The Hero’s Journey

This narrative pattern was discovered by Joseph Campbell. He found it to exist everywhere there is a human community. It is a common structure human beings from all cultures share for telling stories. No matter where you go, you’ll find almost the same principles and elements, in the exactly same order.

No doubt many stories in film and literature deviate from this pattern. And some of them probably achieve great or moderate success. They are not very many, though.


  1. The Hero is living in his ordinary world. He might not be happy or satisfied, but he is comfortable. This is the world that he knows. In fact, this is the world as he knows it. Only a great crisis could provide the motivation to make him go out of his ordinary world.
  2. A great crisis hits the hero where it hurts and his ordinary world becomes unbalanced. He or she must go out to regain the lost balance and make his or her world whole again. This crisis is his call to adventure. With it there is a mission he must fulfill.
  3. The hero ventures into the special world, the unknown, where he is lost. He must figure everything out, pass tests, vanquish enemies, trick or destroy those who impede his progress. During his stay in the special world, the hero is gradually transformed. He must at the end of this phase reach the lowest point of his quest, where everything seems to be lost.
  4. After this, the hero is thoroughly transformed and knows how to complete his mission. He moves on to the final conflict.
  5. He either wins or loses this final confrontation, according to the mood of the story.
  6. He can accomplish his mission alive or dead: many heroes give their lives in order to achieve perfection and balance. Others die and come back to life, more powerful than before.
  7. If the hero has survived his ordeals and accomplished his mission, he usually turns back and returns to his ordinary world with the boon of what he has learned and acquired.

Here’s the scheme in visual form:

The Hero's Cycle


Think of three films and deconstruct them using this scheme.

  1. Xasica Rosario said:

    Carter was fresh out of the Marine Corps. He got the boot for staying up on watch on a hangover. It was his bad for getting shit faced partying the night before, but common. Did he really need to give up his life dreams for a fraternity? He quickly applied for reentry but got a hasty “fuck you” thrown right back in his face. Can you imagine? Getting dishonorably discharged by the organization you struggled through hell to be a part of? While still trying to be one of those fraternity wanna-be idiots at college who basically pays for friends that are treating him like an annoying little step brother before peer-pressuring him into a bunch of horrible decisions. Decisions that got his ass kicked from the corps. He never thought that after applying for reentry he would get a letter that basically said “alter 14 weeks of boot camp, a 56 hour crucible, and a few months of Basic training we are happy to inform you that we aren’t going to pay you shit. So stick your finger up your ass. Love, The Marine Corps” So needless to say Justin was all fucked up from The Marines. Will he manage to pursue his dream while still getting accepted at the fraternity? Will he be able to fill the shoes of his father, an honorable lieutenant general of the commissioned officers?

    • Xasica Rosario said:

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  2. bia said:

    1) Pan’s Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno): Ofelia is traveling through Spain with her mother and step-father but on the way there is a small insect/fairy that calls her attention, this leads her into the parallel world of the labyrinth and the other world. She crosses the threshold when she meets the faun and it sets the three tasks for her (believing in the other world – being obedient – protecting her baby brother) and she faces uncountable challenges trying to complete these tasks. She returns to her “real” world being a hero and also a princess in the world of fairies.

    2) Shrek: He lives his life chilling in his swamp until he is called to action by the invasion of his swamp. The quest to find the princess is his call to action. His helper/mentor/companion is the Donkey, it guides him through the journey. Shrek faces many challenged in order to rescue the princess, both physical (fighting the kidnappers) and psychological (feeling ugly/not adequate). He overcomes his fears, rescues the princess and returns to his normal world as an improved ogre.

    3) Kung Fu Panda: He is a normal kid but he is called to adventure when it is announced that the new Dragon Warrior will be chosen. He meets his threshold guardian when he starts training with the furious five, and his mentor is the master of kung fu Master Shifu. He faces a lot of challenges, especially physically, when training to learn kung fu. He is then faced with supernatural aid when master Shifu hands over the lucky talisman that will help the panda win his battles. The part of atonement is when he returns to his village defeated but then regains the strength to win the due battles and become a hero.

  3. Avatar:
    In this movie Jake Sully was chosen to accomplish a program called Avatar. This operation was based on finding a precious mineral called unobtainium in another planet. Jake was sent by Coronel Quarith to convince the natives to leave that place in order to avoid a confrontation from the human race.

    Once in the planet for the first time, Jake got lost following a weird specie. There’s where he meets Neytiri, a native girl, to whom he slowly falls in love of.
    Jake is then introduced by Neytiri to her tribe and starts learning their language and customs. Later on he discovers that these people wouldn’t leave their land because it represented a lot to them and that they were willing to fight for it.
    When Neytiri found out Jake’s first intention, the whole tribe goes against him. Thereby to win back their confidence he goes after the giant and unmanageable bird : Toruk. By then Jake already knows his exact mission which is to save this tribe existence.

    Jake and the tribe confronted the forces of coronel Quarith and at the end they were all able to bring back peace to the land. After the mission was accomplished the military were expulsed. Nevertheless, Jake decided to stay in his new body with his new family.

    A walk to remember:

    When a prank on fellow high-school student Casandra Gaphardt goes wrong, popular but rebellious Landon Carter is threatened with expulsion. His punishment is mandatory participation in various after-school activities, such as the drama club, where he is forced to interact with quiet, kind and bookish Jamie Sullivan.

    Landon comfort zone is then interrupted when he started having trouble learning his lines for a play, so he asks Jamie for help.
    After Landom saw Jamie acting and singing his first impression of her faded away. He had fallen deeply in love. But Jamie was keeping a secret concerning her health, she was suffering from leukemia. When Landon found out about it he got frustrated and depressed and didn’t even want to see her, but their love was too strong and she goes after him again.

    Then, Landon discovers a wish list she had written and decides to help her accomplish them. At the end Jamie dies but she could help Landon to become a better person, closer to nature and spirit.

    The pursuit of happiness:

    Chris Gardner invests his family’s savings in portable bone-density scanners which he tries to demonstrate and sell to doctors. The investment proves to be wrong and the income that he was receiving wasn’t large enough to maintain his wife and child. As a result, his wife, Linda moves to New York leaving behind their son, Christopher.

    Chris then decides to apply for an intern stockbroker which results a little hard when he has to face that the IRS sets back his account for unpaid taxes and he and his young son are evicted. But that wasn’t going to stop this high motivated man to accomplish his dream and happiness.

    From a homeless-single parent to a stockbroker who owned a multi-million dollar brokerage firm, Chris demonstrated what perseverance and commitment can do.

  4. Amid said:

    Jack is an ordinary man. He lives with his wife. In a shitty house. Their sex life is starting to become boring. They dont do it anymore because either she is tired or she is asleep. So jack knows that there is something wrong. And he will lose her soon. He tries hard, but he cant make it right. Susan was a drug addict before. But after she met jack, he made her right. And made a responsable housewife from a drug addict. He saved her in other words. Now she is losing her. One day he sees her with a guy. Who is known for his criminal activity. They get in a fight, and later that day Susan leaves jack. He tries to find her, but to his surprise, she is with the drug dealer now. He tries everything. He even files a sue case against the drug dealer because he believed that he stole his wife. But obviously, nothing happened, since Susan was with him on her own will. He tries to forget her by buying a pet. But it doesnt work. He thinks about something new, he wants to do something different. He wants to become a hero. He wants to fight crime. He names himsels, Crimes&Bolt. And he actually manages to lower the crime rate in his neighbourhood. Finally he thinks he is worth something, he tries to talk to his wife so she will come back. But not only she doesnt wanna come back, but also she has become a drug addict again. And with all this, the police is looking for Crimes&Bolt. He gives up everything, he throws everything out. But then he sees something, he realizes that BEING A HERO is what he is alive for. So he has one last mission now, to save her wife, and stop the crime in his neighbourhood.

  5. Javier piniella said:

    Film 1:
    The day after tomorrow:
    Comfort zone: jack hall is a climatologist who came up with a theory that in the future global warming would cause a huge freeze up in the world but it would happen a long time from the world he was living in. His wife is a nurse and his Sonia’s in college.
    Call to adventure: the climate change happens faster than what he expected it to happen and the world began a huge climate shift. His son was in new York at other time and a huge snow storm gets him trapped inside the metropolitan library. There are no planes or means of transportation, so he must travel a long distance in a pick up truck with very little visibility with 2 friends who decide and accompany him. On the way they loose one of the friends who was helping him out.
    Rebirth: they finally arrive to where jacks son is trapped in new York and get him and his friends safely out. His relation with his son is now better than ever because they relationship used to suck.

    Film 2:
    Paranormal activity:
    Comfort zone: the family lives together in the house they are all happy, have no worries, everyone loves everyone and there are no problems.
    Call to adventure: strange things begin happening in the house, doors close alone, strange noises and things move alone. The father puts a sofisticated set of cameras around the house to recod anything that goes on during the night when they are sleeping. The camera begins to pick up very strange behavior and strange things happen. They try fighting the spirits but they only get them madder.
    Rebirth: at the end they don’t go back to their comfort zone because everyone in the house dies except the girl and the baby who’s life’s are completely altered for ever.

    Film 3:
    Step brothers:
    Comfort zone: Dale and Brennan are 40 years old who become step brothers who get forced to live together when their parents get married. At first they hate each other and are constantly fighting because they are always in the house because they are unemployed.. But after a few days of having to live together they become friends and become aware that they are very similar. They comfort zone is staying in the house eating junk food watching tv and playing around in their tree house.
    Call to adventure: their parents become histerical and tired of their 40 year old sons behavior. They decide to get divorced because they begin to fight because of their sons behaviour. Dale and Brennan leave the house and begin forming their life’s. They each get jobs and slowly become successfull.
    Rebirth: after having a steady and Setled lifestyle they meet again after a few months were the four of them meet. The parents talk once again when they see how well their sons are doing and then the family comes back together everyone is at peace and no more fighting goes on.

  6. Up: The ordinary world is him living happy with his wife and they spend their entire life saving to go to Paradise Falls in Venezuela. Mr. Fredricksen is taken out of his ordinary world when his wife dies. He stays home all the time until he decides to accomplish their lifelong dream of going to the falls and he takes the house with him, which somehow for him symbolizes his wife. His mission is to get to the falls but along the way he gets unwanted team members like Russel, the dog Dug, and Kevin the bird. The enemy or obstacle he finds along the way is Kevin trying to get back to her offspring, but Charles Muntz the pilot wants to kill Kevin and so the mission get put on standby in order to save Kevin and help her back to her babies. Mr. Fredricksen is changed by his experience and is softened. In the end they save Kevin but they lose the house. After they get Kevin back Mr. Fredricksen realizes that he had actually accomplish the mission and got Ellie to Paradise Falls. After this Mr. Fredricksen and Russel go back to their ordinary world but now Mr. Fredricksen is not a grumpy old man instead he becomes a caring grandpa for Russell.

    Super 8: A group of kids is filming a movie in the town’s railroad to enter a contest when the train is approaching a pickup truck comes out of nowhere and drives onto the tracks towards the oncoming train. From the train an alien has been released and this takes the kids out of their ordinary world.The alien begins killing everyone and the town is evacuated. The main character’s mission begins when the alien takes his crush and his mission becomes to save his friend from the alien. The kid has to get past the guard and security of the evacuation center in order to go back and save her. Along the way he learns valuable information of the alien that the only thing he wants is to build his ship and go back home. He is able to save his girlfriend and the alien returns back home and everything goes back to normal.

    Cars 2: Mater is just a Tow Truck that is not very smart and goes to the Grand Prix with his friend Lightning McQueen to work in the pit and help his friend win the race as his strategist. In a party he goes to the bathroom and a spy attaches to him a device that some evil force is after. Mater is mistaken for a spy and is taken on mission with the other two spies all the while he keeps telling them he is not a spy but they think he is kidding. He goes along until his best friend is in danger. Mater is not a spy but has to play the part to help the other two spies to stop the evil people who will harm his best friend along with all the other racers. During his mission Mater realizes what a fool he always makes of himself and embarrasses his friend and himself. He then has an brilliant idea to prove to others that he is not as dumb as he looks and thinks of a way to unmask the bad guy. He then returns back to Radiator Springs, his hometown as a hero with what he learned from the other spies and the experience gained.

    • Gabriel Federico Perez said:

      hehehe children movies, someone is still a child inside ^.^

  7. Abduction

    Ordinary world: Nathan (the hero) has 18 years old. He’s a party boy. Lives in a great neighborhood, nice house and go to one of the best school. He practices boxing with his father.

    Call to adventure: The trouble begins when Nathan comes across a photograph of his 3 1/2-year-old self on a missing-children Web site, a cyber-fishing expedition that directs the bad guy to Nathan’s home, where they kill his parents minutes after he discovers he is not their biological son.
    Special world: He escaped from the house, along with its neighbor Karen (the helper).Then, an agent of the CIA began to pursue him and he did not understand why. The CIA is trying to get to Nathan before the evil Eastern European gets to Nathan because evil Eastern European intends to use Nathan to blackmail Nathan’s real father, another CIA Agent, into giving up a very important list of names in exchange for his son’s safe return.
    Abyss: Nathan decides to give Kozlow (the bad guy) the list at a Pirates baseball game, and reveals to Karen that he actually intends to kill Kozlow. Nathan receives a call from Martin (who is also at the stadium) who tells him not to give Kozlow the list. Nathan ignores his advice, and tries to shoot Kozlow, who steals the gun and tries to force Nathan to give him the list.
    Final conflict and back to the comfort zone: Kozlow prepares to kill Nathan, Martin kills Kozlow with a sniper shot fired from a nearby building. Burton’s men appear and capture Nathan. However, his superiors reveal that Martin has warned them that Burton would attempt this in order to remove his own name.Martin calls Nathan one last time and apologizes for everything. He says that he’ll always be watching over Nathan, who reunites with Karen and Bennett, who tells him that she has arranged for him to live with her until he graduates.


    Ordinary world: Doug is getting married with Tracy, they have a stable relationship. They both have an extraordinary family.
    Call to adventure: Doug and his friends travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, staying at Caesars Palace. The next morning, Phil, Stu and Alan awaken to find they have no memory of the previous night and Doug is nowhere to be found.
    Special world: the trio travel to a hospital where they discover they were drugged with rohypnol, causing their memory loss, and that they came to the hospital from a chapel. At the chapel they learn that Stu married a stripper, Jade, despite having a long-term relationship with his mean-spirited girlfriend. Outside the chapel, the trio are attacked by gangsters saying they are looking for someone.
    Abyss: With the wedding occurring in hours, Phil tells Tracy they cannot find Doug. Stu realizes where Doug is. The trio travel back to their hotel where they find Doug on the roof, moved there on his mattress while he was asleep, as a practical joke by Stu, Phil and Alan.
    The final conflict and back to the comfort zone: With less than four hours before the wedding and with no flights available, the foursome race home, with Doug revealing he has possession of $80,000. Despite their late arrival, Doug and Tracy are married and Stu breaks up with his girlfriend. As the reception ends, Alan finds Stu’s digital camera detailing the events they cannot remember.


    Ordinary world: Massachusetts Institute of Technology senior math major Ben Campbell is accepted into Harvard Medical School but cannot afford the $300,000 cost.
    Call to adventure: At MIT, professor Micky challenges Campbell with the problem, which he solves successfully. After looking at Campbell’s score on his latest non-linear equations paper, on which he got 97%, Rosa invites Campbell to join his blackjack team which consists of fellow students Choi, Fisher, Jill, and Kianna (helpers).
    Special world: Ben joins the team and the system involves card counting. They send secret signals to the “big players”, who place large bets whenever the count at a table is favorable. Rosa takes the team to Las Vegas over many weekends; Campbell comes to enjoy his luxurious lifestyle as a “big player” there.
    Abyss: During the next trip to Vegas, an emotionally distracted Campbell continues playing even after he is signaled to walk away, losing $200,000. An angry Rosa leaves the team and demands that Campbell repay him for the loss. Campbell and his three remaining teammates agree to go into business for themselves
    The final conflict and back to the comfort zone: the team returns to Planet Hollywood and wins $640,000. Campbell and Rosa split up, with Rosa taking the bag of chips. Rosa escapes with the intention of stealing the winnings. After capturing Rosa, Williams confronts Campbell and demands at gunpoint the bag of chips for his retirement; after giving up the money, Campbell rejoins his friends and pre-blackjack friends, who have, in fact, been counting all night themselves. The movie closes with Campbell recounting the entire tale to a “dazzled” Harvard director.

    • Gabriel Federico Perez said:

      and i say it again, abduction is by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen hands down

  8. Laura Musa said:

    The Notebook-
    Comfort zone: Allie is having summer vacations with her wealthy family. She does what they tell them, she’s very obedient.
    Call to Adventure: When she meets Noah, and he insists to go on a date with him even though he is ‘low’ class.
    Abyss: When Allie breaks up with Noah, and Noah tries to get her back, like going to his house that he has been building for years.
    Return: Allie and Noah live happily ever after.

    Sweet Home Alabama-
    Comfort Zone: Melanie is a successful designer. She is so happy with her boyfriend Andrew. Andrew proposes to her.
    Call to Adventure: Because of Jake’s proposal, she has to return to Alabama and divorce Jake, her childhood boyfriend and still husband.
    Abyss: Melanie realizes she is still in love with Jake, but she does not know until the wedding of her and Jake.
    Return: Melanie and Jake stay married.

