Listening to the story

Stories are everywhere. Everywhere you look. A good storyteller listens for the story with great care. He does barely little else.

Look at the pictures above. Try to listen to the story each tells. Some are more literal than others, thus easier. Which one is which. Write two paragraphs for each picture. Tell me their stories.

  1. 1st Picture:
    The capsule just landed in the building behind. 3 months traveling in the space, after losing 50 pounds eating the crap they provided to us. After spending all that time without knowing if we would see our family again, here we are; in our way back.
    The ship is coming down on fire, we didn’t know if were going to survive. After several minutes in the atmosphere, Boooom!!!!, there we crashed, at the top of the building. I just opened the door and went out, I was on fire, but I did not Fu****g care.

    2nd Picture
    A ship with 30 Europeans arrives to a weird and mysterious Island. They start to walk through the woods, they thought they were alone, but they were wrong. The chief said: we have to find water now. they kept walking and walking for several hours. they started to hear some weird noises, but they were very tired to be afraid of them.

    The chief, who was in front of the group was the first one in seeing the little tribe. it was just in front of them. it consisted of several huts, people were almost naked and had their bodies painted. they thought no one there knew of their presence. but they were wrong again, a group of 20 angry natives appeared. They had big spears and rustic knives…. they found their dinner.

    3rd Picture
    Luca grew up in New York with his Italian family. Since he was a kid he started to work with his uncle, collecting bills in different bars and stores around the zone. His family controlled half of the casinos and bars of New York. The only thing he learned to do well was to kill. he was an expert on that subject and in order to go to the top of the organization; he knew he had to do everything they wanted him to do.

    A Monday afternoon; Luca had a new work to do, He was looking for Bill, a man who used to go to the Casinos of the family and who owed thousands to the organization. When bill saw him going into his store, he left the building through the back door. It was too late. Luca had two men waiting for him in the back. Luca grabbed him by the hair and said: Do not F**k with us and put a bullet on his head.

    Half of the work is done, now is time to take the body where it belongs… to the bottom of the river.

    David Santamaria

  2. Rene Columna said:

    1st Picture:
    Mayday! Mayday! Houston we have a problem! We are almost arriving to our Cleveland Airport, but all of our engines were destroyed entering the stratosphere. The neareast city we could land is on New York. We are going to be touching ground in about 23 minutes, please inform everybody an aircraft is going to be landing.

    Five, four, three, two, one!! We have landed on the fifth avenue! Please get the hell out of the aircraft! This thing is going to blow out! Mike open the door! Im on fire, literally I need to run to the NY fireman department.

    2nd Picture:
    Our god is asking us for a body! We need to give him one or we will have rain until we die! The Caicaos tribe is weak and vunerable, we need to steal a person from them, but it needs to be shown as if this person was lost! We cannot get enemies on this small island, but we need to give our god what is asks us. Slowly when the moon touches the ocean, we get into action.

    Moon has touch the ocean! Talishiman proceed with your task! Steal the weakest, remember we just need a body.Talishiman goes and steal the most weak person of Caicaos tribe, but in the process he is seen by another Caicaos member. He leaves behind the weak person, takes the person who saw him and kills it as soon as he grabs his head! Talishiman accomplish his mission, he brought a body to the Caribbean Tribe.

    3rd Picture:
    The Baraldi family was the most feared people in the city of the mafia. Nobody could mess with them until one day, they mess with the wrong person. The Baraldi’s were tired of working long hours and doing the dirty job of gangs. Since nobody could mess with them, the started to steal the money of other gangs. They stoled from everyone and everyday they were richer and richer, by stealing and killing people who opposed to them.

    One day, the oldest of the Baraldi’s decided to still from their wrost enemy, the mexican Matador! The Matador was new from another city, but the Baraldi’s already had stole from everybody around their town, so they decided to move down the map. When the oldest of the Baraldi’s gets face to face with the Matador, the Matador tells him, “What are you thinking, do you thing you are going to steal all the sweat I’ve been throught to get what I have” The Matador didn’t let the Baraldi speak, and shot him at the right eye.

    Rene Columna

  3. Lazaro Medina said:

    Picture 1:
    Humans are situational. We appreciate and react to the individuals and events that impact our lives, but only for an impromptu instance. We build figures of grandeur to simply knock them down and rarely acknowledge their sacrifice; a commitment to a cause that surpassed the seemingly feigning and contentious nature of civilization. In my opinion, this picture depicts the ambivalent relation between a hero and his audience. The protagonist in this picture represents the reoccurring history of many. An individual is displaced into an uncanny and precarious predicament where he is appraised by society into completing an assignment. Mission accomplished; mission failed.

    It makes no difference on the outcome of success or failure by a person because he or she will inevitably be put into the side-line, becoming an image of a distant memory. We no longer require your services, you are now obsolete. It’s the hero’s turn to watch the world, observe how they’ve continued with their lives without regard to the life he has put into renunciation. The hero walks amongst the people, yet they continue with their trivial diligences and disregard the being or ghost that walks down the road.

    Picture 2:

    In this image the most pure and basic instinct of the human nature is put under a microscope. When exposed to groups of individuals; the most self-reliant, moral and conservative person can be molded into the sculpture of surrounding ideals. This picture provides an instant summary of what people deeply are. It all consists of three component terms (carnal, self-destructive and manipulative, and avarice) that dissects the story and its’ truth. Carnal unveils our most primitive and realistic desires of reaching euphoric grounds with the opposite sex, something that the world has consistently attempted to repress. Groups of people perpetually try to gather a following who can implement their agenda, unsurprisingly, people are easy to manipulate once you aim to deliver their interest with a plausible or unlikely solution. A self-destructive correlation is later created once you meet their avarice demands.

    The people in the painting have chosen to relinquish formalities and simply live. They indulge life with sex, alcohol and the consumption of desirable foods which in this case happened to be guy that missed the memo of ‘beef jerky Friday.’

    Picture 3:

    Life in the city is rough; reputations or street cred’ is easily lost and difficult to regain with the current generation. This image says to me, “business is always personal.” A man observes his livelihood and honor being harmed so he takes control. While being absent from the real action and darkness of his world, he needs to demonstrate to both himself and others that he is still relevant he want’s what is rightfully his. Money. Power. Respect. So, he has to expunge the competition from the foreshadowing equation of life and occupation.

    As an effect this story tells allows us to reminisce on what we’ve come to learn in movies and the rough realities to life. When you dismiss the true boss chances are you’re going to be “sleeping with the fishes.”

  4. Thiago da Cunha 10-0028 said:

    1st Picture: It was January 28, 1986. The famous and much awaited space shuttle Challenger was finally set and ready for liftoff after a couple of delays due to weather inconveniences. However, on this day, January 28, there were clear blue skies and just a chilly breeze. It was just perfect. The motors were running smoothly, systems were on track, and communications at their best, just as everything was designed to be. So it finally came to that moment that was anticipated, the count down. Houston: “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” The motors flair and throttle to a 104% Challenger: Houston, we have a lift off. And the control room at Houston was filled with cheers and nerves were settled. However, 2 minutes into the liftoff there was a problem, one of the gas pipes that led to the engines started to leak. If that were to make its way down to the flairs of the exhausts then all of the Astronauts’ lives will be in danger. Challenger: “Houston, we have a problem.” Houston: “There’s a leak in one of the pipes! Abandon ship! Abort! Eject!” Challenger: “Systems are started to fail! Heat is rising in the ship!” But just then, there was a swoop and the ejection of only one of the seats was made, it was Commander Michael J. Smiths seat, he started to elevate along side the space ship then to drop, then to everybody’s horror the ship exploded. Michael felt a flash of heat and the parachute that he had burned as he made his way down. That’s when he struggled to find the secondary parachute and pulled it, but because of all the gas leaks from the ship he remained on fire and made down to the ground in the center of the city. As he made his landing, he walked through the busy street not being able to believe what had just happened. Even though he was still aflame, from the first second he landed he made his way to where he though his fellow astronauts were. He did not think about the basics, spot, drop, and roll. He just wanted his friends safe. However, little did he know, he was the only survivor.

    2rd picture: On the fourth Thursday of November, the Pilgrims had finally won over the trust of the Indians that occupied the new found land. They had been hesitant and intimidated by these Pilgrims that had come from another world practically. So they decided to make an inaugural dinner for their peace treaty and new homes. However, little did the Indians know, that this group pilgrims weren’t planning on only having turkey and corn for dinner.
    So the Indians made their way into the small village that the pilgrims had put together. They were all excited and anticipating what was in store them because they knew the Pilgrims had a special event planned for them. But all of a sudden, the Pilgrims ambushed the Indians. They started tying them up and killing the ones that were making it to hard for them to tie up. A few hours later, just after sundown, the pilgrims lit a fire and made a sort of oversized Barbecue. They then took 5 of the Indians and put them on the barbecue and feasted on the bodies. To this day, we celebrate thanks giving on the fourth Thursday of November, however, little do people know that it is actually short for Thanks for giving your Bodies and Land. Muahahaha

    3ND PICTURE: Don Salvatore Columna Maranzano, head of the mafia was in his studio. He was suprised with his favorite and very traditional pasts from sescilia, Italy: pasta a la putanesca with a bit of extra salt, just the way he liked it. He then served himself a glass of whiskey on the rocks and lit the remaining half of the Cuban cigar he had been smoking. He had been drinking constantly ever since he declared himself “cappo di tutti capi” (head of all the families) starting the castallamarese war between the 5 Italian Mafia Families in New York. To his much hard work and planning he had made much headway and was on the point of making his last move, killing the last remaining family head Daviti Fullini. So to complete this mission to become the cappo di tutti capi he had his son Puri Columna personally take down Fullini. However, they had spent the last couple of weeks tracking him down all over New York and some other states with no success. They were worried that he had been able to leave the country and not completely seal his position by having one family head roaming around and gather supporters against him. Fullini had made several surprise attacks on the family of Don Salvatore making it that much more personal.
    Puri finally tracked him down as he made his way to his hide out just around the Brooklyn Bridge. Puri along with his crew opened fire on all of them, leaving one man wounded on the floor, Fullini. So Puri made his way over to him and told his men to tie him up and fill him up with gasoline. He then lighted a Cuban his father had given to him years before telling him to save it for a special occasion. So he lit up Fullini and the Cuban and stayed there till they were both put out.

  5. 1st Picture
    I spent my whole life training for this. I took aerospace engineering, military courses, and can fly seven different kinds of aircraft, which should come real handy in the job market. Obama can’t cancel the space program; how am I going to get a job? Does he expect me to just learn accounting just like that? This is an outrage; this is unacceptable. I am protesting! I am setting myself on fire!

    2nd Picture
    I was lost, and sick; I thought these people would heal me, or at least feed me. How ironic; now I’m the meal. It’s strange; to us, this is just abhorrent, but to them it’s normal, acceptable. I can’t believe I’ve turned into their version of the big mac. How will it feel? To be someone else’s meal? Will my parents ever find out my fate? How did I even end in this anyways? Life turns in amazing ways and somehow I got lost and captured by an African tribe. I guess It was destiny, survival of the fittest.

    3rd Picture
    Why did you take a loan you knew you couldn’t pay? You should’ve just walked away. You shouldn’t have gambled with your life. Now you’re nearly dying, I still have no money, and I have a big mess on my hands. You know what a mess means in this business, right? It means calling in favors. And those favors come with a price; it’s not like people do things out of good will. This is America; only the rich survive. And you, mister dirt poor, should’ve known better than to mess with us.

  6. Picture 1:

    So what If today I decided to walk down the street walking with an astronaut uniform on fire? Got a problem?

    With this I’m showing off to the world that by the same way people can create things they can be turned into ashes in a matter of seconds. Nothing is forever and thus we cannot attached to material things in life and pretend that those represent who we are.

    True ideals on the other hand can stick to many generations and make more changes to the world.

    Picture 2:

    This picture represents the avarice and selfishness of the human-being. We act like this every day with our thoughts.
    Destructing others with words and actions because of our ” inferior mentality” and thus feeling the urge to do something that could hurt others and make us feel powerful.

    There’s us: fighting to get the largest piece, destroying ourselves until there’s nothing left.

    Picture 3:

    I was our 15th anniversary I left her a note on the bed: See you at the “Plaza Hotel” room 203 at 8:00 PM. Deep inside I knew our marriage was falling apart. My dear Juana Peña wasn’t the same girl I once knew back in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Her innocence was gone.

    There was something wrong with Juana. She was acting so weird lately, always tired when I got home .She didn’t want me to even touch her at night. But her body, her lips, her curves, it was all I needed to forget what she has always done to me: “Era bonita pero traidora. Tu ve”. But that night I had set up the excellent plan to end up with this.

    I opened the door of room 203 with my flowers on hand. I knew exactly who she was going to be on top of, having fun as she always did. It was John, my best friend. Right there when they were laughing of my ” innocence “I took the gun out and killed them both.

    Took John’s body to the river and said : “A ti te gusta la bomba y te gusta el baquine, para que goces ahora I’ll send you deep in the river my dear friend.

    Detective: Is this the end of your story Hector?

  7. 1st picture: the year is 1980 the situation is a failure to launch the new space program into space the thing is this is a classified mission where only the president, and a few other individuals actually know the true meaning of this special mission. Believe it or not there is a very logical explanation to this picture. The man you see there is Major Adam Lockwood after their experimental spaceship that was launched out of the JFK as a normal passenger ship blew –up only seconds after launching. The major manage to survive the explosion and landed with a parachute and him still on fire. This picture was taken only moments before the Major hit the floor. He had taken cyanide as soon as he touch the ground knowing that after this monumental failure his loved government couldn’t risk this program being exposed.

    2nd picture: in 1487 a group of buccaneers set of to the new world in search for riches having thought they had arrived in the colonized island they went into de depths of the jungle only to come across the Miltangas a tribe that leave in secrecy deep into the forest where they established themselves hidden from the colonizers once the tribe saw this intruders everything their fate was sealed. The tribe had to get rid of them to continue living in secrecy and survive the new era.

    3rd picture:
    Hector Lavoe left his country of Puerto Rico and came to the United States searching for a better life. At first he manage to make a living playing music in a local bar in Washington Heights but soon he got notice by a shady talent agent but Hector was desperate he was barely managing to pay his bills and send money back to his family in Puerto Rico so he took the men’s word and let him represent him soon Hector was the new sensation little did he knew that his agent was doing some serious business with the Russian mafia. Hector wasn’t actually making a lot of money since his agent was screwing him over with the gigs he played which is why once Hector found out about the debt his agent got with the Russian Mafia he made a deal Hector will pay twice what his agent owed the Mafia to have him out of the picture and so it happen this picture was taken moments before his agent went to his resting place.

  8. 1st. Picture:
    We were a great team, 10 years of training to get here. We went to Space in search of another specimen of life, and YES, we find rare human. We were attacked and lost half the group. When we came back, the ship exploded in the middle of New York City, and here I am, after a forced landing, here I am, the only survivor. Much effort into this to die this way, like a man on fire.

    2nd Picture:
    I got up and appeared on a desert island, well, I thought it was deserted. After days, I was dying of hunger, was getting weaker, and had no strength. At one point in which I could any more, was ill. What joy that day when in the distance I saw fire and heard sounds, people talking in different languages. Walked and walked to get there, what a big surprise. It was an indian tribe. I went up and they looked at me weird. I realized that they resorted to cannibalism. The food of the day was the body of the weaker. Surprise, that was me, their food.

    3rd Picture:
    Karl Fitcher, American, born and raised in the American Mafia. Now I’m on top. Why you failed me? You know in this business who betrays dies. Entering this business is very difficult and you come from nowhere, ruin everything. You had to think with your head and think what you always do. Look at you now, on the river side to die.Many times I command you to kill, but the killers always failed; lucky you. So here I am, ready to make my own commission, kill you on the shore of the river.

    Lauren Bernal

  9. Estefania said:

    1rst Picture:
    After years of watching stars, researching things that were beyond his dreams, been recognized as a hero of The United States of America, he still feels like a robot, empty and shallow. Now that the countdown to earth is finally starting, and the wait to see his planet is finally over, he starts to realize that he doesn’t have anything down there, no relatives, no family, not even a fucking dog. As the door open and the sound of applauses starts to fill the spacecraft that never have been filled with sounds apart from the ocasional sounds of machine, he starts to ask himself if he is ready to face humanity.
    He feels that he doesn’t belong anywhere, he cant feel excitement about anything, because after going to space, what else is out there, that is worth to live for. SO one day he decide to live again, he put on his space suit, and got out of the filthy apartment of N.Y that the foolish people who live around there call home, everybody stares at him as he tried to act indifferent, but as the attention keep rising, his pace become faster, and soon he is running around new york in a space suit, the thrill and adreline keeps rising, he feels on fire, he feels alive, laughing of all the stupid people that he see, that dare to make fun about him… while the media is talking about a crazy guy who is running the streets of new york wrapped in aluminum paper who smells like kerosene.

    2nd Picture
    Such a beautiful soul… Leila Yumm was in by far the most sweet girl i have known, she was so charming and full of life, with a laugh that made people laugh too, and a smile that can cheer everyone, i met her in the airplane as everyone else, and I know that we all got the same impression of her. Sadly after the crash and the days have pass without food or any sign of help, being sweet wasn’t enough.
    Leila Yumm was full of life, and did I mention that she was fat? she was perfect, she was slow, and naive, and all of us thought that even her heart was big, and indeed it was. It was so easy, one day as our stomach started the same song, Leila Yumm started to sing, it was unanimous, as we approach her, she knew it was her last song, she started to run but 15 to one, was just a lost cause, i want to believe that she smile at one time, but i know that apart from screaming there was just blood, and let me tell you we all can say that Leila Yumm was in fact a sweet and tender girl…..

    3rd Picture
    No job is easy, no job is completely satisfactory, but for Marcos “El Callado” those principles didn’t apply, he was the most efficient cleaner that the mob have, he never fail a mission, he never complains or ask any question, and he even started from the past 3 months to wear a smile on his face all day. His last mission was placed on october 31, to pick-up a target, kill it, and dump the body, the usual job. It was 2A.M in a moonless night, he went to the extract point, where the twins Paulie and Jhon open his trunk and throw the black bag, closed the trunk and gave him a smirk, then he went straight to his apartment where he had all his gear to make the poor fool, who got his boss angry, to talk.

    He opens the trunk and throw the bag in his back, and head for the stairs, the bad is a lot lighter than he imagine, finally he arrive to his home, closed the door, and tore the bag. Instantaneously, he body froze, after all this years, he thought that he have seen it all, nobody prepared him to see what he saw, he saw it all, his faith, his future, his world, shaped in a woman’s face, but how they find her?, how they knew?…. He was sure he have covered all his track, but Elena was there, in his apartment sitting on his chair, the chair that he calls, “the throne”. Elena was her life, he meet her 4 months ago, she was dancing, thought that she was easy, and she slap him so hard that he swears he saw God, and from that day on, he visited the place as much as he could until one day, exactly yesterday, she finally gave up and promised him to escape together tomorrow. And then he knew! As a bullet pass him through, and his boss entered the room, and kiss Elena’s lips before shooting her head… That all jobs sucks…

    • bia said:

      I loved the second one!

  10. Image #1:

    Being an astronaut is not an easy job, sure we get paid a large salary, but damn, the economy crisis also affects us. Corrupt suits that wonder around Manhattan playing with our hard earned money is something to protest about I believe.

    So I heard a cop was casually pepper spraying students who were peacefully protesting at UC-Davis University. I’d like to see him try that crap on me, occupy Wall Street I’m on my way. Financial greed and corruption can’t water this fire down.

    Image #2:

    This image basically screams out cannibalism, as simple as that. The fact that the people portrayed in this picture are actually having a feast while more body parts are being cooked is what gives a certain shock or disgust to the viewer.

    This Medieval-Viking looking portrait shows an environment in which only the strong survive, a usual case of “survival of the fittest”. The men are all big and strong which protect the tribe, any intruder or traitor is captured and fed to the women and children.

    Image #3:

    “Todo tiene su final, nada dura para siempre”- HL. This image shows the eternal suffering of a Latin music prodigy trying to make it big, where the money is. A trombone magician and the “Singer”, a dream team, a dynamic duo.

    Wealth and fame came easy after selling out Madison Square Garden. Drugs, alcohol, and women everywhere they would go, this was the life they dreamt of, but ambition is a cruel attribute. Things started to go sour, the team drifting apart. One night everything came down to a single dispute after some drinks and the usual narcotics at a party. The city is only big enough for one super star, and the trombone is still playing to this day.

    Ryan Lopez

  11. Gabriel Federico Perez said:

    Picture 1:

    I wake up face down in the floor in a pool of vomit wondering where the fuck am I right now and what the hell happened last night. I get up from my makeshift bed on the concrete and see people walking towards and away from me clearly ignoring me on the floor and even more clearly walking in a way to avoid from getting within 5 feet of me. People are clearly looking at me with distaste and repulsiveness which just makes me all the more determined to remember what the fuck happened. As I look at myself I notice I’m in a damn astronaut suit. That’s when it hits me it’s the day after Halloween and I’m lying in the freaking subway of New York City after running away from that Russian chicks’ crib after I banged the hell of her. I mentally check off sleeping in the subway from my list, of being a “real new Yorker”, as I laugh at myself for getting this drunk. I search feverishly for my helmet and when I find it, I rapidly put it on as I get up and start my day.

    I leave the subway and go to the surface because I feel like walking home after last night’s fiasco, though I don’t really mind what happened, it’s just one of those things you’ve always wanted to experience but never actually thought it would happen. I notice the pack in my back is dripping a fluid but I have no idea what it is. I look myself in the mirror and see a small hole right smack in the middle of it, that’s very weird the pack must of rupture while I was sleeping on the floor. As I’m crossing the street some asshole kid laughs at me as he throws a cigarette bud into my back and like magic my freaking back lights up. As soon as I see this I start to panic as I see flames licking up my back from the reflection on the building in front of me. But that’s when I remember what the store clerk said to me that this was a real astronaut suit which is made of special fabric that is flame resistant. Apparently the top layer will burn but the bottom layer stays intact and puts of the flames. So feeling like a bauss I calmly walk down the street to my home while I get incredulous stares from the people who start panicking and taking pictures while I quietly chuckle to myself while my face gets a stupid grin wondering how awesome my picture will look in the five o’clock news.

