in history, all the hero can think is of seeing his family one more time before doomsday. With only 10 days left to live the hero sobers up enough in order to begin his journey out into a new and broken world.
    Scenario 3
    The hero is dead, but his soul is in a ghost world, a limbo before your final destination. He is one of many, not millions or billions, but trillions of human and human-like creatures. The space they co-habit is enormous, its size cannot be entirely perceived by their naked eyes. Whether the room has walls or doesn’t is a mystery. The hero remembers little about his human life; he had a family, a dog, and some sort of job where he wore a tie. He cannot remember the details because he has spent lifetimes in this place. He is unsure as to exactly how long he has been there, but if time passed in the normal world at the same speed, then humans would have undoubtedly killed each other off by now in a nuclear war, or perhaps were swallowed by the sun. It is impossible to know the amount of time spent there as there is no sunrise or sunset, no clocks, and no seasonal change. How it is now is exactly how it has been forever. Perhaps the most unique part of their infinite prison cell is the door. No matter where you walk to, you are followed by an immense glowing door. You can never stray more than 100 feet or so away from it without it seeming to follow you. When the hero walks towards it, he is struck by fear. There are rumors that the door takes you to the afterlife. Some believe that past that door is where you are judged on your previous life, and either sent to an eternity in the depths of hell, or to peacefully live without pain in heaven. There is no way for sure to know except to walk through.

    • Jose Lama said:

      thats a very original name bro! Thats crazy! Specially scenario 3, it awesome man!

  33. Reyna Lopez said:

    Scenario 1
    Rhonda lives at a small studio at New York City. She just graduated from college but not sure where she wants to work. She still relies on her parents. She was recently offered a good decent job but she hasn’t accepted it yet.

    She likes to party with her friends who are a bad influence because they smoke pot and drink too much.
    Her passion is to travel but she can’t afford it, unless she decides to accept the job offer. She wishes to travel with her friends.

    When she finally goes on her first trip something happens…

    Scenario 2
    Rhonda is a spoiled young woman from London. She’s very smart and always dresses decently. She never repeats the same cloth. She’s a daddy girl even though she’s already 23 years old. Her father bought her a huge apartment at the age of 18. She has her own chauffeur that drives her Porsche Cayenne.

    She travels whenever she wants. She doesn’t have a boyfriend because she’s too perfectionist and can’t find a guy who’s good enough for her. She has frenemies who challenge each other on who looks better.

    Her mother makes her attend to social activities since she was 16 years old. By this age she’s already used to them and enjoys them, or at least does a good acting of enjoying it.

    She feels that she has gone to many countries, therefore she decides to go somewhere different, she decides to go to Angola, this turned out to not be an ordinary trip, but not how she wanted…

    Scenario 3
    Rhonda is a 23 year old cocaine addict who’s 5 months pregnant. She lost her apartment several weeks ago after not paying rent for several months. She was a prostitute, but can’t pursue the career for now because the pregnant belly is showing. Nobody will hire a pregnant woman. So, she’s jobless and homeless.

    She’s not sure if the father of the baby is her ex boyfriend who used to beat her up and rob her money or one of her previous clients. She doesn’t want a baby, she just wants to get rid of it in order to start working again. Therefore, she’s going to put the baby to adoption.

    Rhonda is very skinny because she prefers to use cocaine instead of eating; she has nobody to take care of her. Sometimes she sells herself for drugs. A wife of one of the biggest trafficker is interested in Rhonda’s baby. Rhonda was thrilled with the idea, until she met the trafficker…

    Reyna Lopez
    Section 02

  34. Thais Maceo said:

    Scenario 1:

    William is an incredibly smart young man with only one weakness, alcohol. He lives isolated from everyone else because he does not like to be around people, but don’t get him wrong, he is not a serial killer or an abusive person, he just does not feel comfortable around people. The only person he deeply trusts is his nana Mary. Why does he have alcohol problems? This is because William has gone though many traumatic situations. For example, the loss of his biologic and adoptive parents, peer pressure in high school and college, media stockers, and never finding true love.