    Comfort Zone: Peter Parker lives with his uncle Ben and aunt May in Forest Hills. He is very much into science.
    Call to Adventure: Happens when a spider bits him. Peter passes out and later on when he awakes up becomes more muscular, better vision, and can emit web strings from his wrists.
    Abyss: When the Green Goblin is defeating him and he finds out he is the father of his best friend, who is now dating Mary Jane, the love of his life, also, when his uncle Ben is killed.
    Return: Peter acknowledges what he has to do and decides that with great power comes great responsibility.

  9. Monsters Inc.

    Ordinary World: Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are one of the best team of scaring little kids. They are always winning at the end of the day with more points than the other teams.

    Call to adventure: One day, Sullivan’s closest competitor, Randall, is planning a horrible act with one little girl. Unfortunately his plan starts very bad because he left a door activate when it was not supposed to. Sullivan saw the door and he was very curious and without noticing, a little girl was on his back. She didn’t disappear and was all over the place. Sullivan need to get rid of the girl, because if not he would get fired.

    Abyss: Since Sullivan was acting very strange in front of Randall, Randall noticed that something strange was occurring and aside from this he did not find the little girl. When Sullivan loses the girl and gets on Randall’s hands the fight begins until Sullivan gets back the girl and Randall is sent to a farm and he will never get back.

    The Final conflict and back to the comfort zone:

    The little girl is sent back to her house, but Sullivan was very sad since he wanted to stay with the girl. Sullivan then becomes the director of Monster’s Inc. and all policies of scaring kids were banned and change to make kids laugh and this would produce more energy.

    • vbodden said:

      Monsters Inc. wowww, loved it back then!

  10. Joaquin Castillo said:

    Blood Diamond
    Danny Archer is diamond contrabandist in Africa he usually trades guns for diamond with African rebels. One day he hears a man ( Solomon) talking about how he found a very big diamond and hide it. Danny sees this as an opportunity to earn enough money so that he can leave Africa once for all. Danny tells Solomon that if he takes him to the diamond he would reunite Solomon with his family. Danny and Solomon start the journey to get the diamond, when they finally get the diamond Danny is shot. He had a change of heart and gives the diamond to Solomon. Solomon escapes and Danny dies.

    The Matrix
    Thomas Anderson is leading a double life. To most people, he’s a hard-working computer programmer who holds down a nine-to-five job for a major software corporation. But, in the privacy of his home, he’s a hacker named Neo. He is dissatisfied with his existence, he is contacted by a mysterious computer presence known as Morpheus.

    It turns out that Morpheus is the captain of a small space ship, and he believes that Neo is the chosen one. When the two finally meet, Morpheus explains to Neo that all is not as it seems. The reality, really is a fabrication, the product of a race of intelligent machines that use human beings as power supplies, to be discarded at will.

    Neo is dubious, and Morpheus sets out to show him the truth. Soon, he is learning how to manipulate the Matrix: a computer-generated dream world built by the machines to control human minds. But danger lurks ahead for Morpheus and his small band of followers. The goal of the machines is to eliminate all free humans, and their most powerful weapons, the Sentient Agents, are closing in. Led by Agent Smith,their goal is to capture Morpheus and steal the secrets from his brain.

    Neo then goes on a mission to save Morpheus. He saves Morpheus but then he gets stock on the Matrix and he had to face Agent Smith face to face, Neo almost dies but in the end he comes out victorious.

  11. Thiago da Cunha 10-0028 said:

    Shawshank Redemption

    1. Ordinary World: Andy Doufresne is a normal convict in prison.
    2. Call to Adventure: He becomes an accountant for the guards of the prison, including the warden.
    3. Abyss: Gets thrown in the hole for 2 weeks after getting proof of his innocence from a fellow inmate. The inmate gets killed. That’s when he realizes that he has to get out of there because these guards will never help him.
    4. Final Conflict and Comfort Zone: He makes his escape through 1km of poop.
    5. His mentor through the whole story was Red.
    6. Goes to Mexico and lives happily ever after with Red.


    1. Ordinary world: Normal Cuban in Miami living a monotonous and poor life.
    2. Call to adventure: Tony Montana gets his first job as dealers. They lose a friend in the process but come out of the deal with the money and drugs.
    3. Abyss: Kills Manny.
    4. Final Conflict: Gets gun downed in his house and dies.
    5. His mentor was Frank Lopez.

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

    1. Ordinary World: Harry Potter is a normal muggle living in his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and cousin Dudley.
    2. Call to Adventure:: Gets called to Hogwarts to become a wizard.
    3. Abyss: Harry confronts troll with Hermoine and Ron and defeat it.
    4. Final Conflict: Harry goes to find the Sorcerer’s Stone before Voldemort in the Forbidden Floor.
    5. Return to comfort zone: Harry goes back to his house for the summer vacations with his muggle family.
    6. His mentor was Dumbledore.

  12. The Illusionist:

    Eisenheim loved magic since he was very young. His first comfort zone was Vienna where he was in love with Sophie but then he leaved Vienna with his family and started to travel around the world. Many years later he returned to the city, which was his first Comfort zone. He starts to perform amazing magic shows and started to gain fame in the city. In one of these shows he sees Sophie for the first time in many years and she offered herself as a volunteer in of one illusion. This is where the call to action begins. They meet each other again and he discovers that she is the girlfriend of the crown prince, what makes almost impossible for them to be together again.
    They elaborated a plan to be together which consisted in make people believe that Sophie was killed by the crown prince. In this process Eisenheim had many helpers; among them were a group of Chinese men who helped him with the new acts he started to perform. The challenges and problems started to emerge. The crown prince started an investigation and even tried to put him in jail. He succeeded (The atonement) in accomplishing his mission by making the Policeman to believe the crown prince was the real guilty. Also he made all the people of Vienna believe that he really has supernatural powers. The crown prince commits suicide and the all illusion is revealed. He starts a new comfort zone with the girl he loves.

    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

    Ethan Hunt is currently in a jail (which is his comfort zone at that moment), the call to adventure starts almost at the beginning of the movie when Benji and Jane rescue him to start a mission of finding a lost case that contains the codes of nuclear weapons that would be used against America. These team members are the helpers and the mentor is the man of the IMF who gives him the information for the final Mission. He enters to the unknown world when he goes to Russia and then to Dubai where he and his team are looking for the codes. There they face several challenges like the one with the blond assassin at the hotel in Dubai. The atonement and the closure and accomplish of the mission emerge after he wins a final fight with the man that had the case that launched the nuclear missile. He disarms it and continues his life as an agent trying to accomplish new missions.

    Man on Fire

    Creasy is an American agent whom has been hired to take care of the daughter of a wealthy Mexican family. The house of this family and the company of the little girl become his comfort zone. He learns a lot with her and protects her every day. The call to adventure starts when she is kidnapped after a piano lesson. He is really injured and becomes the primary suspect of the kidnapping and dead of the girl (everybody thought she was killed after a failed recovery mission). Those are some of the challenges he had to face. After he got out of the hospital he starts a mission to find out the persons involved in the scam and kidnapping. He had two helpers that were two Mexican journalists that provided him all type of information of people that might be involved. He starts to follow every single person that was part of the complot; he obtains information and kills them. The transformation takes place when he discovers that the girl was alive. At the end he accomplish his mission and rescued the girl despite he gave his life for her.

  13. David Santamaria said:

    The Illusionist:
    Eisenheim loved magic since he was very young. His first comfort zone was Vienna where he was in love with Sophie but then he leaved Vienna with his family and started to travel around the world. Many years later he returned to the city, which was his first Comfort zone. He starts to perform amazing magic shows and started to gain fame in the city. In one of these shows he sees Sophie for the first time in many years and she offered herself as a volunteer in of one illusion. This is where the call to action begins. They meet each other again and he discovers that she is the girlfriend of the crown prince, what makes almost impossible for them to be together again.
    They elaborated a plan to be together which consisted in make people believe that Sophie was killed by the crown prince. In this process Eisenheim had many helpers; among them were a group of Chinese men who helped him with the new acts he started to perform. The challenges and problems started to emerge. The crown prince started an investigation and even tried to put him in jail. He succeeded (The atonement) in accomplishing his mission by making the Policeman to believe the crown prince was the real guilty. Also he made all the people of Vienna believe that he really has supernatural powers. The crown prince commits suicide and the all illusion is revealed. He starts a new comfort zone with the girl he loves.

    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
    Ethan Hunt is currently in a jail (which is his comfort zone at that moment), the call to adventure starts almost at the beginning of the movie when Benji and Jane rescue him to start a mission of finding a lost case that contains the codes of nuclear weapons that would be used against America. These team members are the helpers and the mentor is the man of the IMF who gives him the information for the final Mission. He enters to the unknown world when he goes to Russia and then to Dubai where he and his team are looking for the codes. There they face several challenges like the one with the blond assassin at the hotel in Dubai. The atonement and the closure and accomplish of the mission emerge after he wins a final fight with the man that had the case that launched the nuclear missile. He disarms it and continues his life as an agent trying to accomplish new missions.

    Man on Fire
    Creasy is an American agent whom has been hired to take care of the daughter of a wealthy Mexican family. The house of this family and the company of the little girl become his comfort zone. He learns a lot with her and protects her every day. The call to adventure starts when she is kidnapped after a piano lesson. He is really injured and becomes the primary suspect of the kidnapping and dead of the girl (everybody thought she was killed after a failed recovery mission). Those are some of the challenges he had to face. After he got out of the hospital he starts a mission to find out the persons involved in the scam and kidnapping. He had two helpers that were two Mexican journalists that provided him all type of information of people that might be involved. He starts to follow every single person that was part of the complot; he obtains information and kills them. The transformation takes place when he discovers that the girl was alive. At the end he accomplish his mission and rescued the girl despite he gave his life for her.

    David Santamaria

  14. vbodden said:

    Fight Club

    1.Ordinary World: The narrator lives morbidly depressed in his usual, ordinary life. He is a cubicle office employe that has to deal with his boss being a jerk and then return in a routinely fashion to his ikea-built home. He also has issues sleeping and attends a variety of rehab-anonymous meetings in order to be able to vent and sleep at night. In several of these meetings he meets and encounters Marla Singer. He then on starts having blackouts and waking up in cities and planes having no idea how he got there. In one of this instances he meets Tyler Durden.
    2.Call to Adventure: His apartment gets mysteriously burnt down and since he does not have any place to live, decides to call Tyler in order to stay with him.
    3.Abyss: The narrator moves with Tyler and his ordinary life seems to start chaining. He quits his job, and decides to start Fight Club with Tyler. In this stage Tyler makes the narrator go through a variety of tests in order to make him let go of all of his conceptions of life and actually find a meaning for it.
    4. FInal: Tyler and the Narrator are two independent entities by now. Fight club is beginning to spread nationally and the narrator suspects it is Tyler’s doing. Tyler also begins to recruit people to live in his house and start project Mayhem. The purpose of project Mayhem was to make these new integrants do several tasks that represented them destroying what they depended on, whether it was computers or other things. Tyler also is dating Marla Singer by now, which makes the narrator pretty uncomfortable. Project Mayhem starts evolving into a sort of national thing. Vandalisms and attacks that are considered to be hazardous start to occur. The narrator slowly starts feeling left out as he sees that Tyler is taking control as the creator of Fight Club.
    5. The narrator finally realizes that project Mayhem is spinning out of control and that the recruits have been brainwashed by Tyler. He starts traveling around the country trying to follow Tyler’s steps to find out what it is that he is ultimately doing, for he found a ton of explosives and knows it will be something big. He then realizes that Tyler and himself are in fact the same person. He finds out Tyler’s master plan and returns to the city in order to stop him. Tyler and the narrator fight and Tyler ends up losing, the narrator shot himself in the head in order to kill Tyler.
    6. FInally, Tyler’s plan of blowing up a credit card company is enacted and the narrator has been fully transformed. He won the battle, and is now in control over his life. He is also with Marla Singer and explained everything to her. The both sit and watch as the buildings start to blow up, letting go of what they were attached to.

    Jane Eyre:
    1. Ordinary World: Jane was a well educated orphan, that was cast out by her wealthy aunt, who now after graduating from school, worked as a governess in Mr. Rochester’s Manor. She was settled and comfortable being an employee and taking care of Mr. Rochester’s niece.
    2.Call to Adventure: Mr. Rochester visits the manor and during the same night of his arrival, after an encounter with Jane, a mysterious person decides to set Mr. Rochester’s room on fire. Jane heard some noises, woke up and managed to save Rochester’s life. This arroused Rochester’s curiosity and interest upon Jane.
    3. Abyss: After months of flirting and then being engaged, Rochester pretended to marry Jane. When they were in the Church a young man interrupted the wedding, claiming that Rochester was already married to his sister. The wedding was called off and Rochester quickly took Jane to the manor and presented her with his mentally insane “wife” that had been locked in a secret room where the servants took care of her.
    4. Jane being left heartbroken, decides to leave Rochester and run away to uncertainty. He meets a young priest and his family and is invited to live with them. He soon offers her a job as a teacher in a remote location. Jane accepts the job but starts having dreams about Rochester finding her again. She also starts to listen to Rochester’s voice calling out her name asking her where she is. One day, the young priest asks Jane to marry her and move to India with him. Jane refuses because she is not in love with him, she only sees him as a brother. This opens Jane’s eyes to see that she is still in love with Mr. Rochester and decides to go back to see him.
    5. Since she had inherited a vast amount of money and was now wealthy, Jane went in her own carriage to visit Rochester and express her love towards him again and forgive him. When she arrives to the manor she realizes that it is burnt down. She meets Mrs. Fairfax, the lady that watched over the house, and she tells the story of how Rocherster’s wife burnt the house down and then committed suicide and how Rochester managed to save everyone inside the house.
    6. After listening to this, Jane goes up to Rochester and realizes he is now blind, and sadness overpowers his essence. Jane talks to him and convinces him its reality not a dream and they kiss.

    Into The Wild
    1. Ordinary World: Christopher McCandless had just graduated from Emory College only to please his father and mother’s wishes of him to fit into society and its norms.
    2. Call to adventure: Since he already graduated from college, he decides to leave it all behind. Donate his life’s savings to charity, cut up all of his credit cards and social security and burn all of his remaining cash. He drives out to the dessert and becomes a hitchhiker.
    3.Abyss: He gets picked up by a couple that live in a similar way as he wants to live, out of society, and learns a lot from them. He then on continues to hitchhike and do some jobs in order to earn some cash to be able to go to Alaska.
    4. He meets a variety of people on his way to his dream including some that lived in a sort of Trailer Park as a margin of society. When he finally made it to Alaska, he goes through a vast amount of issues in order to get food and find a decent place to sleep. He finds an abandoned bus and decides that was the place for him to stay, the bus even had a bed inside.
    5. While living the life that he had pictured to be his perfect life, out in the wilderness alone, outside of society’s norms, he noticed that happiness is only real when shared, he was sad because he was alone. He died of poisoning because he ate the wrong kind of herbs without knowing. Christopher left his journal to the world.

    • Lazaro Medina said:

      Good taste in movies.

      • vbodden said:

        Thank you!

  15. Eduardo Garcia-Godoy said:

    Green Lantern→
    Ordinary world:
    The comfort zone is Hal’s Jordan test pilot job, and being an irresponsible guy who doesn’t like to take anything serious not even relationships and don’t like to follow orders.
    Call to adventure:
    When he founds the spaceship and the other green lantern chose him to be the next lantern and granting him superhuman powers.
Special world:
    the special world is when he is taken to Oa, green lantern’s world in a different universe to learn how to use the powers.
    There comes a point in the movie he think “Parrallax” the enemie, isto strong for him so he decides to give up.
Final conflict and back to the comfort zone:
    He defeats “Parrallax” and falls in love with Carol Ferris, he’s colleague.

    Ordinary world:
    The ordinary world is Billy Beane coaching a mediocre team at Oakland A’s with the lowest salary constraint in baseball
    Call to adventure:
    Billy Beane decides to win a world series, but with his budget he will have to find a competitive advantage. He finds a kid that shows him how to use statistical data to analyze and place value on the players he picks for the team.
    Special world:
    He start recuing the players that appear to be more successful in the statistical analysis, but they weren’t seen mostly as the worst players in the league.
    The players are not perfoming well and he thinks the program is not efficient, he looses hope on the team and they start falling back on the season.
Final conflict and back to the comfort zone:
    The Oakland A’s win 20 consecutive games setting the American League Record, they didn’t win the series but he proved a point. He was offered a job for the Redsox, but he refuses it and stayed with the Oakland A’s.

    Hangover II→
    Ordinary world:
    Each of the characters are at there own home in their normal life.
    Call to adventure:
    They all get invitred to Thailand to celebrate Stu’s wedding and joined by Lauren younger brother. At night the mans get together for a beer, Alan uses roofies.
Special world:
    When they wake up next day without any memory of what happened and they start to follow back their steps to see what they did and to find Stu’s brother in law before the wedding.
    They are in Bangkok with no idea where the brother in law is, and they decide to tell the truth to everyone, cancel the marriage and declare him missing.
Final conflict and back to the comfort zone:
    Stu remember something about the night and they go running and find Teddy on the elevator with one less finger. He is taken to the family he stands up to the father in law and they get married.

  16. Gabriel Federico Perez said:

    Movie 1:
    Real Steel

    Ordinary World: He uses his robot to fight and makes bet with people. He lives by himself and is always on the road, doesn’t care about anyone.

    Call to Adventure: He old girlfriend dies and they go get him because he has a son he never knew about. With the son he goes on an adventure because everything is different now taking care of a kid and the kid gets a robot that starts winning fights.
    Abyss: Some people he owes money to catch up to him and beat him up very bad. He then lets go of everyone and sends the kid back to live with his aunt. Also the kid Learns that the only reason he took him was for money. So everyone hates him now.