    Picture 2:

    I’m sitting on a log in the middle of the forest just idly day dreaming about my life before all this happened. I still can’t believe the world actually turned up this way my mind can’t come to terms with it I feel like I’m stuck in the dream inside a freaking dream inside another damn dream. I laugh out loud and shock the people who are looking for edible plants on the forest bed. I can’t believe that now of all times I can make still make a reference to Inception. I mentally punch the hell out of me for even thinking about my old life. Everything is gone and will never be the same and I need to come to terms with that. Well I’ll never come to terms with not having any clothes and cleaning my ass with leaves but then again there is nothing I can do about that. I remember the apocalypse like it was yesterday. Without no disregard for mankind countries starting bombing each other repeatedly with atomic bombs.

    I still can’t believe we made it our little group of neighbors we’ve been through so much, you could even say from hell and back. I mean we did lose some people on the way and the fires and bombs took everything we ever had. But recently I’ve notice a change in the people around me. I’ve seen that they have become more inhuman lately I can even say they are more animal like. I think I’m the only sane one left; they all have this certain edge to their eyes more fierce. They threw away all of their clothes and started walking around naked or with stones and leaves they look like barbarians. I’m the only one left clinging to my clothes like it my life line. I need to keep this little piece of humanity with me to not go insane. That’s when I hear it the loud cheers and the screams of the people. Only one thing could get them this fired up, meat has been found. Everyone starts running back to our makeshift homes we have built. When I look around I see it, or better yet I see them, the source of meat. I get a look of disgust in my face I can’t believe this is happening again. This is when they start butchering them like animals, I’ve always left at this part but I force myself to stay as one of the victims is a little girl and I believe I need to see this through to at least bury her bones. Then they put the butchered human’s pieces in the fire. Oh my god the smell the smell is killing me. This sweet sweet smell of meat it’s driving me insane. I see them eating the meat the grease spilling down their mouths the look of delight as they eat it. That it, that’s when my mind snaps and I run toward the food I need to eat it I need that meat. Months of eating roots and grass has finally gotten to my head. As I run towards the feast to join in I rip away all of my clothes and with it I rip away my humanity.

    Picture 3:

    The phone rings. Its eerie I’ve waiting for a whole month just for this call but now that its’ here and I’m feeling nervous. My hands start to shake and I drop the cup of coffee in my hands. I pick the phone up. Pablo is on the other line they yacht taking me to Dominican Republic is here and I can finally get out of this god forsaken city. I don’t know how I got into this situation in the first place. If only I had killed Pablo like Don Salvatore told me to, I wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. Instead I ended up warning him and helping him hide and now I’m helping him and accompanying him to exile. Now after a month of hiding we finally get somebody who will help us leave New York. The Don has been looking for us apparently we have a price on our heads a whole million dollars. That makes me happy I’ve never been worth anything more than 50,000 dollars in my whole life. It’s incredible how a dead man can be worth more than a living one in this world.

    As I get to the docks I meet up with Pablo who leads me down the docks and into a room telling me the captain is there. As I open the door and head inside that’s when it happens I hear a noise and I try to react and that when they hit me BANG one time to the head I try to move but BANG again and then everything goes pitch black. I wake up tied up on the edge of the docks with the smell of the ocean inside my nostril. Damn it, they got us good I still can’t believe they got us I thought I had been so careful. I try looking to the sides but I can’t catch of glimpse of Pablo. Is he dead already? Are they keeping me alive to take me back to the don? Did they already kill and throw Pablo into the ocean and are now going to kill me? All these questions pass through my head and that when I hear footsteps. Getting closer and closer and closer. A face appears and I can’t believe who it is. All the air rushes out of my lungs and only one whispered word comes out, “Why?” Pablo looks at me calmly and he tells me, “Only one of us fit in the boat.” As he takes out his gun and shoot three bullets one to my heart, one to my head and one to my belly. Then he throws it into the sea and looks at my dead corpse as he turns on a cigar.

    • nice

    • Estefania said:

      I love it, every character has an authentic attitude, and the plot is so subreal ❤
      HI5! 😀

  12. Javier piniella said:

    Picture 1:
    It was a chili afternoon on October 31. Raymond was an eccentric space freak. He was on his way to a big halloween rave party that he had been invited to. New York transforms on Halloween and everyone gets involved in the celebration. People in costumes, going trick or treating and running around burning their sugar high. Raymond was very nervous about the party and he decided to smoke a joint and take a Mitsubishi (exctasy) before going this leaving him absent minded and jolly.

    As he was walking on sixth avenue he stopped amazed as a fire spitter had his show going on. He began walking closer and closer to the spitter as to have a better look at the show. He then became bored and began walking again to his rave but he was way too numb and excited to feel that he was burning hence his nonchalant way of roaming around the streets.

    Picture 2:
    A very rich family was having their vacations on their yacht of the coast of the Philippine islands. One night the family had a big party where everyone including the crew was binge drinking. Unaware of the dangerous coral reefs around the area the captain went to the party leaving the cockpit unattended. In the middle of the party the yacht hits a big coral and begins sinking. The owner of the yacht gets scared and quickly runs to his room picks up a bag that is filled with money and goes on the emergency vessel.

    The next morning when they wake up they find themselves in a inhabited island. They begin thinking about what they can do to get out of the island. Suddenly a group of canival Indians surround the family and the crew, tie them up and take them to their tribe. The rich father offers them money and many luxuries but they are incapable of communicating. The Indians begin getting nervous with these white people’s presence until they decide to eat them. They begin slaughtering the family and the crew and placing them on the special grill they had for cooking. Without knowing what to do with the money the Indians set the fire under the grill with all the money there was in the bag.

    Picture 3:
    Willie colon was a famous trumpet player in a local bar. On one of his regular days playing in his bar a particular costumer walked in. He was a compulsive drinker and had a very bad temper. As the night went by the guy became more aggressive the more he drank. He began insulting people as well as Willie for his “horrible” music.

    Tired of hearing the guy complain at one moment in the night willie invites the guy on the backstage for a special good costumer treatment. Drunk and without thinking the guy agrees and happily stands up and goes on the backstage where Willie begins pounding the guys head with his trumpet. Angry as hell Willie hits they guy many times and very hard until he becomes tired. He stops and checks to see if the guy is alive at all. He becomes aware he had killed the guy. Willie calmly wraps the body with the same carpet the guy fell on and got dirty with blood. He takes the body after he finishes playing for the night and decides to dump it by the hudson river where he hopes no one will find it.

  13. Picture One:

    Unknown Source

    Today is the day. Americans will fear; americans will suffer. Today we will make history and show the world who they are dealing with. We are everywhere; as a matter of fact, you americans are not able to discern between allies and enemies. This is the start of our reincarnation, the full expression of our ideals. See for yourself: your head most reliable astronaut is walking over the 6th avenue on fire. Don’t try anything funny, because inside, he’s already dead.

    GBC News Reporter-

    Some unknown source disrupted our program and managed to use the signal to show that atrocious video. Its incredible how an ordinary day turns out to end up as a tragedy.

    People are not responding; they stopped believing after the attack of march 15. Every man for themselves is their new constitution. What’s it going to be? What is the future of our nation?

    Picture Two:

    Everyone is gathered for the feast. The last meal; the last taste of pure vengeance and rage must be consumed before the others arrive. Not a single trace of the past shall reach their knowledge. Enjoy my people! Eat while you can and prepare for our new arrivals.

    No more spaniards. We are not who we used to be. We are strong and we will remain strong. No Foreigner shall ever rule our land! This is our home, the ultimate price we must always protect. Eat them all.

    Picture Three:

    This is what happens MotherF*&*#$ when you mess up with the boss. I Knew something was wrong with you, that’s why I followed you cabron! You thought you were the man, what in the world made you think you were better than me.

    I see you betrayed me but also tried to steal me. Guess what maricon, I get the stones; you go swimming with your friends.

  14. Eduardo Garcia-Godoy said:

    1st Picture:

    It’s was late in the afternoon I just came back from work, I was in a space mission for over six months I haven’t seen my wife or kid in a very long time. I miss them so much. I was exhausted. I was on my way to my building in my astronaut suit I just wanted to surprise my child, he looks up to me, he says he just want to be as he’s father when he grows up. When suddenly I saw my apartment on fire, I ran in there to as fast as I could, but it was already too late.

    2nd Picture:

    It is celebration night, after days of traveling we finally found a piece of land worth to live in. We were the only tribe in thousand of kilometers. The whole families gather up to eat the best food of the village. We first prayed thanking god for blessing us with this promised land and the of course our ritual dance around the fire everyone was just full with joy, looking forward to years of prosperity.

    3rd Picture:

    Hi, my name is Willie Collon and I have a confession. Last summer I got into really bad stuff with really bad people. New York became the capital of drugs worldwide. Dealing drugs was the only profitable business in the neighborhood, and I had many debts and problem, so what other choice did I have. I did much stuff that I’m not proud of, but I never thought I was capable of murder. My last boss was threatened my family, so I did what I had to do, I became the owner of the biggest cartel in the city.

    Eduardo Garcia-Godoy

  15. 1:
    This was the day Blake was going to do what he had been planning his whole life. He was going to finally cross the stratosphere with nothing more than a space suit and a jetpack. It had taken him years to first save all the money he needed, what with his job as a school science teacher; he couldn’t afford to save much, but all the coupon saving and minimal leisure time had finally paid off. After getting the money, it took him almost double the time to find a spacesuit and a jet pack. But he had done it, finally! He’d call in sick on Friday to start his planning and decided for Saturday to be launch day. After much blueprinting and other planning he had decided that launch time was going to be 08:00 hours. His jetpack was completely fueled and according to his calculations that would get him to his destination and back. It had always been his dream, since he was young to cross the stratosphere in nothing more but a spacesuit. He felt that if he could accomplish this then he could finally feel good about himself. Blake had always been the nerd of the class; a social misfit and all others would always stay away from him. If he accomplished this, then everyone would want to know him, to talk to him, to be his friend and he would final have friends.

    The day of the launch he suited up climbed to his roof and started the jetpack’s engine. Off he went, he set the speed to full and started toward the stratosphere. Everything was going smooth. Blake could not believe he was going to finally make it! The altimeter indicated that he was almost there and so he reached for the speed controls but it was stuck. He had to do something, if he kept going up he’d cross the ozone and burn to death. Blake desperately forced the control to lower the speed but it wouldn’t budge. He crossed the ozone, caught on fire and then the controls started working. His spacesuit had caught on fire but he didn’t care as long as he was alive. Blake ran out of fuel on his way home and had to land in the middle of the city and walk home, with his suit on fire. But he didn’t care he just made his lifelong dream come true.

    Everyone in the village was starving; it had been days since their last human. Many of them had succumbed to the low act of eating fruits and other greens but others were this was forbidden and punished with death. Cannibalism was their religion and their whole life was devoted to just that. The only problem was that they lived in a small island in the middle of the sea and had already eaten all the other tribes and animals. It was only them, and their tribe leader who did not allow them to eat each other, nor eat any other type food that was not human flesh or raw meat. Tuktu, a predominant tribe male was tired of suffering and organized a tribe meeting without the tribe leader. In it he told his comrades that they had to do something, if they did not do it soon, they would all die and the only thing or only person getting in their way was the tribe leader. Everyone understood immediately what was the plan. If the tribe leader would not allow them to eat anything else, then they would eat him. Hunger had taken over the entire tribe and loyalty to their leader was no longer a priority to them. That night, they all corralled him and satiated their hunger.

    Willie was up early and ready for his audition two hours before and he was well aware, he was just too excited. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for his entire life, the Eight Track Band was finally looking for a lead singer and he was perfect for the part. He had the same style and pitch of the band’s former singer. He had dedicated his entire life to singing and this could finally be his break! He decided to head there early and wait outside for auditioning. As he left he grabbed his house keys, cigar, and gun, which he never left without. When he got there he saw an alarming sign on the door that read “Auditions Cancelled”. From inside came music and Willie hurriedly entered the building to see what had happened. As he walked in he caught sight of a young man who was singing with the Eight Track band itself. Willie, unwillingly asked the bar tender what was all this about fearing that he already knew the answer. The bar tender explained how auditions where cancelled because the band had found this guy, Hector, and they had loved him. Willie could not contain his anger and punched the bar top, injuring his hand on the process. Right then he decided to wait for the rehearsal to end, his gun and him would have a talk with this Hector character. After that night, nobody heard of Hector again.

  16. Tomás Pascual Martínez said:

    Picture #1
    Many say that imaginations and illusions have no boundaries, for Johnny a man going through a midlife crisis, it is a matter of survival. He was a former stunt actor that does not fear death, he’s got nothing else to hold on to.

    He was finally offered something he couldn’t reject, a big fat check, that will allow him to retire forever and enjoy of whatever was left for him after these years. He only had to walk around Manhattan for two hours in an astronaut suit, but in flames. A shortcut throught life lead to his dead.

    Picture #2

    Long time ago traveling for distances was not simple, everything was unknown, no one knew where any path lead. The tribe Eatgente, mainly described as cannibals, had to travel for unknown reasons, they finally got tired of walking and decided to settle in a place were they only had trees and its derivatives.

    For a few weeks after the settlement all they ate were plants. One day the main chief of the Eatgente, triggered by his cannibalistic natural desire, decided that he couldn’t take any more. He began a manifest in which the olders of the tribe were eaten. He said “We better die as who we are, than surviving as a thing we are not”.

    Picture #3

    Drug dealing is not a safe business, nor a game. Alberto was an obnoxious and greedy newbie in this obscure world. He was driven by money and the more he got the more he wanted.

    Alberto tried to get away clean in a dirty business. His life was consumed by the endless loop that he wanted to end. Enrico ,his matador, is cold blooded and has no pitty for anyone that attempts to betray the words that were once given to him.

  17. Luis Guerrero said:

    1. It was Friday afternoon, Joe, the average New Yorker was feeling kind of crazy. He woke up with the feeling of doing something different. He was tired on the monotony of the New York life. He remembered he had an old, obsolete space suit he had obtained when he went to the NASA space camp. He decided to go out wearing the space suit.

    As he proceeded to exit his apartment complex, a businessman on the 2nd floor was finishing his smoke, and threw it out the window. The cigar landed on Joe’s space suit and caught on fire. This snapshot was taken when Joe did not have a single clue he was on fire.

    2. Just a normal day 2,000 years ago. Its Sunday fun day, and this tribe are having a picnic. Cannibalism at its finest.

    Arms, Legs, and Ribs, all one hell of a meal. In the back you see the titanic fight to see who gets the best piece, the head.

    3. “So, this is what happens when you do not give me my money”, says Willie Colon. Willie Colon in going to throw his victim all tied up to the water.

    Here we see famous Mafia leader Willie Colon, committing an act of murder. Here in San Francisco, this is very common. Don’t be frightened by this. If you don’t mess with them, they don’t mess with you.

  18. Picture #1:

    People are full of shit, lies, deceit and mistakes and humans are the incarnation of sin, confusion and pretend. This being said, what this picture reflects is the biggest enactment ever made which confused, astonished and changed the world. “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”? Bullshit. This photograph reflects the lies and mistakes of the faked moon landing. What really happened or didn’t happen relating the moon landing? This picture tells us this precisely. This picture is a f**k you and a go to hell and BURN to the people and “astronauts” behind this “movie” the has fooled us all for so much time.
    Picture #2:

    The title reads “Tastes like Chicken”, the actors say “we were hungry”, the director says “dark, angry and freaky”, the producer says “it’ll be bigger than saw” and the writer says “survival of the fittest; the people who survive in this world are the ones who consume those who are weak”. Critics say “I didn’t think the writer meant literally”. This causes the public like you and me to make assumptions that are weird, sick, incoherent and mostly honest that eventually changes the way we think, feel, react and live.
    Picture #3

    This is Morte a Francia Italia Anella, MAFIA, Costra Nostra, This thing of ours, Goodfellas, The Godfather, The Sopranos, Hollywood, Italy, Movies and when you analyze it the main character here is entertainment related to crime and not crime itself. Criminals idolized as if they were gods and industries made rich on the lives and livelihood of innocent people. All this for the entertainment of ignorant and closed minded people like you and I.

  19. xb11 said:

    1st Picture:

    There was a dream, there was a want, more than that a need. As a baby I had a rocket and Buzz Lightyear as toys. As a kid I decorated my room’s ceiling with glow in the dark stars and planets, and saw people could go outter space. And then I knew it, I had to be one of those people, I had to feel the sensation of being without gravity.

    I got closer to stepping on the moon, once I was able to be accepted to NASA, it was all good. Top of the class, straight A’s, everything in order to accomplish my mission. And it happened I was diagnosed with a grave heart disease and it would all end. I could not go to space. And my insanity has taken me to show my failure and commit suicide in the middle of New York City by lighting my ass on fire in a space suit. There was a dream, there was a want, more than that a need.

    My will, John

    2nd Picture:

    Drought, extinction, the heat of summer. This used to be a happy town, full of gardens, farms and smiley faces. Even though global warming has ended these high standards of living. There are few who still live here, since all the boats and resources have left and been consumed. Some were left behind, some must find a way to survive, some will die of hunger and thirst.

    It is the weakest, who are in more danger, especially the men. Since the females are vital for reproduction, children don’t have enough flesh. Sacrifices are done three times a week, and it is not those who have less time who are ripped into pieces. It’s the ones who will feed the most. This Cannibalism.

    3rd Picture:

    It is a regular day, a phone call, sms message, or email to A response with the bank account and the figure to be received to do the job. A reply with the wire transfer communication. Reply to this “Its done.”

    Costume for the day, part of a band of Salsa. Easy it goes with my ethnicity, fake mustache on, trumpet case, Latin style off, and off to party. The case was very useful, I could carry the syringe and the dozer. Followed him to the bathroom, change of attire to the bathroom cleaner, inside the trash can, and the rest is cheese. Last message to the contractor, “Executed”.

  20. Amid said:

    The first Picture was created to use on a band’s album cover. but nobody used it. I would name it “astronaut on fire, crossing the street” and it also happened somewhere in NYC. From my point of view, it is a good creation by artist, because it shows the contrast of failing no matter how advanced the tech is.

    The Second picture is about Hans Staden journey to South Africa. after he got captured by the people of Brazil who were called Tupinamba. It has being said that these people practiced canabalisim and this famous picture shown here is in his book which he published after escaping to his home city.

    And the Third picture is the Album cover of Cosa Nuestra created by Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe, two Puerto Rican player and singer. since the Album context has a Carribean mob mood, the picture macthes the mood well,by showing a man with a sniper rifle near a dead body. It looks like he was after him for a long time and now after many years he has done what he wanted to do.

  21. bia said:

    This filthy two by two apartment does not do me any justice, it consumes the biggest part of my hard earned salary at Deli Nosotros, Washington Heights. Lucia, who could brighten this musty carton with not more than a smile, had dumped my butt and left with a curry-reeking, rich Indian taxi driver after my temporary layoff from the space program. I had to pawn every last bit of the house’s appliances to cover this and next month’s rent, and was left pennyless. I remember that day clearly, I was returning from depositing the rent’s check when I saw the terrible headlines: Space Program Cancelled. This meant only one thing for me; my temporary layoff would become permanent. I would no longer return to my home, space.
    That was the day it all changed. I decided to defend the reminiscences of a life I loved; nobody would ever forget the space program. What was breaking and entering beside such devastating tragedy? Nothing; therefore, I quickly gathered all I was used to wearing during missions and left the NASA department on 3rd street radiantly. A quarter block from Radio City was where it all was to begin: the fire, the attention, the revolution, and the re-instatement of the Space Program. Many life changing things did begin that day, but all at the burn unit of Lenox Hill Hospital.

    We had found enough palm trees to build nearly everything we could need until our rescue. Our total stay had been estimated at maximum ten days, but nearly ten weeks had gone by. We had depleted our clothes in search of warmth during cold nights, burnt down nearly the whole island in search of firewood, and survived entirely on what seemed to be a lifelong supply of tropical fruits. Yet, our fate seemed to be another one.
    I had heard of tonight’s feast while I was cleaning our so-called-townhouses and wondered what animal had been found that would satisfy our insatiable hunger. My mouth watered while thinking about pork, cattle, and chicken, even rabbits. At this moment I would most definitely include rats in my diet. After a quick stop by the Clearwater ponds, I reeked like fresh aloe vera and was ready to attend the feast. It was more to my surprise when everyone stared while I arrived. That when I saw my friend James, the fattest surviver, roasting in the fire, and all the extra space beside him. My heart jumped a beat, I am also fat.

    I had arrived nearly seven months ago with hopes of living the American Dream. Rapidly I knew my experience in this country wouldn’t be as I imagined; the only job I could nail was as a grocery packer in a small deli off 2nd avenue. The pay was as small as the establishment. I did see movement of large quantities of money around me, those “matatanes” as they called themselves, reeked like drugs and sleazy lifestyles. I couldn’t resist the temptation of approaching them. That is how I’ve arrived to this point. Will the events of this day be as memorably pleasurable as the view?

    Bianca Beckermann 10-0165

    • Estefania said:

      Love the first one, different approach and good attitude 🙂

  22. christopher de los santos said:

    1st picture
    there has been 3 weeks since the Navula spaceship from the NASA was missing, today it basically fall from the sky and crashed in new york city leaving a horrible destruction zone near the 5th avenue. experts say that this catastrophe is something that they couldnt manage and is something that hopefully wont happen again. from the crew only two survived out of seven, there you can see robin in flames who was one of the luckiest.

    2nd picture
    in ancient times tribes used to celebrate their actions and festive days by having a ritual celebration within their neighbors. this was a thing that was done for more that a thousand years and was something created by old times tribes. this celebration was named hakik-tarot in which they burned alive animals to sacrifice them and therefore eat the alive, some experts still dont understand the real motive of this exclusive celebration.