    Scenario 2:

    William lives surrounded by people that only seek to destroy him. His adoptive parents´ enemies are after him to destroy their company´s empire, and the so called family friends were jealous of his luck and envy the fact that he was the universal heir. After finding out the true intentions of the people he thought were his friends, he decides not to trust, to live alone, and die alone.

    Scenario 3:

    William was a regular guy that even though he suffered a lot, went through life with a smile and a positive and competitive attitude. He was happy and popular through high school and college, dated tons of women, was an extremely smart guy, with gorgeous looks. But he was not flawless; he dreamed on building an empire around his career, he wanted to open luxurious aquariums around the world, with all kinds of marine creatures. This greediness made him selfish and lonely; he didn’t want to have people involved in his life to make him feel as if he needs to share what he earns.

    Thais Maceo

  35. Nayle Pimentel said:

    Preface to Scenarios:
    Adolf Lacroix continues to live in his town. He grows up in a messed-up foster home as a kid and is later adopted by a troubled family. As a kid, he was an outcast and spent a lot of time alone. His manners follow him as he grows up and matures. In the meantime, he develops into a lonesome human being that devotes a lot of time to his thoughts. He turns out to be a brilliant doctor at a very young age and is currently pursuing a specialty in general medicine.

    Scenario 1:
    Young, busy, professional is too busy acquiring knowledge to handle his emotions. He is currently having suicidal thoughts and is frequently haunted by the memories of his dead parents.

    Scenario 2:
    The busy professional allows his emotional troubles to get the best of him after he witnesses a brutal rape followed by murder of an innocent little girl. He decides to take matter into his own hands, as he believes that this town is helpless and that these occurrences appear to never have seized.

    Scenario 3:
    The reputable doctor seeks counseling after realizing that he is unable to stop his life-like nightmares where he goes out on killing sprees. He fears that these situations are getting out of control and he realizes its veracity after waking up in the middle of his foster home and realized that he had mutilated the officials there while apparently sleepwalking.

  36. senario 1:
    mabel lives in new jersey, she is the wife of an important lawyer, and has a 4 year old little girl, she has never worked and her family lives in north carolina. she has one friend from school that lives in new jersey as well, and that has two kids, one boy of 7 and one girl of the same age as mabel’s daughter. her house is very big and beautiful and full of violence and fear.

    scenario 2:
    mabel lives in new jersey, whose husband is an inportant lawyer in manhathan,therefore he travels every day except on weekends. they have a 4 year old little girl, she worked in real state until she got pregnant, their family lives in new york and they are very closed to each other, her dad loves her and will never permit her daughter to get hurt. she has one friend from ther previous job who has two kids, one boy of 7 and one girl of 4, the same age that her daughter has.

    scenario 3:
    mabel lives in new york city, in manhathan in a big and beautiful apartment. she has a husband who is a prestigious and important lawyer who has a buffet near their house. they have a 4 year old girl, whos a sweet, beautiful and lovely liitle girl. she has a very close friend from school that lives in new jersey and has two kids, one boy of 7 and one girl of the same age as mabel’s daughter. her family loves her and always supported her but they live in another state so they do not get to see each other alot.

    Minerva Madera

  37. Maria Gabriella Liriano 09-0881 said:

    Scenario 1.

    He lives in a beautiful loft with an amazing view. He lives with his brother, they hang out a lot together but they do not have a lot of communication, just the necessary. He is the leader of the house, he is the most responsible when talking about work and he is very intelligent and motivated.

    Scenario 2.

    He lives alone, is a kind of workaholic, has many friends but enjoys more to be alone, he does not go on dates but he has different girls every week or day. He does a lot of sport, especially outdoors. He know a little bit of everything and is a the type of “I don’t care about anything bohemian guy”

    Scenario 3.