    Final Conflict: He knows what he has to do to get everyone back. He goes to talk to the kid and gets him to accompany him for one last fight (that they lose) but at the end he goes back to the ordinary world but now he has a girl friend and a son.

    Movie 2:
    Water for Elephants

    Ordinary World: Jacobs’ world is just that of a normal child in the United States with good parents. He is off in college studying to become a vet and his father owns a vetenarian. Everything is good and normal for Jacob and all he is thinking about is graduating from college.

    Call to Adventure: On the day of his final exam he gets a call that his parents have died in a car accident. More over his father owed a lot of money to the bank and the bank now owns everything. Jacob basically has no belongings now. He eventually joins a traveling circus as their vet. He falls in love with the owners wife, who is a very bad man.
    Abyss: After falling in love with the wife of the circus owner, many things happen but in the end they run away together and everything seems perfect. But then they are found and the women is taken and Jacob is beaten to a pulp and left with nothing.

    Final Conflict: Jacob goes back to the circus where someone lets all the animals go and the elephant he and the wife took care of together kills the husband. Then they get married and have a happily every after.

    Movie 3
    Almost Famous

    Ordinary World: William is an 11 year old kid. Who is just a normal nerd who gets good grades. Nothing interesting really happens with his life. He lives with his mom and sister and thats basaically his life, going to school, getting good grades and just being a good boy.

    Call to Adventure: His sister and mom get into a fight and the sister leaves the house to become a stewardess in an airline. Before she goes she gives her brother William her whole rock record collection which changes his life. A couple of years pass and he some how gets into being a journalist for a rock band and follows them around. On the road he falls in love with one of the groupies Penny and befriends the Band.
    Abyss: The one who is with penny Russell sells Penny for $50 dollars this devastes William who also finds Penny overdosing on drugs in a hotel. Also they have a near death plane crash and Rolling Stone wants its article now. Everything become very surreal and overwhelms William so he goes back to Rolling Stone to write the Article. William writes the article but the Band says everything is lies and fabrications (even thought its not) and rolling stone basically fires william saying he is a liar. This leaves William devastated and he goes back home without any friends, no Penny and no money from the job and everything looks bleak.

    Final Conflict: Russell feels really bad about everything that happened and lets the article be published saying that everything in it is very true and it gets published. He visits william and apologizes for everything and just to talk to him. penny leaves for Morocco which was her dream and William goes back to his normal teenage life.

  17. Lazaro Medina said:

    Edward Scissor Hands

    Johnny Depp plays Edward, a physically disfigured orphan who has spent most of his life isolated from the world in a broken-down manor. Edward Scissor Hands has grown accustomed to living on his own, without a soul that cares whether he’s alive or dead. He is discovered by individuals living in the warn-out mansion, after which, they attempt to reintroduce him to society and, amongst the many faces that Edwards meets is Winona Ryder. Ryder begins to fall in love with Depp’s character after his character is revamped with a new outfit, facial, makeup, home and middle-class job. Although, a barrier between Depp and his newly discovered love interest was Ryder’s preppy anabolic steroid-ravaged boyfriend, who wanted nothing more than to make Edward rot in a ditch of his own wastes. All the ‘politically correct’ citizens felt like they needed to save him and at the same time they became fond of him. As Edwards social skills went evolving he became the neighborhood frenzy. A women, who from my view was going through a mid-life crisis, attempted to seduce Edward but wasn’t fully successful since Winona’s character began to make insinuations of true love. Due to Ryder’s boyfriend protective and animalistic nature he attacks Edward whom fights back and kills him. Edward runs from the scene back to his mansion where he’s left once again in the dark. But not before Ryder makes up a lie that will protect him from the fact that he killed two people that were trying to attack him. Edward once again falls back to his old ways in exile and the only remaining trace of his existence are the memories that survive in Ryder’s character.

    Gran Torino

    In this movie, Clint Eastwood is a U.S. senior citizen veteran that is peacefully awaiting death. His true love in life has passed away. He has a two of sons who’ve become a pair of corporate jerks with disregard to the true essence of being an American and an all-around man. Walt (Eastwood) has no profound feelings for his children and quietly waits to be reunited with his wife while drowning his thoughts in a perpetual cold beer. The wimpy teen neighbor attempts to steal Walt’s most prized possession, the Gran Torino, as a sort of Asian gang initiation but fails when he is discovered. As a consequence, the teen has to pay his dues back to Walt in order to mend his family’s embarrassment. In the process of cleaning and repairing certain things Walt teaches the Asian kid what it really means to be a man; he gives him “the talk.” The kid is later on confronted by his Asian cousins and is somewhat being forced to join the gang he was previously trying to enter yet luckily for him, Walt was there to save him. Later on Walt begins to act more friendly and kind towards people due to his new found friendship with the kid and his family. At this point the tables turn for the worst when the Asian gang members abduct the kids’ sister and brutally rape her. It’s at this point when the kid begins to enter a tirade of how he will seek vengeance but, Walt says he’ll take it from here and promises he won’t use his “shoot and ask questions later” candor. As Walt approaches the home of the gang-bangers he calls them out and vehemently keeps them on their toes, as he creates an elaborate performance to make them believe he has a gun in his jacket. He reaches into his jackets pocket and the dark night is filled with a cloud of bullets from all directions. The shots reach a scotching halt and a simple lighter falls out of Walt’s hand. The gang is arrested and the hero is dead. The world is now a better place, Walt gave his life for others and he donated his greatest possession to the kid.

    Inglourious Basterds

    The Basterds are a group of military specialist that are assigned to infiltrate Hitler’s enemy camp and slowly start to take his soldiers out of the game. For the most part they succeed but as the missions begin to get increasingly risky they start to die, each in their artistic and violent way. The only remaining characters are the main protagonists: Pitt, a basterd and the Nazi leader. The theater owner that planned the touching died in a bloody, speedy way. At the beginning of the movie everyone wanted to get a chance to kill Hitler and stop his pawns; they all did but most died in the line of fire.

  18. Miguel Iglesias said:


    Ordinary World: The boxing ring, the three of them are former boxers.
    Call to Adventure: Tommy calls his father which is a former boxer and an alcoholic to train him for the main MMA tournament of the United States. Brendan (his brother) needs the money in order to maintain his house and feed his family.
    Abyss: Two brothers and the father see each other together after more than 20 years, that the father has abandoned them.
    Final Conflict: Brendan and Tommy have to fight for the million dollar prize. They fight without any fear and leaving aside that they were brothers.
    Return to comfort zone: Brendan defeats Tommy and left him with a broken shoulder, at the end of the fight he tells him he loves him and helps him get out of the ring.

    Flight Plan:

    Ordinary World: Their house, until Kyle’s husband died and she and her daughter have to transport the body from Berlin to America
    Call to adventure: During the 13 hour flight her daughter disappears in the plane and she’s looking for her desperately.
    Abyss: After reviewing the whole plane, Kyle notices that her daughter couldn’t disappear so easily without any help of people in the plane.
    Final Conflict: After looking everywhere and doing anything she can, she notices that the stewardess and the flight official have something to do with her daughter, and noticed that while she was sleeping they kidnapped her. In order to transport drug on her husband coffin.
    Return to Comfort zone: She arrives to America and founds her daughter alive and killed the official who tried to kill her daughter.

    Home Alone:

    Ordinary World: Its Christmas time and the whole family is together celebrating in their house.
    Call to Adventure: The whole family is going on a trip to France, but accidentally they leave the youngest son Kevin in the house.
    Abyss: When Kevin is alone at the house, a couple of burglars try to get inside to rob his house.
    Final Conflict: Kevin decides to fill his house with different traps in order to stop the burglars from getting inside.
    Return to comfort zone: He defeats the burglars and calls the police to send them to jail. Then his parents arrive to the house and everything is normal again.

  19. Luis Guerrero said:

    The Old man and the Sea

    Santiago goes out fishing. He has been on a bad luck streak for the last years. The call to adventure begins when a perfect day arises to go fishing. He has been planning this for days. Also, he receives many signs of good luck prior to his trip. He goes out to sea and catches the biggest Marlin he has ever seen. During the fight with the fish, he has many problems. The fish is too big for his boat; his hands can’t handle the force. After a day of fighting the fish, he finally captures it. It’s too big to pull it inside the boat so he ties it to the side. Sharks come and eat the Marlin. He loses the meat and he is left with the carcass. HE goes back home, everybody is amazed of the size of the fish Santiago caught. Later on, he dies.


    Carl Fredricksen is a retired 78-year-old balloon salesman. When Carl was a child, he met and eventually married a girl named Ellie who grew up in a small Midwestern town. Ellie always dreamed of visiting South America, but she died before she got a chance. Now, when developers threaten to move him into an assisted living home, Carl decides to fulfill his promise to Ellie. To accomplish this, he uses 10,000 balloons to make the house fly—but unwittingly takes a eight-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell with him. When Carl is leaving, Russell climbs on board without Carl noticing it. When they get to South America, they find Carl favorite action hero. It happens that the action hero is a bad guy and Carl and Russell have to find their way out.

    Soul Surfer

    Bethany Hamilton is a Hawaiian surfer. One day she decided to go out surfing instead of going to class. That day, a shark attacked her and she lost her arm. She started to live life without one arm. She has to surpass lots of struggles and getting used to her new life. It takes some time, but at the end, she gets used to it and even wins a surfing championship.

  20. 1st Movie: Killer Elite
    Is a group of paid assassins in the 80, the hero is played by Jason Statham, supposedly he is the best in the job and his mentor is played by Robert Deniro. The call to action comes in the movie when the Hero is in the ordinary world, retirement with his girlfriend played by Yvonne Strahovski , get a message that his mentor took a job and couldn’t finish it and now is held hostage and is going to be killed unless the hero finish the job. With this the hero enters the special world where he attempts to finish the job while being persecuted by an relentless agent played by Clive Owen, the abyss or revelation comes when he thought he had finish the job and rescue his mentor all of a sudden it seems he killed the wrong men and so has one last target to eliminate while the life of his girlfriend is now on the line if he does not finish the job, then the final confrontation comes when the hero and the relentless agent are in the last show down and they both discover they were being played by the government, after discovering this they both manage to take care of the government agent and then the agent played by Clive Owen takes off while being pursue by the hero and his mentor they later catch up with him and leave him stranded in the desert after having some final words which left the feeling of a unsolved challenge between the hero and the agent. The hero return to a new ordinary world in the sense that he is now with his girlfriend but now she knows what the hero did for a living after having discover it in the revelation part of the story where the hero hits the lowest point.

    2nd Movie: Drive
    The Hero is a part-time stunt driver and a part-time getaway driver his ordinary world is living this life while being completely isolated from the world, his ordinary world begins to change when he meets his neighbor played by Carey Mulligan and start falling in love with the only problem being that she is married. The call to action comes when her husband gets out of prison and he is beat up because he owes money and the hero offers to help him pull of one last job for him to pay what he owes and come back to his family. The abyss or the lowest point for the character comes when the job goes wrong the husband gets killed and then he discover that they were played and that the stolen money belong to the East Coast mob, then he the hero figures out who is out to kill him then he tries to warn his friend that he is in danger but when he gets there he founds his friend in a pool of blood then the final revelation or confrontation comes when he sets out to killed the guys responsible which he does but gets a deadly injure in the process the movie ends after the hero achieves his revenge but ends before letting the audience know if he will live to tell the story.

    3rd Movie: Green Lantern
    The ordinary world the hero loser but at the same time the best test pilot in Ferris Aircraft has, the hero remains living in his ordinary world even when an alien spaceship carrying a dying alien crash in the earth and the Green Lanterns ring chooses the Hero as the next green lantern, the hero is then reluctant to accept the role of a superhero until the the called to action comes in the form of the ring basically kidnapping the hero and transporting him to the Green Lanterns home planet Oda, here the hero must prove himself worthy of being a green lantern but fails to do it and goes back to earth this is the hero’s lowest point or abyss then the Hero finds that not only his ordinary world is in danger but the whole planet earth is in danger, after battling what we called a mini boss the hero goes back to planet Oda to ask for the help of the other Lanterns which is denied then the final confrontation is when the hero must protect the earth from the biggest threat in the universe, he succeeds but almost dies but is rescue by some lanterns he is then congratulated by the entire green Lantern corps and acknowledge as a green lantern and is giving his sector to protect. The hero returns to his ordinary world but now as a superhero in charge of protecting the planet earth.

  21. Eternal Sunshine in the spotless mind

    Odinary World:
    Joel Barish, lives in this ordinary and never changing world, he wakes up, goes to works, eats Chinese food by himself and goes back to sleep. On Valentines Day, Joel feels the impulse of going to Montauk instead of working. After spending the cold day on the beach, he meets Clementine Kruczynski on the train station.

    Call to Adventure:
    He falls deeply in love with clementine. What seems to be love at first sight was in reality the reunitement of a past love. Clementine, has undergone a psychiatrist’s experimental procedure in which all of her memory of Joel is removed, after the couple has tried for years to get their relationship working fluidly. Frustrated by the idea of still being in love with a woman who doesn’t remember their time together, Joel agrees to undergo the procedure as well, to erase his memories of Clementine.

    Final Conflict:
    The film, which takes place mostly within Joel’s mind, follows his memories of Clementine backwards in time as each recent memory is replaced, and the procedure then goes on to the previous one, which is likewise seen, and then erased. Once the process starts, however, Joel realizes he doesn’t really want to forget Clementine, so he starts smuggling her away into parts of his memory where she doesn’t belong which alters other things about his memories as well.

    Meet Joe Black

    Ordinary World:
    Bill Parish, head of the multi-national company, ‘Parish communications’.

    Call to Adventure:
    Receives an odd visit of death, personified by A young and handsome man (Bratt Pitt) Death offers Bill more time So that he can solve a scam his business partner Drew has planned for him in exchange of hosting Death named Joe Black his vacation showing him what love and life feels like.

    Final Conflict:
    Joe Black f alls in love with one of Bills daughters, Bill is enraged when he discovers that Joe and Susan are in love and tells Joe to back off. Bill dares Joe (Death) to reveal to Susan who he really is at Bill’s birthday party. Joe does so, and Susan is astonished and cannot accept Joe. Joe decides to help Bill by revealing his dishonest new business associate that he is an undercover agent for the IRS and that he has been discovered. This then prevents Parish Communications. Nearing the end of the party, Joe takes Bill over the bridge of a stream on Bill’s estate and takes him to the afterlife, Joe returns in the body of another man and stays with Bills daughter

    Legally Blonde 1

    Ordinary World:
    Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) has it all. She’s the president of her sorority, a Hawaiian Tropic girl, Miss June in her campus calendar, and, above all, a natural blonde. She dates the cutest fraternity boy on campus and wants nothing more than to be Mrs. Warner Huntington III.

    Call to Adventure:
    Warner (Matthew Davis) breaks up with Elle because she is just too blonde. So he goes to Harvard Law and reunites with an old sweetheart from prep school. Elle gather all her resources and gets into Harvard, determined to win him back.

    Final Conflict:
    Elle is picked to assist in the defence in a murder trial. One by one, she wins the respect of all her peers, even the professors and then ends up defending the client by herself and winning the case.

    Hugo-In this Martin Scorsese film, Hugo is a young boy with an inherited passion: building things. Ever since he can remember, his father used to draw designs in a notebook which he later created. In the plot, the little kid is left with almost nothing, having lost his father and his uncle, who kept him after his father died. He would steal stuff from an old man who owned a repair shop. His ordinary world was working the clocks in a train station in London, and doing anything to get some food. One day, he was at the shop and the old man accused him of being a thief, and the man took his notebook. The memory of his father made him want to get it back, badly. There he engages in a journey to gain it back, because it was all he had left from his father. He made friends with his granddaughter, who helped him. Hugo was crushed to learn that the old man had been the second person, after the Lumiere brothers, to film movies. The man had been Georges Melies. The granddaughter and the kid investigated in a library about him, and found out about hundreds of movies he had made back in the day. When Melies found out, he was furious and sad at the same time, but the kid honored him with a presentation of the films. He felt as if he was put in the world to accomplish that mission.

    V for Vendetta:
    V lived underground in a sort of palace he had built for himself from stealing through the years. On the 5th of November, a long time ago, he had been burnt alive in a building in the outskirts of London, but had not died. There, he lost his face, and began wearing a mask. He claimed the fire had been started by the government officers, who were very corrupt and macabre. His call for adventure came from plotting an explosion at a public office filled with people. V’s plan, finally on November 5th, came out exactly as he had planned. At the end of the explosion, he got on a train and was killed by his own explosion, exactly as he had planned.

    The Artist: George is a star in the mute films. He is the most recognized actor, and is proud of it. Suddenly, times start changing and the public wants to hear voices. A girl who almost used him to be recognized, and who he later fell for, became the start of sound films. Her name was Peppy Miller. He felt the need to stay in mute films, so he quit, and directed his own new mute movie. It was a disaster. He put so much effort in it, but the Depression hit, and he no longer was as famous. He attempted to commit suicide, but his dog and Peppy saved him. They were happy ever after.

  23. Tomás Enrique Martínez said:

    Batman the Darknight

    • (Ordinary world or comfort zone) An ordinary man who disguise himself as batman who has an ordinary life with his soul mate.
    • Call to action, the terrorist attack made by the joker at the bank, and how batman tries to address or overcome that action made by the joker.
    • Special World when the heroe disguise himself as batman and start to fly threw buildings trying to kill the joker.
    • Abyss when Batman is trying to kill the joker before he blows down the two boats that where at the river.
    • Return when he finally kills the joker making sure everyone remain safe at the two boats.