    3rd picture
    casey holland just murdered his best friend willie near the east coast, they were friends since high school and their families were well known and rich for some enterprises they managed together. until one day casey found out that willie wascheating on him with his wife, they came up arguing until casey wrapped him up and took him away where he committed the crime. casye’s plan is to throw the body to the ocean but quick enough the authorities find out about the murder and take into place.

  23. Thais J Maceo said:

    1st Picture:

    Guillermo was an extremely lonely man, a little neurotic, messy, eccentric, but very smart. After fighting his whole life to achieve the dream of been a recognized astronaut, he reached bottom, nothing made sense anymore. His inner issues were eating him alive, nothing was worth fighting for, and nothing was enough.

    So he decided to that the only way to leave a mark in this world was to do something extraordinary. He wanted to be remembered, to be taken into account, so he realized that doesn’t matter how lame your life was, how many friends you have, how do you get along with your family, if he did good or bad things, once you die, everyone loves you, everyone wanted to be there, everyone talks shit about all the accomplishments you had in life, no matter how small. So he suit up in his astronaut equipment, after spraying it with gasoline, walked out of his apartment, and set it on fire. And there he was, walking in the streets while burning his life away.

    2nd Picture:

    Houkilau! HOUKILAU! People screamed as the enemy tribe, the Makiuti, looked for the one responsible for violating the 28 virgins left for marriage. He was no fool or ordinary man, he was a nymphomaniac. But this was not his fault, he was seduced by all the nudity that surrounded him, he couldn’t control his urge for pleasure. The savages threatened the people of the Kiatu tribe to bring him in, but no one really knew where he was.

    Houkilau has hidden, deep into the forest for more than two weeks, when suddenly an urge his need for women attacked again, so he decided to walk off his thoughts. Not even a minute passed when one of the warriors of the Makiuti tribe captured him. As soon as he arrived to the tribe’s land he was sliced to pieces and fed to the virgins he raped, the warriors, and their children.

    3rd Picture:

    Johnny was sick and tired of listening to the abuse his fat next-door neighbor caused his family. Gregorio, the abuser, was always hitting his wife, Diana, verbally abusing his children, Tom and Jerry, and everyone around. He was menace to the neighborhood. So one day Diana came to seek Johnny’s help, after watching her face nearly disfigured he decided to take action.

    Johnny studied the man’s routine, until the perfect time to attack showed up. He encountered the man at noon; they ate together, and went for a walk. When they arrived to a quiet and lonely spot Johnny shot Gregorio, he was not dead instantly though, he tied him up, talked to him for a while, said the cause of his actions, excused himself, lighted his cigar, and threw him to the river.

    Thais Maceo

  24. Jose Lama said:

    Picture 1:
    As the day passed by, and the clock struck 12:00 PM, the day got hotter and hotter. The streets of New York, overwhelmed by traffic became impossible for travel. Suddenly, out of a black Navigator, three men sprung out in white suits each holding a Tommy Gun in their right hand. They then aimed the guns straight at a bus full of people and opened fire. As the bus became aflame, and after the barrage of bullets, an older man, with a wooden cane, and a crooked grin and look stepped out of the Navigator and shouted for everybody to listen, “This is my city, and nobody will ever say otherwise!”. As soon as he finished the sentence there was an explosion over the roof tops of the city, everybody’s attention went from the bus to the cities skyline. 

    What appeared to be some kind of space shuttle was crash landing on a roof already  blazing. It looked like a shuttle but it had more advanced features which made it look more futuristic. Atop a 50 story building, the roof had been consumed by fire since the shuttle crash landed on it. As the shuttle was in the explosion process, the shuttles door slammed open and a man in a spacesuit which was aflame levitated out of the rubble and fire, descending 50 stories at the speed of light and landing on the raging hot streets of New York. As soon as he landed the old mans gaze went from the rooftop, to him, and then to the bus. The bus was intact and the space traveler still aflame, the old man retreated into his vehicle and locked himself inside of it. As he took a breath after these weird events occurred. When he gazed outside, his men had been burnt to a crisp. The old man then felt an incredible heat behind him, when he turned around, the spaceman was sitting in the seat next to him. He would then whisper the words “otherwise” and in the blink of an eye the Navigator was consumed into it’s self and disappeared without leaving a trace of fire, rubble, or shuttle pieces from the shuttles crash.

    Picture 2:
    10 year old Dante always wanted to be a treasure hunter, he dreamed of being one everyday, and when he woke up one day, he just knew he already was one. He had been hired to find an old Mayan treasure, a weapon which would make any modern weapon look like a child’s toy. This weapon was a mystical necklace that when put on would then improve a persons 5 senses, smell, taste, tact, hearing, and eyesight would increase 10 fold. Apart from those incredible features, ones strength, agility, and resistance would become supernatural. Dante, the world’s best treasure hunter was following a lead which might be his final ticket to find the treasure. While scouring the land for any sign of the the lead he fell through a small hole, which was apparently a trap, tumbling down, falling onto an immense boulder, hitting his head, and falling unconscious. 

    Hours passed and a stench of burning meat woke Dante up. As he regained consciousness, he leaned over the boulder he landed on, peaking over the boulder he saw a group of about 12 people in primitive rags prancing around a bonfire/barbecue they had set up, eating the flesh off of the bones of people as if they were chicken wings. After the revolting shock of having found cannibals, still in existence, while feeding, he noticed a man wearing a necklace, which appeared to be legendary weapon, which would make any man wearing it an invincible power, so he crouched down as fast as possible, but slyly, trying not to make a sound. As he started to panic, he noticed a 9mm handgun lying besides him and so he reached for it easing his panic. As he cocked the gun to take a shot at the leader of the group, he remembered that those who wore the necklace, their senses would become unreal and so he took another look to see if the man was still there. When he took a look the man was no where to be found. As he turned around, the handgun ready to fire, he saw a ghastly figure standing over him, drooling blood. Dante’s last words were ” Oh fuck”. Struck directly straight in the face, Dante was knocked out. He woke up to the pain of his limbs being cut off with rugged stone knives, he could see the flesh and muscle from his shoulder joint being ripped off, the blood spouting out of his arms socket. As he saw the last glimpse of his arm before being completely ripped from his body and set up on the grill, shouting in pain and agony, the cannibals about to finish him off for their dinner, he thrashed around like a suffocating shark, his heart beating at an astonishing rate, he budged out of their grip and fell to the floor onto a Cars 2 carpet. Shouting, weeping massive bullets of tears, and sighing in despair, he woke up and shouted “Moooooooom! I never want to be a treasure hunter”.

    Picture 3:
    “Igor Yasicov has crossed the line. I, Manuel will make sure that this piece of crap, this stupid mother fucker learns who he messed with” exclaimed Manuel in a Cuban accent. Manuel, born of a Dominican father and Cuban mother, was raised in a hostile “barrio” in the Dominican Republic. He grew up in an alcoholic environment,  in which he decided, instead of becoming another alcoholic, he would learn to smoke, and learned to smoke he did. He went from the petty Marlboro boxes and self rolled blunts, to La Rosa Dominicana Cigars. His father beat him for stealing his money to buy the cigars, and at 15 he learnt how to defend himself and literally beat the shit out of his father. After beating his father near to death, he and his mother ran away, they ran for 3 years, and as each year went by he became fascinated with the Rosa Dominicana and he learnt the art of taking a life, having to defend his mother from all the other men who would try and take advantage of her. When he became 18 he smoked what he believed to be his last Rosa for life, his mother was tired of running around the island and decided they were leaving town for good.

     He went to live to New York in the New York Heights. When he arrived to his new home, he could not believe it, everything was just like the Dominican Republic, so his hopes arose and he believed he would be able to find his beloved cigar. He searched and searched and couldn’t find it anywhere. 10 years passed, and he was sure he would never taste Rosa again, and suddenly a man named Igor Yasicov came by his house and told him in a Russian accent, “Are you Manuel? If you are, people’ve told me that you want the Rosa Dominicana Cigars, and I am able to find some for you”. Manuel couldn’t believe it, and so he exclaimed “I’ll do whatever you want”. Yasicov handed him a piece of paper with  a job and Manuel accepted it. Manuel got his machete bag and left for the job. When he came back, drenched in German blood, Igor’s rival, he found his payment waiting on his door step. A box, full of La Rosa Dominicana Cigars, he picked it up in excitement, went into his house, showered and got all dressed up for this unbelievable moment. He sat down, opened the box, picked a cigar and when he went to light it, he noticed they smelled kind of funky. They were Cubans! “Igor Yasicov has crossed the line. I, Manuel will make sure that this piece of crap, this stupid mother fucker learns who he messed with”. He picked up his machetes again and appeared at Igor’s bar, stomped in, nobody was there, and yet he noticed a boxful of cigar buds inside of a Cubans box, he picked one up, smelled it and of course, these where La Rosa Dominicana, there were two missing. He broke down the backrooms door and there he was, Yasicov, smoking one of the final cigars, and the last one tucked safely in his jacket pocket. As Yasicov stood up to thank Manuel for a job well done, Manuel said “You messed with the wrong motherfucker, motherfucker” while sheathing the machete out of his bag. He swung for the left arm and with one smooth and angered thrust, the arm was cut off. He picked up the already lit cigar from the floor, took a hit and said, “Never mess with my cigars hijo de tu maldita madre”. He took the last cigar, rolled Igor in a carpet, took him to the nearest river, lit his favorite cigar, and said, “That’s what you get, never fuck with a man and his cigar”.

  25. Laura Musa said:

    It was a perfect October morning, most men and women of New York were rushing through to get to work on time; not Mary Rugh. Mary was a 23 year old woman with the palest skin you have seen, and the looks that seemed she just walked out of a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She had just moved to New York City. Nothing was clear to her; the job that she was hoping for was not on the picture anymore. So Mary had two weeks where in the daylight she went from job interview to job interview and in the night time she partied with a couple of friends.
    Halloween was coming up. She decided to dress up as a sexy waitress, kind of ironic given the jobless appearance. Mary and her friends decided to go to the best club which was opening that same night, Halloween night. Being there, shots kept coming. Kamikaze, tequila, jaager, tsunamis, you name it, Mary had it. She had been dancing all night with John. John was not very handsome. It was 4am, and Mary decided to leave with him. At the arrival to John’s house, she noticed there was no furniture, nothing, just one bed. She asked him. John had just moved in that same day from Brooklyn. They then proceeded to rip their costumes apart. The waitress costume was in pieces. No need to tell what happened after. 6am, and Mary has to get to an interview at 8am. She was so embarrassed she did not want to wake up John, she just wanted to storm out of there. The problem was, she had no clothes. Her costume was literally in pieces. The next best thing was John’s costume, an astronaut costume. Mary didn’t think it so much; she rapidly put it on and went running. As she was running, she thought to herself how did she get here: from a secure job in NY to running to an interview as an astronaut? While running, she bumped into a woman smoking. This slowly started to light up the whole costume. Mary felt hot. The question remained in her how she did get here: from a secure job in NY to running to an interview as an astronaut now on fire?

    Elizabeth didn’t have much luck dating. Dates happened but surprisingly guys didn’t call back the next day. The sad thing was, Valentine’s Day was coming up and she had no one. As a hopeless romantic, she believed she was going to have the best V-Day, and it was going to be unexpected. Two days before February 14th, Elizabeth was at Starbucks and met this wonderful guy. She was so excited, he was gorgeous, and she couldn’t believe she found a probable date for V-Day. They decided to go on a date the next day. It went great; they talked for hours and hours about themselves and their aspirations.
    Valentines was here. She bought her date some chocolates, just not heart shaped to she didn’t seem desperate. Liz had been waiting for ten minutes at the place they agreed to meet. Carrying what it seemed to be a big painting covered in brown bag paper with a red bow, he arrived. She wondered what it was. While drinking champagne, they decided to exchange gifts. He loved the Godiva chocolates. When she opened her gift she opened her eyes as wide as possible. It was a cannibalism painting. She was too surprised. How could he think to give her something with cannibalism? Why would he give her this? Was he crazy? She loved it. Right in that moment, she knew she had met the one.

    Willie Colon, the man you have to be most afraid of in town. He was known for drug dealing, and being the king of it. Anyone who got in his way had no more way. Sunday afternoon, with a perfectly good mood, he decided to get some ice cream for his eight kids, all from different mothers. One thing you could not leave out from saying is that Willie took care of his family always. On his way to Haagen Dazs, while Willie was waiting in the red light, suddenly a car hit him. Willie got out of his car, he was in a good mood, so he thought to himself he would just tell the other guy that it doesn’t matter, it was just a bump.
    When Hector saw who he was he hit because of texting and driving, he rapidly got out of his car. Hector started to feel weak; he began to feel a heavy chest pain. Hector was having a heart attack. Seeing Willie Colon wasn’t easy, and dealing with him he knew he would kill him for crashing his car. Hector flat lined; he dropped to the floor and died right then and there. Willie could believe it. He always killed people, but with a weapon, not this way. Willie carried him to the river that was right there, wrapped him up. He had cigarette thinking about all this. Got a gun out and shot him twice. Nobody would die with a heart attack by Willie Colon; people will die with gunshots by Willie Colon.

  26. Maria Gabriella Liriano 09-0881 said:

    1st. Picture:

    So this is my job: I get set on fire, I run naked under the rain, I laugh of you, I travel through time, I pass through your life. Sometimes is easy, sometimes is challenging, sometimes is scary but at the end the next day I’ll create a new mission and trust me, its so fun.

    Today I am an astronaut who landed in the middle of New York City on fire, literally, on fire. I have the world under my fingers and they had no idea I am right here, creating my own destiny and sometimes yours mon cherie.

    2nd Picture

    1000 b.c. Ramil the King of Fire, created a feast for the habitats of its village, those who worked and behaved under his rules and legacy will be able to have their only meal in days. The thankful servants gather around to celebrate the generosity of their master.

    They danced and ate until their get more than satisfy, they also prayed for wealthy for their King. The ones that were not able to be thankful enough and provide something to the kingdom will be invited to the festivity as part of the meal.

    3rd. Picture

    So here is the deal my friend, you do not talk and I get your money, house, car and wife obviously. You will have to stay on silent forever, and to bad you had to disappear in such a nice river, at least you’ll have a great view from down there.

    This is my story, I wasn’t good enough to run my father’s business so I created my own mafia gang with me, myself and I. I was smart enough to create a gang that does not get betrayed or share hoes; it is all about me, that is the way I roll.

  27. 1,
    Upon returning to his home planet the astronaut finds himself in a society which is no longer the one he used to know. Life is too difficult to continue it as before such daily stress is accumulating forcing him to adapt quicker than what he is comfortable with, causing his primordial subconscious naturally instinctual and survivalist, to incinerate. Due to the accumulation of the stress of having to cope with the perpetual refinements made to the surrounding aura.

    In cultures what seems like the everyday norms can surprise alien cultures. The leader of these people, doling out the torso to his left, is responsible for the carnage taken place. The victim portrayed in this depiction may have been anything from a sacrifice to an execution. One thing is certain however, that the foreigner in the picture is appalled to what seems like madness to himself. While the natural inhabitants enjoy their “feast”, the foreigner is horrified. The man leading the event is nothing more than fulfilling his true beliefs whether they are subject to religion or society. Evidence of such compassion is resembled by the unselfish sharing of the grand part of the victim. Giving away the heart and stomach are parallels to giving love and barter. The followers may benefit from this, as the majority depicts, but sometimes they are the entree being amputated in the eyes of the followers. Now, from an outsider standpoint this seems absurd, but who are they to say the outsider has any valuable input as to what is normal or peculiar. The only male with a beard who also is the only one without pants, most likely does not have the same idea of culture as the people that surround.
    Whether in modern day or in the time of the discovery of the New World, there are recurring examples of ignorance to other societies, whether they are guilty or innocent.
    The most notorious example lies within the first European and Native Indian populations. Each society believed they had superior beliefs than the others, the Europeans with their one God and the Indians with their spirits. Despite this lesson in history being spread globally, we still see issues of imposition onto other cultures such as the Americans with their democracy and the former colonies with their communism.

    Never could this man cope with the possibility of his music talents coming to an end or with his habits impairing such abilities. Nobody wants to kill a part of themselves because the responsibility may even be too hard to bare. Here we have the decision maker, with his keyboard in hand, making the first step necessary to get that old part of himself out of the way so that he can live in the most prosperous city in America. The music or the habit? This is what the man ponders as he holds his hat down for the last words, but whose to say he chooses neither or both? He realizes this is a decision he must live and that this moment will be bewared on his shoulders or dropped on his back for the remainder of his life.

    Nicole M. Perez

  28. Joaquin Castillo said:

    First Picture:
    Mike is a 26 year old crystal meth cooker, who cooks in a meth lab hidden under a pool bar in the streets of New York City. He is known for two things, his quality cook of meth and the astronaut suit he uses to cook meth. He bought the suit on eBay and since then has always used it to cook.

    Mike quality crystal meth cooking has made him famous around the streets and everyone wants him to cook for them. But Mike has earned a lot of money and now he is independent, and cooks meth in his own lab and then sells it to local distributors. One day, Ramon, one of Mike lab assistant was offer $50,000 to kill Mike. He accepted the money and the next day while Mike was cooking he threw a lighter into a gas tank which caused an explosion. Luckily Mike didn’t die but his suit got on fire, which made him run out of the lab and into the streets.

    Second Picture:
    Ancient Mesopotamia year 6890 B.C., the tribe of the Timbaks were in the middle of a ritual to their god of war, Axus. This ritual consisted of capturing enemies from the other tribe, cutting their body in pieces, cooking them eating them while the males had sex with the females. This ritual was made to please Axus and to ask for the god’s help in incoming wars. Blood of the enemies was spread into the Timbaks body in search for power; women would eat arms and legs for their sons to be healthy. It was a very weird ritual but it did bring luck to the Timbaks in wars.

    Third Picture:
    It was crime of passion. The taxi driver Marco had killed his wife, wrap her around a white towel and was going to throw her to the Hudson River. He found her with another man one Sunday night he returned early from his job as a taxist. His temperamental character didn’t let him tolerate what he saw so he took a knife a try to kill the men his women was with but he escape. He didn’t even try to chase him, he went directly towards his wife and without saying a word he stab her 32 times.

    Joaquin Castillo

  29. josemontas said:

    Picture #1.

    Many years under the united states shadow have passed, people under abuse, countries indirectly controlled by this self-centered and egotistical nation which has gotten away with too many things over the years.There will never be enough damage caused to you and your abrasive citizens that run by the streets, pushing everybody away with their eyes and their loud voices.

    Here I come, from the other side of the ocean, covered in your evil and disgusting suit filled with lies. Ready to complete my mission and enter the rockefeller center and explode this sh*t into tiny little pieces.

    F*ck You America!

    Picture #2

    The Gods have spoken, its time for sacrifice, theres no glory where there’s no pain. the clouds are taking their places, the birds are not chirping, the wind is making loud sounds, the gods are hungry. There is not too much time left, we must hurry before the moon comes out. Gather our beloved chosen ones and lets pray for their forgiveness.

    Begin with our ritual, build up the fire, dance around the stone, kill our brothers and lets pray for forgiveness. Throw their body parts on the fire, and lets eat their flesh for our gods.

    Picture #3

    This is the story of Willie Colon, 32 Years old Italian born. Struggled to overcome high school, never went to college. Very ambitious but too lazy to overcome obstacles without breaking the rules. Moved to the city that never sleeps, where the day by day consumed him and nurtured him to become what he has become to this day.

    The system has not paid off and thats where he starts to realize that life’s too short to be little. Messing with different types of people, he has found out that he’s good with guns, not to mention that he is natural with the sniper. meddling in the mob world he’s annoying quite a little, couple of random deaths and some lost money around in a couple of years. Now he’s growing up, living every little detail and learning how to work life, as his skills improve by the minutes. By Willie’s current age of 32, already a wealthy guy, his apartment on the fifth, he doesn’t let anyone to mess with him or his money, he does not send anyone to kill.. why would he, he’s the best, everyone already knows him. I guess you could ask Hector Lavoe, former Godfather of the New York’s darkest mob.

    Jose Ant. Montas

  30. Beatriz Asilis said:

    Picture 1
    Struck by what never should have happened, he crossed the street walking, not running. The man in the suit paced heading nowhere, anywhere. Interrupted flashes of fragmented memories flowed uncontrollably in his head, yet nothing seemed to make sense. Probably they were all dead. He finally made it into the Wells Fargo building, where the fire alarm went off and people ran and screamed desperately at the sight of a flaming astronaut. The sprinklers went off subsequently, and the fire in his suit ceased: a relieving moment for him and the ones that remained in the building.

    Jared Walker was his name, and he never touched the moon. He remained in the spaceship with his fellow astronauts in a trip that resulted in a catastrophe. The presence of oxygen had set the ship on fire, just two hours before landing successfully in Washington, where the NASA headquarters are located. The capsule struck Earth crashing at the Rockefeller Center in New York City, where Jared walked out without a scratch. He held an incomplete mission in one hand, and the grief of being the only survivor in the other.

    Picture 2
    Days, long enough to be forgotten, but painfully hard to be remembered, passed by. Not a single crop survived after the flood, and fish died as a result. The central ingredient of the Mayan culture were corn and beans, and the people in this village hadn’t had any for days.

    The white man with a beard was the hero of the day. He had went out hunting, even though Mayans weren’t big fans of meat. He caught four turkeys, five armadillos, a monkey, and two rabbits. He brought his preys back to the village, set a fire and began to cook. He went back to his shed to get away from the heat for a while. When he returned, the villagers had taken possession of the food, eating it raw out of desperation. The man shook his hands up, screaming with anger for the others to let him eat. They surrounded the grill, still devouring the food, until the man pushed the two villagers in front of him. He was thrown into the fire and burnt alive. He stayed hungry.

    Picture 3
    The son of a bitch refused to talk. He was finally taken to el Puro Joe’s basement, who would submerge his face in a plastic bag, cutting up his oxygen until he did. Didn’t work. Joe burnt his eyelids with lit cigarettes, with still no response. Gardener’s scissors were passed up next by an assistant, and the tip of the guy’s tongue was cut off. Nothing.