    He is a lonely bohemian hot guy, he is millionaire so he uses his studio from time to time, mostly for people he like or close friends. He is a womanizer, very charming and nice with everyone and will never express his feelings, ever.

  38. Scenario 1:
    After Tony Perez started working in the small town office he had never encountered the kind of situation that every townsmen lived, living in disappointment and being abused by the company’s authorities and his boss. This led tony to realize his purpose in life and why every action in his entire life made him be where he is now.

    Scenario 2:
    Tony’s new job in this little town, makes his son Paul very uncomfortable with the situation, since they are still living together and he does not wish his father alive, Paul decides to leave his father. This actions inflicts in Tony’s behavior and leads tony to realize that he has to do something about his life and his relationship with his son, directly enhancing his perspective of life and what he has to do to make things better.
    Scenario 3:

    Tony’s father is very wealthy and due to this fortune or misfortune for Tony, he has lived isolated from the relationship father/son, making it a struggle for Tony’s way of living, having to sacrifice everything so he can be someone in his life and for the others. Being his father able to provide him with everything, he does not give shit about his son.

  39. Jose Lama said:

    Scenario 1:
    Kai walking back from school stumbles upon Swordplay Academies. He has always been interested in learning how to protect himself but he never seems to step forward and try. He decides to peak in over the fence and gazes all over the practice grounds. While admiring the academy he happens to notice Riku who’s been practicing Swordplay from his 15th birthday when he received his first sword as a gift. Kai remembers when he turned 15, that all he got for his birthday were some pieces for robots, Riku was already 17, and he appeared at Kai’s birthday, and just for fun he smashed Kai’s robot pieces. Kai later on that day went out for a shake at the nearest burger joint and there he sat, drooling all over the table top in an trance looking at Aiko, the girl he has always liked. Mina and John just laughed at him because they knew he would never get her. The sleezbag Michael was sitting behind Aiko, but instead of pay attention to her, he was trying to flirt with other girls. “Thinking back, things haven’t changed a bit” said Kai when suddenly a throwing knife was thrashed at him and was impaled to the fence, right below his fingers. Thats when he let go and ran, “For fucks sake! I’ll never be able to learn swordplay while Riku’s practicing”, running into Michael who kneed him straight in the stomach and told him to stay away from Aiko, and to stop drooling over her. “With Michael and Riku in the way I’ll never be able to do anything worth living” Kai thought. A couple of days go by and while walking to school he happens to spot Aiko crying and Michael fighting over something over across the street in an alley way. When he notices Michael lifting his fist, getting ready to hit Aiko, he runs over, but when he gets there, Michael had already smacked Aiko twice and kicked her once when she was on the floor. Enraged Kai decides it time to do something about these guys kicking him around and taking people for granted. He attacks Michael from behind, using his blind spot as an advantage. 

    Scenario 2:
    “Who do you think made you who you are Michael, without me your nobody, you’d just be some sick fuck trying to be me”, “Fuck you Riku, without you, I’d still have the cash, the girls, and the best trainer of Swordplay, I would probably turn out to be more than you” said Michael. “Grow a pair Michael, you mother fucker and try and challenge me, I’m leaving, I can’t stand been so close to ignorant fucks”. Michael and Riku have a blow out, Michael  beats Aiko for trying to leave him, Kai and Michael develop a strange but interesting bond, and Kai decides it about time to stand up for Aiko.