    • (Ordinary World or Comfort zone), an ordinary man who is taking care of his family, his wife and daughter.
    • Call to action, when the father insist to her daughter that she should make sure that she remain secure and she does the inverse and the bad guys kidnap her.
    • Special World when he tells his daughter to remain focus and calm that he goes to rescue him.
    • Abyss when he figure out that by the only way he could get the guy is if he tracks his calls and the voice tone of the bad guy. That he find himself for a moment lost figuring out how to know who kill her daughter.
    • Return when he finally kills the guy that he goes back to his comfort zone.

    Inside Man
    • (Orindary world or comfort zone), a man that life’s with his family his wife and daughter, he is a detective.
    • Call to action, when a group of thief’s, get into a bank and get money out of it, but they are trap inside with some hostages.
    • Special World, when the heroes try to identify the bad guys.
    • Abyss, when the bad guys start to negotiated their freedom by putting pressure on killing the hostages.
    • Return, when he finally captures the bad guys.

  24. Movie: The Gladiator
    Call to adventure: When the emperor’s son send him and his family to be murdered and he escapes.
    Special World: he is captured and forced to fight as a gladiator against his will.
    At his lowest point he plans the revenge of the man who took everything from him
    His transformation comes when he realizes that everyone wishes to help him achieve this
    He accomplishes his mission and then dies.

  25. Tomás P. Martínez
    Comfort zone:The Driver lives in his low rent paying apartment, he works as a stunt driver for movies, as a mechanic, and aids in getaways.

    He meets a woman that has a kid called Benicio, her husband is in prison. They spend quite some time together. He continues to visit her apartment even after her husband, Standard, is back.

    Call to adventure: Her husband owes protection money to an Albanian mafia guy. The only way that he can repay this money is by doing a favor to the guy, assaulting a pawn shop.

    Absyss: The Driver aids the guy in this assault, but everything goes wrong except for the money they got, Standard gets shot to dead and the Driver finds out everything was a set up.

    Nino the one that set them up, blackmails the Driver for this money, and reaches an agreement with the Driver to give him back the money for the safety of the women and the child. The driver is later confronted by a killer sent by Nino. He ends up killing him.In the end the Driver kills everyone that threatened him, and proudly leaves the money by the side of the dead corpse of Nino.

    The Driver comfort zone changes as he abandons his former place, for a new one far away.

    The Hitcher:

    Comfort zone: A young couple, Jim and Grace, are going to New Mexico for vacations.

    On their way to New Mexico Desert at night, they encountered a man, John Ryder, that was in the middle of the road while raining and almost made them crash, but it was their fault as well.

    Later on they find this man at a gas station, they feel somewhat sorry about the guy and when he asked if he could take a ride with them, they agreed.

    While on the road they noticed that the stranger was a psychopath. They finally threw him out of the car. They later found John on the road in a car with a family that later on all of them were found dead.

    John pursuits the couple all over the movie.In the end Jim gets killed, and Grace ends up killing John.

    It is finally over, but Grace comfort zone has changed radically, forever.

    The Devil’s Double.

    Comfort zone:
    Latif lives in Iraq with his family, he is an army lieutenant.

    Call to adventure:
    He looks identical to Sadam Hussein son, Uday, and he is looking for a double for his safety. Latif is forced to work as a double for him since Uday threatened to kill every single member of his family.

    Latif is forced to have the same lifestyle as Udays. He almost gets killed. Latif was already tired of this situation and decided to quit this uncomfortable state.

    Latif’s father gets killed for his son freedom. Latif shoots Uday in an encounter while he is taking a ride in town, after this Latif flees Baghdad forever.

  26. Mr and Mrs Smith.

    Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie ( Mr and Mrs smith) are a married couple; they both have live their “normal lives” and have little or none communication what so ever about anything about work or particular to them. The call to adventure is when they find out they are both assassins working for different agencies assigned to do same task; Thus they are ordered to kill each other. The threshold begins with a quick small fight after dinner between them. As they disappear from each other, they start planning and putting into action certain confrontations to see who is capable of murdering who. Mr. Smith Mentor, his best friend, helps him with this operation against Jolie. Mrs Smith on the other hand, has a whole division of skilled women contributing with her search for her husband. As challenges and temptations against each other follow, they managed to come to an agreement and confront the problem. They finally got to a conclusion they loved each other to much to complete their missions thus they decide to reveal against their agencies. The revelation started with small attacks against them that weren’t successful. With the help of one of Mrs Smith friends working at the agency, they were able to get a classified information about a the man assigned to kill them both. A big fight took place at a department store where they fought for their lives and successful finished every man sent to killed them. After accomplishing their missions, they go back to their lives more unified than ever, keeping no secrets from each other.

    Moulin Rouge

    A prostitute that works at a dance burdell at Mount-Matre, France is happy with her life as a courtesan since she feels complete with the money and luxury life she gets from it. The call to adventure happens when she meets and young writer and falls in love with him. Thus her special world begins as they try to keep their love a secret to seduce a billionaire to invest on the theater. As time goes by the love keeps increasing and jealousy takes place. Cristian ( the writer) feeling jealous about her work, tries to avoid Satine to serve her owner (the billionaire), until one night their feelings couldn’t be controlled and their love was revealed. The manager of the theater warned her about the intentions of the billionaire to kill Christian if she tried to run away, as well as her health condition that was rapidly taking her life away; so she dumped him. The other call to adventure is when Christian decides to confront her one more time; he wanted to see for himself she really wanted to make that decision. Nothing had changed; The start of the revelation began while he was leaving when Toulouse yelled: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”. As they sang their song, they fought against the madly jealous billionaire and his servant and pursued their right to represent their ideals of “Truth, Freedom and Love”. The return to the ordinary zone was represented by their success against the evil investor but sadly represented the final unique and final performance of the show with the death of its star: Satine.

    Yours Mine and Ours

    This is the story of a marine whose wife died and together had 8 children. He and his children were used to travel and move to different places, as he was assigned to different positions. His last move brought him back to his home town where he met at a cruiser a widow who was back then his high-school girlfriend. Without consulting their children, they decided to get married and unite both families; she had 10 children. The problem starts right away as the children disagreed and created an internal war against their step-brothers and developed a plan to break up the family. That constant disagreement starts to bring apart their parents, until a tipping point were they wanted to get separated. When the Children realized how selfish they were and how happy they could all be together, they said the truth about their plan and did everything possible to re-unite the couple. The marine and his wife got married again, but know with the presence of the children. Everything went back to normal, except it was a bigger family more united than ever.

  27. xb11 said:

    1st Film: Goal!

    1. Ordinary world: Santiago is a young football player who lives in Los Angeles and wishes to become pro.
    2. Call to adventure: A scout spots Santiago goes to his training, and offer him tryouts for Newcastle United in England and he makes the team.
    3. Abyss: His father dies, and he feels like he should take care of his family in LA. And he goes back to LA and quits the team.

    4. Final Conflict: Then his family tells him to follow his dream, and he sees that his team needs him, and he want to fulfill his objective, so he goes back.
    5. Finally he scores a free kick, which takes Newcastle to have a spot in the Champions League.
    6. His mentor is the scout.

    2nd Film: Alfie

    1. Ordinary world: He is a womanizer, who is irresponsible and does not get serious.
    2. Call to adventure: He falls for a girl, who he likes, but as time passes she starts to be nothing of what he imagined.
    3. Abyss: He gets ditched by the good girl he had, he gets his best friend’s girlfriend pregnant, and finds the older woman he was banging cheating on him. And he ditches the gir that was staying with him.
    4. Final Conflict: He faces his best friend after some years, and sees his son who is being raised by his friend. And he starts regretting everything he did, and wants to come back to the girl who loved him for who he was.
    5. Finally he stays alone, trying to get back on track in his life.
    6. His mentor is an old womanizer, who showed him that wasn’t the way to live life.

    3rd Film: Spread

    1. Ordinary World: Nikki is a womanizaer, who makes older women fall I love with him, and stays to live in their houses, until he gets tired of them and goes on to the next one.
    2. Call to action: He falls in love with a girl, who does not make it easy for him, and tries everything to be with her. But she does the same as him, and instead of loving and being with him, she maybe prefers security and wealth with another guy.
    3. Abyss: He tries to find a job, after the girl tells him that hes meaningless, his friend kicks him out of the apartment after a fight, and he was in the streets.
    4. Final Conflict: The girl goes to New York, to be with the other guy, she chose him over Nikki. She prefers security, and Nikki goes see her and proposes her to only be rejected.
    5. Finally he is broken hearted, and he leaves the luxurious apartment, without a clue of what he is going to do.
    6. His mentor could be his best friend.

  28. harismacordero said:

    In time:
    Hero: Justin Timberlake

    Comfort zone: working at a factory, living his life day to day with almost no time. He earns his time working.

    There are two decisive moments:
    When he meets the rich guy, saves his life and then the guy gives him all his time (a century) and also tells him “the secret” of why there are poor people. This is when he enters the special world.

    Then he decides what is it that he has to do and he decides that he has to do something to the rich people in order to give his town more time. Kidnaps a rich girl and together they decide to still time to give it to the ghetto. After he accomplishes his first mission which is stealing 1 million years for the ghetto, he continues to keep stealing.

    The Island:
    Heroes: Scarlett Johansen y Ewan McGregor

    Comfort Zone: Staying at the place where they were created.

    He starts to “remember” things. Things from the outer world and he starts to wonder what is it like. He wants to know more, he feels something that tells him that there are more things outside of that place. The mind conditioning is not working.

    But the real decisive moment that makes him want to come out of his comfort zone is when he finds out about the truth about him and the other people there. Which is that they are clones and will soon be killed to give parts of their body to their “owners”

    He decides to enter into a special world, by running away from this island which is everything he knows and escapes to the new world where he wants to expose the labs secret. Which is that they are making clones that will later be killed.

    A walk to remember

    Hero: Shane West

    Comfort zone: Leave with his mom, be a bad student, not caring about anything, mocking kids at school.

    He enters into a special world when he has to do community service because he got arrested. There he meets a girl, he falls in love with her and later on discovers she has cancer.

    So he decides to make all of her wishes come true and also marries her. After she dies he goes back to his comfort zone this time being a better person.

  29. Drive
    The Driver works as a Hollywood stunt driver by day and a getaway driver for criminals by night
    Driver meets a woman and her son, falls in love with her but her husband returns from jail. The husband is in trouble and driver fears that his love interest is in danger so he helps him out. On a robbery was a set up and now the husband is dead and the driver hunted.
    The Driver escapes the set up and kills his pursuers. He goes back to his apartment to find even more people that want to kill him.
    The woman now hates him because he got her husband killed and now he goes for payback against the people who set him up. He kills the man who sets him up but his mentor gets killed.
    Driver goes to avenge his mentor and kills the gangster but ends up wounded, he survives but leaves to Mexico.

    Leon the professional
    Leon is a hitman that works for a Mafioso called Tony, he lives on top of a retail store and his only friend is a plant he takes care of.
    Leon meets Mathilda, a girl from a dysfunctional family and losses her family from a hit. Mathilda has nowhere to live so leon takes her in. Mathilda and Leon become friends and teaches Mathilda the basics of being a hitman. Mathilda gets in danger and Leon saves her from a Mafioso.
    Leon now has angered the mafia and they want him dead. The Mafioso infiltrates Leon’s apartment so Leon takes Mathilda to a safe place and then the police show up. Leon escapes but the Mafioso shoots him in the back. Leon has grenades and ends up blowing up himself and the Mafioso.
    Leon’s master takes in Mathilda and says that he will teach her just as he did Leon.

    Shutter Island
    Marshall Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck travel together to a government mental institution for the criminally insane on Shutter Island, when there is a report that one of the prisoners has gone missing. It seems that the faculty itself is obstructing his research and then the person he is looking for is oddly found. It is said in the faculty that the man who killed teddy Daniel’s wife, Andrew Laddis is roaming free around the island. The inmate tells teddy that he has been drugged since the beginning he is on the run from the faculty guards. Teddy heads to the lighthouse of the island and it is explained to him that it is all a fabrication of his mind. Teddys real name is Andrew Laeddis and that he murdered his wife after she went insane and killed their children. Laeddis is an inmate in Shutter Island and that the whole set up was a process made by the faculty to cure him. He is cured but decides that he’d rather be insane than to live with his past.

  30. Dario Yunes said:


    Jack Dawson and his friend Fabrizio won a ticket to enter and stay in the Titanic, the biggest boat in the world, that night Rose DeWitt Bukater wants to jump out of the ship and Jack saved his life and fall in love with her. Jack insists in her of leaving the royal world that Rose is living and come with him to enjoy life with him. Rose`s fiancée knew that Jack and Rose were having a party in the third class part of the Boat and he gets angry. The Titanic starts to sink and Jack was arrested for stealing the collar that Rose´s fiancée gave him. Rose saved him deep in the boat and then they try to survive before the boat sinks. Rose survives and Jack dies. Finally Rose returns back to the real world by changing her name and beginning a new life.

    The Godfather

    Michael Corleone is the son of the biggest mob in New York, Vito Corleone; Michael returned from the army and celebrates the wedding of his sister Connie. He starts to see the family business at a greater scale when his father becomes shot by other mobs. He joins the Mafia with his brother and coordinates his first crime in a restaurant killing a cop and a big fish of another family. Michael Corleone finally return back to the world he belongs and becomes the Godfather of the Corleone’s Family assigned by his father Vito.

    Finding Nemo

    Marlin is a clownfish who lives with his son Nemo. One day Nemo is trapped by a group of fishers and Marlin along with Dory start the search of his son facing a lot of dangerous creatures such as sharks, anglerfish and jellyfish. Finally Nemo is found and they return back to the “real world”.

    • Nayle Pimentel said:

      Great choice of movies!

  31. Xasica Rosario said:

    Edward is an author without a novel. No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t get together the inspiration to write a single word. (comfort zone) That all changes when an old friend wanders back into Eddie’s life, and opens his eyes to a powerful new drug called NZT.( call to action)
    Eddie takes NZT, his brain begins functioning at 100 percent, giving him the ability to quickly recall every event in his life down to the smallest detail, learn new languages in a flash, and harness the untapped power of complex mathematical equations.( special world)
    However, some dangerous characters discover Eddie’s secret and come gunning for his dwindling supply of medicine. Edward also discovers NZT has mortal side effects. (conflict)
    At the end Eddie is able to get off the drug by getting a scientist to tweak it to get out the kinks and the bugs and runs for senator. (Accomplishes the mission more powerfully than before)

    Black Swan-
    A recognized ballet company is making plans to put on a production of Swan Lake. Company director Thomas Leroy is looking for some fresh dancers to fill the dual lead role of the White Swan and the Black Swan.
    The frontrunner is Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman), a beautiful and talented ballerina who Leroy would love to take to bed. Another dancer competing for the part is Lily (Mila Kunis), an exotic beauty who’s more in touch with her sensuality than Nina.
    Call to adventure initiates when Nina must prove she’s the one for the play. Leroy is in a bit of a pickle, as he wants to cast Nina but he doesn’t know if she has what it takes to embody the Black Swan role. He decides to go ahead and award her the part.
    Nina starts getting out of her comfort zone and ventures into the special world while exploring her sexuality and having a great time thanks to drugs and alcohol influenced by Lily’s free spirit.
    The day of the big day (reveals the final conflict), the first act is a disaster. Nina’s partner drops her while they dance, and she returns backstage to find Lily waiting in her dressing room, dressed as the Black Swan. Nina attacks her, breaking a mirror and stabbing Lily with one of the shards. Hiding the corpse of her rival, Nina returns to the stage for the second act and gives a brilliant performance.
    When she returns to her dressing room to prepare for the final act, she finds Lily waiting to congratulate her. As it turns out, Nina did not stab Lily. Noticing the broken mirror, Nina realizes that her fevered brain caused her to stab herself. As she obsesses about being able to pull off the role of the Black Swan, her personality shifts to one that’s more sensuous, unpredictable, and violent. After she believes herself to have killed Lily, she fully transforms into the Black Swan, with plenty of delusional feathers to prove it.

    Everyone is proud of her performance, Nina triumphantly comments as she does, “I felt it. Perfect. I was perfect.” And Nina dies. She accomplishes her mission “perfection” without, however, being able to return to the ordinary world.

    Old Boy-
    On the day of his daughter’s birthday, Ho Dae-su gets completely drunk and is arrested. (ordinary world) His best friend No Joo-hwan releases him from the police station, and while calling home from a phone booth, Dae-su vanishes.
    Su venture to the special world were he is lost : Indeed he has been abducted and imprisoned in a room for fifteen years. One day, he is suddenly released ( call to adventure), receives clothes, money and a cellular and meets the Japanese chef Mido, and they feel a great attraction for each other. However, Dae-su seeks for his captor and the reason of his long imprisonment. (mission)
    It is revealed that Woo-jin, Dae Su’s captor, was in love with his sister. Oh Dae Su saw the pair together and spread rumours. Woo Jin’s sister thought she was pregnant and thus killed herself with the help of her brother Woo-jin. This is the reason Oh Dae su was kidnapped. Woo-jin tells Oh Dae Su the reason why he was released after 15 years: it turns out Mido (the girl Dae Su met at the restaurant after his release) is actually Oh Dae Su’s daughter and Woo-jin had raised her in secret.
    Woo-jin had both Mido and Oh Dae Su hypnotised to fall in love. (conflict) Dae Su begs to Woo-jin to not tell Mido the truth and he cuts out part of his tongue. Woo-jin walks away and says “me and my sister were in love. I wish you luck” and then shoots himself.
    Oh Dae Su visits the hypnotist to erase the memories of what has happened. At first we are led to believe it works, but when Mido tells him she loves him, he smiles suggesting he still remembers. Mido never finds out that she is Oh Dae Su’s daughter, Woo-jin allowed her not to find out. (Returns to confort zone).