    They were convinced he wouldn’t talk after the excruciating torture, but he had to be killed anyway. A clean shot in the left side of his chest, was quickly pushed into a sack and tied up with ropes. El Puro Joe had never seen such a stubborn piece of shit, so he himself took the pleasure of throwing him under the bridge. The hired killers left him lying on the edge ready to be disposed, as he proudly lit his Habano. The moment the first blow of smoke came out, the sound of the sirens filled the air.

  31. Tomás Enrique Martínez said:

    1) This is the story about a hero that runs out of space to save humans that are being trapped on fire; he risks himself using this unique space clothing against fire that covers him from danger, especially fire. That day he was rescuing an old women in the city of New York who was trap in fire he gets through the window and with courage and tenacity, luckily save the old women, and run out of the building where she was. He take her out to the hospital where she luckily didn’t suffer any injure or pain, he went out of the hospital walking through the street feeling enrich and happy.

    2) This is the story of an Indian called Tusamo who was the leader of the Indian tribe; he set a strong dictatorship in India and betrayed the Indian population, by not respecting their civil rights, no one could talk bad about him and his family. No one has the right to properly own something; they also were treated as slaves. Tusamo own the entire Land. This Indian civilians started a revolution to kill him when Tusuruyu the Son of Tusamo got drunk and reveal to his girlfriend Tusayoma the entire interest of Tusamo which was selling the entire India to, Nepal and Afghanistan by selling the entire island and also selling the Indians as slaves to this two countries. Later one Tusayoma told to an Indian civilian called Guarimel, and he decide to make a movement in order to kill him and burn him down in order to vanish his devil spirit in order to help Indians recover thier freedom and nationality.

    3) This is the story of Willie Colon a man who suffered since he was young the pain of losing his father in a murder when he was just ten years old. His father was one of the leaders of the Russian Mafia. Willie inherited a lot of money but also a strong pain. Twenty years later after Willie turns thirty he wanted to revenge the man who killed his father in order to leave out the pain that Willie suffered from his childhood. He discovered a few years later that the man was called Hector Lavoe an American who was infiltrated with drug dealing and who betrayed the Russian mafia who was paying any price in order to kill Willies father. He went over him and killed him in the city of New York in Brooklyn, accomplishing his mission.

  32. Miguel Iglesias said:

    1st Picture:

    December 4, 7:08 a.m. Jack Warner (former astronaut) gets off his bed on another morning in the city of New York, he gets ready to work and to get his traditional breakfast. He sudden realizes that building is getting burned and he has to escape fast. As Jack was escaping he remembers that he had something to keep him safe from all the flames and he get back to his closet and got his astronaut attire he used in 1984. Jack was the only neighbor who survived and there is he walking to a hospital in order to get those burns cured.

    2nd Picture:

    A human barbecue that this tribe had to fought in order to survive. Wars & fights in order to survive were the inspirations of these tribes. No war equals no wins that equal no food. This was the huge reward they get after days and weeks fighting in order to feed the tribe in honor of the gods. The white man in the back was the leader of the war and he deserves respect from all the others due to his great labor at war.

    3rd Picture:

    January 18, 1995. Miami, FL. Couple of Colombian drug dealers meet in order to achieve an agreement for both sides. Juan Nivar (the man in black) is one of the three main dealers of Colombian drug, so he is seriously into the game; the other one, Fernando Corrella owes him a huge amount of money and Nivar told him he had 24 hours to pay or his family will pay. Twenty-four hours passed and Corrella calls Nivar and told him to meet at the bridge. Corrella is trying to bluff him with the money, and after 1 hour of negotiation Nivar goes out of mind and killed him.

    Miguel Iglesias

  33. 1st picture
    It was a Saturday morning when I woke up at 6:00 in the morning I was 17 years old and had no dreams for the future, how could I a boy living in the Bronx with no ambition or money succeed in life. When suddenly I thought of being an astronaut, what would space be like, how far away could I go, what new places could I have reached. Suddenly the idea of college came to me, after months and months applying to different colleges I understood that so many school fights, bad grades, and teacher insulting were not the best choices. But it was already too late to think about that, I had to do what any other man would have done, I came down to my house, reached some pills of the old man, ate them all at once and laid down on my bed. When I woke up I was an astronaut landing back in earth’s atmosphere, set on fire from the catastrophe of landing in New York at 16000 km an hour, I didn’t really know how I was still alive until I understood that no man can die two times.
    2nd picture
    Today we celebrate!
    Our goddess of light and thunder has decided our faith, denying her existence today would be like praying for death. A war that has been fought by our ancestors is now over, the kalu kalu tribe has been defeated; today we eat their remains so that their strength will rest within us, so that no other tribe ever again doubts our power or strength
    . 3rd picture

    Dam Joey, I told you to stay out of my side of town.
    It is sad to see my best friend reach this fate, Tuesdays are not going to be the same now Joey. Whatever business is business and you thought me that, I couldn’t forgive you the bad reputation you were giving to my people. I will take care of your family Joey, don’t worry about that. Still I will let you rest in peace here because this is where you always came to think.
    Seriously Joey thinks about what you did wrong.
    See you in hell.

  34. harismacordero said:

    Picture No.1
    After so many years of work and training to go to space, when I finally got there all I wanted was to come back. I called my base but my permission was denied, I guess I could have waited a little longer, but I never wanted to be home this bad. I had to do something to abort the mission, but what could I do? After thinking and thinking the only solution was to “crash” the spaceship and that’s exactly what I did. When we were falling it scared the hell out of me, but I’m back in NYC.

    Picture No.2
    “We’ve searched the whole island” said someone, “there is no more food”. And just like that all men went crazy, they started to kill and tear apart their bodies with their own hands, they were eating the bodies like if they were animals, rationality no longer existed, they became just another group of animals.

    Picture No.3
    “Hector the boss wants to see you” said Willie “Oh men, I told my wife I was not going to do this anymore, I can’t go” Hector runs away. Two days later Hector was killed by Willie himself. A rock was tied to his feet to prevent his body from floating once it was thrown to the river. “ That’s the way this works Hector” and Willie kicked the body to the river.

    Harisma Cordero

  35. 1st picture
    On February 1st of 2003, the Astronaut David Brown was already strapped on to his seat inside the Columbia space shuttle experiencing what are to be the last moments of his life. The shuttle disintegrating in mid-air, Most of the crew already dead and few remaining; David knew his time was up and closed his eyes. He felt a tender heat all over his body and despite having his eyes closed he saw something that looked like a beautiful blonde woman extending her hand to him, he tried to grab on but something or someone pulled him down. He looked down and saw only darkness, but when he looked at the woman again she said “I’ll get you”.
    David woke up in a strange place surrounded by people he has never seen before, all naked, all walking aimlessly and some even screaming. The place itself looked like it was extremely hot; he didn’t feel it that much perhaps because of his space suit. That’s when he noticed he seemed out of place at the site. “Why am I not naked? What is this place? Why does it feel like I’m forgetting something?” David asked himself but no answers came to mind. He saw a feather of golden color but when he tried to reach it, flames engulfed it. That’s when David remembered about the woman, “She must have sent that” he thought. He reached again for the feather through the fire and grabbed it. The feather pulled him up with outstanding speed, but the flames where covering him completely by now, as well as the feather. Few moments later the scenery changed and shortly after the fire consumed the feather completely.

    2nd picture
    The Johnson family was vacationing on a remote island in the Bermuda’s. When leaving the resort their boat capsized and they became stranded for weeks on a distinct island. The Johnson’s were a traditional family of 4, Husband and wife with a boy and a girl. The husband hunted fish while the wife managed to collect fruits and other edibles. They lived comfortably in a small cave near the beach of the island. The boys were young and only had time to have fun.
    One day one of the children was missing; the wife called out to the girl and asked her where her brother was. The girl told them that he stayed playing with the naked people. Perplexed by this response, the wife told her daughter to hide and asked in which direction her brother was. The husband and wife went looking for their son and they found him. The boy was gagged and tied to a pole slowly being cooked in fire by naked people. The wife screamed and a dozen of the cannibals went after them with sticks and rocks. The couple ran but was caught just a few moments later. It was already night time when the daughter decided to go out and look for her mom and dad and she found them, being eaten by the naked people.

    3rd picture
    William Colon, commonly called Willie by his friends, was a sadistic gangster working for a mob family. Willie had all the required qualities and skills required to be the second in command of the family but he lacked something, blood. He was of Cuban descent and the family stayed in the family, an Italian only club. The boss chose the idiot known as Pauly to be his second in command, Pauly hated Willie; and that’s when Willie knew change was needed.
    Willie made up some story regarding conflict with the other mob families and told the boss and Pauly, it was actually nothing out of the norm except that Willie used a very special and potent bottle of whisky to drug them both at the meeting. That he was the one driving only made it easier for him at the time of leaving the meeting. The drug effects ran out after a while when driving across the bridge to the other side of town. Both the boss and Pauly were screaming on the backseat so he put one of his favorite cassettes in the radio. Hector Lavoe was not Cuban but it did not matter, they got the message. On the ridge next to the river, Willie pulled their tied up bodies and tied stones to them to give them the gangster death they much deserved. All while smoking one of his Cubans.

  36. Pedro Pimentel 10-0049 said:

    1st picture:
    One night right in the middle of fulfilling his duties as a striper in a fantasy strip club in New York City, Steve saw a couple of girls looking at him with desire. As usual he approched them in order to try and get some money from them or just simply take them home because the only thing in his mind was to fuck those hot girls. They told Steve that their fantasy was to hook up with an astronaut, so he dressed up as one in order to please them. After half an hour of trying to convince them, he finally got them to go to the private room and get a little crazy.

    Once in the room, they started drinking lots of alcohol and smoking to have a good time. The three of them got crazy and Steve decided to get down to business. While Steve was doing his job, many of the alcohol bottles were falling and breaking on the floor and on the walls of the room. The girls were so drunk that they started getting a little too excited, smoking more than usual and doing some freaky stuff. With all the movement and crazyness, one of the cigarettes fell down on the floor full of alcohol and it started to burn. The fire expanded so fast that in less than a minute Steve, the room, and part of the strip club were burning. In a matter of minutes the whole places was burning and falling apart. Luckily fo Steve, he was able to get out because the suit protected him but was on fire. As he walked down the streets of New York City in flames he thought: “Fuck this. I’m gonna go to school”

    2nd picture:
    One day, a few drug dealers decided to make a trade with some brazilian guys in the middle of the amazon forest. The trade was simple, they only thing the had to do was send two guys by boat, make the trade and leave. When the two drug dealers took the boat to the Amazon forest, they thought it would be really easy and with no problems. Immediately after they arrived at the point of encounter, the two drug dealers were amazed to be the first ones there. After 30 minutes of waiting, the brazilian guys carrying all the weed haven’t showed up and right away they knew something was wrong.

    They decided to leave on the boat but when they were on their way a tribe of weed-loving people showed up in order to steal the drug that the dealers had on the boat. The guys tried to shoot them but they hid behind trees and starting throwing rocks at the dealers in order to take them down. Since there were only two, the dealer were knocked down easily and taken to the village. When they woke up, they saw the whole tribe smoking pot. At the moment when the tribe got hungry they sliced up the dealers and the dead brazilian guys, which they had already captured, and ate them all leaving only bones.

    3rd picture:
    One day Manuel woke up just like any other day but with the strange feeling that he was missing something, something really important. Since he couldn’t figure out what it was, he decided to let it go and that eventually it would come back to him. As he was walking down the street, many people were staring at him with a weird look, but he decided to ignore them and continue with his life. Manuel like to go to the docks and stare at the water flowing looking for peace, but he knew that he was forgetting something.

    While staring at the water, he saw a shadow coming from behind and when he looked back, he realized that it was Willie, a member of the local mafia. As soon as he saw him, he remembered what he was forgetting all day, he owed money to the mafia and today was his last day to pay. The problem was he didn’t had the money and Willie was aware of it. As Willie was about to pull out his gun, Manuel said: “I won’t pay shit!” and shot Willie between his eyes, put him on a bag and threw him in the water.

  37. Picture #1

    It took them years of practice and long sleepless nights to get ready for this, their promising launch to outer space. The team? The best, a group of five individuals, three men and two women all ready to feel the no gravity in their bodies, the group was formed by four veterans and one rookie, David, who was the best of all five astronauts. When the launch day finally arrived David couldn’t hide his excitement, eh was the first one at the base and the first one to board the space ship. Once they were all inside they were ready to go. The launch was surprisingly very similar to those we see in movies and in what seemed to be the blink of an eye they were in outer space. The mission? Who the hell cares?!, after all the team joined this launch just to be in outer space. For years they stayed up there, doing what was asked of them, and when the time to leave finally came they were all excited to go back home. All but David, the fact was, he had no one to go back to, unlike the rest of the team, if it were up to him he would stay in outer space forever floating, hovering above the earth like some sort of god.

    Unfortunately staying was not an option, they had to go back and halfheartedly David helped get everything ready. It was all set; they were going to land on the ocean near the island of Manhattan. They started their descend, and everything seemed to be going smoothly, but in a matter of seconds it all went to shit, they were gaining speed and fast! As they saw the Empire State building getting closer and closer, it was clear to them their time had come, they were going to die, after all what were the chances of surviving a fall like this in a space capsule. In a failed attempt at saving their lives they opened the parachute and hoped for the best. As expected the crash resulted in a big explosion, but at least they hadn’t crashed against a building. In the mists of smoke and fire David looked around the capsule calling out the names of his fellow astronauts, who over the course of this experience had become his family, there was no answer. With tears in his eyes he accepted their deaths and got out of the capsule as soon as possible. He walked out still in shock and found himself wandering on 6th avenue, he could feel the fire in his back, but nothing could get him out of his trance. The whole experience eerily resembled a movie, one that did not have a happy ending, but then again, real life is not a movie and we don’t always get happy endings.

    Picture #2

    National Geographic
    January 12, 2012

    Cannibal Tribe in Africa found.

    After year of search, and thousands of rebuttals, it has finally been proved that a cannibalistic tribe lived in Africa in 500 B. C. But what seemed to be more surprising was how this was discovered. After dedicating most of her life to the study of humanity and ancient tribes Doctor Amelia Estevez, finally found the lost tribe of Cantu, a tribe where cannibalism is condoned and treated as a way of life. Contrary to popular believe the Cantu tribe does not resort to cannibalism because of the lack of food in their tribe, they use cannibalism as their form of punishment to help maintain order in their community. They also resort to cannibalism to keep their tribe “pure” and “strong” by disposing of those who seem unfit of those who are not suffer from any disease. At the same time, the whole tribe does not practice cannibalism, those who are forced to eat the punished and misfits are the slaves of the tribe, who’s only source of nourishment comes from these cannibal activities.

    It was a miracle that Dr. Estevez returned in one piece; seeing as how the tribe has remained alive do to their intensive secrecy and the protection from outsiders. As a matter of fact, the doctor refuses to clearly identify the specific location of the tribe as to preserve their secret. On a similar note, the Doctor has been accused of exchanging her freedom for the live of her cameramen, Jeff, when asked about his whereabouts she replies that after seeing the horrible things done in the tribe he decided to stay behind and try and make the tribe understand the wrong in their actions.

    Picture #3

    For many I am concocted character of some random film-maker of storyteller, the truth is, I look at my life and it sure as hell feels like a movie sometimes, but only sometimes. My name is Felipo Dominicci, and I guess I could say I am part of the “mafia” as many like to call it. For me its just my lifestyle, I grew up into this and little surprises me in this world. My job is to keep everyone in line, maintain the fear, dispose of the disposables or however you like to call it. Bottom line, I’ve seen more dead people that I would like to admit and I’ve killed much more. Do not get me wrong I am not complaining, I live like a king and my family rules the streets of New Jersey, we know everyone and everyone knows us. Nothing gets done without our approval, or I should say the approval of the big boss.

    It is a pretty sweet life, the this is, I’m on the bottom of the food chain, and there is nothing I can do about it, there is no were up and leaving would be the worst decision ever, as they say: “I know too much”, but more importantly I’ve seen too much. This is it, this is my life, I’m that guy that gets called out when there is the need of dispose of a body in the Hudson River and this is the guy I’ll always be. This was true, until I was approached by a member of the Benzzini mafia, our families were mortal enemies, and as a matter of fact our cousins some way or another. Tony approached me one day as I made my regular visit to the Hudson River, what he said to me that day I still remember, “You deserve more that this, you shouldn’t be doing this.” I knew he was saying this to get me to turn on my family, and it worked. That day we formed an alliance, I was to little by little dispose of the Dominicci mafia and be welcomed to the Benzzini family with open arms. The body you see in the picture is my father, he was the last one left standing. I left him for last to show respect and appreciation, something “the family” never showed me. All these years they mistreated me and kept me on a bench, turns out I am much smarter than all of them, I managed to get rid of them all without any of them ever doubting my alliance to the family.

  38. 1st Picture
    I was one of the lucky few adults who actually grew up to realize his child hood dream of being an astronaut. It was the only thing I had ever wanted for as long as I can remember, and today is going to be my first journey into the infinite space. God has been good to me throughout my life, and I honestly believed that I would never be given more than I could handle. Little did I know that this comprehensive dogma that was the basis for which I built my life, would come crashing down around me minutes after takeoff. When that time came I had nerves of steel, and my mind was sharp. I couldn’t help feeling like I was born to do this job. Until it happened. A cacophony of alarms went off simultaneously in sync with flashing lights of varying colors. It all happened so fast it that I hardly realized that we are no longer accelerating but instead plummeting to earth.
    As the ship’s wall begins to tear, and the tear turns into a gaping hole, I am violently ripped out of the cockpit, I feel as though everything I had based my life on just shattered. I had been crying since the light show in the cockpit and my bowels had long since been unintentionally evacuated As I am watching my life flash through my eyes I pray, no I scream, for someone to save me between sobs. “God save me and I will be in your eternal debt!” But apparently God was out to lunch and a more sinister creature claimed me for his own upon my saying of these binding words. After living out one million lifetimes in hell I was given back my life on the streets of New York. Forever cursed to wear my space suit tainted with the flames of hell to remind me of my deal with the devil.
    2nd Picture
    Food is scarce in the year 4012, and nuclear war has destroyed any form of civilized society. As animal species continue to die out and vegetation is almost nonexistent. The human race was on the brink of extinction. That was until villages all around the world began to adapt to the dwindling resources by holding gladiatorial contests. These now were the only events that mattered in a humans life. They were used to decide social status, who was worthy of mating, and most importantly, who became the meal for that night.
    There was always at least one fight a day to ensure the majority didn’t starve to death. Sometimes villages would trek to other villages in order to battle for supremacy and snacks. Recently the a gladiator mega tournament took place between 9 villages leaving thousands dead, and thousands more glorified. After each fight the feast begins and violence is forgotten, until day break when again, no one is safe.

    3rd Picture
    “That will teach you to cross Crazy Larry, can’t say I didn’t warn you.” But of course my words would fall on the deaf ears of my partner of fourteen years. Super-cop they called him. I never met a man so dedicated to the force. It was an obsession and I felt that a part of him knew it would ultimately end in his destruction. Just not so soon.
    When most of the force is on the take by the biggest mob family in the business, and you go after the boss, your just asking for trouble. “Leave it alone,” I said. “Just shut up about Crazy Larry,” I pleaded. Five days ago Crazy Larry’s goons cornered me and threatened to kill my whole family if he didn’t swim with the fishes in a week. I foresaw his doom creeping closer and closer every break in the case he pursued. I just didn’t know it was also riding shotgun with him following each of those futile leads.

  39. Jose Abraham Baez Gil said:

    Picture 1. Full of curiosity since a very young age I have always been attracted to knowing the unknown, crossing all limits, barriers, and boundaries. My adventurous and valiant spirit always foolish, always hungry for more, dreamed with exploring and traveling to places that have never been seen or perceived by the human eye I always wanted to become an astronaut. Blessed with enviable genetics, physical traits, and characteristics, and always having this limitless empire state of mind, shocked 30 PhDs from Nasa in my first tryout. Am I a superior being? Was I ready for the mission? The results spoke for themselves…

    I was the chosen one for this risky project which I didn’t even know about. Only top authorities knew about it. Officials from CIA and NASA kept the data stored in an untraceable, impervious room. My adventurous and valiant spirit always foolish, always hungry for more, instincts of ninja managed to fool the security effortless. I got the data, and my brain processed the information. My pupils dilate acknowledging I’ve been a guinea pig of this filthy race of beings. Enraged in fury my brain, heart and soul came together as one vibrating gamma rays. I secretly broke into the room, identified the most powerful explosive aboard and programmed it to detonate in the two minutes that took me to get out of the shuttle. The flame that burned inside my chest was even stronger. I just wanted to kill them all, exterminate this race of beings. Why? What am I? I shall ask myself as many times as necessary until I get the right answers. Am I a superior being? Will I be ready for the mission? The results will speak for themselves…

    It was the darkest and hottest night ever. I was sweating more than a big fat pig about to be roasted for New Years Eve. It brought me juicy memories of last year’s pig we had for dinner, it weighed around 230 pounds, the meat was as red as blood, juicier than finest Brazilian churrasco cuts, and the tissue was sweet and tender soft as french filet mignon ¾, well done. I salivated more than a German Rottweiler about to satisfy an insatiable hunger with the feast of the finest red meat any carnivore could ever desire.

    The pleasure I felt with every bite caused an extreme orgasmic feeling. I felt as if my limbs started to disconnect from my body. As I chewed the juiciest piece of meat, my state of mind reached the unreachable state of limbo. My eyes opened and so all my family members devouring fingers as if they were chicken feet, legs as if they were pork chops, torso as if it was sirloin, filet. The fire was hotter than ever, they enjoyed their feast despite the strange tears of pain being shed. I enjoyed mine as much as they did, I did shed tears, tears of pleasure…

    Picture 3
    We were celebrating the sweet 16th birthday of my sister, her friends and classmates always flirted with me, they felt attracted to the Italian swagger portrayed, including my artistic features. I fell for this young girl who was very different compared to the rest. The way she talked, and walked, radiated sex and attracted all of my friends. I kept poise posture and respect; she was the daughter of Guiliani Corleoni Italian mobster that controlled the Italian mafia. Despite the danger and risks any man could face by even talking to this young girl, I thought twice and acted once, she blinked her left green eye inviting me to this place where no one has ever been.