    Scenario 3:
    John and Kai are up to no good, they learn how to build cricket bombs, small cricket looking explosives that burst into flame as soon as the cricket stops making sounds, and they’ve built at least ten of them. John tells Kai that he should use some of these to get back at Michael and Riku. Kai installs one into Michael’s locker at school so that when he puts his sword inside the locker into its stand it will blow. Michael’s sword burn’s with the fires of hell, so does his whole locker and John and Kai, peeking through the stairs burst into laughter. Riku who was visiting school spots them and the fire and assumes it was then, so he goes around back and pops up behind them. When he’s about to take them to Michael, he hears a loud thumping sound and hear Michael screaming, “You bitch!! Who did you tell my combination too?! Tell me or I’ll keep smacking you Aiko”. Riku put’s lets go of John and puts Kai down and runs to Michael to stop him, since Riku and Aiko were friends. Kai notices whats going on and steps up to the plate, Riku gets pushed aside by Michael as Michael steps towards Aiko to continue the beating and thats when Kai steps in from behind with a spinning back hand punch straight into Michael’s back part of the neck.

    • Are these ordinary worlds??? If so would be very interesting to see how you develop it from there.

  40. Elvis Pena

    All scenarios follow a similar path of the Hero; in which around the teenage age the Hero is bestowed with his latent demonic side. The difference is which path he will choose, to save the world or to be the one and destroy it.

    Scenario One: Hero is not aware of his true past. He is secluded from the world of exorcists, in which his stepfather obviously lives in. He lives in the temple and without a care in the world, getting into fights because he is temperamental. Also has a fraternal twin brother, whom is the complete opposite of the hero, but they are more alike than meets the eye. They are both actually sons of Satan, the hero which inherits the flame of his father.

    Scenario Two: Hero is not aware of his true past. Abandoned as a child and living in foster homes for the most of his life. More often than not his rage becomes almost incontrollable and the street life teaches him to be cold. In recent years he comes in contact with his brother and the adoptive father. The year living with them he lives emotionally distant, but gradually warms up to them and some rages are for a gentler purpose. However, one day Satan takes his newly found family and the coldness returns, but now towards all demons.

    Scenario Three: The Hero was adopted at birth along with his brother to a family with riches. He was the classical cool, mysterious guy and all the girls were in love with him. He had a problem however, recently he was approached by an exorcist which claimed he was Satan’s son and was training to control the latent ability as it approached it’s time to be unleashed. However beyond its control he started to obtain demon like features, long ears, sharp teeth, and a tail. Everyone soon started to treat him like a freak and he began questioning himself whether if it was worth protecting such a ungrateful race.

  41. Esteban Santana said:

    1st possible scenario.
    The hero is a retired SWAT team commander that had ended his career when he refused to follow some questionable orders given to him from his superiors. The hero decides to dedicate his to life to what he knows he is good for and decides to dedicate his life enforcing the law for the protection and well-being of the innocent. The hero establishes himself in a recognized organization that is dedicated to fighting and eliminating international terrorism. An ordinary day would be in the likes of research sessions on potential terrorists or terrorism acts and, from time to time, the hero would actually engage in missions where the purpose is to prevent these acts of terrorism from happening or stopping them while they are still in their initial stages.

    2nd possible scenario.
    The hero is retired because of the same reasons stated on the possible scenario #1 and he is now a private security officer for a very powerful company who is on the verge of presenting to the world some controversial technology that brings forth many questions and debate in the world’s medias and societies. The hero does not have many interesting days throughout his career, being used by his company as something more like a watchdog that is needed in the rare case that anything happens to go wrong on any particular day. The hero takes direct orders from the company’s president and they hold a very close relationship.

    3rd possible scenario.
    The hero is retired after making some questionable, on-the-job decisions that upset his superiors and is increasingly burdened by the question of whether he had made the right choice or not. He now works behind the reception desk of a police department, lives by very low means and has very little aspirations for his future. The hero and his friends usually have get-togethers where they play some pool or cards and talk about their lives and how the past was ‘the good ol’days’ of their relationships as friends where they actively worked and enjoyed much more together.