  32. Jose Abraham Baez Gil said:

    Limitless by Neil Burger starring Bradley Cooper
    Writer Eddie Morra lives an ordinary life in an ordinary world, he has never left his comfort zone which is his job. Suddenly he meets a relative that gives him this miracle pill called “NZT” which enhances his mental ability and physical performance, he performs miracles finishes his book, he is smarter faster, stronger when he takes NZT he returns to his relative to get more but he finds him dead. He then leaves with a bag of pills and takes a pill when he feel likes it, he becomes motivated and starts investing in the stock Exchange, becomes a successful broker then scales up to financial analyst and fund manager, confronts the challenges of his boss. Defeats his boss and then runs for a high political position in the government.

    Peter Parker is a weak, skinny nerd which lives an ordinary college student life, taking clases. His uncle is killed accidentally during a criminal theft making him feel angry about his impotence. Parker and suddenly gets bit by a spider which gives him inhuman powers and the capacity to transform into a superior spider like humanoid being called “Spiderman”. Spiderman confronts enemies, criminals, and the Goblin which is the big bad boss and wants to take Mary Jane Watson Peters the love of Peter Parkers life, and kill spiderman. Spiderman confronts Goblin Goon kills him and gets the girl.

    An alien orphan is sent to Earth from his dying planet that gave birth to the Kryptonian race. He grows up in a farm, son of the Kents family. Clark Kent travels to Metropolis to work as a reporter lives an ordinary life from home to job, and from his job back home. Lex Luthor, the world’s greatest criminal mind threatens Metropolis and Kent transforms to Superman to confron Luthors evil henchmen. After defeating Luthors henchmen Superman then challenges Luthor even though he gets weakened by kryptonite he manages to defeat Lex Luthor.

  33. Estefania said:


    Comfort Zone: Marlin is a clown-fish who after a big tragedy is over-protective with his rebel son Nemo.

    Call to Adventure: Nemo got lost and then captor by a dentist. Marlin with a new-made friend Doris (who suffer from short-memory) , start and adventure to find him, crossing the ocean and meeting new people and facing challenges.

    Final Conflict: : When Marlin arrives to the dentist office, he sees Nemo pretending to be dead, and lost hope and swim back to his home. Then Dory meet Nemo who has escaped into the ocean and guide Nemo to Marlin.

    Return to comfort zone: Marlin realizes that danger is everywhere and he cant be so over-proctetive with his son, because he must develop his fins. While Nemo understand, that he most listen to his father and be grateful of having him.

    The count of Montecristo:

    Comfort Zone: Edmond Dantes is an illiterate humble sailor man who dreams of being a captain and marry his girlfriend Mercedes Iguanada. He and his best friend Fernand Mondego went to a shipping mission, where they meet Napoleon Bonaparte (which was an enemy of the country) and help him deliver a letter to a friend. When they arrive to France, the captain names Edmond as the new captain and he ask Mercedes to marry him, but Fernand jealous of the luck of Edmond, with the help pf Danglars inform the authorities of the letter that Edmond posses, and he was sent to prison.

    Call to Adventure: A decade have past since Edmond was sent to prison, in there he meet Abbe who transform him into a wise and cultivated men. Abbes gives Edmond a map of a hidden treasure and helps him scape from prison, then with helps of bandits, he finds the treasure and name himself a count. Edmond decide to take revenge against Fernand (now a count), Danglars (now a baron), and Villefort the one who prosecuted him, all of whom live in Paris.

    Final Conflict: : Edmond confront Mercedes after he recognizes him, and after explanations decide to forgive her, then he had a “duelo” with Fernand, who loos and die.

    Return to comfort zone: He continue living his life as a count forming a family with Mercedes


    Comfort Zone: Clyde Shelton was engineer who had a happy life with his wife and their 5 year old daughter.

    Call to adventure: One night he witnesses the 2 men who rape and murder his family, and the lawyer of his case makes a secret deal, with one of the murders so he can maintain his 96% conviction rate, putting one in death-sentence and the other beign accuse of third-degree murder. After 10 years pass Shelton starts his vengeance, killing both murderers, which put him into prison but still he is managing to kill the people behind his case.

    Final Conflict: Rice discover how Clyde commits all the assasination behind bars, and found the bomb he planted, giving him a last chance to stop it, he promise Clyde that he would not make deals with murderes anymore, but still Clyde decide to activate the bomb, killing himself without knowing.

    Return to comfort zone: Even thought Clyde die, he made a change, because Rice understood, that justice is more important than his own work, but most important that they are a lot of things that law enforcement needed to change.

  34. Remember the Titans:
    In Virginia, schools have been segregated many years. An all black high school and one all white high school are joined together at the white suburban neighborhood. Students are sent to T.C. Williams High School by federal law to abolish the segregation. The story is has a hero named Coach Boone (black) as the head coach brought in separately, the problem is that he is given the job of an elite white head coach, in which the white community is appalled.
    The team slowly became what actually brought everyone in the community together, this was done by the hard work and toughness that Coach Boone gave the football players and forced them to work together as a team, and the team´s success brings the whole town to eliminate segregation. This is based on a true story in 1971. Boone is played by Denzel Washington.

    Man on Fire:
    Samuel Ramos and Lisa Ramos is a successful couple in Mexico, where kidnappings rates are growing by the hour. In fear that their daughter Pita, would be kidnapped they hire John Creasy, an alcoholic and depressive ex-CIA agent. He has a friend that finds him this bodyguard job, which he hates but takes it.
    At first he only did his job, with no personal affection or relation towards Pita, but after a while he eases up to her and begins to care for her. The kidnapping of Pita destroyed him, and after his gunshot wound healed, he was hell bound to find the perpetrators. He killed and tortured everyone involved, and at the end gave his life for Pita. This was a insurance scam gone wrong, planned by Samuel Ramos.

    Training Day:
    Jake Hoyt, a former security guard wants to level up in life by becoming a narcotics officer in South Central L.A. This is his first encounter with Alonzo Harris, his training partner/mentor. Alonzo´s way of doing things are very dangerous and put Hoyt in many life-threatening situations.
    Hoyt then begins to wonder who really is the bad guy in everything, and is Alonzo a clean or crooked cop. At the end, Alonzo risks the life of Hoyt to catch a group of heavily armed drug dealers, this ends up with them having their own brawl against each other, leading to the death of Alonzo.

    Ryan Lopez – 10-0708

  35. Pedro Pimentel 10-0049 said:

    Drive: The driver (hero) lives in his ordinary world where he drives for criminals who need a wheel-man to help them escape in case the police shows up. Also the driver has a part time job as a stunt performer and a car mechanic. He is taken out of his ordinary world when he meets a woman and her son that live next door. In the special world, the drive meets the woman’s husband and ends helping him with a job in order to protect the woman and her kid. While on the doing the job, something goes wrong and the husband is killed. After escaping the driver realizes that they were fooled, and enter an abyss where he, his mentor, the woman and her kid are about to be killed. After his mentor is killed, the hero undergoes transformation and his killer instinct surfaced and he took revenge in order to protect and get away from the woman and her child.

    Sucker Punch: Baby Doll is forced out of her ordinary world when her mom died and her step-father accused her of killing her little sister. Now her special world is mental asylum where she meets a group of girls which will help her get out of there. In order to get out of there, they need a certain amount of objects that they gather through messing around with the asylum personnel. After getting most of the objects needed, the get into the abyss when one of them dies and another one is forced to reveal their plan to the asylum manager. After suffering more deaths, only Baby Doll and Sweet Pea are alive but with no desire to escape. Right after they undergo transformation, they continue with the plan of escaping and just as they are about to get out, something goes wrong, making Baby Doll sacrifice herself to allow Sweet Pea to leave. The story is developed in a scenario created by Sweet Pea’s mind.

    Hidalgo: Frank Hopkins is an ordinary cowboy who lives with his horse in a prairie. His moves out from his ordinary world when he receives an invitation from an arab guy to participate in a race around the Najd desert region. During the race, Frank faces many problems which put him in many life-death situations, from being killed by thieves while rescuing the sheikh’s daughter and enduring sandstorms. When the race is about to end and there are only three competitors left (including Frank), his horse starts to feel tired and they need water. In that moment, Frank is about to give up and believes that his horse will die. Then he undergoes a transformation at the moment he saw a mirage and then he regained his strenghts and the horse felt better to finish the race. At the end, Frank wins the race and goes back to his ordinary world where he uses the money he won on the race to free a group of horses.

  36. The Matrix
    Call to Adventure: Trinity contacting him through the computer.
    Supernatural Aid: Follow the white rabbit.
    Threshold Guardians: Walking to the scaffolding (failed), First Jump (failed), Rescuing Morpheus.
    Allies: Trinity, Tank, Dozer
    Mentors: Morpheus
    Revelation: “There is no spoon”, believes in the matrix.
    Transformation: Starts believing he is the one and then the rules of the matrix bend to his will.
    Atonement: Killed by Mr. Smith, then realizes he can’t die.
    Return: Kills Mr. smith after being reborn.

    Harry Potter
    Call to Adventure: Invitation to hogwarts.
    Supernatural Aid: Hagrid flying on his sidecar motorcycle
    Threshold Guardians: His uncle, the troll, the Cerberus, and Voldemort’s weakened form
    Allies: Ron, and Hermione
    Mentors: Albus Dumbledore
    Revelation: That he has to be the one to take out Voldemort
    Transformation: Gains courage through studies and help from his friends.
    Atonement: Repents for actions against friends and family but knows it had to be done.
    Return: Returns to Uncles house until next school year.

    Star Wars
    Call to Adventure: Uncle’s murder by the empire
    Supernatural Aid: Help from Obi-Won-Kenobi
    Threshold Guardians: Jawas, Trash Monster, Death Star
    Allies: Han Solo, Leia
    Mentors: Obi-Won-Kenobi
    Revelation: The force is real, and powerful
    Transformation: Becomes a Jedi knight.
    Atonement: N/A
    Return: Happily return to the republic after the destruction of the death star.

  37. Thais Maceo said:

    Matrix I:

    Ordinary world: Neo is a computer hacker with a monotonous life. Who feels incomplete and lacks adventure and excitement in his life. He is fully dedicated to his work, with no family, romantic relationship or even a dog.
    Call to adventure: Neo is contacted by a mysterious voice that wakes up his curiosity by telling him that the world is more than he knows. He is captured and tortured, than rescued by mysterious rebels who later on tell him about the true nature of his reality.

    Special world: Neo is waked up outside of ¨The Matrix¨ and into the real world, where he needs to figure out who he is and his purpose, and for that he goes through a series of trainings and tests that will transform him into a more capable human being with the abilities needed in order to success in his mission. But when he learns what others think his role in the war against its controllers is, is disappointed to ¨discover¨ by the oracle that they are all wrong and that Morpheus, the captain of the ship and the leader of the crew, will sacrifice his life for him.
    Neo faces his destiny and puts in danger his life to save Morpheus from the agents, and this is where he finds out he is special. By this point he knew e what he needed to know.

    He wins the final confrontation.
    He accomplishes his final confrontation alive and achieves his maximum potential, being convinced now that he is ¨The One¨.
    He didn’t return to his ordinary world, The Matrix, he stayed in the real world looking for new challenges.

    The Devil Wears Prada:

    Ordinary world: Andrea Sachs is a recent college graduate that goes to New York looking for a good job as a journalist. She lives with her boyfriend, with whom she has a stable relationship. She is happy but seeking success in her career.

    Call to adventure: Andrea scores a job as the assistant to one of the city’s biggest magazine editors, the ruthless and cynical Miranda Priestly.

    Special world: Andrea needs to learn to defend herself, to be a strong and determined person in order to face all the challenges in her new hell job. She goes through numerous conflicts with her boyfriend, faces the peer pressure of her co-workers, and the demands of her new boss, which include a change in her appearance.
    After working for Miranda for months, Andrea finally transforms into a beautiful, fashionable, successful woman. She learns to defend her own interests and to trust her instincts.

    Her final confrontation comes down to choosing her job or her life, and she chooses to live life happily and with simplicity, rather than successfully wealthy and beautiful but miserable.


    Ordinary world: Charlie is a ¨temp¨, which means she does not have a stable job; she works in different things all the time. She is a very outgoing girl he does not have luck in love. Her friends are her companions in life, and she feels comfortable with her lifestyle.

    Call to Adventure: She meets Kevin, a wealthy doctor, falls in love and later on they decide to get married.
    Special world: Charlie goes through hell with her mother-in-law because she thinks Charlie is just a tramp after his son´s money. Viola, Kevin´s mother, is a successful woman who won´t rest until she makes Charlie leave Kevin.

    After weeks of going through hell with Viola, Charlie finds out her tricks and decides to `play the same game.
    In the final confrontation Viola asks Charlie for forgiveness. Charlie and Kevin get married and return to their ordinary world.

  38. Reyna Lopez said:

    1st Movie
    Cinderella man

    Ordinary world: James J. Braddock is the hero. He is a wealthy, successful boxer, who has a wonderful wife and kids. He has a good relationship with his wife, she always support him. His wife doesn’t work, she stays at home with the kids and waits for her husband every day. Even though she supports her husband, she doesn’t like to see her husband go through the violence involved in his career.
    He also has a great relationship with his manager, who is his old friend as well..

    Call to adventure: He is forced to give up boxing because of a hand injury. Unfortunately, this happens during the great depression and the family is suffered economically, up to the point where they can barely afford food.
    He becomes a manual labor but he doesn’t get work every day.

    Special world: His manager offers him a one chance fight for only one night .After this fight, the manager offered him to go back boxing. After several fights, where he has victories and lost. During this time he gains a good amount of money.

    Final conflict: Now he has to fight with Max Baer, who is known to be a as vicious man who has killed at least two men in the ring. But he overcomes this fear and He wins this fight and it becomes one of the biggest achievements in boxing history and he becomes the heavy weight champion of the world.

    After this, he went back to his ordinary life, and bought a house where he lived happy with his family.

    2nd Movie

    Ordinary world: Eddie Morra is the hero. He is an author who looks like a mess because can’t find the inspiration to begin writing a novel.

    Call to adventure: an old friend gives him a new drug called NZT that he says that will help Eddie with this problem. Since Eddie needs the novel in order to afford rent, he decides to take the pill.

    Special world: once he takes the pill he becomes extremely intelligent and sees the world in a brighter way, he even does things way faster. His brain functions at 100%. He remembers every detail from his life. He learns new things very quickly. Therefore, he uses more pills and takes advantage of this and starts to gain a lot of money.

    Final conflict: He learns that the people who had previously used NZT are dead or in a bad condition. In addition, there is a delinquent that discovers his secret and tries to rob from him and kill him but Eddie find the way to defeat him.

    At the end Eddie is in a good position economically and he is even running for senate and the movie ends leaving the viewers with a hint that he is still using NZT but at the same time saying that he is not, therefore it is unknown whether he is using it or not.

    3d movie:
    PS I Love you

    Ordinary world: Holly is the hero. She is married and very in love but the couple argues a lot.

    Call to adventure: Holly’s husband, Gerry dies from a brain tumor. As a result, she becomes isolated.

    Special world: on the day of her birthday she receives a cake with a message from Gerry. This is the first of several messages which all end with “P.S I love you”. He arranged this to be delivered after he died. She becomes motivated to find the other messages and follows the order of each message. This is helping her go to the future and leave her deceased husband in the past, which is exactly what Gerry wanted.

    Final conflict: she goes to Ireland which is the place where she met Gerry and meets a singer that reminds him a lot of him. She tries to move but she continues to get nostalgic and be aware of the fact that Gerry and she never started a family.

    After the trip she decides to go to a fashion path, and starts to design women’s shoes. She starts to be happy with herself again and is aware that she’ll eventually move on but not right now.

  39. Huascar Ventura said:

    Movie 1:Seeking Justice
    Ordinary World: Will Gerard(Nicolas Cage) is a professor of a school in New Orleans, he is happily married with Laura and he loves to play chess with his friend Jimmy.
    A great crisis happens, Will’s wife Laura got raped by a criminal and she was sent to a hospital. In the hospital when Will sees his wife like that he gets super pissed and sad, he went to that waiting room to wait for the doctor. In the waiting room he met a man called Simon, that told him that he has an organization that killed the bad people in New Orleans and that he could kill the man that raped his wife in exchange for a favor, Will didn’t know what was the favor or when he had to do this favor.
    The call to adventure is when Simon called Will after 6 months saying that he needed that favor. The favor was to go to the Zoo and follow a family, and see if a man called Alan Marsh appeared there too. He accepted this request, but what will didn’t know was that after he did that task he had to kill Alan Marsh. Simon told him that if he didn’t kill Alan Marsh he would have to kill his wife. So Will went to find Alan Marsh, but he didn’t went to kill him but to warn him, when he got there Alan Marsh attacked Will because he thought that he was going to kill him, accidentally Alan Marsh felt down a bridge and died. After this the police was looking for Will to arrest him for murder.
    Will had to prove his innocence by getting the tape that showed that it was an accident, but the problem was that the only one that had that tape was Simon, the bad guy. Will started researching on Alan Marsh and he found out that he was a reporter, so he researched more and more and found out that Alan Marsh had criminal evidence on the organization that Simon was running, and that’s why he wanted him dead.
    Will exchanged this evidence for the tape, but there was a problem, Simon was going to kill Will as soon as he had that evidence, so his wife rescued him by shooting Simon and killing him. After Simon died Will proved that he was innocent and everything went back to normal, to his ordinary world as he knows it.