    I got caught infraganti by Corleoni himself eating that forbidden fruit just like Adam did in the Garden of Eden. He maintained poise posture and respect because he recognized me as the son of Don Nino Gambino his nemesis, yet this didn’t stop him, his faced was even redder than mine, he thought twice and acted once. Corleoni pulled that trigger of that Taurus 9mm revolver, the bullet penetrated her fore head, and the second shot penetrated my balls, third shot got my heart. He ordered his henchmen to take the corps and clean the evidence.

    Jose Abraham Baez Gil

  40. 1.-

    There was this man and his crew exploring the vast space in the universe, the day he decided to go back to planet earth, on his way back he realized that a ball of fire coming from the sun, was about to hit earth, he decided to sacrifice his spaceship in order to save it.

    Moreover, the spaceship hits the gigantic ball of flame, leaving the astronaut in his burning scape pod falling on earths atmosphere, he managed to land the scape pod somewhere in the streets of New York. Walking out of trying desperately to get out of the scape pod and avoiding the flames that covers the spaceship, and almost about to reach the combustion tanks that would make the pod explode. Walking on the streets as the man that saved the world


    In the 15th century, a group of people were trapped on an island, which have nothing to eat, they have no choice but to eat the first thing they can grab, the first thing they find in their way. They began to eat one of the tourists they found trapped on the island by a huge storm that made them loose their ship and all hope of getting our of there.

    They were beastly cannibals eating each other without caring about anything, and from one moment to another, a captain of a ship nearby appears (Whitey one) to place some order, which turns out to be a member of a tribe near the island, then, thank God he manages to raise awareness of the natives, convincing them that he has been sent by the God Zeus, making him an idol for the natives and being the hero that saved the tourists from being devoured.


    Walking on the streets of the Bronx, Willie Colon, a man from the mafia, decides to kill and toss a man into the river near the Bronx. Finding out Willie colon’s intentions the victim Hector Lavoe (which was an ex cop), decides to run for his life.

    Before he could even run, he was surrounded by the mafia gang that Willie Colon was head of.

    Walking on the streets of the Bronx, Willie Colon Finds out that the mafia decides to toss a man into the river near the Bronx. As an ex cop Willie Colon tries to stop the gang from throwing a victim into the river. Trying to get him out on time he notices that it was too late.

    He decides to run an investigation of the body and finds out that it was already dead, they where just trying to get rid of the evidence, but what the mafia didn’t know was that Willie knew the mafia head a long time ago when they where children, his name was Hector Lavoe. He knew where to find him and he invented a whole plan to make him come to light and face him off. Willie found out that they had a plan of leaving the country and going back to Cuba, but the cop cleverly tricked Hector and made him confess the crime, and imprisoning Hector for a long time.

    • Gabriel Federico Perez said:

      de ney

  41. Reyna Lopez said:

    1st picture
    It was Halloween night and James was planning to go to a party at his crush’s house. He spent several weeks searching for the best costume, something that will grab Sophia’s attention. Since he didn’t feel comfortable with his body, he decided to go for an astronaut custom which covered his least appealing features while leaving his ego intact.

    The party went well, many drunk people, many disorders, jealous people, just like any other party. But, James failed to grab Sophia’s attention; therefore he decided to help her clean up after the party, which ended around 6:30am. While he was helping her clean up he notices that she was desperate. He took the courage to ask her what was wrong to her respond was “my parents are coming at 10am and this place stinks!”

    James came up with an idea he thought was clever. He decided to lighten the house up with candle scent in order to get rid of the smell. But, out of nowhere Steven arrived all drunk and jealous and started to yell at Sophia. He started to get aggressive and James tried to defend his crush but Steven won the fight by pushing James towards some of the candles and a starting a fire. Sophia kicked him out of the house and told him to never come back. James walked to his house with this head down with his custom on fire.

    2nd picture
    I woke up feeling cold, hoping that the ship crash was a dream, but as my eyes starts to distinguish from the dark, I only see palm trees and dirty people with desperate looks. My stomach starts to ask for attention but as the past days, I ignore it, but this time is different, this time the pain is just unbearable, so I yelled as I bend in my knees.

    I start hearing screams, I’m used to that, but this time is different, this time they are louder, more desperate, and as the volume increase, a terrible feeling starts to grow in me. As I approach to the shore, the last thread of hope vanish from my heart, they are eating meat, fresh meat, human meat. I run towards them trying to stop them, but they can’t hear me, they just see my foot, that doesn’t work anymore, they see my face that is too pale to be healthy, and then I notice that they don’t see me as a person anymore, and I closed my eyes, waiting for the worst.

    3rd picture
    Today my boss left my assignment beside my breakfast. I had to “get rid” of a 37 years old male. Why? I don’t know, I never do; I just perform the assignment without asking questions. I have the profile of the target, this is all the tools I have In order to come up with the idea of how I will perform my assignment.

    After a day of evaluation I decide to be the taxi driver of the cab that the target will get on in order to go to his job. I will drive him to an isolated place, which will be under the Brooklyn Bridge. The target will be alarmed of the fact that I’m diverting the route to his work, therefore I will put him to sleep. Once I “get rid” of him I will take off his cloth, wrap him around a textile like if he were a big fish and throw him to the river. My work for today is done.

    Reyna Lopez
    Section 02

    • Nayle Pimentel said:

      Loved your scenarios! Specially the second one 😀 Kudos!

  42. Dario Yunes said:

    1st picture
    Once upon a time in the state of Missouri where young Adam had a dream of being an astronaut until his parents told him not to dream so much and put the shoes on and go to school, after several years, Adam moved to Texas and met Peter, a young dreamer like Adam. One evening they talked about all those dreams they always wanted to reach and throughout the dialogue Adam told of his dream of becoming an astronaut so Peter said he knew a place in Houston, Texas where he could pursue a career as an astronaut.

    Adam started the race and after 5 years, he was preparing for his first mission in space also called Pulnik4, this mission was not successful because the spacecraft at launch lost control and Adam came out of the cabin burning the entire spacesuit.
    2nd picture
    En 1357 llegaron los clerigos en busqueda de conquistar nuevas tierras en Sorin pero la tribu comandada por Nicol Bolas no dejo que esto sucediera y la guerra siniestra empezo, todos los clerigos fueron torturados y comidos por los druidas seguidores de Nicol Bolas el jefe de la tribu.
    A partir de ese año los druidas no han dejado de comerse a los invasores que ocupan la tierra sagrada de Sorin dandoles a su dios Bolas ese placer de comer carne humana.
    In 1357 the clerics came in search of new lands to conquer so he found Sorin but the tribe in Sorin led by the Dragon NicolBolas does not let it happen so the war started; all clerics were tortured and eaten by the druids which were the followers of Bolas, the chief of the druid tribe.

    From that year the druids haven’t stopped eating the invaders occupying the land sacred of Sorin and giving to their god NicolBolas the pleasure of eating human flesh.
    3rd Picture
    The 12 years old Australian Hachem emigrated to the Big Apple in search of a better life but what he found was cruelty and fear. Everyone in the area were responsible for developing business of killing, stealing and torturing so Hachem had to adjust and develop his own business which was working for the Panini family in Seattle.

    Few months later Hachem found the opportunity to kill his neighbor so he took him to the apartment where he tortured his victims and then taking him to the river until he drowns in the water.

    Dario Yunes

  43. Nayle Pimentel said:

    Astronaut on fire:
    Johnny lived comfortably in his spacesuit. His identity was unknown to the entire city, yet somehow, society managed to be cool with it. No sudden news reports about the man that grew in his spacesuit and lived a regular life with it. Over the years, he managed to develop artifacts that enabled him to become a little more independent with his lifestyle’s requirements. This resulted in his ability to nail a job at Burger King, as the “burger flipper”.

    One very busy business day, the grill’s fire went out of control. The flame regulator failed and practically burned down in the installments of Burger King. Due to Johnny’s sick astronaut skills and suit, he managed to save everyone from the fast food location and safely locate them out of danger. To finish off, he decides to walk his way near Radio City Music Hall like a boss and celebrate.

    Several years after the zombie virus infection began spreading, the population of zombies grew, finding themselves with a problem; the human population was starting to decrease meaning that they will soon run out of food. The zombies developed a way of thinking, finding that the only way was to start breeding humans.

    Different situations caused the zombies to begin building a society; in time they developed some traditions. Among these traditions was the typical gathering to barbeque the uninfected species breed.

    Dirty Business:
    A young hit-man works independently doing the dirty business of some of the most respected drug lords over the world. He travels every corner of the world looking for his next assignment. He now finds himself in New York, busting a man who used a Colombian’s drug lord mother’s name in vain. This is a personal issue, because after the hit, he realized that his third job of the day was his brother, and he decides to pay his respects by uncovering his identity and disclosing his profession.

  44. 1st picture

    After 174 days lost in space, when the food and water were almost gone and with it all hope of life, we finally find the damaged part of the aircraft and therefore how to get back home with our family. everything went good and we were almost in earth, but when we were about to land, the ship crash unexpectedly in the middle of Manhattan in New York City. the ship exploted in flames, but I could scape…

    2nd picture

    Here we are eating each other’s body desperate of hunger. This is the only thing left after the terrible war we had to live, but even though nothing is left, deep in our soul we felt the need of surviving, Humans always seek to survive and after our own children died of seekness and malnutrition we eat them, and it did not take longer than 40 days for everything to disappear, I was the last one alife and in the end also disappeared.

    3rd picture

    brian finally get to las bahamas fleeing from the memories of his dead family and horror he used to live back home, and seeking for a new life where he could find happiness, love and the wonder of a new family. unexpectedly, just arriving, he encounterd with his old enemies that would never let him alone…

    Minerva Madera

  45. Esteban Santana said:

    Picture 1.
    Dylan Newman is a 77 year old scientist and inventor who has dedicated nearly 20 years of his life on what has been the biggest challenge his mind has faced throughout his career and lifetime. Dylan has been trying to become the creator of the first fully-functional time-machine. Finally, after many years of failed prototypes, project/concept redesigning and of tolerated rejection from most of society (Dylan is considered crazy now but it is acknowledged that he definitely was a genius some time in the past), Dylan discovers that the main reason his machine has given him so much trouble is because time travel would only be possible if Dylan and the machine were in outer space. Outer space was ideal for experimenting (for the 1,234th time) with Dylan’s machine because of the hard vacuum and low density of particles giving it the characteristic of being almost entirely empty, therefore making the time machine’s job much easier allowing it to focus on time-transporting much denser particles surrounding the machine’s time-portal. Newman decides that what he would be attempting to send through time would be himself, regardless of any consideration on the possible consequences this may have as he was now 99% confident his new method would work. After managing to convince the NASA to help Dylan try his new experiment with his time-machine by presenting the different circumstances of this experiment and signing his names to a number of contractual conditions, Dylan and his time-machine were finally together in space. He placed himself within the machine’s time-portal and closed his eyes as he listened and felt the suspense of NASA’s procedural countdown. With his eyes closed shut, Newman visualized and embraced the feelings of success, recognition and respect he would now be subject to after the proven success of his machine. The countdown was over and Dylan had heard the sounds of his machine being put at work. He finally opened his eyes and realized he was located somewhere between two busy streets of NYC but he still did not know to what time period his machine had taken him to. He noticed his suit had caught fire and quickly attributed this to one of the machine’s possible flaws which he would have to work around once he got back to drawing board for his invention. This did not worry him because he knew his suit would protect him from the fire. Dylan was still able to communicate with NASA’s headquarters through the headset built-in the astronaut suit so he knew his time-machine had not worked how he had planned it to. However, being a man accustomed to seeing things as they can be and have potential for, rather than seeing things as they already are, Dylan walked his way to the city’s sidewalks as he pictured the magnification of his dreams coming true sometime in the future. Dylan Newman had accidentally become the creator of the world’s first teleportation-machine but it seemed he still had a lot of work to be done on his original intentions of creating his time-machine. Newman was not planning to let his latest findings delay his next discovery.

    Picture 2.
    The Kukuluku Tribe is one of the many tribes located across the continent of Africa. The tribe had suffered a couple of years of abuse by a small group of policemen from the local authorities in the form of ‘taxation,’ which consisted of taking away from the tribe goods which it had produced and gathered over the course of a month, and physical beatings to those tribe members who dared test these policemen and sometimes to randomly selected members just to keep the tribe itself in control and in fear. The Kukuluku Tribe had endured and tolerated these forms of abuse mainly because of their tribe leader Fritsi-Kuku. The way leadership was assigned in this tribe was simply based upon who was able to make decisions which served to guide and give aspiration to those who did not have the strength and foresight for creating hope to the tribe’s people. Many, many years ago, this man was Fritsi-Kuku when he managed to establish arrangements of peace with other enemy tribes after giving death to the tribe leader of that time. Unfortunately, in the perspective of many in the tribe, the peaceful ways of Fritsi-Kuku were no longer suitable for the drastic conditions to which the tribe had been submitted to. All in all the tribe accepted and respected the orders of their leader because they were knowledgeable in that their gods would have honored that they did so. A lot of thing changed for the Kukuluku Tribe on one day that the abusers were back, as expected, but this time asking a lot more from the tribe. The economy of the country was currently making a rough turn and this was affecting the income of these policemen. Not that they explained any of this to Fritsi-Kuku, which was actively trying to convince and show the policemen that with their new set of requirements the tribe would not survive more than a few a months, while their only concern was that they had to get more and that they were going to get it one way or another. Fritsi-Kuku was determined to negotiate some mercy from the policemen because he knew their means were impossible for the tribe to sustain itself but, unfortunately, he only accomplished the leader of the policemen to get filled with anger, throwing Fritsi-Kuku to the ground and beating his head with the butt of his AK-47. Fritsi-Kuku was now dead, being inhumanely murdered in the dreaded and terrified eyes of the rest of the tribe. The policemen took their monthly payment and warned the tribe that they would be expecting a higher payment for the next month. The Kukuluku Tribe knew what this meant. It was now time for a new leader to arise and this leader would very likely lead the tribe to retaliate against these abusers as the popular opinion had been that this was the best idea for some considerably long time. The tribe member to have come up with the “best” plan of action for when the policemen were ready to return was Bodhil, giving him the title of new tribe leader, Bodhil-Kuku. Bodhil-Kuku’s plan went like this: the tribe would have a very usual month where everything that was normally done would stand and, instead of making additional efforts for gathering food, the strongest and most healthy men of the tribe would place their focus on developing tactics for when the policemen were back. The overall strategy, developed by Bodhil-Kuku, was to have most of the tribe hide within the housings of the tribe while very few remained outside and visible for the policemen to see once they had returned. These tribe members would claim that, once Fritsi-Kuku was murdered, a very large part of the tribe was divided into other smaller tribes and that they had moved away to further lands. The policemen would surely get angry and make the decision of murdering the remaining tribe members out of pure anger but before they had their chance to attack, the tribe’s attackers would take action and murder the policemen once and for all. They would then proceed to cook and eat their victim’s as they had done a month ago with the body of Fritsi-Kuku.

    Picture 3.
    Johnny Ruggiero was inducted into the mob around half a year ago and is now known as the mafia’s latest made-man. He was recruited by Tim Santora, a recognized ‘soldier’ of the mafia family, which quickly befriended and became the mentor of Johnny. Tim Santora had been loyal to and part of the family for over 30 years having killed over 50 men for his family, yet he feels disillusioned with himself because he says he has little to show for it. Tim sees a certain light of himself on Johnny Ruggiero but Johnny was much more determined and “skilled” for becoming a high-level mob man. If Jonny was able to make his way up the mafia perhaps Tim would have a higher level of respect and position in his mafia family. Santora dedicated much of his time showing Ruggiero the ways of a wiseguy in the mafia along with anything he had learned from his own personal experience. Some members of the family began to get cues and heard rumors that would question Johnny’s loyalty to the family claiming that it was very possible that Johnny had actually been an undercover cop all along. Tim questions Johnny telling him that if Johnny had really been acting, then that would make Tim the biggest schmuck in mafia history as he had basically enrolled Johnny and guided Johnny as if Johnny were Tim himself in his earlier years. Johnny, of course, denied any involvement whatsoever with the police and claimed loyalty to his family. It had already been known the Johnny was a fake and Tim was only questioning him hoping that Johnny would tell him the truth, being the son the he considered Johnny to be for so long. Reluctantly, Tim ordered Lefty for Johnny’s execution, leaving Johnny swimming with the fishes under the Brooklyn bridge. Being disappointed, Tim begins to think that perhaps he was never made for this kind of life as he felt that he had failed not once but twice at making himself a high-level, respect mob man.

  46. Elvis Pena

    Picture One:
    Who would have thought that one of the most memorable days in American history would end in such disaster? Eyes of the world turning to witness history as America’s most successful program comes to an end after 30 long years. A team of four was scheduled to re-enter the atmosphere from a mission to the moon. Exactly today forty-two years ago Neil Armstrong placed the first human footprint on the Moon. The pressure that the astronauts feel is immense, as if another historical moment falls in their laps. As such the shuttle experienced some sort of fuselage failure around the last few moments of re-entering the atmosphere; Landing extremely off-course from the landing strip. Communications being terminated to the shuttle for a few moments as the hot ionized gases of the atmosphere clears from around the shuttle; home base still remains unaware of the devastation inside. Luckily one of the crew members emerges, clumsily moving about the nose of the craft, eyes shifting side to side trying to assimilate the gruesome situation. The four people who embarked on such a historical event were now down to one; severely burned without any possibility of identifying the bodies. The astronaut was lucky to be able to put on the flame retardant suit at the last possible second before re-entering. As the astronaut escapes his fiery grave, the huge buildings come into view. New York! Busy streets filled with cars and people someone is bound to offer some assistance. Oddly enough, people start shifting around avoiding the astronaut and no one dares to abandon their vehicle to lend a hand. From across the street in the reflection of the building, there is a man standing with an inferno surrounding him. Realizing this, the astronaut shouts even more loudly but alas to no avail in a few moments he meets a timely death. The hustle and bustle of New York can never be compared to somewhere else, no matter how many people stared on the street or walked around him, the people in cars looking through rear-view mirrors, or the people in the buildings with their mouths agape…it is very much like an alternate universe where no matter how much you scream, shout, and kick you will always be ignored and avoided.

    Picture Two:
    Lost at sea during an expedition around the Amazon…the crew and I were attacked by vicious pirates. Three ships of our fleet were sunk to the seemingly bottomless ocean. Not sure if the pirates gave up or if we were allowed to live, I was knocked unconscious and floated towards land. As I woke the wreckage was all over the coast line, bodies piling up, and some scurrying up the coast checking on who is alive. As I got my sea legs again, I carefully got up and helped the surviving crew members. As night fall approached, the moon was at its first quarter which it would explain the tranquility. The tides barely coming on shore, the men started to hear rustling in the trees. Then out of nowhere, these savages jumped us. Seeming more like an onslaught, some of us were taken alive. Not knowing how long I was rendered unconscious, huddled in a corner trapped in a cage, I finally saw them…the savages. All gathered around a pit and hearing the crackling of the fire. There were empty cages lying all around them, and a distinct smell of burnt meat in the air.

    Picture Three:
    It was 1960, New York…China Town. The names Albert Wisconey, a name I had left behind years ago. I go by the name of Mr. Red now. The world of hitmen is like no other, there are no good guys, no bad guys, mostly no guys at all…just beasts…but this is the life I have chosen. I came into contact with a woman recently who thought his husband was cheating on her, conveniently was also loaded with cash. A simple enough job a quick kill and disposing of the body, but as far away of her house as possible. After a few nights I followed the husband near Little Flower Playground, where it seems he was meeting up with a lady friend. That’s good at least it isn’t someone innocent I’m taking out…who am I kidding? Like it would have made a difference to me. The husband dropped easily as expected, and now to take him to dispose of the body properly. Going to a nice site by the bridge where the current was pretty strong, and taking care of it like the mobsters to not arouse much suspicion…the bottom of the river.

  47. 1st picture:
    Hank Owen, a recognized astronaut working for the NASA, was declared dead alongside his crew mates after their latest mission failed due to mechanical issues reported from the ship and NASA headquarters were not able to reach any of the crew members sent to the mission. Their mission target was a Russian satellite operating without the consent of the United States government and thought to be related with the Cuban and Venezuelan governments. Hank and his crew were sent up there to deactivate the satellite and bring valuable intel back home for research. After accomplishing the mission successfully and retrieving the intel from the satellite and ready to get back home. Hank made his report of their successful attempt and said their were on their way home. After a couple hours NASA headquarters could not reach the ship, nor Hank on his radio. After several attempts to try to communicate with the ship, NASA signal a red alert on the mission. Couple of days later NASA declared the mission a failure and the ship members were declared dead. A week later, what was thought to be a meteorite, was actually the ship crashing on the streets of New York City and their captain Hank Owen walking through the streets of New York with his suit on fire. After the aftermath of what NASA thought to be a failure mission, Owen delivered the intel to the government and made a public statement telling the world that his ship radio transmission broke down and had to maneuver their way back home with no help.

    2nd picture:
    A group of friends from London, England decided to take a trip to South and Central America just for the fun of it. They make a tour guide to be sure the places they will want to visit and not lose time on procrastinating on what to do. As they get to brazil, their primary destination, they feel amaze from the beautifulness of the country and their women. Besides visiting historic places they party as much as they can from Brazil to Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and lastly Peru. In Peru is where things get odd and not to friendly for them. After a night of partying they decided to visit the country side of Peru and is there where they found a native tribe with no sense of the word clothing, as they all were barely clothe and some of them completely naked. The tribe intimidated of the well dressed youngsters with their Iphones and Blackberries abducted the group of friends and use them for their annual ritual of eating the flesh meat of humans to satisfy the hunger of their gods.