  42. Scenario 1
    Axel is a young man who goes to school because he has to; he doesn’t know anything else and has been raised with the idea of going somewhere, although he doesn’t really know where. He wants to be doctor because he enjoys the idea of giving back the opportunity to live to those who do not have it. He is in his third year of high school, he does not have much of a social status since he doesn’t like to speak with people, mainly because he thinks he is better than they are and that he doesn’t need anyone to reach the places life can take him too, nonetheless he feels there is something more, something he can’t see but is out there regulating what happens in the world and deciding its fate.

    Scenario 2
    Axel is a young man with no real aspiration in life, not because he is not good enough but because he hasn’t thought about it, he understands that there is something else out there, he wants to be a part of it, but he doesn’t understand how or why it is out there and why it is better than being down here. He is 17 years old and is attending to school, he has no friends, but he has a couple of acquaintances he has grown up with. He lives in a small town which is comforting and quite, he understands that this town is too small for him and that he was born with a purpose, he is bored and is looking for something that will make him interested.
    Scenario 3
    Axel is a young man surrounded by people he loves, he understands that a few people who he considers real friends are good enough for him and that he can actually count on them is the best part of being alive. He is in high school and wants to be a doctor because saving lives is his thing, he likes sports as well as hanging out with friends, he actually has an opportunity of graduating with honors and getting a scholarship, he always gets what he wants and has the girls all over him. His model is if it’s broken you can fix it and if it’s not you can make it better. He lives in a small town, everyone knows each other and helps each other out, and he feels good on a daily basis and wants to be better every single day.

  43. Solo un paragraph cada uno.

    Ordinary World 1
    John Miller smoked pot every day. He was eighteen and had been accepted in several universities all through the United States. I thought that due to this I had a little partying to do. I’d had done very hard work hard these last years. Sure I’d had some problems smoking weed and drinking too much when I but I had a hang of myself.

    Ordinary World 2
    I was intelligent. I was on the baseball team. I was a great big brother. I had a great relationship with my dad and stepmom. I would say they are some of my best friends. So I thought I just started smoking some pot and what harm could that do me anyway? Hell, my dad used to smoke pot. Most everyone in my family did. Our friends did. Does this mean that is was accepted.

    Ordinary World 3
    Since I was in high school I was rolling blunts and smoking them in the car as I drove to school. I took all the classes high. Every moment we had we would go driving doing acid or eating mushroom. Each day I was in taking more and more alcohol, sometimes during the day. I sometimes blacked out, so I could remember what had happened. My life was just a blur.

  44. Luis Guerrero said:

    Scenario 1.

    Joe Hanger lives in New York. He has a very boring lifestyle. Monotony if you ask me. He goes to work, comes back home, and goes to sleep. He is trapped inside this world because he has no use for another. Total boredom. He does not have many friends.

    Scenario 2.

    Joe Hanger lives in Miami. He goes to clubs, discos, and parties until sunrise. He has a wealthy family and money is not a problem. He has lots of friends and is famous among the Miami nightlife. Drugs, alcohol, and girls are his comfort zone, anything different, he worries.

    Scenario 3.

    Joe Hanger is currently going to Universidad Iberoamericana in Dominican Republic. He is a normal guy who has a normal lifestyle. He likes sports and is a very athletic guy. He does not do anything in excess. Regular amount of partying, and regular amount of studying.

  45. christopher de los santos said:

    1) henry is working very hard day by day and goes to the doctor his wife told him to, has a very good relationship with his boss the one who could maybe offer him a better position inside the company. henry totally forgot about drugs and is whiling to continue it.
    2)henry is taking a new job offer in downtown LA and is going to convince his wife and therefore they could move the kids normally.few weeks later henry gives a doping positive for the new job and is officially canceled but thanks to the good relationship he has with his boss they came to a deal and henry will stop and clean out.
    3)henry has been clean for seven years and is now teaching young students how to stop the drugs addictions in your life.he has been a awesome guy for the society and has been recognized with several awards from the community of los angeles, his wife is more than happy with him and their kids are grown enough.