    Movie 2: The Hangover
    Ordinary World: Doug Billings and his friends, Phil Wenneck, and Stu Price live a peaceful and normal life; nothing crazy is going on in their life.
    Call to adventure: When Phil Wenneck tells Doug Billings which is getting married that he will throw him a bachelorette party at Las Vegas and started a trip to Las Vegas.
    The crisis is when they had a super crazy night and don’t remember anything, and their friend Doug is missing, so they have to find him before the wedding night. In order to remember what they did that night they had to start looking for clues in the places they have went, which they had receipts and cards from those places. They started getting clues by accomplishing tasks and fleeing from a gang.
    Finally they remembered where Doug was and went for him, he was at the roof of the hotel all drunk from the day before, they got back just in time for the wedding. Doug got married and their relationship between each other got better than when they departed to Las Vegas.

    Movie 3: Harry Potter
    Ordinary World: Harry Potter lives with his uncles, which he doesn’t like very much but he has nowhere to stay.
    Call to Adventure: The invitation to Hogwarts by the Owl.
    Crisis is when Harry and his friends have to defeat the Troll
    The last conflict Harry had was when he had to find the Sorcerer’s stone before Voldemort and he makes it.
    After he did this he returned to his house with his normal family(Muggles) and he tries to get along with his uncles.

  40. Nayle Pimentel said:

    Toy Story:
    Woody lived comfortably as Andy’s favorite toy. He would be in charge of toy meetings and reunions and basically was the lead toy among all of the others. They were an organized little toy town and they got along. The great crisis happens when Andy receives a brand-new toy called Buzz Lightyear. He unbalances his ordinary world as Buzz begins to get all the attention from the other toys. His call to adventure is when he decides that he has to deal with ths situation and get rid of Buzz, because he wants to continue being Andy’s favorite toy. Woody’s plan took a wild turn and he ended up throwing him out the window. They ventured into the unknown when Andy takes Woody to visit Pizza Planet and is followed by Buzz. They confronted a series of adventures after being abducted by the evil neigbhor Sid, and Buzz hit rock bottom when he saw a tv commercial and realized that he wasn’t a space guard. Buzz is depressed and is tied to a rocket by Sid, until Woody arrives and convinces him of living life as an exciting toy. They both reach a realization and coordinate their moves to get back to Andy before he moves out and complete their mission. 

    Jackie Brown:
    Jackie is a flight attendant that works for a Mexican airline, she also smuggles money from Mexico for a gun dealer. One day the ATF stops her at the airport and finds her a large amount of money, and cocaine she didn’t know was there. The gun dealer (Ordell) pays her bail but later that night he goes to her house to attempt to murder her, Jackie had a gun she had borrowed from his bail bonds man and surprised him. Jackie made a deal for her life telling him that she will help him smuggle $500,000 while she would pretend to help the ATF. Jackie made a plan to steal Ordell’s money when she would make the transaction. Later on the day of the transaction arrives and she had it al worked out, she was handed the money and with help of her bail bonds she stole it, Ordell notices he is missing money, knowing that Jackie did it, he went after her without knowing the ATF would be waiting for him, the ATF shot Ordell since he had a gun he tried to use to kill Jackie. Jackie then keeps the money and decides to leave to Spain.

    The Little Mermaid:
    Ariel lives in her ordinary world as the youngest daughter of the sea king. She is a curious mermaid who enjoys the stories of her sisters’ annual travels to the surface. Once the little mermaid swims to the surface, she encounters a ship during a storm. She saves a gorgeous prince aboard the ship and takes him to safe land. This is her call to adventure, when she falls in love and goes to Ursula to be able to visit the surface as a human. After she drinks the potion, she goes to the surface and has as a mission to make the prince fall in love with her and to get a true love kiss. After a lot of troubles and situations with Ursula and the prince, she eventually wins.

  41. Jose Lama said:

    The Hero’s Journey

    Never Back Down
    Ordinary World: Jake Tyler is at his school, playing american football, when he starts a brawl.
    Call to Adventure: Mother tells him that they are moving.
    Special World: They move to Orlando, new school, new enemies, and he gets beat up.
    Call to Adventure/Abyss: Learning how to fight with Jean Roqua, helping Max Cooperman after he gets beat up.
    Final Conflict: Jake fights Ryan McCarthy at the Beat Down and wins.
    Back to Ordinary World: Jake gets the girl and goes back to been popular at his new school, which ends up becoming his new ordinary world.

    Ordinary World: Chev Chelios is a hitman, after he finishes a job he gets a visit from an enemy.
    Call to Adventure: Chev Chelios gets poisoned by Ricky Verona by a special poison, some chinese synthetic poison. He has an hour to live, the Doc, his friend tells him that the only way to stay alive is by maintaining his adrenaline high. 
    Special World: He needs to maintain his adrenaline up, so he goes around town wreaking havoc trying to maintain his adrenaline up.
    Call to Adventure/Abyss: He learns of the location of Ricky Verona and he goes after him to kill him.
    Final Conflict: Ricky Verona and Chev Chelios have a gun fight, a bare knuckle fight, they get into a helicopter, during a struggle they both fall out of the copter.
    Back to Ordinary World: Sky fighting pursue and Chev fall face flat onto a taxi.

    Ordinary World: FBI Agent Jack Crawford and his partner go on missions, the solve them and they have a good time killing the bad guys.
    Call to Adventure: Jack’s partner and family get killed by an assassin called Rouge.
    Special World: Jack Crawford is out on a quest for revenge in which anger overwhelms him and lots of fight happens.
    Call to Adventure/Abyss: Jack’s trivial pursuit for revenge make him stray from his family.
    Final Conflict: Jack the confronts Rouge, after the fight, Rouge reveals his true identity which is he was Jack’s “dead” partner, Jack admits to betraying him, Rouge is about to get killed by Jack’s FBI sniper, Jack, jumps in the way of the bullet, Rouge then pushes Jack away and shoots him in the back.
    Back to Ordinary World: Rouge goes to his new life in which he has a lot of money, a cool car, but no family.

  42. Lion King I: presents the story of a lion’s journey from childhood to adulthood and acceptance of his royal destiny. simba, the hero, (ordinary world) begins life as an honored price, the son of the powerful King Mufasa. The happy childhood of simba turns tragic (call to adventure) when his evil uncle, Scar murders Mufasa and drives Simba away from the kingdom letting simba think that he was the resonsible of the death of his father. In exile, the young lion befriends the comically bumbling pair of Pumbaa the warthog and Timon the meerkat, he and lives a carefree jungle life. As he approaches adulthood, (crisis) simba meets nala again, his best friend when they were kids, ans she told him everything that scar was doing as king and the misery that they were suffering of. however, he does not want to come back and comfront his reality but he is visited by the spirit of his father, who instructs him to defeat the nefarious Scar and reclaim his rightful throne. ( the last conflict) so he decided to go and fight against his uncle scar and make him confess who the real murder was. finally, he killed scar and took the throne.

    snow white: (ordinary world) is about a little princess who lives in a casttle with her family but whose mother died. so she had to go live with her dad and stepmother who was jealous of Snow White’s beauty. therefore, she ordered snow white to be killed but the hunter hired to do it couldnt killed her. (call to action) so he left her in the woods by herself thinking that the wild beasts would do what he couldnt. snow white found this little cottage and fell asleep in one of the beds, (crisis) when the 7 dwarfs knew that she entered to their place they agreed on allowing her to live there. (final conflict) but the evil queen noticed that snow white was still alife so she tried to kill her with a poison apple. however, the queen just made her sleep. Then, the handsome prince came and kissed her. they rode away together on his horse, they got married and everything was good. THE END !

    belle and the beast: ( ordinary world) Belle is a girl who is dissatisfied with life in a small provincial French town, constantly trying to fend off the misplaced “affections” of conceited Gaston. The Beast is a prince who was placed under a spell because he could not love.Prince Adam was cursed to a beast form by Enchantress who saw no love in his arrogant heart for others. The one way he could break the spell was to learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal from his enchanted rose fell, which would bloom until his twenty-first birthday. A wrong turn taken by Maurice, Belle’s father, causes the two to meet (call to action). Maurice, becomes lost in the woods and seeks shelter in the Beast’s castle, the Beast imprisons him for trespassing. His daughter Belle finds him trapped in the castle and offers her place in his stead. The Beast accepts with a promise she’ll remain in the castle forever (crisis) . (final conflict)In the beginning Belle views him as nothing more than a monster, he views her as difficult and stubborn. But the two soon taste the bitter-sweetness of finding love before the last petal of the enchanted rose fall.

    Minerva Madera

  43. Aladdin
    Ordinary world: Agrabah, he lives in the lowest parts of the city with his monkey who helps him steal the food of the day,
    he lives the adventure of running from the guardians every day which are trying to imprison him for being a thief.

    Call to adventure: When he is imprisoned an old man approaches him and tells him that he can get Aladdin out, he just needs help getting a lamp, and Aladdin is then tricked into entering the magic cave.

    The push to adventure: was that he had three wishes that he wanted to use to make his live better
    Mentor: his mentor is the genie, who knows a lot because he has been around for a long time

    Threshold guardians: getting out of the cave, getting the princess’s love all over again, getting the trust of everyone, and the final boss.

    In most cave: is when he goes back into the castle to fight Jafar and get the princess who is now enslaved.

    Resolution: he instead of going back to his ordinary world he is now living in the castle as the sultan and the princess as his queen.


    Ordinary world: their parents have split up so in weekends and vacations they go to their father’s house; both kids have their own perceptions of each other, like any other brothers they fight a lot, but today they are stuck together and they have to make the best out of the day.

    Call to adventure: in definitive there are two moments when you could actually say there is a call to adventure either when the little kid asks the brother to play the game or when he found the game. In either case they made the choice to play the game.

    The push to adventure: was that they needed to continue playing to save their sister and go back to earth.

    Threshold guardians: The freeze sister, the robot, the zorgons, the meteorite shower, basically every time they made a move in the game they had to overcome a new obstacle.

    In most cave: reaching into the zorgons ship to get the game board was definitely the where they would reach their most dangerous battle.

    Resolution: when they finished the game came back to reality and everything was normal again their world was changed but their attitudes towards each other was never the same; in this case the characters were the ones who changed.

    The change up

    Ordinary world: two guys live completely different lives, one of them is the father of 3 kids and a loving husband, and he works as a lawyer in a job he has worked really hard to stay on and grow in. The other one is a “soft porn” actor who smokes weed and plays with swords all day long, stress is not part of his live nor responding to others.

    Call to adventure: one day they go out together and decide that they want the other guys live, knowing their current situation they understand at the moment that this is not how they imagined themselves when they were kinds thus it seems like the most logic wish they could both make being as drunk as they were.

    Push to adventure: is when they are already changed up they need to continue each other’s lives so that they don’t lose it.

    Thresholds: they are so different that doing each other’s tasks is a great challenge, making soft porn for the married one or doing it with a pregnant woman are two things he could have never done, while the other one has to try and work in a full time job and carry a family on his shoulders which he was never ready for.

    In most cave: realizing that they were not ok with the live they both had to go into the deepest parts of the other ones live to fully understand each other, really going so deep into the other ones live they realized they really wanted to be like the other one.

    Resolution: they both came back to their own bodies but both them and their world had changed. Now they understood how was it to have different responsibilities or not having them and how to confront their lives. How much they loved what they had, but also each other had changed some part of the live they had spent several weeks on.

  44. Soul Surfer
    Bethany Hamilton is a teenager who has been surfing since a child, along with her best friend Alana. One day, a shark bit her leaving her without an arm.

    Bethany is a very strong person, so this terrible accident makes her overcome. She wanted to prepare to return to surfing. Having a hard time achieving it. And she competed to be the best, she did not win, but she was the best, since not everyone does what she did, surf with one arm.

    Alvin and the chipmunks
    A song producer called Dave, meet 3 chipmunks (Alvin, Theodore and Simon) which talk and most of all they are really good singers. Dave made a deal with them; give them lodging if they sing his songs, but after that he thought it was a terrible idea because they were ruin his life (personal and professional life).
    Moreover, they become very popular singers, days were passing and Dave was showing them a little bit more of affection to them. Then he’s old friend Ian try to take away those singers for him to be famous and gain lot of money. This di not happened, so Dave gets them back and become good family.

    Iron Man
    Tony Stark is an engineering genius. He’s captured and wounded taken to a place in Afghanistan. The ones who capture him wanted Tony to assemble a missile but instead he constructed a special suit, which let him escape from that place.
    He went to his place, to the U.S and he told everyone that the company will cease making weapons and he started updating the special suit he created once in Afghanistan, to find Stane (his enemy), which wanted to control Starks company. At the same time the second in command at Stark Company sold weapons to a rebellion.
    Stark races to the rescue and fights Stane. He wins.

  45. Maria Gabriella Liriano 09-0881 said:


    Shrek is an ordinary ogre in his ordinary world “his swamp” where he enjoys being alone and dislike everyone. Suddenly “Donkey” comes into his life. Later on he is call to adventure “the quest given by Lord Farqud”. He goes on the quest with his companion Donkey; they had many Challenges to overcome in order to finish the quest. They fought with many characters and they had to find the princess, then they had to deal with the internal challenges “he is an ugly ogre” then dealing with the prince, the family until they found their way to a happy ending, their love.

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:

    Snow White, a beautiful princess with a troubled family, her mother wants to kill her because the queen asked her magic mirror who is more beautiful than she and the mirror said: “Snow White”. Snow White is asked to go to the forest by a huntsman (call to adventure), without knowing that it was a trap to kill her. When she was about to get stabbed she cried and promise to run away into the woods and never come back. When she bravely walked into the woods that’s when she found the seven dwarves house. She had to go trough many challenges of her mother trying to trap her to death. Her mother ticked her to eat a poisoned apple, she ate half and died. The prince saw her and felt in love with her, he saved him when one of his servants knocks her making the apple she had eaten dislodges from her throats, she resurrects and marry the prince (ultimate boon).

    Legally Blonde

    Elle Woods lives the perfect life, with the perfect boyfriend is all about having fun, looking good and being perfect. She was the president of her sorority, everything was as she wanted until something happened that changes it, the day she taught his boyfriend of her whole life where about to propose, he dumped her because she was not smart enough for her. She decided to prove him wrong, that is when she decided to take the call to adventure and enter Harvard School. She had many challenges in order to get accepted, then struggling to stay in the school. She fights hard enough to be on top, she got the job of assisting the defense of a murder. She ended up being the lawyer in charger, meeting and dating her future husband and winning the trial (ultimate bond)

  46. Elvis Pena

    1. Gladiator
    Ordinary World: Maximus is Rome’s most powerful general and leads troops to victory in the final battle. Going home is his only request as a reward from Marcus.
    Call to Adventure: Marcus Aurelius asks Maximus to take Rome and give it back to the people.
    Refusal of the Call: Maximus refuses – he wishes to return home to his wife and child.
    Supernatural Aid: Maximus asks advice from Cicero during this stage of the journey. But the real mentor is Proximo, who is met during the next Act.
    Crossing the First Threshold: Maximus is taken away to be murdered by the Roman soldiers; he travels home to find his wife and child murdered, captured again and sold to Proximo.
    Physical Separation from the Old World: The slave caravan carries Maximus to the special world.
    Special World (Road of Trials): Proximo forces Maximus to learn the ways of the gladiator until he becomes the best.
    The Ideal, Seizing the Sword (Meeting with the Goddess): Proximo lures Maximus to Rome, where he will have a chance to confront Commodus. (Point of No Return)
    Rebirth through Death (Woman as Temptress): Lucilla tempts Maximus to meet with Senator Graccus; Cicero and many of Maximus’ gladiator allies die.
    Atonement: Maximus and Commodus confront each other.
    Return (or not): Maximus is united with his family in death, and his body carried away in honor by the new leaders.

    2. Lord of the Rings
    Ordinary World: The Shire, where everyone in the village lives a normal life. Happy go lucky place.
    Call to Adventure: Scribbling on the ring emerges when tossed into the fire.
    Refusal of the Call: Trying to rid himself of the responsibility Frodo offers the ring to Gandalf and then the council.
    Supernatural Aid: Leaving the Shire on Gandalf’s advice and then receives Bilbo’s armor and sword.
    Crossing the First Threshold: Frodo volunteers to destroy the ring in the fires of Mount Doom.
    Special World (Road of Trials): Frodo goes through the dwarf tunnels, and Gandalf falls. Bilbo’s sword and armor save Frodo’s life.
    Meeting the goddess: Frodo meets the lady of the forest and she encourages him to do what is already in his heart.
    Temptation: Boromir tries to take the ring from Frodo.
    Revelation: Frodo uses the ring to disappear and accepts that it destroys all who come near it, especially the ring bearer.
    Atonement: Frodo will not allow the ring to destroy his friends, he must destroy the ring alone.
    Refusing to Return: Refuses to return with Aragorn.
    Crossing the Return Threshold: Frodo gets in the boat to cross the river. Same risks his life to get him across safely.
    Master of the Two Worlds: Accepting Sam as his companion, Frodo has taken the step to being able to relax in whichever situation to be able to adapt who he was in the past and who he might be in the future.

    3. Shrek
    Ordinary World: Shrek lives in his swamp wanting to be left alone.
    Call to Action: Fairytale creatures invade the swamp and Shrek visits Lord Farquad and is given the quest.
    Supernatural Aid: Donkey
    Crossing the first Threshold: Donkey acts as gatekeeper trying to convince Shrek not to go on the quest.
    Road of Trials (Physical): Finding the princess (which means defeating the dragon)
    Road of Trials (Inner): Showing the princess what he really looks like, and his fear of being rejected.
    Apotheosis: Shrek leaves when he misunderstands what Fiona is saying about herself being an ogre.
    Return threshold: Kissing Fiona and returning her to her true form…an ogre.
    Freedom to live/master of two worlds: Living with Fiona as a better Ogre, to live happily ever after.