    3rd picture:
    Longtime mobster Huascar Ventura, part of the Guiliani family, was caught by the FBI doing his illegal choirs for the family. Given a chance by the FBI of avoiding jail time in exchange of being and undercover informant to catch the family boss Antonio Guiliani, his longtime boss and the husband of his Sister, Laura. As Huascar and the FBI got closer to Antonio it was more dangerous for Huascar to avoid exposing his deal with the feds. As the FBI was ready to move on with the capture and prosecution of Antonio with their primary witness and informant Huascar Ventura as their best option of accomplishing it, Antonio was figuring out Huascar’s deal with the feds and gave the order to kill him before the FBI could get to him. Huascar was found dead at nearby pier just under the Brooklyn Bridge and the case against Antonio was dissolved and cancel.

  48. Huascar Ventura said:

    1st Picture
    Day 100: finally we are going back to earth, after this 3 months of working in the satellite “Apolo” . It was so hard to repair the satellite, it looks like a space rock hit it, we had a lot of problems with that. We are on our way home, the spaceship is having some problems with the engine but I think we are going to get home safe. When we got through the atmosphere the left engine exploded and the spaceship was going to crash so i decided to jump off and try to save myself. I jumped off and it was a miracle, I was alive, but when I was in the 5th avenue the other engine crashed right next to me and exploded, I got on fire and I was running trying to see a pool or something i could dive in. I never made it.

    2nd Picture
    Hungry, in a deserted island, nothing else to eat, we were looking for food for 3 days straight and got nothing. I am starting to see my friends as walking meat, i can’t control it but I don’t want to be a cannibal. 4 days without eating now, I don’t know what to do, I am starving, i feel like if my stomach is eating itself. 5th day without eating, I will gather up the best people we got in this island and have a meeting with them, ill propose to eat the ones that are useless, if we kill at eat at least 4 of them we will have food for at least 3 days. 6 days without food, we will definitely kill Sarah, Jacob, Michael and Lusia, they have done nothing but whine about every single stuff that happens, finally they will do something for the community, we will grab them tonight when they fall as sleep. We had to kill them, there was no other choice, the people here are looking at me as if i am crazy, but everyone is eating them so I don’t care, I had to do what I had to do.

    3rd Picture
    My phone rings, “Hello?, who do you need me to kill? alright I will pay him a visit. I got a new job offer, I have to pay a visit to a guy named Alfredo, I don’t know what he did to my client and I don’t care, I just need the cash. I have to fly to California, Alfredo lives there, i got some information about him, it says that he will be in Colatte Cafe at 3pm tomorrow. I have to hurry up. There he is, he looks like he wont be any problem, I just don’t know why he has a gun. Dammit I got distracted he is leaving already, I will follow him to the nearest ally and kill him there. Holly shit, I am in a big problem now, this guy was a fucking cop, they will be looking for him, I need to get a place where to dump the body, I know the perfect place. See you in another life Alfredo, I hope your friends the pigs don’t give me any problems.

  49. Theo.Galan said:

    1st Picture:

    -The Gambler-
    I have to win this bet with Mike. I bet $500 that space suits are fireproof. I’m positive i can walk around the whole block on fire with out getting burned. If I’m wrong and i the suit isn’t fireproof, will i be able to take off this space suit on time? I sure hope so.
    Well if i lose this bet i’m pretty sure i’ll win the bet i made with my mom. I bet a grand with her that an astronaut on fire walking down the streets of New York City would not call any attention. You see crazier things all the time in the big apple. 😉

    2nd Picture:

    -The Real story behind A famous Romance-
    Poor John Smith. All he did was fall for a Native American Tribe leader’s daughter. What’s the harm in that? And then they ask why early Pilgrims called the Indians “savages”. It’s not the version they show you in Disney movies because it probably wouldn’t sell much, would it? So they make it nice and romantic where he gets injured, saves her life and goes back a hero and in love.
    The fact of the matter is that it wasn’t as romantic and magical. The poor guy fell for a girl probably because they didn’t understand each other, which means no arguing and nagging. Wouldn’t any guy want that? So then he’s taken captive, tortured, cooked, and eaten. The End.

    3rd Picture:

    -Antonio “il chitarrista” Virasali’s last Job-
    Its his last assignment before retiring. Antono “il chitarrista” Virasali is a go to top hit man with over 300 kill counts under his belt. Il chitarrista means the guitarist in Italian. They called him that because he would write a song for every target and he would sing it to them before killing them. The song would subliminally say why he’s wanted dead and how he would kill them. After killing them he takes his hat off and says a prayer for them. Talk about a hit man with class.

    His last assignment or so he says is 26 year old Tony Black. Tony Black is an up and coming criminal drug dealer with a vastly growing organization. He messed up. One simple mistake that he could’ve avoided and he could’ve lived a little longer. He slept with the wife of the infamous John Gotti. So John Gotti called il Chitarrista to offer him one final Job. And told him to keep it classic. Gotti wanted Tony Black sleeping with the fishes. And so he did.

    • Theo.Galan said:

      Theo Galan

  50. Karla Pappaterra said:

    First picture:
    Neil was a super smart guy, since he was a little boy his dream was to reach the Moon one day. So, he follows his dream to the end, graduated in aerospace engineering from MIT with the highest grades he decides to apply for a job in the NASA. Even though his hardest challenge was to past the test without a mistake, Neil got the job.

    Everything was as he dreamed; he was elected one of the three men to go on a manned mission to the Moon; he was the happiest man on the Earth, finally he would be able to say: how pretty is the Earth tonight!. After one year of hard training the expected day arrived; he was finally sitting in the spaceship. While the countdown had only 10 minutes left, a voice from inside the spacecraft says that please go to the emergency exit. The three brave men quickly got out and the security crew took them to a especial room; where the president of NASA was waiting for them to tell them that everything was a false; that not even the Russians have been able to reach outer space and that they most keep the secret.

    Neil in that moment leave the room; took the first flight to NY, put his space suit and decided to burn his dream with him inside. While he was walking the only thing that crossed his mind was the frustration of having fought for a lie.

    Second Picture:
    In a small village, Lana was the goddess of beauty; everyone was hypnotized by just seeing her in the eye.

    Zora, who was his beloved cousin who was with her all the time, she learned all the tricks of beauty and decided to use them in order to call the attention of her secret love. But the villagers began to realize that Zora was prettier than Lana. When these rumors reached the ears of Lana, she had not choice but to burn the face of Zora.

    Zora could not believe what he did his own cousin. So she started rumored that she got her beauty by testing the skin of the most beautiful person.

    Later on that night the vanity villagers decided to do a BBQ with her magical body.

    Third Picture:

    Willie was the typical man who had everything except love. He went through all the cities of the world looking for that woman who made his heart flutter.

    One day after many years, wandering aimlessly in the park, He approached to a blonde, skinny and beautiful woman who was playing happily with two children and asked her if she wanted to be his wife again. With a smile on her face, she said no, that he has his chance and loose it.
    Willie had no choice but to leave, crestfallen to walk along the river. While meditating on what went wrong, out of nowhere a young man approaches him and offers a magic pill and with nothing to lose, take it.

    Among his melancholy, depression and hallucination decided wrapped in a blanket, strapped to a stone and drown in the river. But just before diving, his heart stopped and he fell on the floor. A flautist saw when he fell and went to help him when he saw he was dead he decided to play on his name.

  51. vbodden said:

    Picture 1.

    It had always been Sam’s dream to go to the moon. Since the was a child he would always sit by his window and watch the moon from afar wondering what mysteries it could behold. He worked all of his life in order to be able to enter NASA and be on the first rocket he could to make his way to the moon. Everything was going as planned. Sam had 27 years of age and was already the foremost candidate to send to the moon. His whole life was centered around this, without it, Sam thought nothing of himself. Finally, the day the announcements were going to be made arrived. Sam sat nervously waiting for his name to be called off, imagining himself walking on the moon, a rocket man. But sadly, Sam was not called out. It seemed he had a medical condition that prevented him to actually bordering the rocket and going into space. Sam was destroyed. Nothing was left for him to live, nothing was worth it. He had no friends, no wife, no love, no true passion aside from the moon. There he sat, alone in the corner, wearing the suit he had put on thinking he would be chosen and took the decision that would change his life. He decided to light himself on fire in order to commit suicide, and walk around the streets of New York so that everyone could see how much it hurt him that his whole life’s wish was taken from him.

    Picture 2.
    Deep in Europe, in the early 1200’s, a tribe existed that saw death as a new beginning. The Utumaku they used to called themselves. After living a life full of happiness and joy, spreading their knowledge to younger generations, the Utumaku had a strange tradition when it came to death. WHen any elder died, they would roast the body pieces over fire, and then eat them amongst the tribe. This was based upon the belief that when they ate the flesh, they would acquire all of this elder’s knowledge and experiences. They believed this would make the tribe more powerful and smarter, that they would have a stronger advantage over any enemy they could face.

    Picture 3.
    Tony Constanza was always the snitch, always a trouble maker I tell you. There I was, standing over his corpse, God how i hate the smell of rotting flesh. He left me no choice, I told to myself, no choice at all. No one could ever know I was the one who actually killed the boss’ daughter, and Tony was the only one who saw. He would’ve told, I know he would have. He’s that type of man, screw anyone over just to saw himself. Guess that makes two of us I though as I pushed the rotting, nasty body into the river, hoping for it to never be found.

  52. Joaquin R Bonnelly said:

    october 31, halloween there was a young teen who always found doing crazy stuff the cool thing, so after analyzing different ideas he came up with a space suit costume, so his friends came up and told him i bet u wound walk around NY hitting a joint inside your costume for 1 hour without getting caught. so this dumb nigga took the bet and rolled up 4 js to last him for the 1 hour, after consuming all the cannabis he was just about to light his last one and his suit got on fire, he decided to keep going do to his bet. He came out in national tv, and when his mom saw the news, they said a young 19yr old was walking around consuming drugs, and then they showed the seen of the fire department helping him getting out of the costume and it was just a big ball of smoke, he did get arrested and his mom had to bail him out and she was so post she ended up sending him to rehab.

    year 2666, the world is ending barely any population left people have gone insane, people killing one another, no animals no shelter nothing else to do, to look upon, nothing left in the world. when just a few Group of people decided to start cooking all the dead people, so they basically made a human barbecue and couple of days later everyone ended up dead.


    Just off the key west bridge year 1965 the craziest cubans had just arrived when there was one who was sent to close the 500kilos deal, that were coming in a boat, this guy ended up killing the 3people that came in the boat and putting them inside bags, and just before getting rid of the evidence this guy lights up his cuban habano and tells them remember u mothafuc**ers you fuck with me you fuck with the best. opened his bag threw gas on them and dropped the lighter to burn them, he then took off with the 500 kilos

  53. Gabriel Bencosme said:

    1st picture: This story is of a of a man with a broken dream. His name is Arthur, since little all he could dream about was working for NASA and flying to space, it is all he lived for. Arthur grew up to join the NASA team, he did all his training and tests and graduated best in his class. He was so excited to be part of the NASA team he couldn’t believe this was all happening. after a while working at NASA he was assigned in a mission to Mars and he began his training to prepare for the journey. he worked nonstop in order to be ready for his mission, but all this was for nothing because a week before his mission he was told that NASA would bring to an end their space missions due to lack of funds. Arthur could not believe this, he was devastated his dreams were torn apart and now he felt life was pointless. due to his huge disapointment he became depressed and found no point in life. arthur put on his austronaut suit and lit it up on fire and walked out on the streets waiting foor death.

    2nd picture:
    Four best friends on their summer vacations decide to take a trip to europe and enjoy their break. they take a plane on Las Americas airport. they are really exited since its the first time they travel all together. they are all in their seats sleeping when suddenly the plane starts to shake and the pilot announces that a turbine seized to function and that the plane was bounded to crash. the plane falls in the sea and luckily they survive but their unconcious bodies a dragged to an unknown deserted island. the four friends wake up in the Island confused and by themselves. they are really scared and dont know what to do. the days start to pass and they are not able to find food or any signs of life. days continue to pass and nothing. they start to go mad and desperate and 3 of the friends gang up on the more chubby friend and hunt him down as food and eat him.

    3rd picture:
    “this is my town” i had told him before, but he didn’t listen. My name is Willie Colon and I control the cocaine business around here. everything was going good until these guys showed up. the whole town was mine and i was the only supplier, until i start seeing some of my business being taken away. this couild not be happen, who is this guy trying to take my business away from me. i had to find him and take him out of my way. it wasnt easy though he was sneaky and well protected, but no one can go against me. finally one day i captured him and took him to the pierre, tied him down with a gun in his head and told him “this is my town” shot him in the head and threw him to the sea.

  54. Julio Cesar Jimenez Gonzalez said:

    Julio Cesar Jimenez

    1st Picture
    This is the story take place in a time where the earth is already overpopulated and people are desperately looking for solutions. A brave man volunteers to be sent into space to look for other planets in which humans could live on. He spent many years of his life travelling through space and one day he finally found what he was looking for. He rapidly traveled back to planet earth to deliver the good news. As he got closer he tried to contact NASA but nobody replied. He landed into an empty airport and stepped down from his shuttle.

    It was around 7am when he landed and as he looked around, he saw no sign of life. He then proceeded to take his helmet off and he had to swiftly put it back on since the air was heavily contaminated. With his full space suit on he began walking, looking for transportation; he found many cars that were left behind and had no gas so he kept on walking. Around 1 PM, the sun was so intense that his suit began lighting up and was caught up into flames. Since his suit was fire proof he paid little attention to the fact and kept on walking on his search for any sign of life.

    2nd Picture
    In Africa there was a tribe with many rituals and beliefs. Their strongest belief was that once their greatest warrior died, the tribe had the responsibility of cooking his body in order to feed it to their tribesman. With this they would allow the person to keep on living within each tribesman and making each individual inherit that person’s strengths and abilities. The most notable member of this tribe was once called Mutumbu. Mutumbu was the greatest warrior in the whole tribe and any man that dared fight him ended up dead, it was said that he killed elephants with his bare hands.

    During this time the English and Spanish crown took growing interest in the resources that African lands provided and started exploring Africa. Tribesman rebelled against these explorers and began a war. Mutumbu personally killed over 1000 explorers and this motivated the Spanish and English crowns to send army’s instead of explorers. Mutumbu and his tribe fought for many years but they noticed that no one other than Mutumbu was really contributing to the fighting. When Mutumbu noticed this, he took his life so others could eat his flesh and inherit his strength. With this the tribe became unbeatable and defeated their enemies.

    3rd Picture
    As a young boy who lived in the streets Willie Colon knew nothing else but fighting. One day Hector Lavoe famously known as “the end”, the best hitman of the world, picked the young Willie of the streets. Lavoe saw the fighting spirit in this young boy and taught him everything he knew. By the age of 18 Willie became independent and worked for many different customers. He performed hits of politicians, businessman, woman, children; he did what he had to do for his pay. Willie was even hired by the CIA to kill Osama Bin laden and he succeeded.

    One day he received a job from a client in which his target was not identified but he was given a location where to find the target. Willie now 28, with a lot of experience has no problem finding and taking care of his target. He then proceeds to get rid of the evidence and when he gets near the body he realizes he just had killed “the end”, his mentor. Out of respect he removes his hat off, bows to a moment of silence and then throws the body into the river.

  55. Luisa Maria said:

    Picture #1 – Astronauts Dream
    The first thing that I remember is opening my eyes; I was sitting on the sidewalk. “What is this?” Literally, that was my impression when I look on my surrounding. I stand up. People walking in all directions, it took me a few seconds to realize I was on what I knew as North America, with their distinctive flags and yellow cabs. “Base!? Astronaut calling base! Respond please!!” I tried to communicate with someone, but when I check my system sensors, it strictly recommends use of helmet, NO EXTERNAL OXYGEN it said, weird. I started walking, and when the sun hit my face, it was different, like if it were there to make us understand the difference between days and nights, it did not transmit any kind of heat, but my suit suddenly caught into flames. I began to roll on the floor, it didn’t stop …but neither was burning.
    I was shock by the fact that nobody could notice this situation. I cross the 6th Avenue, more than 5 times. I walked towards the so popular ‘Showplace of the Nation’ and nothing happened, it was like if I didn’t exist. “Where am I? This is earth, right?” I started wondering, hesitating. Then in the middle of this walking crowd, there was this little girl in a baby carriage who stared at me. I looked her little blue eyes, and everyone freezes except us. She was talking to me, her voice was too low, her mouth was moving so fast I couldn’t read her lips, however I approached to her fearless. My ears were within 2 inches of her lips, and the only thing that I understood was “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” After that my body started shaking and my eyes were closed and suddenly breathless I open my eyes and thought “I fell asleep on my desk or there’s really a parallel universe?” And to keep my conscience clear, I believed in the first alternative. How naïve I was back then.
    Picture #2 – Tribe of eternity
    Hayoahe, means ‘sacrifice, offering’ on the Mairocotiu tribe. I never thought of what I was getting into, but as an ambitious anthropologist, the discovery of a new tribe will meant a Nobel or one of those prizes that some way or another makes us seems very important people, distinct for the majority. Mario the film maker and I arrived at Peru around noon. We met Joshua on the airport, who offered to take us anywhere; he was the cheapest guy we can afford to guide us and also he seems sympathetic and inspired trust. So as soon as we got something to eat, we went to the tribe. Our guide warned us that the tribe can only be reached on foot and if we are willing to spend the night there, because is going to be too dangerous to come walking through the wood on the dark. “Yes, is more interesting” I said.
    So, we walked through the woods for about 2 hours. “This is it” said Joshua. Since we arrived, I started writing and tried to draw them, their Shochiva or ‘little houses’, I was so excited. As the afternoon passes, Joshua shows us the leader of the tribe or the Furuea, a really old man with a long bear, Mario film every inch of his outstanding Shochiva. When he saw us, by the gestures he made, I could say that he was very excited with our presence; so excited that he stand up, and started jumping and screaming so the whole tribe notice. That reaction made that the kids approach to us, as well as women with some fruits, “Just like other tribes trying to sympathize with the unknown”, I said. A few hours later, it was all dark and the only light was a huge bonfire located on the center of the tribe. Mario and I sleep in to separate tents. So, in the middle of the night, I heard something ‘Hayo..’ ‘Hayo..ahe’,so with handheld camera to avoid disturbing Mario, I left my tent. When I got closer to the flames I couldn’t believe this, “That’s Ma…Mario’s wristwatch”, and then when I approach the tent where Mario was supposed to be, Joshua came out of the darkness, he was all bloody and showed me a heart, “This is Mario” he said, laughing. “Eternity can be acquired by eating young souls, now it’s your turn”. Since then, they made me a slave and force to eat their Hayoahe.
    Picture #3 – Born in the alley.
    In a motel from one of the clients, Rosa got pregnant. In a cold January from 1930, in a corner came to the world Santino. Her mother want him to be a normal child, to have a normal life, she use to dream that one day he would become a fireman or a cop to restore society the stain that her ‘job’ left; a child with education and responsibilities, that she want him to be. Sadly, kids learn faster from what they observe in their surrounding than what other people can explain to them. He grew up between puddles of blood and battered woman, basically in a war of power and wealth. Santino’s first gunshot was at the age of 6. Rosa was right; he became so good at what he did, that at age 17 he was a hired assassin.
    His experience years make some Italian families got interest, been The Butolinii one of the richest and powerful families on New York on the late 50’s. He became a son of Mr.Butolinii, was so faithful, but things got ugly on the 70’s for this family, there was a problem of power inside the family. So, in August of 1971, one Sunday morning Santino received a call, it was from Butolinii jr., “Santino, there’s pasta for you. Meet me in the summer house”. Pasta means work, and was family, so he went. ‘Junior, where are you? Mr.Butolinni?’ He said, after realizing the door was open. In the living room he saw a body wrapped in a rug, ‘Get rid of it’ said Butolinii jr while he was washing his hands. Santino preceded, he drive and choose a river for this job. To leave his signature on the ‘job’ he always shut on the nose, so he unrolled a bit, neither a flicker or a gesture came out of his face when he saw him, and decided to make a special. He took a habano and use his recently bought weapon, and shot. He keep staring at the rug while it was sinking and did not leave until the habano was over. Amid the silence he said “Cuando lo manda el destino no lo cambia ni el más bravo, si naciste pa’ martillo del cielo te caen los clavos… Oh Mr.Butolinii”. Then he got in the car and never returned to New York.

    Luisa Carrasco

  56. Cesarina Reyes said:

    First Picture:
    There was a Halloween party in an hotel in New York City. Michael, a fan of everything that has to do with NASA went to the party with a replica of the spatial suit that Armstrong wore during his first trip to the moon. His suit was made of an highly flammable fabric. While Michael was dancing in the party he got close to some candles and he suit got fire.

    Everyone was astonished. They couldn’t believe he was on fire. He got out of the hotel and started walking on the streets. Then, he tried to get off his suit before it exploded. He made it and he never again went to a Halloween party.

    Second Picture:

    Two white expeditionists went to a tribe in order to study it. They saw how there culture was and noticed that a lot of their manners were too radical. One of them wanted to adopt that culture, while the other tried to change his friend opinion and was trying to convince him to go back to their home. The one who adopted the culture became too attached with the members of the tribe. He even fell in love with one of the natives. The other natives decided that they could approve that relationship and that the girl could live with the guy because he was a good man and he cared for everyone in the tribe.

    The other guy was jealous and decided to go attack his friend. The native girl saw this and intervened so the guy killed her. The natives retaliated and killed him. They made a feast with the parts of his body and his friend is still in shock because he can’t believe that all of this happened.

    Third Picture:

    A discussion in a bar in St. Marteen was going on. A few gansters were in the bar and were drinking when gangsters from a different gang appeared in the bar. They knew that these gansters were the so-called blue gangsters, so the red gansters started arguing that the blue ones should leave the bar because they were there first and they couldn’t be seen together because they are enemies.

    They started discussing and both gangs started firing their guns and accidentally killed an old man who was the owner of the bar. The red gangsters knew that whenever the blue ones killed someone they used to throw the body to the sea so the boss of the red gang ordered one of his subordinates to throw the body to sea. When the police found the body they blamed the blue gang and the red ones ruled St. Marteen.