  46. The normal day to day scenario for Phil Laak is the normal day at the office in downtown. Being verbally abused by his millionaire boss is regular for his work day. From 9 to 5, making and serving coffee, filing endless paperwork, and receiving orders are his responsibilities in this scenario.

    Another routine scenario for Phil is getting in his crappy 92 Fiero and driving down a couple of blocks to his roach infested building. In his studio apartment his normal days are just ordering Chinese food and watching old movies until falling asleep.

    The only escape from the real world that Phil has is a small trip to the strip every now and then, and gambling 10 dollars at the Golden Nugget Casino, on one of those cheap slot machines with almost impossible to hit jackpots. The only vice that Phil has is this one, just for a couple of minutes to test his luck. Then after obviously losing those lousy 10 dollars, he goes home.

  47. Scenario 1:
    A former gambling addict who now works for the casino to whom he lost all the money he had. He also owes the casino a great amount of money in which he is trying to paid them back by working there for free.

    Scenario 2:
    A former University of Las Vegas basketball team star, John has been working steady at a casino while he trains everyday for a chance at playing professional basketball. His dreams are vanishing with time as he ages and the opportunity of going pro are very slim.

    Scenario 3:
    Left with a 25 million heritage from his dead father, John decides moving to Las Vegas, Nevada to live off his 25 million dollar life. His savings just lasted 1 month with bills piling up from partying and gambling. John ended up in prison for falsifying checks to the casinos and he has spent the last 162 days of his life in prison.

    • Nayle Pimentel said:

      All these sound interesting! Specially the last one! I’ll definitely keep up with your story and see where it goes 🙂

      • Huascar Ventura said:

        This are cool scenarios, maybe they are related to you somehow? I will keep reading your posts 🙂

  48. Scenario 1:
    Anne lives is her suburban house on the outside of Chicago she loves her husband David, but also has intense feelings for her lover Sebastian. She is constantly haunted by the guilt of living a double life, but she cant help but feel that if she did have two children with David she would have left him a long time ago. After almost getting caught with Sebastian a couple of times and realizing how wrong she was for having an affair Anne decides to leave Sebastian and settle for her average life in her average town with her average husband.

    Scenario 2:
    Anne realizes that she has never loved anyone as much as she loves Sebastian and she keeps trying to make things work with David, for the well being of the children of course, but the chemistry is no longer there. Every time she tries to be intimate with David she can enjoy it so she fakes it, she fakes her pleasure almost as well as she has managed to fake her happiness for so long. Years pass and she has managed to be the perfect mom, and in a way the perfect wife. She has always tried to avoid going to Downtown Chicago for fear of running into Sebastian, who she had hear had a special someone, someone who she hated even though she hadn’t met her yet. One afternoon she goes to town and as she walked South Michigan avenue she was attracted to the most beautiful book shop she walked in and there he was, Sebastian in all his glory, still beautiful, still sexy. She wanted him and at that moment she realized that she had wanted him for years now, this was it she couldn’t let him go she was supposed to be with him.

    Scenario 3:
    Anne was involved with two men both good both extremely handsome both a perfect catch for anyone. For a while now she had tried to make up her mind and finally decide who she wanted to be with, because being with two men at the same time had proved to be a disaster. Her husband had no idea she was having and affair but her lover Sebastian was very aware of her husband and as time passed he kept getting anxious and more and more jealous of David, he hated the fact that she went back to him every night. The thought of having another man touch her was too much for him to bare, she had to tell him and she had to do it soon or he was walking out of her life forever. Sebastian ultimatum forced Anne to grow a pair and walk up to her husband. After she told him he just sat there, with his hands covering his face, she waiting for his reaction and after a while he just said “I want to meet him call him we need to talk”. She was terrified she could possibly imagine what David had to say to Sebastian but she called him. The three of them sat down and David simply said “pick two days of the week and she is yours, but I am not loosing Anne, she is the love of my life and if I have to share her with you in order to keep her in my life so be it.” Sebastian was in shock he wasn’t sure if this was a good idea he wanted to leave and leave Anne behind and forget everything but at the same time she was the best sex he ever had and she was the best woman he had ever met (and he had met quite a few of them). Sebastian couldn’t believe the words he was about to say “give three nights I not leaving her without a fight”. David agreed Anne was going to spend Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with Sebastian and the other days with David. Anne was happy she had the best of both worlds she didn’t want to let go of either of them and this was the perfect solution to their situation. Of course David and Sebastian were both very jealous at first but they will come around after all neither one of them wanted to lose her.