  47. Esteban Santana said:

    Movie 1: Warrior
    In this movie there are two protagonists and heroes however, one of them has a not-so-clear background (Tommy) while the others one’s story is more transparent (Brendan). This deconstruction will be focused on Brendan. Brendan is a physics teacher who lives with his wife and daughters and is having a hard time trying to pay the mortgage of his home. One of Brendan’s daughters also has a heart disease making the family’s financial conditions more difficult. Brendan and his wife are quickly running out of options as to how to deal with their finances and are told by the bank that they should start considering to file for bankruptcy. Brendan is determined to keep his and his family’s home and decides to earn some quick cash on a MMA fight that was being held nearby his town. Brendan wins some fights and earns some money but the bruises on his face force the director of his school to have to suspend Brendan from teaching for a whole semester. This is Brendan’s call-to-adventure. Brendan decides to go back to being a MMA fighter and eventually signs up torunament called Sparta. He goes back to an old friend, MMA trainer and owner of a gym, which becomes the hero’s mentor and helper. Brendan has to defeat a number of skillful MMA fighters to earn the money for his family. Brendan reaches the finals and realizes he has to fight and beat his brother if he wants to win the championship and keep his family with a home. Brendan reluctantly defeats his brother, earning a prize of $5 million dollars, and possibly resolves the family issues he had with his brother and father.

    Movie 2: Finding Nemo
    In this movie Marlin is a clown fish and a father raising his son on his own in a reef, after tragically losing his wife and other children. This tragedy shifts Marlin into living a life filled with fear and precautions especially when its concerning the safety of his son, Nemo. Marlin always fears what is found beyond the reef he and son live in and warns Nemo not to ever dare swim away from the reef. On Nemo’s first day of fish school he deviates from his class mates and teacher and is caught by some scuba-diving humans. This is Marlin’s call-to-adventure. Marlin is determined to finding and rescuing his only son, even if it meant leaving the reef. On his journey, Marlin meets Dory which volunteers to help Marlin find his son. Dory is the story’s helper. Together, Marlin and Dory go through a number of challenges ranging between facing sharks and other predators, swimming through a farm of stinging jellyfish, getting swallowed by a whale, attacking seagulls and some few more. Marlin acknowledges that the sea is not as scary as he had once thought it was and finds that every challenge is necessary for rescuing his son’s life. Marlin becomes more secure and confident about himself. Eventually, Marlin and Dory manage to rescue Nemo and get back to the reef. Marlin is transformed into a much more social and less scared fish and earns the respect and admiration of his son.

    Movie 3: Shrek
    Shrek is a mean, grouchy ogre who tries to mind his own business while enjoying his solitude in his swamp. One day Shrek’s peace is disrupted by some fairy tales who had been ordered by a so called Lord Farquaad to move into and live in Shrek’s swamp. This is Shrek’s call-to-adventure. One fairy tale being, Donkey, happily tags along Shrek in order to help him find this Lord Farquaad and settle their business. Shrek does not embrace Donkey’s company but really has no other option. Donkey is the hero’s helper. Lord Farquaad has had the intentions of becoming a king and asks his magic mirror how we would go about to do so. The magic mirror tells Lord Farquaad that in order to become king he would have to marry a princess. Lord Farquaad chooses Princess Fiona. Before regaining the privacy of his swamp Shrek goes through a different challenges: first he has to become the winner of a tournament if he wants to gain the ‘privilege’ of saving Princess Fiona which would make Lord Farquaad take the fairy creatures out of his swamp, then he has to fight a dragon to save the princess, fight Robin Hood and his men, and then defeat Lord Farquaad when he realizes his life is miserable at the swamp without Fiona. Shrek and Fiona start a relationship, transforming Shrek into a more loving and likeable ogre. Also, he maintains his friendship with Donkey.

  48. Forrest Gump
    • The movie starts with Forrest’s ordinary world, with him sitting in a bench waiting for a bus, we can tell he is uncomfortable and is waiting for something or someone. There is a lot of focus on what he is wearing, and specially his Nike shoes that are beaten up.
    • Call to adventure: the call to adventure takes place when a woman sits next to him and he starts a conversation, well more like a monologue with her, he starts telling his story, beginning with his childhood.
    • Challenges: from the beginning of his life he was told he was not smart and had problems, this was more obvious when he starts school and everyone rejects him, and the only friend he gets is Jenny who later because his only friend and one true love. Throughout his life he encounters many challenges first school bullies, who because of their tortures make him realize how fast he can run. Because of his running skills he gets into college and gets a career. After college he joins the army and goes to Vietnam, here he meets Bubba and they become real friends. After the war he becomes famous playing Ping-Pong, when his service is over he starts a shrimping company in the memory of Bubba with Lt. Dan from the army. Many things happened in his life but no matter what he never forgot Jenny and always had her on his mind. He always wanted to protect her and was able to do anything for her, but she always made the wrong decisions and chose the wrong type of men over Forrest. But one day she finally left it all behind and went to life with Forrest
    • Revelation and Return: his revelation comes when the public finally knows why he is sitting in the bench, he received a letter from Jenny to come visit him, he runs to her house meats her and her son who’s father is Forrest, he gets them back to the house and takes care of Jenny in her death bed and creates a relationship with his son.

    Love and Other Drugs
    • Ordinary world: Jamie a drug rep who is looking for a way of making money and uses his charm to get around the secretaries of doctors to get them to use the drugs he is selling. He meets Maggie in a doctor’s office, she is a beautiful woman suffering from Parkinson and is looking for a medication. He likes her they flirt and go on a date. After having sex they each go their own way, they start a relationship of sex and meet each other at random times of the day.
    • Call to adventure: the call to adventure is when Jamie realizes he is falling for Maggie and when she realizes this she pushes him away.
    • Challenges: Jamie has to persuade Maggie to have a relationship with him because he knows they are really good together, she says no and goes to Canada to get cheap prescriptions, he waits for her for a whole day and touched by this Maggie finally accepts him and they start their relationship. As Maggie’s sickness gets worse Jamie realizes how difficult it would be to take care of her so he does anything he can to get her the best treatment and care.
    • Revelation and Return: Tired of spending so much time seeing doctors and specialist Maggie, ends her relationship with Jamie and decide to part ways realizing that they could never have a real relationship with her sickness. Jamie gets a promotion and is still depressed over his break up, he finds a video of Maggie and him and decides to get her back, and they get back together.

    The Notebook
    • Ordinary World: Two 17 year-old meet in Seabrook the girl was Allie Hamilton the daughter of a wealthy couple who were in Seabrook for the summer and Noah Calhoun who lived in Seabrook and worked as a lumberjack.
    • Call to adventure: Noah sets up a blind date with Allie with the help of his best friend and his girlfriend. They fall in love the kind of love that is passionate and deeply meaningful.
    • Challenges: One of the first challenges they encounter is meeting Allie’s parents who are not very comfortable with their relationship. After that they have to find a way to deal with the fact that she is leaving in the summer to a college in New York far away from him. Seeing as how their relationship got a lot more serious than expected Allie’s parents decide to get her back home but she is no able to say goodbye to Noah. He writes but gets no answer because Allie’s mother keeps hiding the letter he sends. He stops sending them and moves on. She goes to college falls in love and gets engaged, while he goes to the war comes back and starts reconstructing his dream house. Some days before her wedding Allie decides to go to Seabrook and visit Noah, where they rekindle their love once again.
    • Revelation and Return: Allie has to decide who she is going to end up with her fiancé or Noah, her mom comes to town to visit her and warn her that her fiancé is in town looking for her. After having a conversation with her fiancé she decides she wants to spend the rest of her life with Noah and goes back to him with her bags in had.

  49. Equilibrium
    1) John Preston is a Grammaton Cleric. He enforces the City of Libria’s laws against feelings, believing that through their destruction, there is no unnecessary war or negative acts.
    2) Eventually, he discovers that his partner, Partridge, is a Sense Offender himself. Preston then personally executes his partner, but not before the former passes on his message to him.
    3) The morning after, Preston accidentally breaks his vial of Prozium (anti-feeling medicine) and begins feeling himself. Unable to recover a second vial of Prozium, he then decides to skip the dose altogether, becoming a sense offender himself.
    4) During this entire ordeal, he falls in love with a prisoner and sense offender, Mary O’Donnell, and saves a group of puppies from being killed as part of a purification process. He then joins the Resistance, in order to bring down the government and destroy the Prozium factories.
    5) Their plan involves ‘bringing in’ the leaders of the Resistance, thereby granting Preston an audience with the top leaders of the government. It turns out to be a trap set by his other partner, Brandt; Preston then fights his way towards the government officials, and kills them all.
    6) After the deaths of the government, the Prozium factories are bombed; Preston looks on at the Resistance’s uprising, and smiles to himself.

    V for Vendetta
    1) Evey Hammond is a young woman that works in a Television network. One night, she misses the curfew and is nearly raped by the Secret Police, but she is saved by V, a masked man. She witnesses V destroying an old building on the 5th of November, to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day. V is forced to take her to his lair to keep her safe.
    2) The day after, V delivers a rousing speech claiming responsibility for the attack, as well as inciting terrorism against the government that is oppressing them. V is labeled a terrorist, and Evey joins the revolutionary world.
    3) Once she learned that V is killing government officials, Evey returns to the home of her boss, until she is captured by the Secret Police again. Told that her boss will be killed if she does not give up his location, Evey refuses to give in; it turns out to be an elaborate ruse set up by V, in order to set her free from her fears.
    4) At first, Evey initially hates V, but then she realizes that she feels stronger and more confident in herself. Evey leaves V, but promises to help him in his revolution.
    5) V arranges for himself to be taken in by the Dictators’ regime, as a way to be able to personally kill them. He succeeds, but at the cost of his own life; Evey then gives him a Valkyrie’s funeral aboard a train riddled with explosives.
    6) The dictatorial regime in England soon comes to an end; peaceful protesters watch with glee as Parliament, the train’s target, is soon destroyed.

    Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
    1) Luke Skywalker witnesses a space battle from his home; he soon comes across two droids that happen to contain plans to destroy a super weapon from the evil Empire. They also claim to be searching for Obi Wan Kenobi, whom they say needs to see Princess Leia.
    2) Knowing that the Rebellion is in dire need of these plans, Luke quicky travels to Kenobi’s ‘relative’, Ben’s house. On the way there, they are ambushed by Sand People, but Kenobi scares them off. He turns out to be the one they are looking for. After revealing his father’s heroic past, and the deaths of his aunt and uncle, Luke leaves with Ben to find the Rebellion and the Princess.
    3) Kenobi and Luke find Han Solo; they leave with him aboard the Millennium Falcon en route to Alderaan, where the Rebellion and the Princess are supposedly located. But when they arrive, they discover the planet has been destroyed by the super weapon, called the Death Star. They are soon captured by the Empire.
    4) During their capture, they discover the Princess has already been captured by the Empire; they decide to rescue her. The plan succeeds, but as they try to escape, Kenobi gives up his life. After fighting another attack from the Empire’s Star Force, they finally make it to the Rebel Base.
    5) There, using the plans that the droids possessed in their circuitry, the Rebels launch an attack against the super weapon, using a force of 3 squadrons of 10 fighters each: Red, Blue (whom engaged the capital ships; read the books) and Gold. In every attack run, the Emperor’s right hand man, Darth Vader, destroys every fighter until it is Luke’s turn. His first wingman has his fighter disabled, and his 2nd wingman is killed. Just when all seems bleak, Han Solo returns and disables Vader’s fighter, giving Luke a clear shot at the super weapon.
    6) Luke and Han return to the Rebel Base and are hailed as heroes, becoming steadfast, important members of the Rebel Alliance.

  50. 21:
    senior math major at MIT Ben Campbell is accepted into Harvard Medical School but cannot afford the $300,000 cost. Despite a 44 MCAT score and top grades, Ben faces a fierce competition for the prestigious Robinson Scholarship that would pay entirely for the medical school. The director tells him that the scholarship would go to the student who would dazzle him. The high cost of Harvard Med forces Ben to accept an offer to join a blackjack team led by his non linear equation professor Mickey Rosa. Rosa promise Ben that with his intellectual ability he can earn a lot of money playing blackjack and making it available for him to pay Harvard Med. Ben decides to enter the blackjack team to earn more money and to get closer with Jill, super hot blonde who flirts with him to force him to enter the team. Ben sets a mark for him to stop playing blackjack and that mark is the $300,000 he needs to pay off his medical studies. Ben first trip to Vegas is a life-changing experience for him where he transforms from this shy boy genius into a confident men who thinks that can outplay the blackjack system without taking into considerations the outsides variables, just as his professor warn him from. One night Ben loses control of his game and let his emotions take control over him and he ends up losing more than $200,000 which his professor tells him he has to pay them back. When Ben refuses to pay him back, he challenges his professor integrity and loyalty. As a revenge Professor Rosa took Ben’s savings out of his dorm room roof leaving him with nothing for his medical studies and destroying every chance he had to pay up the university tuition. After all this happens, he goes to Jill, with whom he had developed a relationship with and ask her to help him get back his money and get revenge on Mickey. His revenge towards his professor was plotted by the casino pitt boss who was looking to retire from his job and wanted to catch Mickey Rosa as his last job. Ben convinces Mickey to join him as big player and take on the casino for one more shakedown and as him and Mickey try to escape the casino, Mickey fell for the plan and was caught by the pitt boss while Ben had to give all his winnings again but this time to he pitt boss who sought a retirement plan. Ben won the final confrontation with his professor and although he was taken from his winnings his taught his other 2 geek friends how to play blackjack and making them win a lot of money the same day. All that was the story he told the Harvard Med director to dazzle him and obtain the Robinson Scholarship.

    Money ball:
    Billy Beane is left with a mediocre Oakland Athletics team after all his superstars left for bigger paydays. Beane is astonish with an analyst who works for the Cleveland Indians and he then hires the kid to name him his assistant general manager. Beane gets inspired by the ability of the kid to analyze players statistics that can be seen as contributions to wins for the team. Billy Beane decides to build a team around this kid analysis which includes mediocre players with no jobs and little chance of playing in the pros. During this process Billy Beane is seen as the stupidest man in baseball and although he feel optimistic he also feel as the biggest shit loser in baseball if his plan doesn’t work out. After an abysmal start of the season the Athletics prove the baseball world wrong by winning 22 straight games and reaching the playoffs the next four years in a row. Billy Beane left his mark in baseball history by putting the lowest payroll team with a 100 win season. He accomplished what he set for him as a goal .

    The Hangover:
    Doug and his friends, Stu and Phil, live a normal and ordinary life. Doug is getting married so Phil decided to throw his friend a bachelor party in Las Vegas. There is where there lives were about to change drastically overnight. Crisis strike when they wake up all hangover from last night wild partying and can’t find their friend Doug, which is getting married the next morning in Los Angeles. They finally find Doug after investigating what happen to them last night and drive him to L.A. to get him married.

  51. josemontas said:

    Never back down

    Ordinary word
    This is the story of Jake Tyler. He lives with his mother and his little brother. He and his family constantly move to different locations because Jake’s younger brother, Charlie, has managed to achieve great results as a very young tennis player. One day they move into Orlando, Florida. Jake was a star of Football in Iowa before moving, but as he moved to this new city into this new high school he was a new stranger with a reputation of a quick fighter after a video everyone saw in the Internet about him.

    Called to adventure

    After Baja Miller, one of the popular and hottest girls in school, invites Jake to a party at a house, he finds out that it was all a trap just for her boyfriends Ryan, the best fighter in town challenges him into a fight. He refuses the offer, but he ends up fighting Ryan after many insults about his dead father. He ends up beaten by Ryan, and finally decides to take his only friend Max Cooperman advice and train “Mixed Martial Arts” and so starts the transformation.

    Special world.

    He starts training with Jean Roqua the dojo master where he agrees not to fight outside the gym. As he’s getting good at it, it isn’t too good between Baja and Ryan. They discussed and Baja dumps him right away. After a fight with 3 men, Jake has gotten a good reputation in school and starts to go out with Baja and get along with Max. Nonetheless, Ryan challenges Jake into a fight in a tournament where Ryan is the former champion, however, he refuses to compete.


    After seeing this, Ryan invites Max into his house for “friendly purposes” that after all ends up in the emergency room after Ryan beat him down. Jake couldn’t hold it in any longer and decides to go into the tournament where he has his last fight with Ryan, and after a lot of struggle he finally beats Ryan.


    After everything Jake goes back into his comfort zone, a new man. Baja and him are still together, everything is okay with his friend max. He’s getting along great with his mother and his little brother who is also doing great in his career. He has gains respect with his fellow classmates, and Roqua decides to go back to Brazil and confront his issues.


    Comfort zone

    This is the story about Ben Campbell, and it starts when he’s accepted into Medical School in Harvard. He lives with his mother, and they do not have much money. He has two very close friends and he goes to MIT. Ben attends to an interview where he had everything he needed except that the director wishes for a story that says why should he choose Ben. He had nothing to do but to keep on with his normal life.