    Cesarina Reyes

  57. Luisa Maria said:

    Picture #1 – Astronauts Dream
    The first thing that I remember is opening my eyes; I was sitting on the sidewalk. “What is this?” Literally, that was my impression when I look on my surrounding. I stand up. People walking in all directions, it took me a few seconds to realize I was on what I knew as North America, with their distinctive flags and yellow cabs. “Base!? Astronaut calling base! Respond please!!” I tried to communicate with someone, but when I check my system sensors, it strictly recommends use of helmet, NO EXTERNAL OXYGEN it said, weird. I started walking, and when the sun hit my face, it was different, like if it were there to make us understand the difference between days and nights, it did not transmit any kind of heat, but my suit suddenly caught into flames. I began to roll on the floor, it didn’t stop …but neither was burning.
    I was shock by the fact that nobody could notice this situation. I cross the 6th Avenue, more than 5 times. I walked towards the so popular ‘Showplace of the Nation’ and nothing happened, it was like if I didn’t exist. “Where am I? This is earth, right?” I started wondering, hesitating. Then in the middle of this walking crowd, there was this little girl in a baby carriage who stared at me. I looked her little blue eyes, and everyone freezes except us. She was talking to me, her voice was too low, her mouth was moving so fast I couldn’t read her lips, however I approached to her fearless. My ears were within 2 inches of her lips, and the only thing that I understood was “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” After that my body started shaking and my eyes were closed and suddenly breathless I open my eyes and thought “I fell asleep on my desk or there’s really a parallel universe?” And to keep my conscience clear, I believed in the first alternative. How naïve I was back then.
    Picture #2 – Tribe of eternity
    Hayoahe, means ‘sacrifice, offering’ on the Mairocotiu tribe. I never thought of what I was getting into, but as an ambitious anthropologist, the discovery of a new tribe will meant a Nobel or one of those prizes that some way or another makes us seems very important people, distinct for the majority. Mario the film maker and I arrived at Peru around noon. We met Joshua on the airport, who offered to take us anywhere; he was the cheapest guy we can afford to guide us and also he seems sympathetic and inspired trust. So as soon as we got something to eat, we went to the tribe. Our guide warned us that the tribe can only be reached on foot and if we are willing to spend the night there, because is going to be too dangerous to come walking through the wood on the dark. “Yes, is more interesting” I said.
    So, we walked through the woods for about 2 hours. “This is it” said Joshua. Since we arrived, I started writing and tried to draw them, their Shochiva or ‘little houses’, I was so excited. As the afternoon passes, Joshua shows us the leader of the tribe or the Furuea, a really old man with a long bear, Mario film every inch of his outstanding Shochiva. When he saw us, by the gestures he made, I could say that he was very excited with our presence; so excited that he stand up, and started jumping and screaming so the whole tribe notice. That reaction made that the kids approach to us, as well as women with some fruits, “Just like other tribes trying to sympathize with the unknown”, I said. A few hours later, it was all dark and the only light was a huge bonfire located on the center of the tribe. Mario and I sleep in to separate tents. So, in the middle of the night, I heard something ‘Hayo..’ ‘Hayo..ahe’,so with handheld camera to avoid disturbing Mario, I left my tent. When I got closer to the flames I couldn’t believe this, “That’s Ma…Mario’s wristwatch”, and then when I approach the tent where Mario was supposed to be, Joshua came out of the darkness, he was all bloody and showed me a heart, “This is Mario” he said, laughing. “Eternity can be acquired by eating young souls, now it’s your turn”. Since then, they made me a slave and force to eat their Hayoahe.
    Picture #3 – Born in the alley.
    In a motel from one of the clients, Rosa got pregnant. In a cold January from 1930, in a corner came to the world Santino. Her mother want him to be a normal child, to have a normal life, she use to dream that one day he would become a fireman or a cop to restore society the stain that her ‘job’ left; a child with education and responsibilities, that she want him to be. Sadly, kids learn faster from what they observe in their surrounding than what other people can explain to them. He grew up between puddles of blood and battered woman, basically in a war of power and wealth. Santino’s first gunshot was at the age of 6. Rosa was right; he became so good at what he did, that at age 17 he was a hired assassin.
    His experience years make some Italian families got interest, been The Butolinii one of the richest and powerful families on New York on the late 50’s. He became a son of Mr.Butolinii, was so faithful, but things got ugly on the 70’s for this family, there was a problem of power inside the family. So, in August of 1971, one Sunday morning Santino received a call, it was from Butolinii jr., “Santino, there’s pasta for you. Meet me in the summer house”. Pasta means work, and was family, so he went. ‘Junior, where are you? Mr.Butolinni?’ He said, after realizing the door was open. In the living room he saw a body wrapped in a rug, ‘Get rid of it’ said Butolinii jr while he was washing his hands. Santino preceded, he drive and choose a river for this job. To leave his signature on the ‘job’ he always shut on the nose, so he unrolled a bit, neither a flicker or a gesture came out of his face when he saw him, and decided to make a special. He took a habano and use his recently bought weapon, and shot. He keep staring at the rug while it was sinking and did not leave until the habano was over. Amid the silence he said “Cuando lo manda el destino no lo cambia ni el más bravo, si naciste pa’ martillo del cielo te caen los clavos… Oh Mr.Butolinii”. Then he got in the car and never returned to New York.

    • Carolina Minaya said:

      1st picture
      Here we have the new superhero of NYC, astroman. He is willing to bring peace to this exciting city and in order to do it he would do anything to help people. He always had this dream about being an astronaut since he was little but he never really could make it because he had some troubles getting into the NASA team, he failed several exams, as we can see he is wearing a astronaut uniform as his main costume having the USA flag representing his duty to the nation because he is willing to live and work for his country as his main mission. Astroman as people called him just came out of a building on fire full of people that obviously need his help, thanks to Astroman people got out of the building and the city is safe again.

      2nd picture
      Oh my lord! The things we have to see! The Tenochian was a small town located in Panama, they have everything they needed. They were happy and working people but something terrible happened to them, they were not able to find food anymore and the youngest population started to die slowly because of lack of food. This town was never really visited by others but one day 2 white Americans men came to the town and the Tenochian saw this opportunity and let them came inside, when the Americans were getting to know them and looking at their things, the Tenochian took them in order to eat them, they first took the fatty one and fried him and everybody enjoyed the food him, they were all satisfied and they saved the other one for later.

      3rd picture
      Detective Willie is the best one in the whole world, everybody knows how talent he is when it comes to solve murders and any kind of mysteries, he’s like the new Sherlock Holmes. Willie is a Cuban guy but has lived his entire life in the USA. In the past weeks a businessman who wanted to find the man who kidnapped and violated his daughter hired him in order to find the guy. Willie took the assignment thinking it was an easy one but apparently not. He worked a lot on it and finally when he found him he was dead. He found him under the Washington Bridge in the NYC area.

      Carolina Minaya

  58. Cristina Contreras said:

    1st picture:

    So there’s Jason, average American guy, who has worked for a corporate company ever since he can remember. Stuck in his 3 ft cubicle, he shrugs into his computer wondering “what’s the meaning of life?” “what’s the point?”. He eats, sleeps, and breathes only because he has to, not because he wants to. 1am, he is in his house, out of insomnia he takes out his computer and starts browsing, nothing amuses him. Until he comes across a strange conspiracy web page where the government is being criticized for exploiting the NASA members into doing expeditions without the proper preparation, resulting into many accidents where many have lost their lives or loved ones, as a cause of errors that could have been avoided. Instead of doing his usual routine, taking a shower, drinking decaf at Starbucks, taking the subway, he goes to a fancy costume boutique and buys a astronaut costume, puts it on and walks towards Radio City and sets himself on fire, tired of his monotonous life.

    2nd picture:

    Tainos were sick and tired of being mistreated, used, and abused by the conquerers. One rainy night, Colibri, leader of the Macrix tribe, ambushed the Spanish’s tipi and killed them in their sleep. The next day, the Macrix tribe rejoiced their victory by having a feast in honor of their god Bonsaix. However, the Macrix tribe was known to be greedy so when the main course arrived, which was the Spanish’s conquerers bodies, they all were fighting for the each piece. Little did they know that they might have won a small battle, but not the war.

    3rd picture:

    “This is what happens when you mess with me!” yells New Yorker’s most wanted drug dealer Roberto Cortes. The poor victim, dead and wrapped up, tried to cheat Roberto in a false drug exchange, and this was the consequence. Roberto has a keen sense of when something wrong is going to happen, so before anything bad occurred, he took care of it in the only way he knows how: death.

  59. Sabrina Rodriguez said:

    Picture 1
    This is the story of Bob, a 55 year old man that had been frustrated his whole life after he had been rejected to the NASA because he had failed the exam by 1 point. All his life as a young kid and teenager he dreamt of being an astronaut and exploring space, but unfortunately, destiny had taken him on another path and he became a mediocre firefighter.
    One day, while resting in the firemen station, he heard an unexpected radio announcement: a high- velocity meteorite was going to hit Earth, more specifically, NY City, and if it wasn’t stopped, it’s impact would be devastating. Furthermore, they needed civilians to go volunteer in the process for any help.
    This was Bob’s last chance to work on the NASA as he always dreamt of. So he went directly to the NASA stations, where he and a group of scientists were in charge of proposing strategies to deflect or destroy the Earth-bound asteroid. Even after all these years, Bob still knew a lot about the subject and had continued reading studies. After a serious debate, Bob’s strategy had been chosen for implementation. A team of NASA experts went out to space to slow the impact of this meteorite, and even though it did strike the ground, it did so slowly. It had started a small fire, but nothing that the firemen couldn’t take care of, and nobody was harmed. And this is the picture of brave Bob after he had done his final mission and came out of the fire to a crowd of cheering, proud people in the middle of NYC.

    Picture 2
    This is the fate of poor Nicholas. He was part of a group of British that had discovered diamonds and gold on the Southern part of Africa. His only job that night was to take care of the area where many diamond rocks had been discovered, to avoid other Dutch, French and German settlers of taking control of the land. However, he wasn’t aware that his worst enemies weren’t them, but local people from a nearby Cannibal tribe, the Kishus. That night, they were on a hunting mission, after 3 days with no food, and they were going to search for people of a nearby enemy tribe. But they didn’t seem to appear. Unlucky for Nicholas, he was the only human being around at the time, and this is the picture that shows the feast of the Kishus eating poor, innocent Nicholas’s body.

    Picture 3
    George Frances is a famous gambler in Las Vegas. He is well known in all the Casinos for earning thousands of dollars in only one night. Its his job, his hobby, and his addiction. For this reason, many people are jealous and constantly searching for ways to have part of that money. One of those Adriano Serrano, an illegal Mexican that worked with George. They would combine to cheat in Casino games, and would divide the money. One night, Adriano tricked him and ran away with the money to a motel in the city. However, we all know how a story like this would end, and as the saying says “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” George, angry and disappointed with Adriano, went after him for revenge, killed him, and recovered back his money. After the assassination, he dumped the body to the San Francisco Bay, under the Golden Bridge, where still today, nobody knows about Adriano Serrano’s fate.

  60. Karoll Mendez Sibilio said:

    The Man Who Dreamed

    This is the story of a man that dreamed and lived to dream that anything could be possible. As life went by his dreams began to fade but still he hoped someday his dream could come back to its place.
    Right at 5:18 am Buzz felt under a profound dream that not even a kiss could wake him. Through this dream, Buzz’s life was fulfilled for he had turned into an astronaut. However, Buzz was called into a mission that involved risking his life for the people of America (God bless America). In this way, Buzz was able to meet Galateo, the master, whom had called him for the mission. Buzz, with no regrets and feeling; like a true hero, returned to motherland to save America from the dreadful attack of the meteorites. Through his journey, Buzz meets Jane whom for him represented the whole idea of love and a true reason to fight for. Jane was Galateo’s daughter but she belonged to a total different race; the Gambits. As they felt in love, Buzz promised Jane he would never turn back to Earth but to Lunatica to have a happy life with her. When Buzz arrives to the motherland he faces a fight with the giant meteor, as with his flesh and armor Buzz destroys the meteor, but still lost control and sets himself on fire. As Buzz walked through the 1260 6th Avenue street he wakes up in flames from his beloved dream, but as he waked up he lingered and slowly died the Radio City lights faded. Buzz dies in both life and dreams on the bright Monday Morning of 11:15.

    The Galogus

    Through the years mythology has faced various unresolved acquaintances but this was particularly different because cannibalism took over. Cannibalism was primordial for this tribe; the Galogus. The Galogus had settled in the land of Cravia where they developed these instincts. However, the Galogus hated when archeologists came to visit the land. They thought archeologists represented the massive race of extermination and that they had come to take over their land. However, the land only possessed one precious thing and it was the cave with the chronological life of cannibal species that once had existed.
    It was often said that the archeologists who went never came back but still this did not stop Peter from visiting Cravia. It actually triggered him to want to be part of such a mystery. Peter took his trip to Cravia well prepared; when he got there he was very cautious. He was able to survive without having to intervene with the Galogus life. However, one day, he reached the cave and was able to examine and understand every piece that made the Galogus so mysterious and intriguing. On his way out, Peter found himself with the Galogus daily cult. Peter showed to be cautious but it was not quite enough because the bush of flowers next to him unconsciously moved. Suddenly, one of the Galogus had seen him and all of them decided to attack. In this way, the Galogus took over Peter’s right leg and began to arduously press on his belongings when all of a sudden they found a book, a book that made them change their mind about archeologists. Still, Peter was wounded and handicap but he was able to contemplate how the Galogus devoured their humanistic dinner, for now they had become good friends.

    Who killed Manuel?

    This is the story of Willie Colon a criminal mind whom saw the impossible as possible. The story of a man that conquered women’s heart and believed in nothing more than himself. In a day like no other, Willie encountered Manuel a former drug dealer that needed someone to perform the task of killing another man who had not paid him for favors in the past. So while walking, Manuel approached Willie and told him to meet him at 6:00 P.M. by the bay. While the day went by Willie was getting prepared but still kind of scared of what the duty could be. When the clock marked 5:30 P.M. Willie took the train and met with Manuel at 6:00 P.M. What Willie did not know was that he had been committed to be there to await for his death but something triggered him and told him to be prepared. When Manuel took out the gun, 6 other men came along and Willie fast enough jumped and killed each and every one of them. In this way, Willie was left of with Manuel, and suddenly killed him.
    You may be wondering why Willie was to be killed? Well, Willie was a man that killed many people but not like what he did to Manuel. Willie killed a young lady because he was too in love with her and could not let her leave with some other man, still he did not know Manuel and this girl were siblings. Soon after Willie fled from the criminality scene, leaving all the blood spread through the Brooklyn highway.

    ID #: 11-0014

  61. rosalina said:

    Picture one:

    The Spaceship has just entered the atmosphere and has caught fire. “Captain, Captain, Captain! The shuttle has detoured and is about to crash in the middle of Manhattan!”. An immediate evacuation has been requested. The police sirens rushing through the city, chaos has taken over the city of New York. Everyone in the city of New York is going out to watch the see the crash of the magnificent CRM Mia Spaceship. The kids are mesmerized at the amazing spaceship that has caught on fire.

    Its 2030 and the NASA has found life on Mars, inside the shuttle the astronauts bring with them an Alien. They have found and captured the new species and fled immediately because of the fear that others of the same species might be after them. As the shuttle crashed and one of the astronaut’s comes out he has caught on fire and walks into the street of New York a city he has never seen before. “ Cut!” shouts the director and the actors all relax and greet them selves as the new music video has ended.

    Picture Two:

    The apocalypse has began an infection has spread through the city and everything is dying. The overpopulated world is going crazy the food is becoming scarce and people are going crazy. People are turning against each other and hatred and self-preservation has taken over. People are making small communities called Deathsurv’s.

    Some Deathsurv’s have gone wild and have started hunting down other small peacefull communities. As they kill other people they scream, “ Only the strong deserve to live, the weak shall be extinct!”. As the world has come to an end people are hunting down each other. Survival is the only instinct left and the politicians and kings of the world have gone underground with reservoirs that last for more than 10 years, leaving the world in complete chaos.

    Picture Three :

    In a small town in Colombia stands a man in his front porch remembering the past. As it all becomes clears he remembers the day that change his life. It was early in the morning when he and his partner went to the street to do what they did for a living, killing other people. They worked for Maurizio, the biggest drug dealer in California. That Monday morning they were assigned to kill a man, Hilling Straus, what Morgan and his partner didn’t know was that it was not an easy assignment as usual.

    Hilling Straus was the chief of the Russian mafia, he controls half of Europe and has recently come to the United States to expand his dominion. As Morgan and his partner Will start they journey they encounter difficulties. Straus kills Will with 4 shots, one in the forehead, two in chest and one in the shoulder. These are his signature gun shots, other mob and mafia men know his signature killing. Morgan finds his partner under a bridge already dead and says “farewell my long time partner” and fleds back to Colombia”.

  62. Maria Laura Dipp said:

    Maria Laura Dipp

    Picture 1:

    While in New York City, and with the presidential elections coming up soon, I decided it was the perfect time to go out to the so transited streets and express my inconformity regarding the amount of money being spent in the space missions. I am a regular citizen, just like you, who thinks that there are so many other important things in which money could be invested instead of these missions, that it fills me with anger that no one else is doing something about it. It is not that I do not believe that exploring the unknown is a waste, but it sure is not the main thing right now. We are going through a crisis, debt, recession, and too many other things that need our complete attention.

    Because of this, I decided take an initiative. I took an astronaut suit and fired it up and me, alone, walked around the streets in this suit, in front of Radio City and all around. This is my way of expressing anger, letting the whole world watch me and wonder what is it that I want to express.

    Picture 2:

    During time of desperation and hunger back at the tribe, people went all crazy; we went all crazy. Kids were dying, grownups were dying we didn’t know what to do. Even though there were rivers, they were dry and there were no fish, even though there were trees, there were no fruit. Men started scarifying for their women, because they were the ones responsible to get food for their families.

    Men started to take parts of their bodies and they made a bonfire and started to cook these meat. People started to eat desperately without caring what would happen to them. They made a food fest and finally ate, and feed their families.

    Picture 3:

    I was in need for money, so I decided to start working for some gangster. After I did my part of the business for them, one of the main gangsters who didn’t gave his real name, but went under the name of Willie Colon, went to the bridge to see if I performed correctly what they ordered me to do.

    I was scared because I didn’t really kill the man. We decided to give him a poison we got from Haiti, which made him look as if he was dead for a few hours and then I wrapped him with sack and tied a rock to him for him to be submerged on the waters, just as I was ordered to. Mr. Willie was pleased with what he saw, and he took of his hat to show respect for the “dead” man. He then threw him to the waters and after he left.

  63. Monica Sido Hawli said:

    1st picture:

    Anthony was in shock. After the explosion, his ears were buzzing and his sight was blurry. He felt the warmth of the fire but couldn’t move. He started to remember. – ‘‘What about the extra gas compartment?’’ – ‘’We lost it, all of it. I couldn’t stop the leak.’’ It was too late before they could think of a way to solve the problem. The spacecraft was going to crash in the middle of New York City, and there was nothing else to do. Anthony looked at his partner Simon to find support, as he used to when they were both in training. Simon was always the strong and courageous one, it was shocking to see him so frightened.
    The heat was now making Anthony wake up and move a bit. Looking at his right he found an unconscious Simon, lying face down and without a breath. He got up and started to move obstacles trying to get out of the rubble. The light hit him as he started walking down the street, walking past the traffic rush that was occasioned by the crash, and just getting away from the craft as much as he could, moving on, thankful for a new chance of a new life.

    2nd picture:

    As I stand there waiting desperately for what I know is coming next, I see my brother’s body being help by a group of men and woman about to turn into savages. Who are these people? I see anger in their eyes, fury as they look at a traitor, a simple man that with just one sentence said to the wrong stranger, made these people’s lives miserable for so many years. As they rip his body parts I listen to his scream and stay petrified at what my eyes are seeing. Cannibalism. These people are certainly not who I grew up around. Their soul is full of rage and hatred, lost control of their bodies to these feelings that are now in total control of their minds.
    As the last scream is yelled, I remember my brother’s words to me, ‘’no matter what I do next, promise me you won’t object, promise me you will follow them and keep our secret.’’ If only I could have imagined what he was about to say I wouldn’t have made that promise, he wouldn’t have taken the blame, it would be my head in the hands of my father at this moment. Still petrified, as I see this act of horror. I can’t help but to honor my promise and follow as my father calls for my company. Approaching him, reaching the smell of human blood, the same blood that runs through my veins, I feel scared of these new emotions that take over me. Crave. Belonging. I see in my father’s eyes his mandate. He knows. I give in; join the crowd at their feast. I am now part of the herd, I belong to them. It is my turn to pay.

    3rd picture:

    BANG BANG! The sound of the shots was louder than Willie Colon expected. But it didn’t matter because he got his revenge. Hector Lavoe was dead and that was good enough for Willie. A deal is a deal, and in the drug business there is no lending money for long. Hector got his warning and didn’t listen. The deal was UD$50,000 after the delivery, but Hector had other plans for that. After close to 10 deliveries, Willie noticed that the money was not coming, though the deliveries were being sent.
    Cousins, more like brothers, Hector and Willie entered the business together. Reaching different paths, still became partners. Making business was easy between them; there was trust and respect. It just takes one screw up, and Hector had betrayed him. Willie had to teach him a lesson. Nobody messes with Willie Colon and lives to tell the story.

  64. Maria De Moya said:

    Photo #1
    A normal day in New York City, the “concrete jungle”- the dangerous place with large modern buildings, dangerous animals and struggle for survival. The astronaut came directly from outer space breaking the ozone layer, bursting in flames straight to the heart of the big apple.You can listen the cacophony sound of a bonfire in the middle of the busy streets combined with cars with the sewage tap and traffic light clicks, as the fire and smoke spreads though the streets of the city. The moment he landed everything stopped. He proudly made a statement letting everyone know the sacrifice what he has made for his country after returning from the moon for the first time.