  49. Harisma Cordero 09-1020 said:

    1. Nicholas is a 22 years old that lives in the suburbs of Italy, he is currently studying Law and has a lot of potential as a future lawyer. He really likes criminal justice, and is planning on majoring on it. He has a rich girlfriend called Alfonsina which lives in one of the best places of Italy. She is a fashion designer.

    2.Nicholas lives in Rome, Italy, his family is one of the riches of all Italy. He fell in love with an immigrant from Argentina called Alfonsina, their relationship was somewhat complicated. She left her former argentinian boyfriend for Nicholas.

    3. Nicholas, 22, he works for one of the most important firms in the legal department in France. He graduated from Harvard, top of his class. He met Alfonsina, 23 years old, while living in the US. They later decided to move to France and live together. She was never sure about this decision and always felt like she lacked something.

  50. Karla Pappaterra said:

    1. Sophia is a young girl that is very pretty, she doesn’t thrust in anyone, she believes that love is not real, that people are together for convenience. She wants to study outside the country because she is tired of the same.

    2. Sophia is a young girl that is very pretty, she has a best friend that is like her big sister, named Cris, which even though she is engage, she is jealousy of Sophia because all her boy friend only ask for her.

    3. Sophia is a young girl that is very pretty, that goes out with any one, she doesn’t care what others says about her because she is young, hot, and love to party and just wanna have fun, so she never get serious with any guy.

  51. Joaquin R Bonnelly said:

    1-jack is a family oriented teen who has gone over with the drug use, and was sent to rehab center were he will live there for over 8months in Texas, he has to overcome a set of challenges while not having his drugs there for him.

    2-jack is now on top where he masters most of the drugs going in to miami , after dealing with the colombian cartel and having a hookup in the port of miami, he makes big money and is now moving to holland to cool off and take some heat of himself in the miami area.

    3-jack after dealing 4kilos , was set up with the MPD just outside a strip club in little havanna miami,fl where he ran off when he saw cops and got shot in the leg, he is now sentence for 6years for possession and serving weed,x and cocain in his car they found 12 more kilos that he was planning on selling the same day 5pounds of weed, 4500 x pills, two guns and a shotgun, he got arrested with over 5 felonys

  52. Pedro D. Raful said:

    Sc 1
    Frankie is really smart and successful and his experiences in life as taught him a lot, but what hasn’t taught him is that drugs, and gambling are not part of a complete life. Frankie lives his life between offices and silk sheets, and v.i.p. nightclub rooms and casinos. He cant manage to get a serious relationship with any girl he meets, who are a lot, and some of them who he even knows he is capable of having a serious relationship with but by been forced into the addictions world he cant get.

    Frankie has it all a man could ask for, except a family. Frankie has battled with his wife, Ann conditions of getting knocked up for a while. and in a family where each member has at least 4 kids, having kids for Frankie is really important and something he really desires. Adoption or other types of having a baby are not in his thoughts, and he even prefers to have a child by other relationship than waiting for Ann to respond. But his desire for such is so big that he is getting blind from those who loves him without a baby, as Ann.

    Frankie was a normal guy who just wanted his to continue his natural course. Going to work every day, hanging out with his friends, and having insignificant sex with hot girls was normal, but when he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, everything turns heads down.

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