    Called to adventure

    On day at MIT, he’s asked to solve a really difficult problem by Micky Rosa, an MIT professor. Ben easily solved it and had made an outstanding performance in the course. He’s immediately invited into Micky’s blackjack team after one class. At first he resisted on the idea of joining the team but Jill (a very pretty young lady) ends up convincing him. The group’s objective is to go into the biggest casinos in Vegas and use the Card Counting System in order to make big money, and so the film begins…

    Special World

    Everything is going as planed, money coming in, the team is starting to get along. Finally Jill and Ben happened. Nonetheless, ambition starts to kick in, when everyone instead of staying strong as a team, start to look out for themselves.


    After Campbell losses a couple of grand, everything starts to fall down; Ben is beaten up by a security of the casinos. When he get home he finds out that his saved up money has been stolen, and Rosa gave him an incomplete in the course. However, Ben makes up with his friends again and offers Micky and the team to go one last time to Vegas and hit them hard, this time including Micky as a player. Everything worked according to the plan until William (the security) surprises Micky and caught him, and also surprises Ben and threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t give up the chips in order for William to retire.


    He finally goes back to his normal life with his friends and goes to the director, which he attended in the first place and narrates him the experience he just went trough in order to collect the money to attend to Harvard’s Medical School. Precisely what the director was looking for.

    8 mile

    Comfort zone

    The movie begings with Jimmy Smith (EMINEM) in a freestyle rap battle where he chokes in in the competition in front of every body. He lives in a trailer with his mom and works in a factor, while raising his little daughter and dealing with jeannen (the mother).

    Called to adventure

    However, one day he realizes that hs has been living a mediocre life with a dead end jobs and that’s not the kind of father his daughter has to be looking up to. He started to change his attitude and decides to focus on his dream as a rapper. He also questions who he’s been hanging out with and how this has influenced him in one way or another.


    He had a rough time when he fight with his mothers boyfriend and her little daughter watches it. He surprises Alex, the girl he’s seeing with one of his friends and beats him up. This guy and his friends also beat up Jimmy late one night. Everything seems to go from bad to worth. Nonetheless, one night there was another freestly contest, which he had postponed because he had extra-hours at work, when Alex his former girlfriend convinces him to go. This time he didn’t choked when he defeated 3 of the best know rappers around in a row.


    Jimmy leaves the competition a different man. Hoe goes back to his life but with a different perspective and attitude towards life, now knowing what he’s supposed to do.

    Jose Ant. Montas

  52. Karla Pappaterra said:

    The Hero’s Journey
    Ordinary World: Aladdin is a “street rat” living outside the palace walls. He has to steal his food to survive and his only friend is a monkey named Abu. Call to Adventure: When Aladdin meets Jasmine in the marketplace and is arrested for “kidnapping” her.

    Special word
    When Aladdin is in the prison he begins to doubt his ability to be with Jasmine. In the prison and old men approached him to offer gold in an exchange of the magic lamp; in the quest he got trapped and by coincidence rubbed the lamp and a Genie offers him 3 wishes. Aladdin uses the genie and wishes to be a prince so that he can impress the princess Jasmine. She doesn’t know that he is the same boy from the marketplace, but she isn’t interested in conceited princes which is what Aladdin becomes.

    Final Conflict
    Jafar stole the magic lamp and therefore the Genie must change “owner”; but Jafar’s wish is to be powerful. Aladdin fools Jafar, so he now is a prisoner Genie.

    At the end Aladdin learn that he is no a prince, and will never be, but he is a diamond in rough, someone with a noble heart. Jasmin was so in love that her father decided to change the law so they can be married.

    Harry Potter
    ordinary world
    For Harry, is living in a cupboard under the stairs at his aunt and uncles house.
    call to adventure
    When he is accepted into Hogwarts and Harry receives the news from a owl.
    Special World
    Hagrid took him to special magic world. Feeling inadequate, our young hero finds it hard to grasp the concept that he is a wizard, Meeting his new best friends Ron and Hermione, Harry finds comfort at the school and his new friends become his mentors. With a knack for trouble, the three set off finding danger on the third floor almost immediately. It is when they discover Fluffy that they cross the first threshold venturing into the unknown. As Harry’s journey continues he finds allies and he comes across enemies, such as Malfoy, whom test his strength, courage and loyalty.
    Harry meets Lord Voldemort in the Dark Forest. This is the darkest moment of the novel and Harry’s supreme ordeal where he feels overwhelmed by his new world. He returns to his friends and finds courage within himself. With his new confidence Harry goes through the trapped door in attempts to stop “Snape” from stealing the Sorcerers Stone. With the help of Ron and Hermione, Harry overcomes every obstacle facing Lord Voldemort at last. With the power of love, Harry defeats the enemy and saves the stone: seizing the prize. The final stage of the hero’s journey is that of reflection and the return with knew knowlege. Dumbledore explains to Harry how he was able to destroy Voldemort and Professor Quirrel. Harry then is able to view himself as a hero along with readers and other characters in the novel. Harry returns to his old world with new knowledge, friends, memories and faith, at least for the summer.


    Ordinary World
    Wall-E the trash robot lives on an Earth covered in trash but abandoned by humans. He goes through his daily routine of collecting and compressing the trash, creating cubes that he stacks into tall towers. His only companion is a cockroach.

    The Call to Adventure
    Wall-E is completely stunned when a spaceship arrives on earth. It deploys Eve, a white female robot that is in search for a plant. Wall-E stalks Eve and tries to impress her but fails multiple times.

    Special World
    After Eve leaves on the spaceship with the plant she saved, Wall-E is heartbroken. He doesn’t allow her to disappear and decides to quickly jump onto the spaceship. He grabs the ladder and holds on while they leave earth and enter space. This passage into space is the first threshold Wall-E endures, separating him from his ordinary world and placing him in a world he’s never experienced.

    Wall-E finds that Eve has been contained and isn’t allowed to move. He breaks into the room and tries to shoot the laser to rescue her but instead accidentally shoots backwards, shutting down the computer system on board the ship. This gets Wall-E in trouble, but Eve is there to rekindle his morale and help a friend out. The journey then continues, and they proceed on the voyage to find the plant.

    After the plant is located, Wall-E, Eve, and the ship Captain all try to contain it to save for earth. This is disallowed as the ship systems are over run by and evil navigation computer. The computer steals the plant from Wall-E, and zaps his hard-drive, ultimately killing Wall-E. Wall-E can’t move or anything, and is in the worst shape of his life. Eve is there for him though, making sure he isn’t for good.

    The evil computer systems command a small bot to send the plant away to be destroyed and never found again. Wall-E recognizes this and stealthily jumps into the suicide space pod to save the plant. He realizes the pod will self-distruct but the it blows up right before Eve’s eyes. She thinks Wall-E is gone forever, but he comically flies by her in space with a fire extinguisher. They meet up, dance, kiss, and save the plant. Wall-E did a job well done.

    Finally, after all the hard work on the Axiome spaceship, the Captain begins the descent home to earth. Wall-E and Eve both saved the plant, and the captain took care of the evil computer that tried to stop the journey home. Wall-E had to save the plant one last time from being disposed of, but he had the people cheering him on. He was successful and saved the plant, allowing them to go home.

    In the end, Wall-E, Eve, the captain, and all of mankind return to earth and plant the plant in soil, thus giving humanity and civilization hope on earth once again.

  53. Theo.Galan said:


    -Ordinary World: Tony Montana and his best friends are Cuban refugees who arrive to Miami, because of the Mariel Boatlift, and are residing in a refugee camp.
    -Call to Adventure: Tony and his friends take a job offered by Frank Lopez to kill a former Cuban Government official in exchange for their green cards.
    -Special World: Tony and his friends have green cards and do another successful job for Frank Lopez and start working for him. Tony starts growing vastly as a Drug dealing kingpin, makes great contacts like Sosa, takes over Franks organization, takes over his girl, and starts making more money than he could ever imagine.
    -Abyss: His wife leaves him, he lawyer tells him he is going to have to face jail time, he is hooked on his own supply, and he kills his best friend Manny for marrying his sister.
    -Final Conflict and back to Comfort zone: Sosa wants Tony dead for not holding his end of a job. Sosa’s men invade Tony’s house where he gets shot down after putting up a good fight.


    -Ordinary World: Eddie is a New York City struggling writer who can’t right. He has an upcoming deadline and he hasn’t written a word.
    -Call to Adventure: Eddie crosses paths with Vernon, the brother of his ex-wife. Vernon offers him a drug called NZT which allows one to access 100% of his brain. Eddie tries the drug and ends up writing 90 pages in one sit-down.
    -Special World: After Eddie finds Vernon dead, he finds the stash of NZT and starts using it. He cleans up, finishes his book, makes new friends, gets back the interest of his ex-girlfriend, and starts making millions of dollars in stocks.
    -Abyss: He has no more of the drug which deteriorates him, his girlfriend doesn’t want to be with him because of what he’s become, and he is trapped in his apartment where the russians are trying to break in to kill him.
    -Final Conflict: He retrieves the stolen NZT and later on starts running for political office. Van Loon give him a visit threatening Eddie to work for him and he’ll give him endless NZT. He shows Van Loon how he doesn’t need the drug anymore. That he is 50 moves ahead of him at all times, and lets him know that if he comes to work for him, he’ll just end up making Van Loon his b**ch.

    Iron Man:

    -Ordinary World: Tony Stark is an outgoing billionaire, womanizer, and master engineer. He has everything any person would want. His company does weapons technology development for the U.S. Army.
    -Call to Adventure: Tony Stark is kidnapped by terrorists in the Middle East and is forced to make for them one of his latest creations called the Jericho missile. Tony notices how he indirectly funds terrorism and wants no more of it. He instead designs an iron suit to escape.
    -Special World: Tony works on the suit and modifies it, while he is distant from the company due to his new perspective on things. he betters the suit on all levels and starts destroying his weeping in terrorist hands.
    -Abyss: The board votes Tony off, Pepper finds out that Obadiah was the one who had Tony kidnapped to have him killed, And Obadiah takes away his Arc reactor leaving him to die.
    -Final Conflict and return to comfort zone: Iron Man (Tony) and the Iron Mogul (Obadiah) have a final facedown, where Tony ends up winning. Later on in a press conference he announces that he his the Iron Man.

    Theo Galan

  54. Pedro D. Raful said:

    Ordinary World: George was a successful pot dealer in Los Angeles, where he later managed to go nationally around the U.S. Surrounded by his childhood friends who worked with him as well, he had money, women, friends, luck, and happiness.
    Call to Adventure: George is caught in Chicago trying to import 660 pounds of marijuana and is sentenced to two years. His girlfriend is sick and he rans away to take care of her, she will later die and the group will later go their separate ways, to be later caught again by the popo.
    Special World: After been sentenced to 26 months, he becomes close friends with his cellmate, Diego Delgado, who teaches him the ideals of trafficking cocaine. When they both get out, they manage to do business with drug lord Pablo Escobar and establish a business from Colombia to each side of the U.S. George gets married to Mirtha and lives full life in every single way possible.
    Abyss: Gets caught by the police again in his 38th birthday with other drug dealers. Diego caught him out of the business and puts everyone against him. Mirtha leaves him with their child. His money is taken by the Panama Government.
    Final Conflict and Return to Comfort Zone: He manages to convince his daughter to wait for him as he was going to take care far away to the beach in LA where they could live happy. He arranges another drug trafficking op with some old friends who ended up to be working for the FBI and locking him up now for 60 years and destroying his daughters heart. The film ends up with old George doing some cell work in the garden imagining his daughter now all grew up and beautiful visiting him and hugging him.

    Training Day
    Ordinary World: Jake Hoyte i an LAPD cop who is willing to pursue a job as an LAPD narcotic officer. Deeply in love with his wife Lisa. He lives in New York and wants to help his community as much as he can.
    Call to Adventure: He is sent to Detective Alonzo Morning a highly decorated narcotic officer who would advance Jake career and teach him the ways of work in his new environment. In Alonzo’s car, the pair of officers observe teenage Mara Salvatrucha members dealing drugs in a park. Instead of arresting the buyers, Alonzo confiscates the drugs and tells Jake to take a hit from the marijuana. Jake initially refuses, but Alonzo puts a gun to his head and says Jake’s failure to use drugs could get him killed by a street dealer. Jake relents and smokes the marijuana, but shortly thereafter, Alonzo tells him the marijuana was laced with PCP and Jake stays high for a couple of hours while Alonzo fucked his girlfriend.
    Special World: Jake sees a girl been raped by some crackheads in a street. He jumps out of the car he beats up the guys and saves the girl. Alonzo gets impressed by his reaction of been so tough in beating the shit out of those guys and manages to earns a little respect from the detective. As the day went on Jake began noticing that in the job he needed to get his hands dirty but is still not comfortable with the idea.
    Abyss: Jake gets caught up in a deal between Alonzo and a gang. The gang later wants to kill Jake, and in their effort they inform Jake that Alonzo is in the middle of a deal between the Russian mafia where he needs to pay them 1million dollars. After the gang notices the wallet that Jake had carried from the girl he had saved and gets to know that the girl was the gang leader little cousin, they let him go.
    Final Conflict and Return to Comfort Zone: Jake goes look for Alonzo in his girlfriend house which was on a really ghetto neighborhood but manages to get respect from the gang members of the block because they all are fucking tires of Alonzos attitude. After he confronts Alonzo and lets him really in bad shape, Alonzo gets to escape but late to his meeting and later gets killed by the russian mafia in street intersection. Jake gets back to his house and manages to stay in the job.

    Sanky Panky
    Ordinary World: Genaro lives in Los Praditos, Santo Domingo, a really poor neighborhood of the city, working at his mom colmado in his house. He is tired of being poor is losing interest in his life, trying to learn english to find a way to get his ass out of the ghetto.
    Call to Adventure: Genaro manages to get a job at a Resort in the beach through a friend to try to hook up with a tourist and make her fall in love with him in order for her to take her with her to wherever country she is.
    Special World: Genaro manages to do a fine job and meet a beautiful young american girl named Martha which was in vacations as a remedy to her breakup from her fiancee with her 2 aunts. Genaro manages to make them believe he is the manager of the resort and had good intentions. In his effort to inlove Martha, Genaro gets his emotions fueled up and finally hooks up with Martha.
    Abyss: Martha ex fiancee comes as a surprise to the resort looking for her while Genaro is even still in her bed. He gets out of the hotel and looks for his friends which by the way had managed to get involved with Marthas aunts.
    Final Conflict and Return to Comfort Zone: Genaro comfronts the ex but dont they dont get physical. Martha asks Genaro if he wants to go back with the to the U.S. but Genaro declines saying he doen’t need to be treated as a trash. but still with his heart broken. He later goes back to his job and to his normal life.

  55. Gabriel Bencosme said:

    -Ordinary World: Eddie Mora is a stressed writer in New York City who can’t write. Eddie has a deadline coming up and he hasn’t even written down a word.
    -Call to Adventure: Eddie comes across Vernon, who is the brother of his ex-wife. Vernon offers Eddie a new drug that runs under the name NZT. This drug allows one to access 100% of his brain. Eddie decides to try out the drug and he ends up doing a bunch a stuff including writing a big part of his book in one night.
    -Special World: After finding Vernon dead in his house, eddie searches and finds the stash of NZT and starts using it regularly. With the drug he starts to make his life back to normal, he cleans up, finishes his book, and starts making millions of dollars in the stock market.
    -Abyss: Eddie runs out of NZT, which starts to weaken him, his girlfriend does not want him around, and above everything he is trapped inside his apartment because Russians are trying to kill him.
    -Final Conflict: At the end he learns how to make NZT and then runs for political office. Van Loon blackmails Eddie to go work for him and he’ll give him endless NZT. Eddie shows him he is 50 steps ahead of him at all times, and tells him no.

    Ordinary world: Doug is getting married to Tracy, which with whom he has a stable and working relationship.
    Call to adventure: Doug and his three friends go to Las Vegas for his bachelor party. That night they go wildly insane partying. The next morning the three friends wake up to find out they have no memory of last night and Doug(the bachelor) is missing and they find a tiger in their bathroom.
    Special world: the three friends in their quest to find doug go to the hospital and discover they had been drugged with roofies, which accounted for their loss of memory, andthey had been at a chapel before going to the hospital. Later at the chapel they find out Stu(one of the friends) had married a stripper last night. Then they are attacked by gangsters in the search of a person.
    Abyss: the wedding is soon to occur and and they cant find doug so they are about to tell Tracy, but Stu finally remembers where Doug is. They find Doug in the roof where they had placed him trying to play a joke on him.
    The final conflict: they have little time to return before the wedding starts and there are no flights available, they return in car really fast and Doug tells them he has $80,000 worth of casino tokens. They arrive a little late, but Doug and Tracy get married and Stu breaks up with his mean old girlfriend. When the wedding ends they find a digital camera with images of the night the events they couldnt remember and say they will only look at them once.

    8 mile:

    Comfort Zone: The movie starts with B-Rabbit in a freestyle battle. B-rabbit chokes in the middle of the battle in front of the whole crowd. B-Rabbit lives in a trailer with his mom and works in a factory; he is also raising his daughter and has to deal with his mother who’s an addict.
    Called to adventure: B-Rabbit comes to the realization that he’s been living a mediocre life with crappy jobs and knows he has to be a better parent for his daughter to look up to. He attitude starts to turn and focuses on his dream of becoming a rapper.
    Abyss: Everything is starting to go worse for B-Rabbit. He fights his mother’s boyfriend and his daughter watches the fight. He catches Alex(his girlfriend)with a friend of his and kicks his ass. Later one night his friend and another guy beat up B-rabbit.
    Final Conflict: There was another rap battle, which he wasn’t planning to attend, but his ex girlfriend convinces him to attend. In this occasion he did not choke and kicked everybody’s ass up on stage.
    Return: He goes back to his normal life but his attitude towards life has changed.

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