    Photo #2

    A hypothetical world where no religion and moral exits. People where in their natural cannibal state. No rules, no government. People acted out of impulse. Since they had nothing to do, nothing to follow or respect, they just ate the oldest person that lived. Legs and arms are the most popular among the body parts they eat. Each time there where less and less old people that existed. This makes them feel strong and powerful as they go through human flesh to survive.

    Photo #3
    The famous trumpet player Willie Colon. Regularly attended to his bar to play. With a strong and furious character each night you could see how he’s music starts to become less interesting to the clients in the bar. He’s behavior towards the clients became more aggressive. He’s alcohol addiction leads him to become each night less people attended to the bar. It was a humor that Willie’s music was less interesting each time and his attitude towards the clients was becoming very aggressive. One of the nights, he decided to invite one of the guests to walk with him through the bridge by the river side. Willie was so desperate with anger, fear inside that he decided to let everything by killing the poor guy hitting him hard with the trumpet. After killing him he decided to wrap him up and throw it in the river where he believes nobody would find it.

    Maria De Moya

  65. Maria Alejandra Guerrero said:

    picture #1:
    November 13, 2014. The Run Force capsule dropped from space after years of research and development. Our only survival, Charles Cipriani will tell us what happened. It started a week ago, when we first saw something like a meteorite. It crashed against Run Force when we realized what it was. It was a government spaceship, planning an attack against humanity. That was when I realized that my mission was to protect all human kind from what this atrocity could do to earth. The US government was creating a machine that will create natural disasters in order for them to control humanity. I did my best to try to blow out this machine, but in my attempt, I landed on earth and for what it seems to be New York City. The first thing that came to mind was that i had to fight these forces. I did my best to build up an army, and just for my luck, my so-called army consisted of ex-convicts seeking revenge, harvard anarchists, and on top of it all, a drunk ass russian what has been trying to spread the government conspiracy plan.

    picture #2:
    1476. A group of explorers decided to make a trip in order to prove Christopher Columbus’ idea. They started sailing, and it passed a few weeks and they discovered nothing, no island no nothing. They started drinking due to the high disappointment and passed out. Reality hits me as my drunken eyes are slightly opened and disturbed by the striking sunlight announcing a new day. One of my men shouted by surprised for what it seems to be mainland. In my astonishment, we decided to drop anchors and explore the land. As to be expected, we just saw breath-taking beaches and humid forests. In out attempt to explore the never seen land, we failed and decided to camp as the sun sets in what seems to be paradise. The background music explodes on our earlobes as fear strikes our bones. Like dogs chasing a duck on hunting season, we decided to follow the trail until we saw the scenario. The scenario can be perfectly described as a massacre. Cannibalism at its best. A feast celebrating the victory of those who provide to the tribes, by sacrificing the meat of the weak.

    picture #3:
    Cesar Pelaez was no ordinary drug dealer. He was the leader of the biggest drug barracks ever recorded on history. His extravaganza led him to where he is today. He is recognized by his exquisite taste and his power. He intends to kill everyone that disrespects him or his business. He first started dealing in Habana, Cuba until the government placed an order to arrest him, so he moved his business to Miami, where he saw more opportunities. What he didn’t know that his right hand, Pablo Rodriguez was helping the US government along with the Cuban government in order to catch him. In an attempt to escape to Bahamas, Pablo captured him and killed him.

  66. Alex Guerra said:

    Alex Guerra, 11-0924

    Picture #1:

    She is nothing more than a stupid little bitch, Mike reminded himself, but she was HIS stupid little bitch and he had come to realize that he really cared for this woman. He had called her thrice when he first landed back on earth, but she never answered the phone nor called him back. He was decided to get her back, and so the first thing he had done after landing was to go directly to their apartment; he did not even take off his space suit.

    He had been an asshole too, he knew. Just three weeks before leaving she had caught him cheating on her with her cousin right on their living room, yet he had not said as much as sorry to her ever since. He’d wanted to though, but not a sound had come out of his mouth when he tried to. This time was different, he was sure. Being lonely for so long in that spaceship had made him miss only one thing, and that thing was LaShonda. “I ain’t no bitch,” was the only thing she had said to him before putting him to flames. He should have never come back.

    Picture #2:

    “Dude, we should seriously get the hell out of here,” said Dick, way too loudly for his own good, he realized afterwards. He and Robbie had been driving all day long now, switching seats every few hours in order to make the best time possible to their friend’s bachelor party in Vegas. They had both grown tired from so much driving though, and had decided to stop for the night at the cheapest motel they could find; hooker money was scarce.

    They would never get to spend any of it anyways, it seemed now. “I told you that freaking painting was overly creepy,” whispered Dick to no one, he saw a couple of seconds later; Robbie was nowhere to be seen. He couldn’t move at all, as both of his hands and his feet were tightly tied, and to make matters worse, his head felt as if it was about to burst in any moment. Dick yelled and yelled and yelled, until from the kitchen someone shouted back “Be quiet lad, dinner’s bout’ to be ready”.

    Picture #3:

    Rene took off his hat in order to take a last look down at his dead cousin before dumping him into the river. He had not wanted to spill his own family’s blood, yet refusing to kill Alfonso would have put his loyalty to the brotherhood in doubt. Besides, Alfonso had it coming; he must have known he was getting into some deep shit when he decided to mess around with the boss’s daughter Gabriela.

    They had grown up together in Puerto Rico, he and Alfonso, as brothers some may say, and they had moved to the United States together too. Even so, he had not as much as hesitated before killing this “brother” of his, as he knew that his own life would be at risk if he hadn’t. Besides, Gabriela was way hot, and she kept teasing him with her constant touches and provocative looks. Now that his cousin was dead he had a chance with her, he felt sure. Maybe he would ask her out on a date tonight.

  67. picture 1:
    There was an outrages costume party in New York City, and in order to win over the hearts of the ladies and the approval of the men in the room, Mr. Brave decided to spice up his costume, by setting himself in fire. The idea behind the flames is he is a spaceman who got lost in space and due to the differences in temperature and many other factors he ends up catching fire.

    The idea was mind blowing until it all goes wrong and the whole party ends up in flames and not only did Mr. Brave suffer from severe burns but he also lost the respect of his fellow party people, and end up getting fired from his law firm and losing the chance to blow away his co-workers, with his incredible work ethic and behavior.
    Well as the famous saying says “One must take responsible for their actions”.

    Picture 2:
    Power has been restored and now its time to show the rebels and non- believers who is in charge. As the ceremony preparations get on their way, there is trouble in the camp when some younger members of the tribe start to misbehave, and since the other punishments had not worked it was time for the last warning; the youngsters still did not listen so the chief said the words and before anybody could blink five youngsters where being slaughtered and cooked for dinner.

    The elders ate and ate, until the only thing visible were the raw bones of what once where human bodies, the family members cried and mourned, but the elders had yet again proven who has the power and there final words before leaving to their designated duties where: “remember us and the great power we hold. otherwise you will be joining in your children’s faith”.

    picture 3:
    The mobsters strike again, but this time they are dealing with the worst enemies possible and things are getting ugly, just this morning another body was found floating by the river underneath the New Jersey bridge. The gangs are hesitant they have no idea what card to play, the police have suspects, Jimmy is in hiding since he broke the boss’s trust and disobeyed him by not taking care of his son who is now in a body bag; and Carlos is on the top of the world having just killed the opposition.

    Things are getting firry and nobody knows what to do, so its time for a meeting to sort this thing out once and for all, the question is, will it be as clean as expected or will be there trouble? That is yet to be determined what is known is that Carlos and Jimmy are not going to stay quiet. Shots are fired and everybody is running, who else is in a body bag?

  68. Mike Dayoub said:

    This picture tells an incredible story about this young adult named zack. Zack bass was sitting in front of his house one day and thought about making videos so he could post them on YouTube, wishing it to go viral and be famous. Zack started shooting soccer tutorials to help other people. When his friend bass came over he asked zack what he is up to. Zack explained his vision, Bass shocked with his boring idea, gave him an explanation of having viral videos on YouTube. Bass said you must do something stupid for it to work.

    Upon some brainstorming, Zack said astronaut and Bass said on fire. That immediate moment, both turned at each other and said boooyyaaa. The following day, zack and bass went to buy the costume, some gasoline and a couple of matches. Zack put on the costume while bass lit it on fire and filmed it. At the end of the day, this so called stupid idea got zack dead and his friend Bass rich of his video.

    A thousand years ago, there were these group of people called the chikaka, who lived in the mountains of the guarcania. This group of people lived like savages and they were also cannibals. The chikaka have a tradition where they sacrafice one person from the village everyday 25 nights to celebrate the ending of a new beginning.

    During the night of sacrifice, the weakest from the group would be chosen to give up his life. That weak person gets strangled and cut into pieces. Once cut up nicely, they skin the body up to use as band-aids and the cook seasons the meat and cooks it as the natives dance around the bonfire. The leader of the chikaka always has the advantage on picking the part he desires to eat first and the rest follows. During that night, at least 10 women get raped and 9 months later, a new life is formed.

    Willie Colon is one bad motherfucker; he didn’t have a regular childhood. Willie grew up in the streets of New York, where this gang called Los Chicanos brought him in. The Jefe of the clan, Hoze Uerbo, raised Willie as his son because Mr.Uerbo himself could not have any kids due to the fact that he was born with no testicles.

    One Day, a deal was about to go down, when Willie came to Hoze and told him that the deal was a set up. Hoze got offended because he thinks Willie is calling him stupid and not knowing the set up. Hoze ignored him and proceeded. Willie being a bad motherfucker interrupted the deal and killed the dealers. Suddenly they realized it wasn’t a set up and Mr.Uerbo lost millions of dollars. Willie fled because he knew the rule is that if you fuck up then you die. Mr.Uerbo sent killers after Willie, but he was to good for them and killed them all. Willie wanted to stop this madness, so he went after Hoze Uerbo. Being close to Uerbo, Willie knew his schedule. Willie knows that every Wednesday, Hoze goes out to get hookers. From the younger days, Willie was a sniping beast. He stayed close by and as soon Hoze came out of the garage, wam bam, bullet to the head. Willie wrapped the body and dumped in the water.

  69. Stephenson Jeanty said:

    1st picture

    This story is about a man name Joshua Kuhn who is a super hero. This man has experiment of going to the moon as an astraunant. He has been working in that field for about 15 year.
    One day there was a sudden chaos in one of the government building in Miami, and this guy was around. The terrible situation was massive fire, which no one could have approached. As of this guy was around driving in the town, he saw what was going on, he put on all his special equipment that he usually used for his space mission. By the way his equipment is fire proof. He went in the building and saved as many people he was able to. He was able to save about 10 people who work for the government and 6 clients.
    Now what you see in the picture is after he took all those people out of the building, the ambulance, taxies, and the normal cars are taking relative, friends, and the affected people to the hospital in order to get further treatment. Now he is the hero and is walking with lots of proud.

    2nd picture

    For many years, the Bazuka tribe has not been able to eat any meat due to the fact that there was a plague fall on their nation. This happened to them because they were a too cruel group of people. They used to eat human flesh and being very wild to other group of people. Because they were like this, God was mad with them and drop the plague onto the country and all their animals were dead.
    After that many years, they repent and prayed to God. God heard their prayers and blessed them with many more animals. Other then giving them back their animals, God gave them specific instruction not to eat those animals until he says so.
    After five years having their animals back, God allowed to eat their animals. The actual picture is an image of when they were celebrating the day they were able to eat meat again.

    3rd Picture

    Two friends grew up together. They went to the same school and everything.
    Once they graduated, they decided to do business together.
    One day, they decided to go for a business trip.

    As they were on their way, they were getting into all kind of discussion, and it happened that they got very mad to each other. They got in a fight. The strongest and most tactical one was able to tie the other one. Once one was tied, the other gave him two option. He told him.” its either you agree with me, or I will throw you in the lake’. The other guy didn’t have a better choice other than agree with his friend. Therefore, they both walked back to their car and continue their trip.

  70. Elaine Ureña said:

    Picture 1

    “The Revenge of the Martians”
    John Mankius always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and getting to the moon and other planets in search of other living species, aliens. All who knew him were fascinated and curious about his goal and the uniqueness of his work at NASA, but nobody knew what motivated him to initiate this desperate search for an extraterrestrial encounter. He suffered a pathology related to the ambition of power, John wanted to be as powerful as possible, and he though that in order to control the world, the moon, the space, and everything that already exists, he should look for allies. After a deep research looking for the best supporters he concluded that meeting aliens and preparing a systematic empowerment process with them could assure him absolute power, meaning first controlling something unknown for human beings, and then taking advantage of this unconventional step.

    It was year 2025, October 22nd arrived and everything was prepared for John’s first mission: Destiny: Mars, NASA’s objective: to find possible clue of extraterrestrial living species (as usual), John’s purpose: meet his future allies and prepare his strategic plan for conquering the universe. It took almost 78hours for him to land in Mars, in the most amazing trip ever took by the NASA. But, 3 minutes later the satellite lost connectivity with Earth and John was already along, and bursting of greed, with his unconcealed lack of power… Now John walks up and down the streets of New York, suffering the revenge of the Martians… nobody can notice his presence neither his pain, but he says to himself that his mission isn’t over, “still John, you can triumph over Mars”, while looking at his pictures all over the city with a label that says: “Goodbye John Mankius. We lost a young dreamer, American pride”.

    Picture 2

    “Father’s day in Rutzam”
    Rutzam, located in a remote part of South America, is surrounded with tropical forests and occupied by cannibal habitants. As an anthropologist, I had to visit Rutzam in order to perform a study regarding cannibals’ culture and lifestyle. I was terrified of being there, but at the same time excited. They welcomed me in a sunny afternoon and promised not to eat me claiming that I was too skinny for them, hence I considered them very civilized and outgoing. This evening they were celebrating father’s day and before explaining me how the ritual was going to be executed they made me vow…

    Among other special holidays, it has been an important tradition for them to celebrate father’s day with a distinctive party and a peculiar meal and family gathering, they perform a ritual directed to God where they sacrifice the oldest man as a grateful action from his descendants. A few phases including dancing and singing folkloric songs occur before killing, chopping and cooking the old father in a grill. After a long silence to delight the smell of the cooked human meat, each family member takes the body part that considered the most significant from this person, says a little reflection on that and finally eats it. I remember little Tzalley eating the hand of his great grandfather after saying how safe she felt every time she hold his hand while walking around the jungle. You are probably wondering what the vow was, well it was that I will bring this tradition to North America, with of course some alterations due to cultural differences. This is how I buried my anthropologist’s tittle and became Jim Petersburg, the promoter of doing barbecues for celebrating father’s day.

    Picture 3

    “The price of the truth”
    The symphony concert was scheduled to start at 7pm and Ronald Babilani was wearing his brand new black suit and holding his freshly polished violin. He loved to dispel the mind and get away from the problems in the clan with his favorite hobby; playing to be a musician a simple violinist, which also gave him fame and style, putting it near powerful sectors and important people related to the criminal business, after all he was just a soldier, but he was proud of his work, especially now that the boss Calogero Vizzini accepted an appointment with him for the next day. Everything went very normal at the concert, a lot of applauses and compliments for the entire orchestra, good comments about the show, Ronald was undoubtedly happy.

    Ronald woke up very excited about the meeting, took the train till the bayside near Vizzini’s office, and while he was walking a guy grab his armed and pointed at him with a gun and said: “I’m so sorry, but this is the price of the truth”, and shoot him, then he wrapped the dead body and throw it in the ocean.

    Elaine Ureña,

  71. Perla said:

    The Astronaut on Fire

    His home was the moon. The cold, dark and inhospitable moon, where no one knew about pain, no one felt the warm winds, no political conflicts occurred, no blood flowed through their veins. He wanted to blend in, to be unnoticed; however, he was just a living description of his provenance, of his real nature. An alien, not because he was physically different to us, but because he is a being that lives, feels, and thinks differently. He wanted to discover the motives that drive human life; more than that, he wanted to share a message, he wanted to show the world who he truly is. And yes, New York was the perfect place to make his statement, to set his footprint, to test the humans. However no effect was accomplished. How many fools wander in New York streets as living entertainment? How many others ignore them?… He realized that no one cared about the others, that their lives were trapped in unbreakable routines, deathly cycles of ignorance and prejudgments that tear human relations apart; even if they believe that strong love bonds bring them together, only greed, lust and ghoulish instincts are the hidden motives of their actions.

    He found the perfect symbolism to trigger the attention he needed, the morbidity of a body in flames, the inherent danger that the fire conveys. He thought he had awaken their attention. Walking slowly, calmed but aware of everything around him, waiting for the reactions. He was right in front of Radio City Hall, a crowded place that in that moment looked like a mausoleum, cold and empty. He was looking at every person and they seemed in slow motion to him, he could perceive every detail of the people around him, and every single one of them ignored the fact that something in a space suit was burning in flames right in front of their noses. And everything then was so clear to him, humanity became just a bunch of bodies acting in a robotic mode, like if they were managed by someone else… indifferent, vain. They lost the human part, they were just walking flesh. And his message… for his surprise he was the one who heard the message and learned the lesson, he didn’t want to be a human being anymore, he started a journey to become just human and embrace the distinction.


    Their only mistake was to be born. People in this tribe evolved from the America’s indigenous habitants. Don’t be misled by their descendants, this is not an ancient civilization, it is happening just as we breathe. They don’t work growing crops, neither inventing calendars, nor worshiping gods. The deathly ball game played by our ancestors was a kids game compared to what they do. It is something more like the hunger games.

    This villagers where conditioned to hunt, to hunt the enemies of the Crown. The “Crown” are the highest authorities in the modern world, who boast with peace and integrity messages, while destroying their enemies in the search of power. And the reward?… a feast, to me more like a sacrifice, where the prey was grilled to perfection. Cannibals we may call them, but they only responded to the stimuli they were exposed to, they were conditioned to obey and survive. Wired to track a single blood line of enemies. Enemies are those who have more power and resources, those who possess the oil, nuclear weapons or technology, those whose blood is colder than that of the “Crown”, those who attempt to take away the control they have over the world.

    He used to say “live because you never know when you will stop breathing”. He never knew how truthful his words were, it happened to him. There he was laying on the river side dock, wrapped in sheets, only his feet were showing like the lighthouse of a deserted island. How would imagine that days before he was standing right next to me, playing his music, our music. We were close friends, however no close enough for him to know that I wanted him dead. I don’t envy his life, I don’t care about his fortune, or his fame.

    The only thing that burns inside me is watching his soul while he plays, how he close his eyes and feels the music like if his last breath depends on it. The way he lighted the placed while playing, the way his eyes lighted when he was in a stage, playing just for him, no caring about spectators. If there was something I wanted from him, it was that. He was a drug dealer, but there was no drug in the world that he wouldn’t try, however none of them caused the effect of music on him. That day, I took him out of the bar we used to play, I offered to carry his instrument, one of the many he played, his beloved trombone. We went to that dock under the bridge where he went to play for himself, where the magic of his music was even stronger. I told him “if you were to die, what would you want me to do?” and he responded “I want you to keep my trombone, and play it like if you were me, and in that way I’ll live forever”. And so I did, he died, I mean I killed him… however I kept the promise… but the feeling, the sound, and the magic disappeared with him.

  72. Soraya Jean-Francois said:

    Picture 1
    Determination (indestructible)
    This is a man who through all his life have been the laughter of everyone he has ever met. Started from kindergarten to college. He was a nobody, when he entered a room, everybody saw him as the strange , weird guy, but as soon as he left nobody remembered him. But what people never knew , was that underneath he was better than all of them. He had a mission .Therefore whatever was thought or said about him never affected him, because he knows what is purpose was.

    He had built during all of these years, this shell that protected him against every negative form of energy, people would bring in his life. In fact he fed himself with those negativities ;which made him stronger everyday. He had what we called DETERMINATION.
    He knew that not everybody was apt or knew what was their purpose in life. In reality they were “the nobodies”, they were just wandering their doing the same things they did everyday, and not going anywhere.
    What we should learn is that once you have determination , nothing will stop you. And for you to have that you must know where your purpose where you want to go. “ you may even walk through fire if you should.”

    Picture 2
    There was a small village of approximately of 30 people, which was ruled by this avaricious King. This king was extremely rich, but it never seemed enough to him. He always wanted more and more. He treated the people as if they were slave, made them work all day, and then took everything they possessed and gained, so he thought.
    Usually they would always find a way to hide some food and money from the king.

    One day the king went to visit his brother, king of another village. As he arrived, entered the palace, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The palace was twice as big as his, and was so magnificent. This feeling of jalousie started to monopolize his body. When he returned home, he went to see the oracle and found out that money was kept from him.
    Since that day the people was left with nothing but hunger and exhaustion, their brain were on survival mode, they were not thinking anymore as human but something close to animal. What their instinct was telling them took over to any sense of reality. They started attacking one another, and eating one another. They were desperate.
    Desperation can make you loose all your senses, and make you do the unthinkable.

    Picture 3:
    Living the American Dream
    The job had to be done, that is what was thinking willie when looking at his own cousin. I don’t like to spill family blood, but what other choice did I have. Willie was really trying to convince himself that he did the right thing. As a matter a fact he even thought that it was better the fact that he did it, because it made sure that it was a quick death.
    If he would have let Big Lou do the job, his poor cousin who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, he would have been tortured.
    Poor uncle tony what his last thought before , pushing the body in the water.
    Frankie came to the city to find work and help his family.He knew his cousin willie was in some bad business, and wanted to stay out of it. While getting out of work, walking home, a small apartment that he shared with his cousin, he was so distracted by he thoughts that he didn’t realize where he turned. What we must know about Frankie , is that his the big dreamer and want to live the American dream. Caught up in his thoughts about what he could do with his first paycheck, Frankie still new to the city, turned into an no end street and was a witness to a murder. By the time he realized what just happened and start to run, even if he got away, they managed to follow him.
    And That’s was the end of Frankie, so much for living the American dream.

    Soraya Jean-Francois

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